Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 70

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Alto increased the pressure on his sword and attacked Lilia.

It’s not that easy to win a fight between human beings just by skill.

The two of them were engaged in a fierce white-knuckle battle.

That sturdy big sword cut open Lilia’s maid’s outfit ……


On the other hand, a thin layer of skin around Alto’s neck was cut off with a short sword full of skill.

But Alto didn’t feel the least bit scared.


“Even now. You withdraw your sword without any intention to kill me. You don’t have the will to kill. That’s why you’re so weak. If you’re still a swordsman, come and kill me.”

Alto, who had been trained in a battle where he was wounded, bled, and fought for his life, was fully exposed his fighting spirit, making it impossible for Lilia to use the sword art that Crono had given her well, and was completely suppressed.

“If you pick up a sword, you must have determination…. and make a choice!”


This time, he struck a powerful blow that was different from the measured attack he had made with one hand.

Alto’s arm, which had been exercised for a long time, bulged, and the power it contained could be seen through his clothes.

Lilia’s gaze also sharpened. In order to meet the blow, she held the short sword with both hands and prepared to swing it.

A somewhat dangerous light appeared in the pupils of her eyes.


The large sword that had delivered a heavy, powerful blow was blocked by a black blade that suddenly stuck out from the side.


“Black Knight-sama!

The sudden appearance of the Black Knight intervened in the battle.

To most of the people present, the fact that he had so easily deflected the sword of the Prince of Alto, who had no equal in terms of destructive power, was more startling than the his sudden appearance.

He just thrust in from the side with the black sword in one hand and caught Alto’s sword without moving.

“Black, Black Knight ……”

“Did he really appear ……

Although Oswald and Hakuto both had a vague hunch, but seeing the Black Knight who appeared out of nowhere without any breath at all, their expression sbecame stern.

“Is that the …… Black Knight …… does have a strange kind of aura ……”

Lulu Noah also rounded her eyes and gazed at the figure of the pitch-black knight whose black aura rose from his body.

“Alto Light, what is going on, can you please explain. Why are you slashing at my disciple?”


After the Black Knight asked Alto so in a low voice, he came back from the shock he felt for the first time because his proud slash was easily deflected.

He drew back his sword with his still numb hand and said resolutely after straightening his posture.

“…… You are the rumored Black Knight, aren’t you? You seem to have protected His Majesty. Please allow me to thank you.”

“Ah, don’t worry. Then?”

The Black Knight who seemed to want to get the answer to the question just now, made anyone around him feel a sense of urgency like the eve of a volcanic eruption.

“I just told her what you should have taught her instead of you.”

“What do you…… say?”

Neither Prince Alto nor the Black Knight showed any feelings like anger, but just talked lightly like this.

“The first thing you need to do is to have the awareness to take away the life of others since you have taken up the sword. Although this maid is highly skilled, she can’t kill her enemy. Such a person can’t be appointed as a [Sword Saint].”


There was an indescribable atmosphere in the training ground.

“Prince Alto was right about that.”

“After all, this is a positive theory. This way even the Klack Knight can’t refute it, right?”

The soldiers and even Hakuto also supported Prince Alto.

“…… In that case ……”


The Black Knight spoke.

What kind of answer will he give, the crowd felt a little fear but still listened with interest.

“…… Isn’t it enough to convey to her in words?”


There was a completely different atmosphere than before, and Alto and the crowd were silent.


If you think about it, there is really no need to slash her down like that. Putting Lilia through that would be a criminal act in general.

“Why did it have to be a sword fight? And to let the other person kill yourself, this is really a maniacal statement that makes people doubt their ears.”

“…… Haaah~”

The Prince of Alto replied with a low and calm atmosphere as if he was saying yareyare~.

“It would be quicker to do so.”

“…… Did you also have normal conversation while you were cutting each other? If you just use your mouth to explain, the battle is not necessary, is it?”


“Furthermore, it’s an insane crime to kill in the first place. Is that what King Light and Princess taught you? Or is it a teacher who taught you that? Whoever it is, bring that person here now, and I’ll give him a good lecture.”


Prince Alto, who was reprimanded but still looked like a noble prince, gave no answer at all.

