Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 67

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The last day of the Sword Saint’s selected meeting acceptance.

The doorman, who had become close through the many receptions, brought out the tables and chairs and started working.

“Ah… Today is the end of the acceptance process.”

“It’s a really a long day….. It’s not bad to be idle like this.”

The two officials stretched out and started their reception work under the clear sky.

“I’m sorry for the repeated interruptions.”

“Ah, yes. What can I do for you …… eh?”

Once again, they were shocked.

The reception desk was blocked by a huge figure.

It was a knight who easily carried an oversized sword, as majestic as a huge mountain.

“………… Ah!!! Black, Black Knight-sama! I was really rude the other day!!!”

Because they were severely criticized by Duke Marton and their superiors, they immediately apologized to improve the bad impression they had left before.

“There is no need to apologize. You were just doing your job as requested. If I’m not qualified, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“But, but…”


Leaving the clerk, who was still organizing his words, alone, the Black Knight turned to the person behind him and introduced her.

The moment they saw the young girl, even the atmosphere became a little brighter.

It was really a clear shift.

“If I can’t participate, then I hope I can let my disciple try her hand. …… Can I?”

“Black, your disciple, Black Knight-sama?”

The eyes of the civil official who had fallen down and the other civil official who was paralyzed with fear, once again looked at the figure who was the disciple of the Black Knight.

“I am “Lilia”, the maid and disciple of the Black Knight. Please take care of me today.”

She has short, light pink hair and a lovely face, and her body is very small …… with a short sword hanging from her waist.

Showing a doll-like appearance in a maid’s outfit, she quietly bowed.


Time went back to about a week ago or so.

“…… What are you doing, Lilia? Come up quickly.”

The beastkin with hair the color of the clear sea was peering down from the gate halfway up the Vajra wall, acting as if she was bored.

“Shut up!”

There were Lilia and “Lerga” who were cooperating even though they were saying obnoxious things.

“If you can climb the black wall called the Vajra Wall at the end, you will be able to reach the Black Knight’s side.”

The original beastkin who is physically excellent and received the “Black Baptism”, Lerga now has inexhaustible physical strength, so the climbing is not that hard ……

“…… Ugh.”

However, as a human and the original body is very weak Lilia, was out of breath.

Even so, she has climbed up to 90% of the height, only the last step is left.

However, most of the Vajra wall, which had unevenness on the surface, has many slippery places.

“…. Aah!”

If you are not careful, you can easily slip down.


From her back, she fell at a blood-curdling speed.

Along with the fear, a sickening feeling like her insides were floating up came over Lilia.


“I’m surprised that you fell at a speed that would scare even the master. To be honest, I also felt a chill. I can’t believe such a tragic thing almost happened in front of my own house.”

A warm touch wrapped her up.

As soon as she heard a voice that was not particularly familiar, she felt a sudden and rapid change of direction of the wind.

“…… huh? Ah!”

A figure landed in front of the gate on the vajra wall.


“I’ve arrived. It seems that I have to think about the way to climb up. I’d like to avoid the option of hanging a rope here, for appearance’s sake.”

Putting down Lilia, who had no idea what was going on and had a dumbfounded expression, the dark-haired boy said with some distress.

In the present situation, which is located in the vajra wall, he can be said to be quite a strange existence.

Lerga jumped out.

“Sniff, sniff ……”

“Oh? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. Did you get a haircut?”

The original hair of Lerga was cut short like Lilia’s so that she wouldn’t look rude when she met Black Knight.

At this moment, she was staring at the boy intently smelling his scent.

“Umm!! Muu~~.”

Then, Lerga, who wanted to kill whoever she just met, surprisingly rubbed her head against each other like a child.

“Good girl, good girl.”

“Lerga’s here.”

“Is that your name, Lerga ……? That’s a good name that sounds strong.”


Looking at the figure of the child who was gently stroking Lerga’s thick hair, a possibility emerged in Lilia’s heart.

“Does it mean that you are …… Black Knight-sama?”

“Ah~ …… Although that name was just a random one, but it is true. I’m the demon king now.”

