Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 58

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In front of the bald, muscular man, I tried to assess with a sharp gaze.

As if checking to see if there was a bend in the sword, I moved my face closer to observe the condition.

“…… Well, I’ll take this one.”

“Thank you very much.”

I bought some cucumbers from the vegetable shop I always visit.

“Oh, that’s right.”

The lady in the vegetable shop spoke to me as I was leaving.

“I’d like to buy some rice again, Glass. Is there any more in stock?”

“It is, currently stock is still available. I’ll bring it tomorrow if you need it.”

“Ara. I’m sorry you have to bring it all the time.”

“Haha, rice is heavy after all.”

“Thank you very much. I’ll ask my husband to pick it up when he’s free.”

The shopkeeper, who was a little uncomfortable behind her, smiled bitterly. I said goodbye to them and headed for the exit of the market.

“Hey! Aren’t you stopping today?”

“That’s enough for today. I’ll come back in the next week or so.”

“I’ll be waiting for you then!”

The people in the fruit and mushroom shops kept talking to me.

I’m already a familiar face in both places.

You’re really taking it easy, not knowing that I’m a demon lord. Stupid people, kuku kuku ……

“Gras! I want to buy some more rice!”

“Alright! I’ll bring it over tomorrow!”


Having finished the day’s work at the school and the shopping, I entered the house I had rented for the purpose of using it as a base through the back door.

“Welcome back, Chrono-sama.”

“Are? Celestia, you came today.”

Celestia, dressed in a black dress, greeted me with a deep bow and a loving smile. She was as beautiful and lovely as ever.

It seems that Celestia herself has come here today after asking Mob the Shadow Warrior.

Since she joined me, Celestia has been busy with her side work, and has been working hard with Mary-san all day.

So it’s always been Mob who’s been looking after me as a housekeeper. The two of us were working together quite happily at any rate.

“It’s so strange for you to say that.”

“What was so strange about that conversation?”

What’s wrong with this kid? What does she expect me to say?

After I had said something like that to a somewhat upset Celestia, she responded in a somewhat subtle manner.

“From the beginning, I was the one to responsible for taking care of you. I’m sorry to say that I’ve temporarily handed over the service to Mob for me due to my lack of care, but this is the only thing I’d like you to remember, so I’m sorry but please.”

“…… umm. Sorry about that.”

I’m used to living on my own, so if you’re really that busy, let Mob focus on your side job as well.

In the first place, the person in charge of the care was not needed…


The room is furnished with high quality furniture and has an elegant and quiet atmosphere as if isolated from the outside world.

A few lit candles created a romantic feeling, and it was in this dreamy atmosphere that it began.

“…… So, the first regular meeting of the Black Association [Kronos] will now begin.”

Celestia, who had deliberately changed into a black military-like uniform and whose hair was tied up to look very diligent, shifted to work mode and began to speak.

It’s the first step of our group [Kronos], which had just been casually named as such, taken.

“This regular meeting is only convened by key personnel. Is this okay?”

At first, she looked a little shy and happy, and she looked unsettled, but now I was relieved to see her in this position.

It’s part of my job as a leader to create an environment that is easy to work in.

“I’ve left it all to you, so it’s fine. Well, there were some unexpected things that happened, but it can’t be helped, let bygones be bygones. We should just move on.”

Oh, man, it’s hard when you’ve got your own subordinate.

I was wearing shorts and short sleeves, and I gave my instructions with a big grin.

“I get it. And then …… why are you whispering so much?”

Celestia, who cocked her head slightly feeling a little incomprehensible, questioned me who had lowered the volume to a very low level.

I was sitting squarely on the table, but I had taken on the appearance of a 10-year-old to make it easier to move around in this small rented house, and on top of that I had lowered the volume to such a low level. It’s only natural that she should be suspicious.

“If not, it might be a problem for the neighbours. After all, it’s nighttime, so it’s only natural. And the worst thing about …… is that the presence here is exposed.”

“That’s true. It’s underground after all, so if we’re surrounded, there’s no place to escape.”

“No, I’ve got plenty of places to escape. In the earliest case, I just need to knock all the opponents. But …… it would be bad if the landlord found out.”

I put both elbows on the tabletop to support my chin, cocked my homemade sandals and solemnly announced to her in a commander-like pose.

I had built a grand office underneath my rented house without permission, so I felt a bit scared if the horrible landlord found out.

Last time, I had a surprise inspection.

She always comes to check what I’m doing, so I can’t take that lightly.

“Well, but thi is underground, so there’s no need to be so careful.”

“I see, I’ll keep an eye out for that person.”

“Well, I’ll leave it to you to get on with it.”

Facing Celestia, who was startled on the other side of the table and had a sense of purpose, I gave her instructions in an exaggerated tone in order to make her feel powerful and dignified.

