Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 57

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It was the time of night when the rain had stopped and the moonlight was shining through the gaps in the overcast clouds.

“Ahhh ……!!! Celestia, Erika…. you’ve came back safely-”

“I’m very sorry, Father. I’m very tired so I thought I’d just go and rest today. Please wait until tomorrow to talk about the details.”

Avoiding the embrace of King Light, who had come out of the castle with tears in his eyes to greet her, Celestia walked quickly towards the castle.

Celestia’s body was a little dirty, but it did not add to her gloom, it made her look even more beautiful.

Soldiers and servants alike, were captivated by her awe-inspiring beauty.

“I’m hungry. …… Can you prepare something for me?*


On the other side was an exhausted Erika.

Although she was caught up in the constant battle, she fought bravely to the end and grew further as a result.

She had crossed the line between life and death, and despite her cute appearance, she was already a good martial artist.

“Erika, thanks God-”

“Ah, Father, you can ask Hakuto for details, so that’s it.”

Leaving the tearful king, who had once again been denied a hug, to one side, Erica ran with fire to the canteen with the nearby maids.

“…… Hakuto. I’m relieved that you came back well, too.”

“Mm. It’s an honor to have you think so …… Your Majesty.”

The king, which her two daughters neglected, had no choice but to hug Hakuto, who was bruised and battered all over.

“Black, the Black Demon King, he escaped. He is still unaccounted for.”

“Is that so? ……”

A tower of black flames appeared in the royal capital earlier.

It was the magic power liberated from the blade of the sword. The tower of black flames that was born from this alone seemed to burn up the dark clouds in the sky.

If the pillar of white light that had appeared before it was hope, then this was the embodiment of despair that swallowed up all those hopes as if in mockery.

“Your Majesty, I would like to go and investigate the scene again.”

Sviro, who had finished escorting the princesses, had no time to rest and told the king what he was going to do.

“Mm. Leave the monsters and Angel Cult’s suspect to the soldiers arranged by Marton, so you can concentrate on the investigation.”


Shiro, who had taken over as head of the Knights of the Guard, turned to his son so that he wouldn’t have to worry so much.

“Don’t be so concerned. Say what you think, even if it’s just a little.”


Shiro faced Hakuto and smiled.

“You’re doing very well. I think you can be frankly proud of yourself. I’ve heard about you from Celestia-sama. That was quite a fight against that demon king.”

“No, not really, but it was Celestia-sama who fought for me. ……”

The fact that the Demon King had let him off the hook made it impossible for him to accept the praise and encouragement openly.

“You have returned alive and that the capital is safe and sound, that’s enough.”


“If you don’t feel satisfied, then work hard so that you don’t lose to Erika. Do not forget the passion that is in your heart at this moment, and hone your skills and your mind.”

The King and Shiro spoke gentle words one after another.

There was no doubt that what they had said was right, though indeed it was …… right, but at this point he had finally realised.

He had really been overly lucky.

“…… Alright..”

Whether as a Hero, or as a warrior, or even as a person, finally began to feel self-conscious about it, and with a look full of determination, Hakuto nodded his head in response.


“I didn’t expect to see such growth after only a few hours. I hope that Erika and Hakuto can understand the feelings of those of us who are seeing our children off on their own paths.”

“That’s right.”

As they felt the speed of the child’s growth together with the king, they both laughed bitterly at the slight loneliness of their parental hearts.

In that moment, Shiro understood a little how the King, who had a child like Celestia, felt.

It was then that he suddenly noticed the sword Hakuto was holding in his backhand that had become tattered from melting.

(…… really, is that magic power really drawn out?…)

Shiro’s face, more than feeling happy thing surfaced a heavy look of unease.



In the middle of the kingdom late at night, an emergency meeting was held that was unusually full of tension.

After listening to the report of Hakuto, the main members gathered together and started the meeting under that somewhat heavy atmosphere.

“But it’s unexpected. I didn’t think that the demon king would be targeting …… Celestia …….”

“I should have noticed for a long time …..where Demon King appears, there will always be Celestia-sama.”

The king, who was feeling a bit of heartache, said to George, who was narrowing his eyes in the face of the downcast king.

“We all believed, without a shadow of a doubt, that Celestia-sama had seen through the Demon King’s plan and got there first. …… I never thought that even that was the Demon King’s plan to get Celestia-sama.”

He first met her in the ruins, then spotted her again when he lured her to the shelter tower, and then this time …… was ready to take her away.

“This time, he even used Cassius and the Angel Cult. It seems to be far superior to us in both strength and brains.”

There is no more sinister method than the one he is using.

The Duke of Marton, who had only now noticed this, also looked very bad, as if he was in the midst of a defeated war.

“The [Bond of Three Fairies] and the Knights without Banners had agreed to help out as much as they could, so we can supplement our strength. After this, it will be necessary to keep Celestia-sama in the castel. Of course, there is also the matter of obtaining a new trump card as a ‘relic’.””


King Light had a sinister expression on his face and was trying to think of something to do, and the others couldn’t say anything.

“– I’m back.”

There was no knock at all, and a young man entered the meeting room.

It was a knight with a small crown on top of his orange hair, which could be said to be the exact interpretation of the word nobleman.

“Alto-sama! You’re back!”

“I felt so confused. What has happened?”

Without emotion, he handed over the sword he was carrying to the soldier…


“Be careful, it’s heavy.”

