Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 69

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Oh, it was refreshing to wash my face.

I walked through the corridors of the castle wearing armor that was completely free of moisture and returned to its original state of freshness.

Although only a short time, but I was able to relax enough.

I’m really grateful to Lilia who cares so much about me.

Although I feel a little guilty about entrusting Lilia to the mature and strong swordsmanship…but it was not handed over to her to let her kill.

Although it was also for her sake in order to keep herself from life-threatening matter, but she also did not show rejection, simply as a sport, it may be able to let her enjoy it.

I have to go back soon, anyway.

“…… Oh! Black, black knight-sama. I didn’t notice you …… I’m really sorry!”

The maid who was working in the royal castle saw me and her body trembled, and the basket in her hand fell to the ground. The next thing I know, she lowered her head and started to apologize to me.

“Also, please forgive me ……”

“…… No, there is no need to apologize to me. It’s only natural if you see a man wearing armor like this would suddenly be frightened.”

Although it is not clear why the other party wants to apologize, but in any case, I said so while bending down to help the pale maid pick up the change of clothes that fell on the floor.

She kept her head down, probably because she was startled or was late in greeting, so she was thanking me.

“Uh, thank you. But how can I do that, asking the Black Knight to help with chores and such…”

“It’s a great job to do chores too. It’s a very necessary job, and that’s why there are professions like the one you’re doing. Don’t make it sound so humble.”

“…… Um ……”

Although there was a trembling voice from above, I didn’t worry about that for the time being and planned to pick up the laundry into the basket first.

I enjoy the work of servant so I understand the profession of maid too.

So I hope you don’t think of the chores as a nasty job.

“Besides, I am a man who has nothing to do with this place. So there’s no need to worry about ……. Here, it’s up to you if you want to re-wash or not.”

After picking all of those up, I stood up and handed the basket over towards the maid-san.


“…..Hmm, turns out it was better to wash again… I’ll help you after I run my errands. In the meantime, you can leave this here.”

I proposed to the maid who covered her mouth and was dumbfounded.

Although recently Celestia and Lilia have done it for me without me noticing, but I have my own laundry technique will not lose to this maid-san such a conceit.

I’ve only been praised by my mother for that skill before, so I’ll just boast a little here and let her praise me too.

“How can I let you do such a thing? A great man like you, Black Knight-sama!”

“Oh? …… looks like you don’t believe me, even though I look like this–”

When I was slightly dissatisfied when I was rejected by the other side for the washing work that I hadn’t done for a long time because I was preempted by my subordinates, a group that came from behind me talked to this side.

“It’s really admirable! It’s really a knight’s admiration!!!”

…… coming from there was an old man with a big smile on his face that looked like it gave a sense of hotness.


La Conza, who was looking for the Black Knight with his disciples, witnessed that scene that made him feel admiration from the bottom of his heart.

Unexpectedly, that black knight forgave the maid who did not give way for him, and personally helped her pick up the dropped laundry.

This is an incredible response for a knight who hates such chores on the pretext of high cleanliness.

(Seeing that the other party was startled, he even intended to make a little joke …… really quite a nice man it.)

La Conza, a pleasant man and has a sigh of breath, walks over to the Black Knight and the maid and gently offers a helping hand.

“The man who has strength and help the weak. That’s what a knight should be like. However, if you help her here, the maid will be reprimanded afterwards. It’s better to just let her go here.”

“You’re right… I said something nonsensical. You don’t have to worry about it. Go back to work.”

Quickly agreeing with La Conza’s words, the black knight urged to that servant.

It is completely unimaginable what degree of vigor the man in front of him has, and also feel as broad-minded as the sea, La Conza and his disciples …… even the servant who desperately tried to hold back his tears, also felt the Black Knight’s greatness of the vessel.

“Thank you!!”

“You’re welcome.”

“Then I will take my leave.

With a deep bow, the maid hurriedly left.

It seemed to La Conza that she was on the verge of tears after receiving the gentle words of the Black Knight as if she was being comforted.

But this point was not conveyed to the Black Knight behind her, so La Conza immediately started a conversation with the Black Knight.

“The Black Knight is really a knight above the rumor. I, La Conza, have never seen anyone more like a knight than you, either in the kingdom or in the empire.”

“That is a great honor.”

The old man in front of him called himself La Conza, and Crono just looked down at the old man who looked so happy.

But Crono wanted to go back to Lilia’s side quickly, so he was ready to say goodbye.


“Since you are such a person, you must be quite strong. My eyes are not mistaken. Is that right?”


Crono noticed right away that the old man in front of him was the type who who didn’t listen to others.

But the expression of Crono, who had not only his body but also his head covered by armor, would not be known to La Conza and the others.

His disciples also looked at the black knight with an interested gaze.

“It’s nothing, it won’t take you long.”

While saying so, La Conza took a stance for the first time.

It was one of the stances of the Magic Blast Fist.

He relaxed his strength, dropped his waist gently, and spread his left fist forward, while his right palm was placed under his armpit ……

“Type 1 – Hundred Tigers.”

The atmosphere was beginning to take on a serious air, and the disciples could see how much the teacher was expecting from the Black Knight.

“…… So, what should I do?”

“I want ask a favor. I’m sorry to say this, but I’d like to put you to the test.”

“I see.”
The Black Knight in front of La Conza who was bursting with fighting spirit and magic power …… simply stood there without any movement in response to him.

The Black Knight is not anxious because of the La Conza in front of him, nor does he pick up the big sword on his back and set up his stance.

“Ku, Black Knight-dono, why you still look defenseless before our master?”

“He is the living legend, La Conza-sama!”

The disciples couldn’t ignore the Black Knight’s actions, so they blurted out these words.

“Stop it.”