“I understand. Now, let’s start with what Chrono-sama was concerning about the powerful people inside and outside the Kingdom of Light.”


Due to a completely unexpected and bizarre turn of events, we have now officially recruited our brainchild and are about to embark on the creation of our organisation in earnest.

By the way, I also wanted to get information about the existence of a villain.

“Because you, Crono-sama, are too strong, let me use myself as a benchmark …… first of all, people who could evenly compete with me before the baptism, and even those I was not able to defeat.”

“Do those people at …… have wings?

“No, they didn’t have wings.

Is there someone who is stronger than Lacey even though he doesn’t have the “Gospel”?

“The first ones is leader of [Knights Without Banner] and my elder brother “Alto Light”, he never participated in any official competitions, but I’m afraid he is stronger than me. The other one… fought me and Mary but were unable to defeat him, but the problem has been solved so please don’t worry.”

He’s her older brother. If it’s him, then I can understand.

When I saw him before, I thought he was quite capable, much stronger than Lionel.

I think he’s a powerhouse with the sensuality of a beast and the natural ability to use a great sword with pleasure.

However, I was a little concerned about the opponent that Celestia and that muscular female knight couldn’t beat.

But I put that thought aside, and Celestia continued to explain.

“I’m going to leave out the individual forces like the unidentified “Nightwalker”, but the unidentified as a group is …… the Isolated Island and the Angel Cult. There is no information about these people other than what is mentioned in the legacy, and their full picture is hidden under the unknown. There are a lot of things that are hard to believe in the inheritance, so it may not be very reliable.”

Come to think of it, there is a demon king on the island. He seems to be at home all the time, so I forgot about him.

“Among them, only the [Knight of the Black Skeleton] was once confirmed in his posture decades ago, and his strength …… is expected to be equal to or more than my current one.”

“…… Is he that strong? The current you can get this level because of using that [relic].”


It’s a legacy of myths and legends that is difficult to handle in modern times.

It’s a weapon that has a variety of abilities inherited from myths and legends, and has a strength that’s beyond the norm.

Although there are some types that require a price to be paid in exchange (steel stalks?), most can be granted. However, most of them can grant great power.

Also, the decorative sword that I usually use to polish the floor and make weapons is an amazing item that turns magic power into “light” when Celestia uses it.

Well …… until a few days ago I only used that sword as a substitute for a carving knife.

I’m surprised it’s such a powerful [relic].

When I thought of the black decorative sword that Celestia was currently holding, I couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of emotion.

“By the way, can I have that sword back?”

I said as I reached out and pointed to the sword that was hanging around Celestia’s waist and had been given to her that day.

“…… This is what you gave me, Chrono-sama.”

“Eh? Well. I did give it to you, but can I have it back?”

“You can’t just ask back what you’ve given me, it’s a matter of your majesty, Chrono-sama.”

“…… No, but after all, it’s quite powerful and you don’t need it, do you? Then give it back to me.”

I held out my hand to Celestia’s, who was looking away from me with a refreshing expression of elegance, while hiding her sword behind her back as if nothing had happened.

“Of course, if Chrono-sama wants me to return it, then I’ll have to do it-”

“I’ve been asking you to return it since the beginning!”

I couldn’t help but spit it out.

No, if you really liked it that much, I wouldn’t have insisted on returning it to me. ……


“I’m sorry. I’ll give it to you if you like it that much. Keep going.” (Chrono)

“Phew. Then please let me continue.”

As if she had finally survived an extraordinary disaster, Celestia breathed a sigh of relief and went on.

“Although I have been given this decorative sword, there are several other beings who are stronger than this me. They are all known, feared, and fled by anyone who encounters them.”


I can think of several such figures in the vicinity of the Kingdom of Light.

“One of the iconic figures that comes to mind is the powerful [Inferno Lion] of Kujaro, Drake Rustand. …… That guy has superb strength and can be extremely dangerous. The reason why Kujaro was able to remain strong despite being caught between the isolated island and the Light Kingdom was because of the presence of that person.”

I guess so. I see. If he’s too strong, Hakuto and friends will probably die.

If he’s so strong that Celestia can say that, then he must be powerful beyond reason. That Drake guy is not going to be used.

“And then the other one. …… No, it’s not right to call it another one (person). That’s the —- [Swamp Demon] that has the Curse Wetlands on the border of the Larman Republic as its territory.”

I’ve heard the name “Swamp Demon” …… many times.

But, what our organization needs now is a bad guy who can be used up and thrown away or an employee who doesn’t need to be paid, either way.

Ahhh, if only a good idea could come out of nowhere.

“Although he is known as the [Swamp Demon], he is actually a monster that is as powerful as a demon. Not only does he lead many undead and monsters, but he also seems to be able to use powerful magic from long ago. There are many powerful monsters as individuals, but he’s the only one who can become a force to be reckoned with.”

“Celestia, it’s good to have you here.”