Those gentle eyes and that majestic air of confidence.

It’s not wrong.

She finally came to her master’s side, and Lilia’s heart was filled with a sense of reassurance.

Then she immediately came back to her senses and bowed her head deeply.

“…… I can’t believe I made you wait for so long, Lilia is willing to accept any punishment, so please do forgive ……”

“I would like to praise you for coming here well. I want to treat you well today.”

Crono was relieved, as he regretted that he had not had enough time to say goodbye to them, and that he had only said a few words.

It was really a close call back then.

“…… Thank you very much for your kindness. Since I have received your understanding, I would like to serve you as a follower as soon as possible, starting today.”

“Well, I’m counting on you then. Then, I will take you inside quickly. But first, you have to take a bath and have the pets–?”

The importance of what will be told to Lilia was a little late before Crono noticed.

“–Crono-sama, what’s wrong?”

Lerga flies at high speed to Kageha who suddenly appears behind Crono without any sign

“Don’t mess around in front of my Lord, you rude!”


However, she was much faster than Lerga and seized her from behind.

“…… Hey, hey, hey, there’s no need to get so enthusiastic like a sports supporter.”


If you think about it, it’s hard to find a job easily, right? I’m afraid I’m the only one that Lilia and the girls can rely on.

In the “Demon King’s Room”, which was filled with a solemn atmosphere like a dark underground, in front of me were Kageha …… and Lilia, who were kneeling.


Only Lerga, who was next to Lilia, was whispering to Dousan, who was coiled up next to the jade throne, and to Hisahide, who was on top of him.

It’s all women now, but now that they’ve come this far, Lilia and Lerga should be hired.

I’ve been intimidated and blackmailed before, so this may be the first time I’ve employed with an honest method.

I just needed someone to take care of Dousan and Hisahide and do some light cleaning. It would be better to have someone to watch over them in case Asura came.

“Well, then …… oh, wait a minute.”

…. wait a minute, Demon King yo. To become a Sword Saint, you just need to recommend a person with good strength, right?

I gently glanced over to side.

Lerga had just attacked Kageha, no matter who it is she will kill whoever she just met. She doesn’t fit.

And Kageha is too strong…. I think.

In that case ……

“…… Um, Lilia-chan. You can refuse, but I have a proposal for you.”

“Yes, no matter what it is, please give your orders.”


So, I returned to the kingdom while teaching Lilia swordplay and martial arts, but ……

I barely made it. I didn’t expect it to be the final day of selection already.

Although I always feel that there are many people in high positions who are busy walking around, but Lilia was finally able to participate smoothly.

“This is the venue. There are already three candidates there, and two of them are now having a match. …… I’m sorry, but please follow the instructions of the judges.”

“Ah, of course.”

Is it considered insane to go against the judges?

“It’s rude to ask the Black Knight to obey. That’s why I said that these people in power ……”


I stopped Lilia, who was angrily trying to bend forward, with a gentle rebuke.

“If you attack at will just by obeying your emotions, then it’s no different from the people you hate, is it?”

“…… I’m very sorry. I just got a powerful sword skill from you, Black Knight. ……”

“I don’t care. Then, let’s go.”

I said so to cheer up the somewhat dejected Lilia, while ignoring the somewhat timid soldier who was leading the way, I just opened the doorway and went inside.

“Ah … it’s hot.”

The sound of swords and halberds clashing, and the hot air coming in from the gaps in the armor.

“Black Knight-sama ……?”

“What’s wrong ……?

Lilia and the soldier both asked me when I stopped.

“…… always feel so hot, can I make a hole in the wall?”



In the center of the training ground, two famous swordsmen were engaged in a fierce battle.

“Well~~, that’s quite impressive.”

The [Ice Fang] Hierre, who was using a magic sword, was a tall man who manipulated a thin sword with a clear water color and called himself a gentleman.

He is a strong man who has rarely lost a battle, despite his thin appearance, but makes good use of the advantages of his arm length and uses the power of his magic sword to live.

