Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 66

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A strong malice is coming towards the village on the border.

The Larman secret mission unit led by Zancock with ‘Type 2’ established a new stronghold in order to investigate the destroyed unit.



In front of the village that was no longer inhabited, Hanam turned his face.

There was a corpse rolled to the ground right there, and the miserable scene filled with blood and corpses everywhere spread out before his eyes.

The sorrowful screams that have echoed here until just now are still lingering in his ears.

Under the effect of the overpowering annihilating force, the mist of blood has not dissipated even now.

No matter which one of the team members is, they hope for a snowfall before the night comes.

Even if the weather is bad, it doesn’t matter.

As long as the scene in front of them is covered up.

“It only took a few dozen seconds to annihilate the village …… The strength of the Type 2 can be said to be exceptional among all monsters.”

Zancock crossed over to the side of the “Type 2” that appeared from the fog …… and looked at the village at the edge of Larman and said proudly.

He looked around the village, where there was definitely a sign of life just now.

“E-ensign…. Is it really necessary to go this far ……?”

It was the malice from Zancock that had attacked this remoted village.

Forced to resist the urge to throw up at large, Hanam still couldn’t resist making this comment.

“You… I said you… you really have no self-consciousness.”

“You mean, self-consciousness?”

The newcomer Hanam’s comprehension was a bit hard to keep up with the words of Zancock, who looked like he was surprised.

“This is a battle that will go down in history. I have an obligation to keep the morale of my team members up. If you also have the consciousness of being a member of the team that will achieve that glory, then you should think and act only to complete the mission.”

“…… Yes, that’s right. …… Yes! I’m very sorry!”

Accepting the somewhat harsh assertion that the other party said that he was giving up the small righteousness for the greater good, Hanam also changed his way of thinking.

“Very well.”

Zancock looked sideways at such a him and nodded, then turned back to the 12 chosen team members and issued instructions.

“…… Then let’s pack up the beds now. Rest well here tonight. Tomorrow we will rush to that place. In order to enable each of you to make a quick move, please also be prepared for everything.”

「「「「「 Yes! 」」」」」


Curse Wetlands.

There were crows with bones showing on their faces everywhere, as well as skeletal knights and soldiers.

There were even dragons with only bones, so it could be called a magic cave inhabited by fierce monsters.

A large number of purple and poisonous-looking green trees and various plants are growing thickly in this area, only the center of the circular land in the center of the piece was cleared of all obstacles.

“………… “Solnada””.

It was a voice that echoed in the ground, as if it flowed directly into the mind.

The master of the monsters in the wetlands who was sitting cross-legged on the rock in the center of the land, called the strongest figure other than him.

“Did you call me?”

“What a disorder.”

To the butler with the head of a goat skeleton who appeared out of the mist, [Swamp Demon] said.

“Is there something you don’t like?”

“You don’t seem to notice. ……”

It was a sigh of disappointment.

The butler called Solnada felt a pain in his internal organs that should have been absent because of the expanding magic power of the absolute being in front of him.

“…… I’m really sorry. I have no idea what you are referring to ……”

“Look at me.”

The [Swamp Demon] “Molly” raised his chin and pointed forward, whether it was a little dumbfounded or a little disappointed.

“………… how …… Molly-sama your fog, there is no response ……”

There, in front of the [Swamp Demon] Molly, who was sitting on the land, was floating silently ………… the appearance of “Type 2”.

“It’s because of the complete dependence on the old decrepit art that this happened. Idiot.”

“That, I can’t deny that. I’ll be right back…”

“No need. Leave them to me.”


“”If you get through the servants and get here, then I will be your opponent”. It’s a rule set by me.”

He tapped his bony thigh under the tattered cloth, signaling that the conversation was over, and dismissed the butler.

“Then I’ll leave you here ……”

Sensing the aura of the butler who had disappeared into the fog moved to a tree that overlooked land.

