Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 62

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This is the plain where the disputed borders of the Light Kingdom and the Larman Republic are located.

The plains, which had been turned into a wilderness due to years of strife, were dusty, and there was no trace of plants or other life.


Zancock and the others were waiting for the report from their subordinate Hanam, who had eliminated his breath and closed his eyes and used his far-sighted magic.

They were currently lurking in the middle of a forest, scouting out the location where Larman’s troops had been annihilated, located ahead of them.

“………… Ensign, there is some bad luck, the Light Kingdom’s investigation team is also conducting an investigation, it’s better to wait for them to leave before continuing.”


The information received was immediately reported by Hanam.

“…… bad luck? Hanam-kun, this should be called good luck.”

“What, how?”

Zancock replies to Hanam, who is curious about a view he doesn’t have, in a firm manner that exudes a sense of calm.

“According to the report, the monster that wiped out the troops was unknown, but …… it’s not impossible that it was done by the Light Kingdom Army. Don’t you think so?”

“That is …… if only to say that there is this possibility is indeed possible.”

Although if this massacre were to be regarded as the work of a human species, that huge power is far beyond the scope of human abilities. But according to rumors, the Light family owned the only and most powerful “relic” in the kingdom.

In addition, there is also the possibility that there are monster tamers like himself and others.

“That’s right, right? It’s important to fight back if you’ve been beaten, so that you won’t be underestimated in diplomacy.”

Zancocok said while pouring magic power into the chain on his left neck.

He wields the power that has come rushing out just as a matter of convenience.

He showed his immense excitement and laughed with a strong evil feeling ……

“…… Don’t be merciful. 『Type 2』.


According to Prince Alto’s orders, the investigation team that had finished their final investigation was ready to return to the nearest station as ordered.

“…… No more cluess can be obtained here. We have also burned the corpses to prevent them from turning into undead. It’s time to go back.”

“Hmm… yosh, everyone get ready!”

The head of the investigation team issued such an instruction after carefully confirming that there was no error.

“Chief, what is that thing ……?”


He looked in the direction that one of the corps members pointed.

There, coming from the Larman side of the sky …… was a blue figure.

“…… Although I had never seen …… it was a large swarm of insects, I think. It’s probably moving in time for sunset.”

They just watched as the mass passed over their heads, and at the moment when it passed right over the troops ……

“…… just now, something is glowing…”



“Whahahahaha! This is fantastic, isn’t it! That’s a huge number of people killed with just one hit! This is the power of Larman’s assassin!! That combined with me …… the strongest lone ever army ……!!”

Zancock like jumping generally stood up, revealing a joyful color indulged in this tragedy.

Although he was momentarily intoxicated by the power that far exceeded expectations, but suddenly thought of a problem after back to consciousness.

“…… Hmm? No, it was raining needles, so it’s not quite right to call it a single hit …… Well, forget it. Anyway, all of you, let’s go.”

Ignoring the members of the group who were very confident about the annihilating ability of 『Type 2』, Zancock gave instructions happily.

Dozens of people died in a flash before his eyes.

The only thing left behind was a gruesome scene that looked like the explosion of gunpowder.

The team members witnessed the reason why “Artificial Monsters” was called the ace of Larman.

Some are scared ……

Some are stunned ……

“The only thing I’m worried about is that they accidentally killed [Swamp Demon] …. kukuku … ”

And some, as if they were tempted by the monster, were overjoyed ……


The special force led by Zancock set up a temporary base nearby in order to investigate the [Swamp Demon].

“Ha …… really. Sure enough, it’s very bad.”

Zancock, who looked bored because he couldn’t get in touch the troops that had previously ruled out investigations, muttered while watching his subordinates build base.

Even though it is called a base, they just retreated to the cold, pebble-strewn ground and laid out a cloth. On top of that, they just put a tent over it.

Moreover, this part of Larman is cold and often suffers from heavy snowfall.

Despite the historic mission, the morale of the troops trying to accomplish it is at risk in this environment.

Therefore, he decided to improve the temporary base for tomorrow.

“……! Ensign Zancock!”

“Did you see anything?”

Zancock asked “Hanam Gris”, the only member of the unit who could use telekinesis magic, in a very arrogant manner.

“Yes. A large number of bandits were sniped from the front, and then the battle started. And there was only one opponent. That person has great strength and is killing the bandits.”


“Could it be that …… is the rumored [Nightwalker] ……”

Zancock’s inner emotion was like a child’s high at the report he just heard.

“Ensign ……?”

“…… The test run should be done carefully.”

“That’s… that’s…”

The excited Zancock did not feel a trace of hesitation.

No matter how many bandits and robbers died, it would not have any effect.

He desperately suppressed the growing excitement inside him and raised the chain-type magic item that was wrapped around his wrist.”

“Go ahead, ‘Type 2’.

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