“…… you’re really a noisy guy.”

The other person was a middle-aged mercenary who had won numerous duels with two shibori-like swords, unceasingly executing a continuous chop like a furious wave.

He was [Mantis Sword] Mantis. On the other side, he was very short in stature, with a huge scar on his chest as a proof of his long experience in battle, showing his taut muscular appearance without stint.

“You should have been completely frozen in the initial sword encounter. Beautiful, beautiful. I didn’t realize that after that, there wasn’t a single contact to the extent of freezing into ice.”


One of Mantis’ swords was covered in ice, so it was impossible to expect that sword to continue to be used for chopping for the time being.

“… Fuu!!!”

Nevertheless Mantis still foolishly continued to move forward.

As if to say that they only know how to do so, continue to swing the two swords.

“Wow! That’s intense! But!!!”

Even though doing so might leave wounds on his body under this furious wave of continuous slashes, but he thrust his magic sword into the ground.

As a result, icicles were created under Mantis’ feet.

A very sharp icicles grew there.

But Mantis swung back to the side as fast as lightning, and he avoided the icicles that kept growing one after another, and closed in on Hierre even further.

“The so-called “devilish aura” should refer to such a situation! In that case, I’ll do it too!”

Hierre swung his magic sword with the spirit of cutting off his own flesh to break his bones that one would not expect from a nobleman.


Because Mantis knew that if he did so, he would not be able to win or lose without inflicting a fatal wound, so he just interlocked the two swords to block the magic sword.


“How can I let you!”

With a sharp stomp to the stomach of Hierre, who was planning to use the magic sword’s ability, Mantis quickly pulled away from him.

“Gah! … huff, huff.”


“What a fierce battle.”

The two are not alike in any way, whether it’s personality, fighting style, or the way they were raised.

But that’s why they smile at each other as if they were unique friends.

“…… What kind of fight is this? Is this the power of a Sword Saint candidate ……?”

“Humm, no matter which side wins there will be no objection.”

The knights, who are the reviewers, also praised the strength of the two.

“…… both of them, they did a good job,” said La Conza, who was watching the battle from the comfort of his own eyes.

(If that black knight’s fighting spirit is also ignited, It’s easy for me to ask for favor too ……)

Taking advantage of a small gap in match, La Conza cast a glance at the figure that was the target.

Praying for this enthusiasm in the scene to ignite the flame of his martial soul ……


“…… is really depressing.”

It was an idle voice not unlike that from the Black Knight.

“It feels so uncomfortable to be steaming in here. Ah, I want to eat hyajil.”

(Cold soup/a Japanese local cuisine).

“You can leave the rest to Lilia alone, so please go to a cool place where no one can see you. …… Also, I hope you can teach me how to make “hyajil” another time.”

In order not to interfere with the competition, at this time Crono was suppressing his aura to watch the battle there.

Because in this hot training ground still maintain a body in armor, even though not unbearably hot, but still feel very unpleasant.

Perhaps because the training ground is very spacious, the cold air produced by the ice magic sword did not reach Crono their side.

The little Lilia, who couldn’t bear to see Crono’s posture, fanned the wind and repeatedly voiced her concern.

“I can’t leave you here even if you say so. Also, I am really very happy that you fanned me so hard…… but that will only send the steaming air through the gap in the armor. The total hot moisture is dancing around wildly.”

“Ah!! I’m very sorry ……

Looking at Lilia who instantly became teary-eyed, Crono desperately tried to help her round up.

“No, no, no. Lilia who apologized properly is great! After all, the one who apologizes first is more impressive. She deserves praise! Who do you think is the one who should apologize? It’s me, of course! After all, I’m the Demon King who is the apex of evil!”

And then immediately changed the subject.

“Ah ~ …… although it has been said many times, but if you feel uncomfortable or feel dangerous then it does not matter to give up. After all, the title [Sword Saint] is not the only way.”

“I understand. I will definitely dedicate the title of “Sword Saint” to you, master.”

“What an energetic response.”

