Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 61

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Beneath a clear sky, the sharp blade produced by the draw sliced the fallen leaves in two.

When the blade was withdrawn, it again struck the leaf that had previously been cut in two.

The leaf that had been cut into four pieces by the crossed sword flash was about to fall with the wind.

And then…

“Himejiki. Double”

(*Princess’ double thrust)

In a flash, she managed to penetrate two of the four pieces accurately, and she sheathed the blade.

Her long, bright orange hair swayed in the wind …… as she slowly closed the mouth of the sheath.

“Hey hey ………… that hurts!?”

“You get excited too quickly. You can’t be careless, the enemy won’t just wait for you to attack.” (Chrono)

“It hurts! Stop it! I already know!”

I looked at Princess Erika from the side with an expression of pride that said, “How is the result?” and poked her flank with the cloth-wrapped stick, even poking her face.

“The blade was too slow to retract. It is necessary to decide whether or not to retract the sword, but if you’ve decided to do it, do it quickly.”


The name of this little piggy’s thrust (in Japanese manga, girls do make a little piggy sound when they puff out their cheeks) just a fast double thrust, but since she really want a name, so I named it randomly.


“Ahhhh… It’s been a hard day’s training.”

“Please don’t say things like as if I’m forcing you to train, Erika-sama. And please don’t try to keep track of my working hours through the servant’s seniors.”

At the table in the garden, I offered herbal tea to Princess Erica, who had turned back into a princess all of a sudden.

There was a clear stream running in the middle of the school garden, where you could always get a chilled drink.

“…… Is Hakuto still swinging his sword?”

“Pfft, I guess so. It’s funny, isn’t it?”

“I never say that….”

No, it’s funny though ……

The other day, I was forcibly taken by Princess Erica to see Hakuto swinging his sword endlessly as if cursed.

Although he was able to prevent Celestia from being taken away by the Demon King, it was not known when the Demon King would reappear.

The two of us, who were hiding, couldn’t help but snicker because because of his serious expression not like usual, we were chased and ran away by him while shouting.

That one was really funny.

“Although he may have done it for Nee-sama, but Nee-sama she just treats Hakuto like a younger brother and it’s obvious that it’s not going to work out in a relationship. He’s very popular, so he should just go with some girl from the neighborhood.”


… A girl shouldn’t have spoken about her fiancé like that.

No. Does it mean she’s actually hurt inside……?

“Ahh~, it’s so cool ……”

Her orange side ponytail swayed in the wind, looking very comfortable to relieve herself.

She must be putting on a strong face, acting out her usual Princess Erika look ……

“…… Please use.”

“Why are you handing me a handkerchief with that pitying look on your face? It’s really irritating!”

Princess Erika had an angry look on her face, what! She poked me with the tip of her scabbard as I held out my handkerchief.

“…… So? Have you received any contact from Nee-sama on your side, Glass?”

“No, I haven’t heard anything since that day.”

Although the strategy meeting and board game tournament is held almost every night.

“Hoo, hoo …… pfft, it looks like you’re just being used as a shield to hide her privacy, Glass. What a shame.”

“I’d rather say I’m on tenterhooks all day for fear of being backstabbed by someone. I don’t feel the way you said.”

“Well …… I don’t want to lose anymore, I have to beat Nee-sama first.”


Although she said it half-jokingly, she really disappointed, I think.

“The skills I learned from you, Glass, won’t work against the Demon King, I need to learn stronger moves.”

There’s no way it’s going to work.

After all, that’s what I came up with.

Whatever I teach her it will never hurt me……I always feel a bit sorry for her ……

However, in her practice, the fighting spirit is strong and it is leaning in a good direction. As a teacher, I can see that.

But well……

“This is not a request that should be made to the servant.”

“Don’t be so cold. We’re already partners, aren’t we?”

Don’t think me like a Blue Fat Cat! This kid treats me just like she wants.

Do you think I’m a chubby guy who can grant wishes with a sneeze?

(*It’s from anime Hakushon Daimaou)

“With all due respect, it’s not because you’re weak, it’s because you’re not trained enough, Erika-sama”

“I see, I see. Then teach me how you defeated that Kelly guy.”

“You don’t seem to understand at all.”

