Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 68

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“Lulu Noah-san, this way please. Let me be a gentleman and take you a lead.”

The lustful Oswald made a gentlemanly gesture and led the way for Lulu Noah.

Lulu Noah was brought to the royal castle under the leadership of Hakuto and Oswald, who is appointed as her escort.

“Ha ~ actually I don’t want to go if possible. Liz and Shannon are currently shopping, I want to go too … I heard that the Scarlet Chamber of Commerce’s department store is having a big sale right now.”

Lulu Noah’s mood became very bad because of the kind of unaccustomed formal atmospher of the royal castle, so it just unintentionally leaked out such a desire at the entrance of the training ground.

“I thought you said you would help. Although you have right to refuse, but anyway, it is not a dangerous thing, so I hope you can help as much as possible. And …… that Black Knight you were wondering about is here, too.”

“Eh, really?”

The expression of Lulu Noah became excited for a moment when she heard the unexpected words of Hakuto.

“I asked the gatekeeper about it because he looked so excited when I arrived. I heard that he had recommended his disciple as a Sword Saint candidate. If you want to ask him something, then this is a good time.”

He said so while seriously opening the doorway.

Then ……

“What? What’s going on?”

What came into their eyes was a chaotic fight …… No, if you want to say it, it was a dance.


A big man dressed in heavy clothes swung down his sword roughly.

And in front of him was a maid who could be seen as very cute even from a distance.

However, the already unusual scene in front of him continued to develop in an even stranger direction.


The maid dodged the sword at the extreme distance and ran around with the short sword in her hand.

The figure in the maid’s outfit danced magnificently and struck a heavy blow at the man’s wrist area.

“It hurts!”

“What! I don’t know her name, but she managed to hit that big man in a flash!”

Looking at the man who pressed his wrist in front of his knee, Hierre’s guard went up.

“Although I don’t know his name, she was able to powerless that man with just one blow ……”

Mantis also lowered her posture and transformed into a fighting state.

“In that case, we can’t treat her as a lady, but as a swordsman. …… I’ll come.”


Re-grabbing their prey, Hierre and Mantis slash at Lilia.

“That, that girl is ……”

“There’s no mistaking it! That’s Lilia-san. She was really heading towards the Black Knight’s place! It’s great to be safe …… although I’m a little worried if she’ll be okay now is all.”

Oswald patted his chest with peace of mind, but then worried again.

However, for Hakuto, he cared more about that originally weak girl’s big change.

This is only natural, after all, with the three Sword Saint candidates as opponents …… the soft girl is still using her body to deal with calmly.

In Hakuto’s memory, aside of that beastkin girl, Lilia was, to be honest, an amateur who didn’t even know the basics of martial arts.

“… Hey, La Conza. Where is the Black Knight?”

“Hmm? Oh, isn’t this Lulu Noah. If you’re asking about the Black Knight, he just left the seat. But since the girl is still here, he will definitely come back. Don’t worry.”

“Well~~~…… alright.”

Lulu Noah, who was looking around, asked a question to La Conza, who was in bleacher, replied kindly.

Lulu Noah and La Conza can be said to be old acquaintances.

The other day, the two of them met by chance in the Royal Castle.

After some casual conversation, they also talked a little bit, so they understood that their purpose was the same.

“The girl, it seems, is the disciple of the Black Knight. Now it is better to take a good look at her first.”

“Eh …… that child is quite strong. The Black Knight’s disciple. Just by looking at the swordplay, she is already quite good at it. It’s very rare to see such a young person reach such a level.”


If the disciple is already like this, then how much better is the Black Knight’s own sword skill. Just thinking about it made La Conza heart stir with anticipation.

On the battlefield in front, the maid was pinned between two fierce swordsmen, Hierre and Mantis.

However, the girl named Lilia was using her short sword skillfully, as if she had read her opponent’s movements in advance, and was dancing beautifully while performing her sword technique.

“Amazing ……”


Hakuto and Oswald were already completely unable to understand what was happening and how exactly it was done.

“Ku!!! Damn!”


The sword of Lilia, who had taken a vantage point, made a wonderful feint, and a sword strike without any confusion, which included all of this, made the swords of Hierre and Mantis become sluggish.


Suddenly, Mantis, who was screaming strangely, suddenly unleashed a furious wave-like chopping attack.

His body emerged above the veins until it reached the limit, using the magic power to launch a slash at Lilia.


Seeing the attacks coming down her way she immediately blocked them with her short sword, and the maid’s uniform broke a little.


Then she made a tricky slash that was completely unlike someone who used such a girlish tone of voice.


One of Mantis’ swords bounced off the ground and bounced towards the orbit of the other sword.

The sword, which had suddenly stopped, struck at his own sword, and Mantis had a momentary lapse.

“It’s over…!” (Lulu Noah)

“Did you even see through this attack?” (La Conza)

In the face of the icicle attack that Hierre struck with all his might, Lilia stepped back and dodged it in a flash.