It was rare for her, who was usually very calm, to be so energetic, and the way she clenched her fist in front of her chest was really cute, but it also made Crono realize the difficulty of training her subordinates.

“It seems most of the children these days are like this. It’s not good to answer the question without understanding it. Also, you can’t just give me the title [Sword Saint]. You can’t give it to me like a birthday’s gift.”

“Ah, yes. I’ll be careful from now on.”

Seeing Lilia’s frank response, he nodded in satisfaction, and then he suddenly thought of something.

Unlike Celestia, who was working perfectly, and Kageha, who was quiet and very capable, when he was with Lilia, he could feel the joy of a teacher teaching a student.

Princess Erica is really too willful, so he hopes he can use the experience he gained here to teach her well.

“Crono-sama, there is still some time before my competition starts, so how about you take this opportunity to find a place to take off your armor and catch your breath?”


Hearing Lilia’s attractive proposal, Crono turned his attention to the two people in the center of the training ground.


There was still a bloodthirsty, heated battle going on in full swing.

“Then …… I’ll accept your kindness. Although I actually do not like to reveal uncool side of the Black Knight like this ….. once the moisture in the armor removed I will come back immediately, if you’re in danger then remember to call me. I will come as fast as I can.”

“I understand. Please enjoy the rest of your time.”

“If you feel nervous while you are here alone, just say in your mind, “Get your blood pumping!” or “Don’t give up!” In short, think something positive to motivate you.”

“Ah, yes.”

Although she learned about the dark side of her hero’s reality, Lilia’s heart continued to grow in favor of her master, and she bowed her head while saying so.

Then just as she kept her head bowed like that until her master left, a breath came close behind her making her feel a little agitated and she turned back.

“Hey, maid. The competition is about to start, but why did the Black Knight go out?”

It was a man who was even taller than Crono and heavily armored, and he questioned with the heavy voice that echoed inside him, full of pressure.

“…… I don’t need to tell you. And the opponent of this competition is me. Also, please address him as “sama” of the Black Knight.”

The atmosphere she emitted changed from a sunny spring day to a cold, cold winter.

She responded coldly as if she was a different person while giving off that sudden change of atmosphere. At the same time, she also looked upward at the other party with cat-like sharp eyes.

At this time in Lilia’s mind, it is true that once people have power they will become arrogant.

And that Crono was the only exception in that.

“You! A mere maid! And you said that my opponent is you! You are underestimating me!”

“…… Black Knight-sama was too strong so he can’t participate. And you guys were judged no match for him at all. So you should just give up and stay aside.”

“What did you say!”

Although the huge body with bloodshot eyes above her eyesight released a sense of oppression that threatened her, it had no meaning to Lilia now.

So she just returned the icy words and put over to glare at the other side.

Then …… these words also reached the ears of the two people who happened to be staring at each other in between the white-knuckle battle ……

“…… judge, is it true what she just said? Is it true?”

“If it’s true, then we can’t pretend we didn’t hear it.”

“…… This is indeed true. Although there is no doubt that you also have quite good skills, but the Black Knight-sama he …… is even stronger.’



To the affirmation, Hierre smile draws out somewhat wonderfully, and Mantis’ face also shows a few veins.

The three of the Sword Saint candidates gathered here.

This time, they were all actually targeting the Black Knight.

The big man simply wants to defeat the Black Knight, who was known as the strongest knight, and then make a name for himself.

Hierre, on the other hand, was because he heard the rumor that he crushed the magic sword, as a magic sword wielder, he couldn’t stand still.

And Mantis chose such a tactic in order to prove that the sword technique used by his twin swords was the strongest sword technique.

“It is too stupid for guys like you to dare to challenge Black Knight-sama. You should know who you are.”

“…… you bastard.”


Hearing Lilia’s words, the hostility of several arrogant Sword Saint candidates was completely ignited.

“Originally, coming here alone has wasted master’s precious time. So ……”

Releasing an aura completely unlike that emitted by a cute human girl, Lilia drew the short sword.

“…… You three come over here at once. Before Black Knight-sama returns ……I’ll put an end to all this.”

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