It’s not even a technique, it’s just a little manipulation of magic.

And I think she’s getting more and more aggressive lately, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to continue.

The same goes for the wages.

“…. Glass.”


A soft shock came from the lower part of my back.

“Welcome, Lizlitt-sama.”

“Come and study today, too.”

“Uh, no, but I have work to do.”

Lizlitt, the third sister of the Bonds of Three Fairies, who had become surprisingly close to me since the last few days, pushed a thick book against my waist.

“I’m sorry for always asking you to play with her.”

Lulu Noah, with a smile on her face, also came this way.

She showed off the brown skin of her character and pushed her blonde hair back over her shoulder with her hand.

As part of the payment for their assistance to the Light Kingdom, they had successfully applied for the right to use the school library, and because they had obtained permission without any problems, they came here often.

“Welcome, Lulu Noah-sama. I’ll have your drinks ready in a moment.”

“Thank you very much. Won’t you come and have a sparring session?”

Lizlitt was pulled into a chair by Glass, and Lulu Noah smiled seductively.

“Please allow me to say no, I’m just a servant.”

“It’s better not to do that. My Glass is very strong, I don’t want to see Lulu-san get beaten up.”

Lizlitt, who didn’t want to see her sister beaten up by the school’s servant, guided her to a chair and I immediately handed her tea.

Of course, this was only done after asking Princess Erika.

“…. I can’t believe my Lizzy has left me too … even if you were saved in such a precarious situation, would you change out that much? Sister I’m really worried …. Even Shanon went to Hakuto’s side, too.”

Dragging her cheeks Lulu Noah said hanging her head in defeat.

“I cant believe you call him my Glass, he’s obviously my servant…”

Not really.

Although Princess Erica said so in a somewhat disgruntled manner, I am actually employed by the school.

“…… you say something, too, Glass.”

“If I had to say something, it would be don’t say that Glass is privately owned.”

I responded quickly as I used a doughnut fan to make roasted onigiri over the fire by the stove.

“It smells good ……”

“It smells so good, can we try it too?”

Lizlitt, who had just sat down and snapped closerp to my side, hastily moved in the direction where the smoke was not.

“It’s up to Erika-sama. …… Will you be able to eat it alone?”

“You’re going to be a huge jerk….I can’t believe you made people smell it but only allowed to watch you eat.”

Then I put the three baked onigiri with grill marks on them on three separate plates and brought them to the table.

“Don’t worry, please enjoy it.”

“Fufu, thanks …… I think I understand why you’re so popular.


This is a fragment of a limited daily life.

“The next step is to form a magic formation and just pour magic power into the formed Seal of Initiation.”

“That’s what they say, but it’s all quite difficult work, magic stuff like that.”

Lizlitt smiled at me as she fingered the thick book spread out on the table.

Her purple twin ponytails kept swaying as she twisted her head to look up at me, trying her best to teach to me.

“Can you do it?”

“Eh! Mm, do you want me to use the majutsu ……?”

(Majutsu=magic art)

I always thought she was trying to show off to me, but it turned out that she wanted me to use the majutsu.

“It’s not that I’m giving up from the beginning, but it’s going to be difficult for me. I’m not blessed with a lot of magic power. Just use a touch of magic would be my limit.”

“I see ……”

I mean, majutsu requires a high degree of knowledge, so it’s more difficult for me than just pouring the magic power.

I can see that just from those few minutes.

The difficulty of majutsu, and this child’s magical talent.

Although magic is capable of achieving various phenomena, to do so requires the perfect handling of various processes, as well as the appropriate magical power.

In other words, it is a technique that only the chosen one can use.

That’s impressive.

But then again, that Gosso guy is in prison.

“Lizzy is just trying to talk to you about something she’s good at.”

“Well ……”

After Lulu Noah said that, Lizlitt covered her somewhat red cheeks with that book.

Oh… it’s really peaceful…

“Oh, are you here, Erika.”

Oswald ruffled the green hair and struck up a conversation this way.

“What’s matter? Hakuto isn’t here, he’s practicing swinging his sword like usual. ”

“Is it really okay for the princess to be so cold like this? …. That aside, I’m here to see Lulu Noah-san.”

He shrugged and sighed bitterly while turning his eyes to Lulu Noah, who was just as dazed as the princess.

