Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 63

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There are many bandits and thieves who use the forests around the country as their base.

Because here it is easy to attack the merchants who cross the border to do business, and once they escape across the border is another country, the other side of the army can not catch them.

However, it is not uncommon for …… to encounter some unfortunate events.



The blood dripped down from kodachi (short dword), which was slightly larger.

Drip, drip, drip, leaving a mark of blood on the body of the only remaining beast.

“Wait, wait, wait a minute!”


A cold gaze that was as merciless as a sharp blade, looked down at the man who claimed to be the king of bandits.

The sea of blood from the bandits was all around her.

The opponent had infiltrated like a shadow, and without even detecting a single breath, she had been killed to the last person.

“Do you have a clue about the young man who has a very powerful sword technique …… and the same black hair as me?”

Under the mask of the Tengu, a voice that seemed to be female questioned him.

“………… what?”

There was a click, and kodachi made a sound.

“Ugh! I, I don’t know! Really!


The small taijutsu that was held in the opposite hand split the head of the King of Bandits in two.

The kodachi in her other hand cut the bandit king’s head in half.

“…… phew.”

The mask and that covered her mouth were removed, and she gently dropped the black hair that was tied behind her, and she began the follow-up work of wiping the kodachi and such.

Her skin, which was slightly lighter than the dark elf’s, did not have a single drop of blood splashed on it, revealing Kageha’s high level of skill.

It has been several years since the rescue by the boy who claimed to be the Demon King.

Kageha was simply searching the area for that boy.

Through the other party saved herself this thing, she guessed that the other party is hunting for bandits. So she also began to expel the mountain bandits and robbers …… while also looking around the village of the Majin race.

Although in the process her skills have also been improved, but did not find him at all.

When Larman was searching, she heard about such an existence as [Black Demon King], and then the current one was on her way to the Light Kingdom.

It’s unknown if it’s because she has formed a habit, but unconsciously she is still hunting bandits while rushing towards her destination.

(…… [Black Demon King]? …… I hope it’s him this time. ……)

With such a hope in her heart, she waved that kodachi ……


Immediately after that, she turned back and kicked out with her tight and flexible leg like a whip.


The huge figure that sneaked up from behind Kageha took the kick that had a power that no human should have …… should have had.

Because Kageha completely did not feel the feeling of the kick, she quickly jumped backwards and flew back away.


(Obviously, thanks to that lord, now I should be able to kick even rocks easily to break it …… seems to be not a problem in this regard.)

In front of her sharp, knife-like sight ……

(Such a monster …… I’ve never heard of or seen before ……)

It has a face like a buzzard, and four eyes with no visible eyeballs. The muscles of the front legs are very obviously high and bulging, and the hind legs are a little slender but still well on the ground.

The ultramarine feathers that look like it’s poisonous, and the tail that is divided into two strands like the sharp edges of two spears.

The shape of the joints like armor is very unnatural …… and then wears a collar that seems to be wrapped in chains.

It really is a very strange, like a designed monster.


With the eyes and claws of a bird of prey, it made a snarling, threatening sound and stood up ……

A strange life form that can be seen at a glance stands up with two legs.

“So I can take this as an enemy, right?”


Her stance suddenly disappeared, and when it noticed it, Kageha’s figure had already appeared in the other party’s arms.

By using the breath break to the extreme and aiming for the peak of speed, Kageha now possessed a power that was completely incomparable then.


The kodachi chopped at the head of the unidentified monster.”

“…… What?”


Kageha wanted to take advantage of the blood splash to fly back out, but from the monster’s neck that was cut not to mention blood, not even a drop of bodily fluid spilled.

Instead ……

“Mist ……?”

From the wound emerged a dark green mist, and then it returned to its original form as if nothing had happened.

“…… Ha!”

Kageha once again eliminated her breath (presence) and flew out.

She used kodachi with a kick to try to hurt the demonic creature.