Without looking at the soldier who stumbled a few steps from the weight of the sword, he sat down opposite the king in his dirty armour.

“As far as Celestia was concerned, now she was safe, now the priority is about the countermeasure of other things.”

“…… Yeah. As you said, Alto.”

The King of Light, consumed by anger and anxiety, finally regained some of his usual sage-king demeanor.

The men also made a secret voice of reassurance among themselves.

“The question at hand is how to deal with Kujaro …… and the interrogation of that Yang guy and other measures related to the Angel Cult.”

The King of Light also nodded with a firm face that had the style of a king when he heard Prince Alto’s light-hearted words.

(…… “The Resurrection of an Old Legend”? …… What does Demon King know and what does he intend to do…? …)


In the “Rabbit’s Ears Are long”, the royal inn of the Bonds of Three Fairies

The three of them, already exhausted, had returned early to take a bath, and immediately flung themselves onto the bed afterwards.

“…… ah, this is …… I feel like I can sleep soundly ……”

“Hey, why did you offer to cooperate with the country?”

Shannon, who was sitting in a chair and wiping her hair, asked politely why they didn’t leave the country right away.

“The reason for the demon boy approaching us is not yet known. If it’s because he likes women, then maybe we’ll be brainwashed too, right? If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better to fight together with the country that has the legendary Black Knight?”

“So that’s it. …… So you’re still a very reliable sister, no matter what.”

She turned away from Shannon, who smiled, as if she was shy.


She gently stroked Lizlitt, who was sleeping next to her in the same bed, and continued happily.

“This child has fallen in love with someone else, too.”

“Hoo-hoo, that’s right.”

“Even though you do, too.”


Who will be the guardian of this sleeping face, of the royal capital, of Celestia, no one knows yet.

No ……


“…… you really did it. [Chrono Maohi] or something. I’ve never seen a performance as groundbreaking as that before. You’ve got the makings of an actress, …… But I’ve had to go to a lot of trouble to make it work for you, haven’t I?”

(Note: クロノ魔王妃 = Chrono Maohi/ Kuro no Maohi (Black Demon Queen), this guy thought Celestia was leaking his name again.)

In the basement of his rented house, The ten-year-old Chrono is giving a lecture with his arms crossed.

In front of his eyes was…

“Because of you, I had to make up everything to keep it going. ”

“I’m very sorry…”

A pretty woman in a white military uniform.

“Then why? I’d like to hear the reason, too.”

“Thank you very much, but …… it was because, in my judgement, it was the best and most natural solution in the circumstances.”


In front of a somewhat angry Chrono, she calmly said something as justified as that, making excuses in a cute tone.

“And you, Chrono sama-”

“How can you put the blame on me!”

“I’m very sorry ……”

Being lectured by the childlike Crono, Celestia sat down in her chair, a little timid but at the same time a little happy.

She told the King and George that she was tired and had to go back to rest, then left the task of staying in the King’s house to Mob, who was a Shadow Warrior, and went to Crono’s side.

(No … there really are many stories about a Princess being kidnapped by the Boss, even though it ended in failure …. but it doesn’t seem bad either.)

Chrono gently held his chin, thinking that this might be a better unfolding than expected, while plotting how to pass off his reprimand of her as if nothing had happened.

“Um …… Chrono-sama ……?

Celestia, who was fascinated by her master’s intellectual figure, accosted him with some trepidation.

“Give me your pulse!”


Suddenly, Chrono grabbed Celestial’s hand and began to take her pulse.

“…… Good! The complexion is red! Blood circulation is normal! The color of reflection … Yes! Everything is good!”

He said this in a continuous stream to Celestia, who was blushing and blinking from the sudden grip on her hand.

“Now that the medical check is over, let’s have a celebration right away. We’re having a celebration tonight. Okay, go wash your hands!”

“Eh, ah, yes.”

“Which do you think is better, onigiri or ochazuke?”

“How can I let Chrono-sama do this? I’ll prepare it!”

Seeing Crono walking up the stairs in high spirits, Celestia rushed after him in a panic.

“Ah, that’s right.”

“What’s wrong ……?”

Towards what she thought would be another reprimand, her heart was racing with trepidation and anticipation, Chrono said the words of apology.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry for messing up your beautiful dress.”

“Ah …… no problem at all, there are plenty of other dresses like this.”

She smiled a little sheepishly in the face of the always gentle Chrono.

“I don’t think so. I thought you were wearing it because you liked it, because it seemed to fit so well.”


“Let me see it again another chance. I’m not forcing you, of course.”


Celestia was secretly writhed happily in her heart so that Chrono wouldn’t notice.

“…… I’ll go and get it now.”

The darkness and silence outside the basement seemed fake, and only the bright atmosphere of the place was pervasive.

After that Crono made his own onigiri ……


“Ah, Crono-sama! You can’t stuff so much into your mouth like that. It’s about to burst!”

“Aum aum.”

“Please don’t keep stuffing.”

Celestia hurriedly prepared tea and handed it to Crono, who was eating with his hands.

“…… It’s delicious …… speaking of which, about the Hakuto just now, did you notice?”

“…… Yes, the sign of that white light magical power ……”

Suddenly Chrono’s face shifted into a sharp, serious expression, interrupting Celestial’s hand that was only pouring water into a cup from a teapot.

Her eyes sharpened, and the aura of competence he displayed showed the importance of the matter.

“Yeah .– It was similar to the magical power of the man in that ruins.”

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