“Are they there already?”

“Yes, they’re here. The first Sword Saint candidate has already arrived, so I’ll ask you to check it out. I’ll show you the way.”

After saying that, he gave a l*stful look and held out his hand in an exaggerated gesture.

“Ah, that’s right,…… Glass, if you want money, why don’t you become Sword Saint?”


The Princess Erika, who was holding her cheeks, said this as if she had suddenly thought of something.

“Ah… Isn’t it good? If it’s you, you’ll be stronger than the others, so there’s no need for me to review it, it’ll be decided in one go. I highly recommend it.”


As if she wanted to choose [Sword Saint] right away, Lulu Noah also invited me with great pleasure.

Lizlitt also gave me an expectant look with her sparkling eyes.

“Oh, then Glass-san…”

“No, Oswald-sa . I’m very, very busy. I have my hands full with my servant’s work in the first place. I have another appointment at the saloon after this, and I can’t neglect that.”

I said no with a bitter smile.

“Well, …… then I can have my hands full, so it’s no problem at all.”


The Princess Erika and Lulu Noah had a displeased look on their faces when they saw Oswald, who had quickly switched back.


I’ve already know even without you guys saying it ……

I heard about this rumor because the seniors of the servants were making predictions and gambling on this matter, and then I rushed there on the day the Sword Saints’ selection meeting started accepting applications.

Immediately after work, I went back to my home district, changed into my armour and went there.

I also had an unusual amount of confidence in my sword skills, so I went without a hint of confusion.

However ……

“Black, Black Knight-sama …… that, shall I say, you’re too overpower….. the magic sword of Harmal, the former Chief of Guard, was also shattered by you …… and… …In fact, although it is a bit hard to say, this selection will be in a way pre-selected by us and other centralized …… also has a rule that only the swordsmen in this list can participate …… so ……”

…… and so on, I was refused by them for various inexplicable reasons listed.

Finally, they said to call the able Duke called Marton.

I then fled with my tail between my legs for fear of being asked for identification and the routine questioning I would encounter.

Having a regular salary and being paid for completing the occasional commission assigned to me is obviously quite an attractive title ……

One of the first Hero’s comrades was the first [Sword Saint] “Jubei”.

It is said that the first Hero was a man of immense power and unity who led other races to defeat evil beings one by one.

Jubei’s sword skills were said to be so powerful that they were on a par with that of the First Hero.

In tribute to the greatness he achieved, the title of [Sword Saint] is bestowed upon those who possess considerable excellence in sword skills purely in every age.

When Celestia resigned from this position this generation, the seat became vacant, and since there was no competition, I thought it would be an unprecedented opportunity.

I thought that was why I had to rush there with my sword on my back.

If I had been recommended by a strong person, it would have been a different story, but if I had been recommended by Lulu Noah here, I would have felt that I might have been exposed, so I didn’t want to.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to go back home for a break.

The question then …… is whether she’s convinced.


Numerous knights and soldiers fell in the training ground of the kingdom.

They weren’t exactly miscellaneous soldiers.

Rather, they were some of the best of the best, some of the strongest.

“Whoever it is, get to your feet.”

Celestia, with her wooden sword in her hand, spoke coldly in the same knightly manner she always did.

“Choose. Do you want to die here …… or will you die on the battlefield. This is the choice that will always accompany you in order to protect your country and important duties.”

Like a strict goddess of war.

No matter who is overwhelmed by that divine and unmistakable gesture.

“…… However, I have been training with you for a few days now, so let’s stop here for today. It would be counterproductive to destroy your body.”

“Your Highness ……”

“How kind person…”

“Ohhhh ……”

The sudden expression of love made the hearts and souls of all present easy to grasp in her hands.

“— Princess-sama, may I interrupt for a moment.”

“Eh, what’s happened?”

A maid hurried over and whispered to Celestia.

“Our Majesty is waiting.”


The heart pounded violently.

It was our Majesty who had deliberately added the definite article.

Of course, that naturally would not be King Light.

According to her hopes, hopefully this visit was aimed at herself.

But if there was to be any other purpose …… Celestia hadn’t anticipated it at all.

“I’m going to move ahead and leave now.”