The kick that was used to kick the huge body out was accompanied by a storm of wind, and its speed was like that of a scythe.

Kageha’s skills were completely unnoticed by the opponent.



However, even though Kageha’s figure could not be captured, all of her attacks were nullified by her fog-like body in the end.


The monster that was looking down until just a moment ago attacked while making a flute-like shrill sound.

In order to cut the ground in front of it along with Kageha, it casually deepened the sharp claws of its front feet.
.The booming sound resounded throughout the forest.

The monster is like crushing the soft fruit as it continues to dig the ground open.

And Kageha who had enough speed to leave an afterimage easily dodge away.

The monster was flying towards the sky, flying high with the wings of fog. …… It sent what looked like needles out like a rainstorm towards where Kageha was.

“It’s useless.”

But Kageha, who had once again shifted up one gear to increase the speed, moved noiselessly in an instant and appeared in a flash opposite.

The rain of needles had caused more misery than she could have imagined, and the ground was curled up as if it had been bombarded.

(Although the power of this monster is not to be underestimated, there is no problem.)

The monster that fell from the sky came at Kageha, who was calmly grasping the situation.



However, Kageha, who saw through its movement, moved again at high speed and dodged it ……

When the dodged claws crushed the tree in front of her, Kageha flew down to its head and stabbed it in the eye with her kodachi …….


Seeing that the place where the kodachi pierced also turned into mist, the words “indestructible” and “immortal body” came to Kegaha’s mind.

(No effect? But if it just turns into mist ……)

Then there are many things that can be done.

At that moment


With this analysis, Kageha took a big step backwards and noticed that only one strand of the monster’s spear-like tail …… remained, splitting into two.

“Hum ……”

Feeling the murderous aura coming from behind she slightly tilted her head and dodged the tail of the spear that was approaching in order to penetrate the back of her head.

It seemed to have casually swept one of the tails into the wind and moved it to the target’s blind spot.

“You’re just a beast after all. Your murderous aura is clearly felt— ”


After the gap in consciousness was less than a blink of an eye at retraction of the tail, “Type 2” could not find the figure of Kageha that should have been there.



Although the speed of Kageha had been taken into account, but it seems that the upper limit of speed is still hidden many steps beyond that.

Sensing the opponent’s presence behind it, [Type 2] immediately prepared to take the next action in order to catch Kageha by stabbing the needles out of its body.

“The one who appears behind you is the Demon King.”

“… Eh?”


The sudden sound from behind them made a startled sound.

At the end of the line was ……, an ordinary-looking black-haired boy.

“…… ah ……”

Seeing him, Kageha’s eyes widened.

“Here’s a phrase.”

Even though her consciousness was a bit hazy at that time, even though her vision was also a bit blurred at that time, there was absolutely no way she could have mistake it.

“The only one who could have been able to circumvent from behind …… was the one who was aware of his surroundings…… remember carefully.”

He has dark pupils and hair color, just standing there without a flaw.

“… And it’s not even close, both of you. If am a bad guy… No, I’m Demon King, so I’m a bad guy… what do you think I can do to you?”

The appearance that is no different from then exists right now.

It was her only hope, the one she had been searching for for so long.


“Hmmm …. wanna try green-horn? With this demon king?”

Flapping its wings of mist, 『Type 2』 jumping backwards.

The demon lord did nothing to that immortal monster.

Instead, he acted like a Kung Fu teacher and came in front of Kageha.

“Alright, let me show you my kung fu.”

And that was exactly the same.

The eyes could not be taken away from that small back, and Kageha desperately tried to hold back the joy and emotion that was about to overflow from his heart.

“…… Demon King, Your Majesty, please leave this to me!”

“Well, you can just watch from the side. I’m going to be able to beat it with just one finger.”

The Demon King confronted “Type 2” with his hands behind his back as he said that to Kageha who returned to his side.

“Then, at least please use this sword.”