“I’m honoured to hear you say that.”

Celestia, who had been speaking seriously, had a blush on her cheeks and looked very pleased with herself as she bowed.

That’s a great idea!

The undead …… mostly don’t need to eat and basically don’t feel tired.

Since I was only thinking about the human species before, the idea of hiring monsters didn’t occur to me at all.

It would be good to investigate a little if I have time.

That being said …… to be able to live such flexible ideas for future topics, Celestia she really is a trustworthy talent.

The only remaining question is the source of regular income.


Becoming a deacon of Princess Erika …… would be too much trouble, so it’s rejected.

While looking at the spears and swords hanging on the wall with such thoughts …… Suddenly, I remembered about Asura, who had been temporarily hired.

“I wonder if Asura is back ……”

If that’s the case, and to clean up a bit, maybe it would be better to go back to the Chrono residence sometime to confirm it.

“…… that one called Asura, who is he?”

In response to my whispered mutterings, Celestia reacted slightly and asked in a class library and emotionless voice.

“Uh~, Asura, he’s a temporary member of the group that I met during the previous attack.”

“Sounds like a passing murderer to me. ……”

“He’s a complete passerby, but isn’t that nice? He also said that if he succeeds in his training he would like to be a companion, so maybe he should be your senior, Celestia.”

“…… About what you said, if he’s not officially a member, then I guess I’m a “first member”.”

“That’s probably true.”

…… This is quite disconcerting, isn’t it?

The fact that you’re saying such strong words while displaying the feeling of a gallant knight makes it sound like a proper argument anyway.

“Is that Asura good enough to be under Chrono-sama’s command?

“He’s definitely ahead of his time in terms of strength. Of course, compared to the overpowered man in the ruins, it’s a different story.”

Although Asura was more powerful than both Cassius and Lionel, he was not in the same level as the black-winged man who looked so weak and was still in chains but still managed to be as powerful as the gods. That guy couldn’t compare to him at all.

But we’re more about motivation than combat power, and we’re aiming to be an organization that feels like home, so it doesn’t matter how strong Asura is.

“…… That’s right. I’ll be going back to Demon Castle in the near future. I’m a little worried about my pets, too.”

“I understand. I’ll get ready as soon as I can.”

Help with my preparations. …… doesn’t seem to be talking about that. Because all I have to do is hang a sword around my waist and take the minimum amount of luggage and run back in a straight line.

“Even if you just said that outright, it wouldn’t work. You’re busy with your side business, aren’t you? That’s going to cause problems for other people, so you can’t do it without being here, can you, Celestia?”

I’d like to have Mob act as Glass instead of me, so naturally he can’t take on Celsestia’s job as Shadow Warrior.


Another disgruntled, selfish princess. She’s Erika’s sister, after all.

I’ll just use the “Demon King’s Seminar”, which is my surefire technique, to break the argument. I felt that I had gained self-confidence after giving Hakuto a lesson.

Then I just ignored all the various topics and the meeting was over.



“…… fufu.”

Wide-eyed before the shogi board, Chrono stared there with those bloodshot eyes.

Celestia, on the other hand, stared at him while inwardly thumping her heart at the gesture.


After much deliberation, Chrono finally reached out to the ‘gold’ piece.

“Ah ……”


Reacting to Celestia’s slight voice, he retracted his hand again.


After a slight hesitation, this time Crono reached for the ‘silver’ piece.



This time Celestia did not speak again.

Instead, she gave a sage smile that came from her heart.


And yet Chrono screamed.

On the night after battle with Cassius, they played various games together after the gathering known as the celebration until the morning.

Shogi, Othello, chess.

Chrono lost badly to Celestia, who was supposed to be playing for the first time, in the three games he had prepared. No, should say it was a total defeat.

It was a day of revenge for Crono, who was already in trouble, and Celestia began to lead him to what she thought was the best move.

“Demon King need no sympathy! How can you say that!”

“But if it’s the same piece as before, I’ll lose in two more moves!”

“Is your King in such a desperate situation already?”

Chrono, who found himself at a far greater disadvantage than he had imagined, looked at the board in astonishment than Celestia, who had the slightest feeling that she was playing a prank.

“…… By the way, to what extent can I [wait”]”

“And please feel free to retreat as many moves as you wish.”

“…… By the way, how many moves do I have to go back to in order for both sides to be considered equal?”

“About 20 moves.”

The demon king was desperate to face Celestia, who said so without hesitation with a dazzling smile on her face.

“…… This is basically the beginning, isn’t it? ……”

In Shogi, he/she says 待った(wait) when he/she sees the opponent’s next move and asks him/her to go back to his/her previous move and point again if he/her is in trouble. This is officially a rule violation.

(source: Wikipedia translated by google)

And this is the last chapter, originally the author had wrote up to around 160 chapters but somehow he deleted it.

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