It’s easy to being targeted when you attacked while being watched, it was the master’s advice that prevented Lilia from moving forward.

Then, in order to meet the pursuing Hierre’s sword, she continued to bait it with the swordplay taught by her master.


“What.. ! What..?”

At the moment, a pitiful voice was heard in her ears, and at that very instant-


The defenseless abdomen of Hierre was struck by Lilia’s slap.

“Sword of Induction.”

The sword art that the Black Knight taught Lilia was to use all of these techniques to manipulate the opponent’s actions to a certain extent by using sight, body functions, fake moves, tactics, gaps, the opponent’s consciousness and fighting style, and to induce them.

In a short week, Lilia was able to learn the art of swordplay to an introductory level in order to prepare for an unknown enemy.


Hierre covered his stomach with some pain and wobbled back to Mantis’ side.

“… We failed.”

“Even though I hate to admit it, but her sword skills or martial arts are indeed better than us ……”

The flame of their fighting spirit was extinguished by the strength Lilia had shown.

“You just keep swinging your two swords like a child.”

Hearing Lilia, who had her sword in front of her, rekindled the fire in Mantis.

“You are out of the question. You’re relying too much on the magic sword. Too much reliance on the ability to freeze. You only make icicles when you attack, and you only make icicles when you counter attacks.”

Hierre’s also glared at her side angrily, and even his veins seemed to be about to burst.

“…. very good, I’ve recovered… Hey maid. Your life will end here….”

The big man who had recovered the feeling of his wrist, picked up his sword in high spirits and shouted while waving it.

“….. And you….”




“Sorry. You don’t deserve an evaluation at all.”


The big man, rather, was provoked by her provocation, tearfully ran to Lilia with a thud and a dull thud.

“I’ll take care them.” (Lulu Noah)

“Hmm~. No, please leave it to me.” (La Conza)

The three men came together to kill towards Lilia.


Lilia raised her sword in front of her body and took a fighting stance.

“–This is where it stops.”

The trio’s attack stopped.

La Conza, who suddenly appeared behind the three, grabbed Mantis’ and Hierre’s collar.

“Oh! Martial King! I don’t feel any presence at all ……”

“When did ……”

“Noisy old man!!!”

The bulky armored big man who arrived a step late charged towards there along with his own body in order to charge La Conza out with his shield.


“Get out of the way!!!”

As soon as the two men’s collars were released, La Conza instantly moved to the side of the big man and gently placed his hand on the armor located on his side abdomen.

“You’re just a big dumb guy.”


With the sound of the gust just pushed out, the big man was blown out to the side magnificently and then rolled to the ground.

The big man lost consciousness, while Mantis and Hierre stared in awe at the speed that La Conza had exploded in a flash.

“Uhhh! La Conza-sama he really should have just been over here ……”

“What the hell did …… he do? Is it magic?”

Oswald and Hakuto were also stunned at the movement that La Conza, who was supposed to stay in front of their eyes, made in a flash.

“As usual, …… you’re ridiculously fast.”

Lulu Noah also showed a sultry smile, watching with interest the strength of her old acquaint that had not regressed.

If Lulunoa is good at strength, then La Conza is good at speed and skill.

“The next …… is for me to be your opponent.”

La Conza said so with a smile on his face.


“…… old man. You are in such an unarmed state now, do you want to oppose us two?”

The two of them, who were very unsettled inside, were pestered by the famous [Martial King] La Conza.

“No need to care. Even if there were a hundred of you, or even two hundred of you, it wouldn’t make any difference. And ah. A both of you won’t be able to become sword saints anyway.”

“…… Why–”

“Isn’t it only natural. You all completely fell for a young girl’s provocation and attacked together like that. And in the end, you failed …… Do you think this kind of person would be suitable for this title?”


Hearing the irrefutable positive argument that La Conza said, the Sword Saint candidates couldn’t help but be silent.

“…. Ha. It’s pathetic. You’re just now realizing how shallow you are. Anyway…… – you guys just get some sleep.”

He raised his hands in front of the two and gently shook them, and they fell to the ground like broken puppets.


Faced with La Conza who quickly made the two unable to continue fighting using a technique that the eyes could not catch at all, Lilia’s alertness instantly soared to the highest point.

“Don’t worry. This old man will not do anything to you, young lady. After all, I don’t want to be hated by Black Knight-sama.”


In compliance with her master’s teachings, Lilia did not hesitate to doubt those who said “don’t worry” and “I’ll do anything to you”.

The short sword, of course, remained drawn.

“…… kuku, kuhahahahaha. I don’t think there’s any carelessness in your eyes. It is really very good …… Hmm, this old man also became want to try a little bit it.”

A slight smile. La Conza put down the hands that had been behind his back.

“Why don’t you take a look at one of school’s techniques of mine? This is a move created by the influence of the legendary “Sky-Swallowing Giant Tiger”….”