“Eh ……”

Celestia’s emotions, which had been rising rapidly, suddenly shriveled up.

Celestia was in a better mood than usual because she had been able to tend to Crono to her heart’s content from this evening until tomorrow morning.

Soon it would almost be time to welcome Crono to town and enjoy the time.

“Gosh, it’s tiring. I’m tired but ……”

“Oh ……, what a blessing ……”

“I will make my vows again. I will follow Her Highness for the rest of my life.”

“It is worth the risk of my life…”

The knights and soldiers stood up from the training ground.

The uneasiness and anxiety in her heart grew, and Celestia’s eyes caught the figures of the soldiers who were happily uplifted.

“…… you guys, what the hell are you doing. Swing your sword until your arms are broken. Don’t rest as long as you can still move.”

“”Eh —-!?””

Leaving these words, the unmerciful Celestia left the soldiers, whose mouths were wide open, hanging there and rushed to her room.

“Oh, Celestia-sama, why are you rushing-”

“Good morning George, and goodbye.”

“From meeting to parting this is too soon, isn’t it?”

Celestia passed George at a fast pace.

“Oh, Celestia. Have you finished training-”

“Eh bye.”

“Don’t you even want to stop?”

And then she passed by her father, King Light, like a gust of wind …… and finally reached her room.

“Ha, ha, ha ……”


Not caring at all for the gasped Mob, she carefully adjusted her body.

“………… So, Mob.”


She ordered Mob to open the door, and she took a long breath as if to let out her inner tension, and then entered the room.

Then …… the sight before her plummeted her mood even further.

“If you are interested, you can go over there and have a look.” (Mary)

“Hee~, there are such vegetables.” (Chrono)

“Well, I sometimes heard reports from spies, but I heard at that time that everything is a vegetable that grows deliciously because it is in a harsh environment.”

There, in the form of a child, Chrono, who was having a very happy conversation, and …… Mary.

Chrono also had his sword at his waist, as if he was ready to go on journey. At the same time he was enjoying the green tea Mary had handed him.



“You are very knowledgeable, Mary. And a good temper, too. Won’t you think about remarrying?”

“You’re joking. There’s no way a woman who is past age like me….”

“I don’t think so. Oh- what a murderous aura!”

As I was carrying on a conversation with the muscular knightess Mary, an aura that had entered the room radiated an unimaginable murderous aura towards Marisan.

“…… Mary, you’re the one who’s accompanying Chrono-sama now.”

“Ah, yes. Because I had sent Mob to you, Celestia-sama, so naturally ……”

“You’ve done a good job. After this, leave it to me, so you can go back home.”

“Celestia-sama! How come!”

I don’t know why, but seems she was trying to send the macho knightess Mary going back home.

It was not me, but I could feel the black aura from Celestia’s body.

“Hey, hey, hey! You can’t just fire her! She’s already part of our organisation!”

“What I fired of is her duty as a Knight of the Guard. If that’s the case, I think I can decide on my own.”

“…… Mary-san, Mob, can you leave us alone for a while and I leave everything to me?”

That’s a bit of a big deal.

This is not a half-assed feeling, but a serious and uncompromising knight mode.

“Then I’ll take my leave.”


Mary, who seemed to be very worried, and Mob, who looked relieved, left.

“…. Put Mary aside. I received a report that you intend to embark on the journey ahead of time. Is that right?”

“I see, about that …… is right then.”

“…… May I hear the reason? What made you change your mind?”

“If you want an explanation, there’s no reason.”

Celestia’s eyes sharpened.

She didn’t need to take care of me specifically, but for some reason her displeasure just flared up.

“Chrono-sama, it’s not very nice of me to say this as your loyal subordinate, but …… I’d like to avoid deviating from the intended action if possible.”

Ahhhh… I’m in preaching mode ……

In that case, …… will have to use that.


“What’s wrong? No matter what you want to say, only this time you must say it properly. Whatever the punishment is…”

“I am the Demon King. I am Chrono.”

“I know it well enough. I have known it since I was a child.”

The noble knight of the Silver Lady, made a strong demeanor.

She tied up her flowing blonde hair, and her body was full of sensu*l charm.

Even as she filled the room with the black aura, she responded head-on, without flinching.