“No need, I should have said that already ……”

Kageha was going to give her kodachi as a weapon to the unarmed Demon King, but the demon king slowly raised one hand towards the monster in front of him. So that the back of his hand is facing his opponent.

“…… I just need my fingertips.”

He gently waved his hand to provoke the other side to.


“Not coming? Then I’ll do it from my side ……”

The black magic power was gathered up before the two fingers of the teenager.

In response to the change in the seat, the backs of both Kageha and 『Type 2』 trembled.

That was what Kageha didn’t know yet, the Demon King’s technique.

For 『Type 2』, it was also an unknown existence that had never been known ……

It was born as an artificial magical beast, and because of the property of having an immortal body, all creatures were weak in its eyes.

Those who saw itself, without exception, felt timid, fearful, and finally sad about their misfortune.

However, this was not the case with this boy.

He didn’t care about itself at all and just looked at it with eyes that looked like he was teasing an animal.


“Ah, ah?”

The monster disappeared with fog.

“It escaped. …… I guess it got mad because I called it green-horn. I’m sorry to say that I’m a little too excited about my long-awaited vacation. I wanted to show you a little new trick I’ve developed in the course of my research on emission systems. ……”

He said this with a little bit of disappointment.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. I have a deeper respect for you because I was able to see your skills again.”

“Uh, well. I just lined up behind it like at department store checkout line. By the way, ……”

From Kageha who immediately approached from one side and knelt down on one knee, he turned his eyes to the direction in which the magical beast that had fled out of instinct …… Chrono’s eyes stayed there for a while.

“What do you need…..?”

Towards the direction where the mist disappeared, Chrono muttered softly.

“…… No, it’s nothing. Please come with me if you have time. I’ll buy you a dinner.”

“Yess!!! A million thanks, it would be my pleasure!”



Feeling an inexplicable fear, a somewhat panicked Hanam unlocked his telekinesis magic.

(What… that kid…”

Hanam was a member of the team that watched 『Type 2』 from a distance.

What he witnessed was the 『Type 2』 that showed its invincible performance against the very powerful woman who instantly killed a large number of bandits.

And …… the boy who didn’t care about those two at all and descended there at some point.

The eyes of two people met.

It was as if they were peering back at themselves over there. …… It was a pair of eyes that seemed to be able to see through people’s hearts.

The aura of magic props and magic that the other party used as a countermeasure to the far-sighted magic was not felt at all, and that’s what made it all the more frightening.

“Ha ha ha……”

“I said, don’t act like that. It’s really ugly …… What’s going on?””

Zancock, who was standing by near the campfire and just waiting for dinner there, showed a disgusted expression that had to be done even if he felt disgusted and approached Hanam.

“Yes! In the midst of the battle, there was an intruder appeared, and it seems that 『Type 2』 is defeated.”

“…… What did you say?”

Just as Zancock said those unbelievable words, a blue wind blew up …… 『Type 2』 and descended.

The pair of fog wings were withdrawn, and the huge body was lying there as if it didn’t know anything.

“…… really didn’t get hurt at all. It’s impossible for the attack to have any effect on that “Type 2″. Don’t give me that kind of exaggerated report. This will affect my ability to give accurate instructions.”

“I’m very sorry ……”

Zancock did not hide his displeasure at all and spilled it out to him.

Looking at 『Type 2』 who was concentrating on grooming itself, Hanam couldn’t help but tilt his head.

But it was true that the power of『Type 2』according to the information obtained from the research institute was not at all the level that it had just shown. But in the end, it didn’t seem to have much energy.

Probably, it’s just that the “Type 2” that lacked battle experience got bored and came back. …… From next time, it’s necessary to make it carry out the orders from the beginning to the end. It’s enough to know that.

The back of Zancock, who had come to such a conclusion and was in a better mood, left, and Hanam also stood up to help prepare food.

But he still kept that incomprehensible look on his face.


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