He stretched his arms out and reached upwards …… in a strange, monster-like pose.

“…… Let’s begin, shall we?”

“Come.” (Lilia)

“Are you sure about this?” (La Conza)

The expression on Lilia’s cute face became more and more sinister as she looked at La Conza who kept that stupid pose and repeatedly asked.

“…… If you don’t come…”

–she, foresaw death.


“…… That’s it, that move. It’s quite powerful, isn’t it?” (Lilia)

Lilia felt a huge hungry tiger that could feel its breath coming towards her.

Not only Lilia who was affected by this move, but also everyone who witnessed it thought so, it was really a lifelike move.


“…… Hii.”

The crowd was so scared of the refined moves of the Martial King that they couldn’t help but hold their breath.

Appeared in front of Lilia’s face that jumped away quickly, and in front of her abdomen…

It was the hands of La Conza that opened wide like the jaws of a huge tiger ready to eat.

Lilia, who had the illusion that his fangs attached to her throat, trembled slightly.

More rapid than the wind, as powerful as a tiger …… is simply as overwhelming as the strength of her own master.

“…… really remarkable talent.”

La Conza, who unlocked the posture of that move, showed admiration from the bottom of his heart.

It was an exclamation that even his disciples hadn’t heard for a long time.

“I didn’t expect …… to be able to react to it. If we continue to practice like this, we might be able to crack that move one day. …… Well, talented young people are always so dazzling no matter what time of the year ……”

He glanced at Lilia’s slightly bouncing cutlass and said sincerely

“Then again, how long does you have that sword since you started, young lady?”

“…… only started using it when I was taught by the Black Knight-sama seven days ago.”

“I can’t believe it!”

Hearing that answer from Lilia, who had clenched her teeth because she had lost without even being able to perform the induced sword technique, La Conza showed his surprise without hiding it.

It took only a week to acquire the ability to knock down the fierce people who were generating strife from the front.

That talent or guts can only be described as astonishing.

But then, he changed to a look like he understood something. …… gradually became excited.

“But I see, no wonder ……. It seems that there is still room for growth. …… and Black Knight’s ability to raise this disciple to this level in a week. As a fellow educator, this old man can’t help but feels admiration.”

* * *

After La Conza, who was in a good mood, left with great excitement, Prince Alto, who had not met him by complete mistake, arrived here.

“So, which one is it?”

“Yes, this maiden will be the new [Sword Sage] inductee.”

With a large sword on his back and the same small crown on his head as usual, Alto appeared in a uniformed posture.

“…… this girl?”

In the face of the Inquisitor’s confident answer, Alto, who had his eyes on Lilia, rightly reconfirmed to him.

The other party’s answer is so sure that there is no mistake, but after all, the appointment will be made soon, so it is better to confirm it.

“She seems to be a disciple of the Black Knight.”

“Yes. I’ve heard about that. But she looks shorter …… than I thought.”

The corners of Lilia’s eyes turned upward when she realized that the other party had meant to say short.

“Ah, although it may seem so at first glance, she does possess the strength to overpower the other candidates in one fell swoop. In addition, it seems that only a week has passed since she started using the sword, so she has a very promising future…”

“A week?”

Alto, who had planned to appoint her after hearing that she had defeated the other candidates, suddenly stopped.

“Ah, yes!”

“…… really?”

Alto asked Lilia in a voice that sounded like she was dealing with work.

“…… really.”

“Li, Lilia-dono!!”

When they heard that Lilia, even though she was a disciple of the Black Knight, gave a reply without using any honorific, the chief judge and the soldiers were a bit upset.

“… I’ll confirm it.”

However, Prince Alto did not show how much he cared, but pulled out the sword behind him ……


Lilia, who quickly drew her short sword, received the large sword that swung down without mercy.


She drew strength from her body in order to receive the blow that had the power to crush people.

Alto’s sword seemed like it was going to kill her if it didn’t last a few seconds.

It was unimaginable that this was a casual strike with just one arm.



Even though they had already witnessed the strength of the Black Knight and the Demon King, Hakuto and friends were still dumbfounded by Alto, who was far beyond them.


“…… you’re really strong.”

Alto muttered in a low voice as he received each of Lilia’s sword techniques that he had repeatedly failed to perform.

Alto avoided the exemplary sword techniques that Lilia used without a hint of superfluousness with his wild movements, and took them down one by one with the big sword.




Alto swung a blow.

Under Lilia’s guidance, the blow was cut into the air.

Without letting go of the opening, Lilia swung her short sword and slashed it.

“Haa!!! –u,uh!?

“… I knew it!”

When there was only a little distance left between them, Alto deliberately took a step forward.

Lilia instantly drew her sword back from Alto, distanced herself from him, and resumed her stance.

“…… What are you doing?” (Lilia)

“You…. have never killed anyone, haven’t you?”


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