Then, Molly himself was ……

”A magical creature like you have never been seen before, it is really very strange …… that figure, that pair of wings, and …… that chain.”

He snickered pleasantly, pointing his finger at the collar with the chains wrapped around it.

“It seems to be bound …… although it does not seem to be with the use of 『relics』 …… but it is really interesting, …… is really very interesting ……”

Molly that hush uttered words echoed in a low tone.

After the end of the praise ah, click, his skeletal jaws opened greatly.

”Give it to me.”

Magic power like miasma spilled out from there in one breath.


The green magic power spewed out by the dominator of the swamp instantly took over the surrounding space.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to see the magic of the outside world. Gah! I didn’t expect to find something like this. …… Give it to me quickly.”

From the hand that was slowly reaching out as if urging, a sense of fear spread.

That skeleton’s kind of deep, bottomless greed, even if you don’t want to accept it, still can’t avoid passing over.

He just happily, capriciously, full of evil hand reached over.

The emotion carried on that strange bone with an unknown shape makes it easier to read what he thinks than making an expression.




The distant watcher Hanam experienced Molly’s fierceness straight away.

“What, what! I’ve never heard of such a thing! What the hell is going on with this magic power?”

Even Zancock and the others, who were in the depths of the cliff far away, seemed to be swallowed by the magic power of the King of the Swamp.

Among the rumors, he was treated as a demon formed by the manifestation of calamity.

No matter who it was, they were half-hearted about that story and just ignored the legend of the [Demon of the Swamp] as a story that had been passed down to them.

“Should we retreat? No, but, but, the mission has to be successful!”

“…… Ensign, the “Type 2″ should be able to return without any problems. In that case, if it’s just once or twice, we’ll see how the [Swamp Demon] works a little bit and then give the order to retreat.”

The team members who were trembling were not bothered, and Hanam, whose face was more blue than anyone else present, made a suggestion to the chief.

“Uh, well …… that’s fine.”

“Then, I’ll send out the signal.”

“Ah, ah, granted.”

After briefly reporting to Zanccok, the surveillance continued.


In the past, countless people have tried to force this monster to make a contract.

It’s unknown how many of them ended up not being able to fulfill this wish.

Despite this, there was a constant stream of people who targeted that monster.

Now, they know why.

[Swamp Demon], it is a very clever name.

Although Hanam, who was fascinated by the demon, felt very fearful, he couldn’t resist the desire to take in the power of the [Swamp Demon] in his heart.




If you rely on your instincts, it says that you have to run away from that monster.

However, the command “Invoke the performance of [Swamp Demon]” came through the chains and bound “Type 2”.

The wings of fog spurted out further, and the body of『Type 2』rose upwards.

“Because it’s really rare. I’ll let you attack first.”

The magic power whose bones clacked before the unknown magic creature snickered.


Towards the magic power that snickered, the wings of mist swung violently.

In an instant —- exploded above the land.

The needles formed in the fog, like a downpour of rain stormed in.

With Molly as the center, including the land around the swamp within a considerable range of the rain of needles fell.

There is nowhere to escape, even the body of the skeleton will certainly not be able to avoid injury.

“What’s happenin? Is it just over?”


Although the needles were still raining, that expectation was completely disappointed.

The needles that poured down one after another were bounced off the bones as if they were false positions ……『Type 2』and Hanam were completely lost in thought for a while.

Even if how to know that this is a very powerful magical creature this is really too incomprehensible.


“…… is really worrying. The outside world is slowly getting weaker. I wish you could consider the feelings of the undead who are witnessing such degradation ……”

The needle rain stopped, and the “Type 2” once again turned his body back into fog.

However, even after witnessing an abnormal beast like it, the other side still sighed in the same unchanged tone.

Then, very abruptly, the skeleton head turned to the back.

“…could you?”


It was really too sudden, toward figure of “Type 2” …. it was skull, which spun around to reveal itself behind it.