“Um, that ……”


The soldiers and Hakuto, hearing the words of the man who had destroyed Seeley’s mansion, had a feeling of being criticized as if they had quarrel during a class and made the teacher angry.

“More importantly, what makes you have such confidence that you will not die if my disciple is serious about killing you? Prince Alto? Who can guarantee that your words is right?”

“I’m stronger than the maid.”

Prince Alto, who had been silent, replied confidently with his arms raised.

The small crown on his head, which seemed to be a bit depressed, was shining again, it’s unknown if it was due to a psychological effect.


“Those who can kill and those who cannot kill. Those who are prepared and those who are not. Those are me and the maid.”

Prince Alto, like a paladin, raised his great sword in front of his eyes and declared in a dignified manner.

That can be said to be the common sense of the human world.

It is true that the strongest party is the righteous one.

“Although she is skillful, the maid is far from my level. The difference is clear–”

“-If being strong is righteous ……”

The dark great sword swept across.

The Black Knight swung his sword casually as if he was chasing away an annoying bug.

“…… If that’s the case, then I’m the right one.”

Prince Alto’s greatsword,- was sliced into two pieces from the middle.

The upper half of the sliced greatsword that was held by the hand also slowly fell down.

The speed and power of this blow exceeded the perception of everyone present.

Even Prince Alto, who was close at hand, was unable to make the slightest reaction in his body for a split second.

The soldiers and Oswald both open their mouths in surprise.

Even if the other party did not inject magic power into the sword, it was still something that was incomprehensible.

And he did not shatter the heavy sword of Alto …… but cut it off directly. (It should be said not crumbled off a lot of debris but perfectly cut open to leave a flat section it)

This blow can be said to be greatly beyond the existing common sense.

It was the same as when it broke Harmal’s magic sword, a sight that would have been completely unbelievable if it hadn’t happened right in front of them.

“…… that is, the Black Knight ……”

Hakuto, who was seeking power, said with a trembling voice.

“This, this is ……”


That’s right, they were trembling.

The overwhelming aura of power emanating from that man caused the hearts of whoever was present to cling to it and create a feeling of longing.

It was like a child seeing a hero in a story, excited even goose bumps all over, and breathing became rapid.

It was a different kind of charm from Celestial.

It was also different from the Demon King, another top.

“…… hoo …… so powerful.”

Even Lulu Noah shuddered and smiled because of the black knight’s strength far beyond her imagination.

She felt a tingling sense of excitement that she had never felt before.

“From now on, please explain in words. After all, you are not a primitive living beast. Then, depending on the situation, you can decide if you need to use your power. That’s what you should do as a strong person. That’s all.”


He informed to Alto like a teacher.



“Ah, yes ……”

The Black Knight put his sword back on his back and struck up a conversation to Lilia behind him.

“You don’t need to kill. There is no need to remember such words. I am not going to send you to such a place. I only teach you swordsmanship and physical skills so that you will not be injured physically and mentally even in dangerous situation. It’s so that you can defeat the enemy without killing them.”


“This is a sign that you are strong enough. I won’t stop you from killing evil people if you want to, but please also remember that I don’t mean to force you to do so. It is up to you, Lilia, to judge when and on what occasion that power should be used.”

The Black Knight’s words echoed in Lilia’s …… and Hakuto’s chest.

“I will, remember it well ……”


Putting away the short sword that could be called a part herself, Lilia bowed her head deeply to show that she had understood.

“Let’s go back. After all, it seems that neither side has been qualified.”

“I’m very sorry ……”

At those words, Lilia, who had her head bowed, seemed to be on the verge of tears.

“…… How are you feeling today?”


The Black Knight suddenly stroked Lilia’s head through the hairband and said this abruptly.

“…… I’m happy to be able to show off the sword skills I learned from you, Black Knight.”

“So. Then I’m satisfied. There’s nothing to complain about. Personally, I’m enjoying it too.”

He cast a gentle gaze at Lilia who was looking up at him while saying that.

“That’s enough for today. Let’s go.”

“…… Yes.”

He said that full of thoughtful words, and started to leave.

Lilia also followed closely behind.


But Prince Alto’s voice didn’t let them leave like that.

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