There was no better opponent for my “Demon King Seminar” than her.

“Come over here.”

“What? No, whatever it is, if you don’t give me a proper answer, I won’t let you leave as a disciplinarian.”

I took her hand and guided Celestia, who was already a little red in the face, to a single chair and sat her down.

Phew, I know all about your anxiety and impatience.

Then I wrapped her up in a hug from behind her back.


…… I began my s*duction into the darkness ……

“Celestia, gaze into the fire of this darkness.”

“Yes ……”

I put my magic power in my index finger and lit a flame that wavered like a candle flame in front of Celestia’s eyes.

“Celestia is becoming sleepy~. Celestia is getting sleepy ……

“Ha …… ha ……”

I felt that the Princess was panting.

“Seduced by my darkness …… are you feeling sleepy?”

“No, no …… not at all.”

“Well, it’s still early in the day.”

I left Ceres, who was illuminated by the fire, unattended and removed the magic from my fingertips ready to guide her into the next darkness.

I hugged her tightly from behind, using the black magic wrapped around my entire arm to wrap around Celestia.

“Ahhh ……”

Then whispered in her ear.

“Give me everything. Blacken everything. Whether it’s you or the world. This is the fate your fate ……”

“Yes ……”

“Kuku, it is useless to resist. In my darkness, even Celestia the Hime Knight will become a submissive kitten.”

“There’s no way I’m not going to resist~”

She grabbed my arm and resolutely said these words that didn’t sound resolute at all.

“No…. don’t resist…. Obviously you’re doing strange right now, I’m starting to worry about you.” (Chrono)

“Ha… ha.”

“…… Well, it’s easier for me this time only, so let’s continue.”

I continued with my dark words, relentlessly plunging Hime Knight into the darkness of the demon king.

“I’ve worked to my limit,” I said. “As the demon king, as the servant, the princess’s master, as the black knight and the farmer who grows rice …… Even the most capable wage earner wouldn’t be able to carry on a part-time job like this. I need to take a holiday. Specifically, a holiday to go in touch with nature.”

“Ha …… ha …… ah, no, don’t …… just this level, I’m not going to give in.”

Tsk, still not yet? ……

Towards the secretly observing whether or not I succeeded her, she responded with those somewhat moistened eyes twisting her head.

That means that although not going to resist, but also she’s not going to change her persistence.

“Commit more of you to me. I want everything of you.”

“I, I …… absolutely …… give in to anything …… uh ……”

“You’re a good girl. If you’re a good girl Celestia, you’ll stay well even if I’m not here, right? And water the flowers in our yard properly, okay?”

“…… but, but …… ”

I said these devilish whispers faster as I tenderly stroked her chin and cheek.

“Who is the owner of …… Celestia?”

“Ah, ah …… yes, it’s Chrono-sama ……”

I gently stroked her head and cheeks and then on top of that even stroked her ears.

Since I was ready to travel, I could only use the Demon King facial massage repeatedly as if I were praying to please her now.


Celestia, who was desperately trying to endure the Demon King’s seminar, finally leaned over, exhausted.

Let’s make Celestia admit it to herself as proof that she has fallen.

“My lovely Celestia, in that case can I go back home?”

“………… ha, yes …… I obey, your command …… Chrono-sama……”

The Demon King seminar is the strongest.

Since I had already obtained the testimony, I just left Celestia.

“Well I’ll definitely come back soon after I’ve done the bare minimum, so you can focus on your side business.”

“Ha …… ha ……”

“Ah, that’s right. –Here, I’ll give you this.

I handed Celestia the gift I had brought.

“Um …… this is ……?”

“As you can see, it’s a belt for hanging swords. But seems like you’ve already have a special one, so this will be a spare ……”

Just as I was saying that, she hurriedly got up from her chair and divinely untied the belt that was tied there with her hand and..


Shredded it.

“…… I am so honoured. And please do let me use it. It’s just as well that the old one is no longer usable.”

Celestia, who still had a few flushes on her face and was full of happiness, equipped the belt I handed over.

“…… Even if you said it was no longer usable, obviously it can still be used. You just treat it as something that can’t exist at the same time.”

Anyway, this way I can go back.

I also got some interesting information from Mary-san, so I’ll be free to fly to my castle.

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