The posture of the opponent sitting cross-legged did not change, but only the compact head turned around.

“-Tsu~ tsu~!!”

“Type 2” uttered a cry of fear that was almost silent, it could not escape. Contrary to its will, its front foot was caught.

“Heinkel’s Spell Belt.”

One of the magics that Molly possessed was activated.

A magic formation was created in the place where he had made it, and from that flew out several bands full of words.

Those were words that had existed in the distant past.

Written on it were the words of a curse.

The bands were divided into several strands and wrapped around the giant wrist of “Type 2” one after another.

“It’s touched.”


With Molly’s pleasant words, the words of the curse penetrated into the body of “Type 2”.

Immediately after that, those words began to absorb the host’s magic power and release it to the outside world.


Sensing that it was rapidly losing its magic power, the beast was in a state of panic.

“You better think of a solution quickly. These words, after sucking up all the magic power, will start sucking up the life force. Even after death, the blood will continue to be extracted until there is nothing left.”

“-Tsu~ Tsu~!!!”

Although he thought it would be useless, Molly suggested to the struggling『Type 2』and waited for it to die slowly. However, 『Type 2』 still escaped.

“…… If you turned into fog, the spell belt will come off. This old bone didn’t think you could use it that way.”

After turning into fog, 『Type 2』 finally got rid of the problem and started to retreat according to the new order.

“Knowledge is more profound than the ocean. I’ve learned this again ……”

Feeling admiration and gratitude, the dominator of the swamp just raised his hand.

“I won’t forget it, but I’ll take it as a reward for this knowledge. –Trigg’s Thundergun』

As a return gift, he sent out the dark green booming thunderbolt.


“…… it’s back!!!”

“Oh-oh! As expected of 『Type 2』, even with an enemy that you can’t even defeat as an opponent, you can come back safely!”

From the center of the Curse Wetlands, the greenish fog that came rushing through the sky returned.

The team members and Zancock also could not help but say that they were happy.


— The sky above was tinted with green light.


Molly’s thunder lance swept through the fog, and 『Type 2』 was knocked down.



The heat that seemed to be burning directly to the skin came rushing in, and in front of the troops ……『Type 2』fell down.

“What! How, how could …… that ‘Type 2’, surprisingly, wounded ……”

“Damn, ugh. …… I believe the …… report stated that it can withstand most lightning magic.”

The team was surrounded by the searing heat and loud noise from the thunder, but they were still stunned by the unusual development.

“What should we do ……? The strength of that demon is frankly beyond the realm of humans …… Ensign?”


Zancock was absent-minded.

This is Larman’s weapon that was given along with an unprecedented opportunity.

After the mission was completed, he might be able to become the official owner of 『Type 2』.

“…… Let’s go back to the village.”

“Yes, huh? You mean …… now, go back to the village?

Zancock looked at 『Type 2』 with those eyes that were boarded with the color of madness, and then answered the question from Hanam.

“There is a certain nature of a certain magical beast. The “Type 2″ is one of them. ……”

That malice, increased sharply.


“…… doesn’t seem to be dead.

“This is undoubtedly the first time in years. Even though it wasn’t a direct hit, I can’t believe Molly sama’s lightning didn’t burn it out.”

In front of Molly, who hadn’t moved a step since the Riddler attacked, Solnada appeared.

“What a pity. ……”

“…… It’s rare that you are interested in something that is not a gemstone or something that is not decorated.”

In addition to magic, only interested in the very exquisite design of magic items and decorations, as well as gemstones, Molly heartily feel some fondness muttered.

Solnada, who saw his appearance, asked.

“What is that chain?”

“…… Since I didn’t get it, it’s better to forget about it. Now, go back.”

“…… Then I’ll leave now.”

Without getting the answer she wanted, Solnada disappeared into the fog again.


After all, it was just one of countless visitors.

Without thinking about it anymore, the dominator of the swamp was once again frozen in place.

It would continue like this until the next visitor was seen.

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