“Well! But, but ……”

“This is a unilateral request from my side. Don’t complain about that. Don’t make a mistake about the current situation.”

Hearing the teacher’s rebuke, the disciples fell silent.

“…… Sorry. May I continue?”

“Ah, please start quickly.”


La Conza’s fighting spirit and magic power began to polish once again.

A few meters away from the Black Knight, La Conza took his stance and could feel the tension of a beeping sound.

The air at the scene, not to mention the disciples, was completely quiet as if it was concerned about the touchy atmosphere between the two.



A palm appeared in front of the Black Knight’s chest.


With a thud, the sound of air being sliced rang out.

With that, a late storm passed through the corridor.

It was a blitz that was faster than the wind and sound and possessed a speed beyond human comprehension.

The Black Knight, on the other hand, slowly looked down at La Conza who had rested his palm there.

“…… Sorry I took your time.”

Lightly knocked that body armor, he face with a soft smile looked up at the black knight.

“Is that enough already?”

“Well, this old man is satisfied.”

The Black Knight did not respond at all.

Although he felt a little disappointed inwardly, he liked his character a lot and that would not change.

He was looking back on this somewhat incredible mood, while planning to see the Black Knight off with a smile.

“…… seems to be not able to respond to your expectations. I’m really sorry.”

“What are you talking about? You’re already a strong person if you can be so calm while wearing that kind of armor and carrying that big sword. Don’t worry about it.”

Putting his hands behind his back, La Conza understood the reason why the young girl named Lilia had pledged her allegiance to the Black Knight.

“That’s how it is. Well, I hope we’ll meet again.”

“Um, Black Knight-dono is also a master. If you come to the Empire, come to my dojo. You might get something out of it.”

“That’s a very grateful invitation. Please do allow me to visit you.”

After talking to each other like that, the Black Knight turned his back in front of La Conza and his disciples and walked away.


(That maiden called Lilia had a better reaction.. but…)

As Black Knight… he expect him to be… No, it’s only La Conza who think that way.

He is not powerful by nature.

He probably reached another end that someone like himself who had dedicated his entire life to the martial arts could not imagine.

Although he felt a little despondent because his expectations had fallen short, La Conza’s heart soon calmed down.

Just then, the Black Knight who was walking forward suddenly …… slowly lifted his left arm horizontally.


His left hand, which was tightly clenched, slowly opened up.

Immediately after that, one …… after another …… like small stones fell to the floor one after another.

“What is …… that? What is that? How dare you litter. I’ve just reviewed the way you look as knight, but are you really the same kind of person?”

La Conza listened to the words of the disciples behind him while looking over there.

…… However.

“…… That’s.”

Just as he discovered the true nature of those things, La Conza’s heartbeat rose dramatically.

His eyes also slowly widened and glared to the point where his eyes were about to fall off.

“…… eh? La Conza-sama!?”

One of the disciples, sensing that La Conza’s eyes widened in shock at that moment, his breathing became rapid and he just trembled.

Just at the moment when the last one fell from the Black Bnight’s hand, it was almost like a prearranged show …… La Conza’s chest opened up.

“…… No, way ……”

The disciples’ worried voices came one by one ……

La Conza’s eyes, looking at the buttons that …… should have been fixed on top of his blouse scattered on the floor before the Black Knight’s hands, he stayed there completely unable to move away.

(How! No, no, I don’t even know when it was done. …… I can’t even …… see the signs of any kind of tricking moves)

Exactly when it was taken away he did not know at all.

Then, those not only were all taken away, he didn’t even notice the fact for a while.

This all still happened on the way to a serious strike in a fighting stance by the man who called himself the Martial King.

Moreover, to be able to do such a thing also means that ……

(…… surprisingly, I was still thinking that the expectation had fallen short. What kind of stupidity is this …… What’s Martial King…… This old man does not even understand what kind of gap there is between himself and that person ……)

Compared to the time when he was still young when he first dueled with the master of martial arts, the back of the black knight that became smaller and smaller in front of his sight, as if it was became taller.

It feels like a mountain range, so tall that it is inescapable.

The impression of a good young man had completely disappeared, and the feeling of powerlessness, like trying to touch the sky with your hands, caused La Conza to stand there in a daze.

“…… hoo hoo hoo hoo. So there is a higher realm in this world? Moreover, there is higher pinnacle than this ……”

Without saying anything else, he quickly lit up.

“Master ……?”

“We go back to the Empire!!! No, it will be a practice trip!!! Blood and flesh …… and my soul are thirsty for exercise!!!

The breathing is rapid without distraction La Conza walked out quickly.

“Please, please wait!”

“La Conza-sama!”

Seeing La Conza’s never-seen-youthful spirit, the disciples also had an anxious feeling that their training would become more intense.

“I’m going to re-train you all as well!! Let’s train until even the marrow of your bones become muscles!!!”


They did guess correctly.


After that cheerful oldman enjoyed that surprise, I quickly rushed towards Lilia’s side.

Since it was an oldman who was full of confidence to the extent of 120%, it was really worth giving him a surprise.

There are so many delightful people in this world that really bring me a lot of joy.

Celestia and the girls are frank and gentle children, thanks to their blessing although there will be some troubles, but recently every day is very full.

Although there are many evil parties on either side of the world, but it also nice there are many people who have a sense of justice, as King Light and Prince Alto, to Princess Erica and Hakuto.

I went back to the training ground while thinking about this. In order not to disturb everyone, I eliminated my presence and quietly entered the room.

“Is that the extent of your resolve?”


The one who swung his sword down at Lilia without mercy and tried to crush her …… was Prince Alto.

There are many soldiers around as well as Hakuto.

Then the three Sword Saint candidates were paralyzed there.

What really happened to end like this?

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