Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 55

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The Royal Castle was filled with tension, and the scene of knights and soldiers hurrying to and fro was reminiscent of the eve of war.

“Your Majesty, we have ruled out the largest reinforcement we can send now.”

“Mmm ……”

“We have also sent a message to Alto-sama, who is on his way home.”

“Tch ……

At that moment King Light was clenching his teeth hard, trembling with rage at Kujaro’s actions.

The audacity of the incident caused by Cassius reached the middle of the kingdom along with the intelligence that the innocent people had been annihilated by the arrangement.

“I have given thorough instructions to lay a strong siege with Celestia-sama and Erika-sama as the highest priority.”

“Good, never let them escape.”


Marton’s gaze showed his inner turmoil, and even though there were only two people in the room, there was a strange sense of tension.

“That area is a residential area. To minimize the damage, um…”

However, the king’s words stopped suddenly.


Marton’s face was also turned pale.

It was a time of utter silence in the middle of the Royal Castle at what should have been a most hectic time of emergency.

Even though this was the second time it had happened, one was still afraid to look at the source for a moment.

“No way …… could it be at this time ….”

“The Black, Demon King ……



The sight before them was inexplicable.

All of them, enemy and foe alike, shuddered from the unbearable chill and turned their eyes to the Church that had created that great magic.

They had even forgotten that they had been fighting each other until now.

This was followed by a violent tremor of the earth.

The people felt their breath disturbed, their sweat cold, and their strength draining from their bodies.

“This magic is ……”

“Yeah. This’s a magic power on the same scale as the Black Knight’s ……”

Hakuto and Erica whispered while staring intently at the church.

“Ah, but it’s more …… than one of the Black Knight.”


With a grim expression of cold sweat on their faces, Hakuto and Erika could not help but remember the [Black Demon King] that they had been able to glimpse the tip of the iceberg at the shelter tower earlier, which was like a symbol of the magic power of darkness itself.

“No way ……!!”

“…… Where is Celestia-sama?

The shocked Hakuto quickly looked around.

But …… even after adding Erika and Shannon to the search, they looked around with wide eyes, but could not find the beautiful figure that they should have seen immediately.

“…… It seems that she had gone somewhere from the beginning. Probably fighting in the building.”

“No, wait …… could it be ……”

In the minds of Erica and Hakuto, the figure of Celestia, who had gone to the tower where the [Black Demon King] had appeared during the imperial competition, came to mind.

She must have seen through the [Black Demon King’s] intentions and gone there ahead of him, just like before.

They couldn’t help but think so.

“…… Let’s go.”

“Yeah. If only that magic power belonged to the Black Knight. ……”

As the uneasiness in their hearts grew, the two of them stepped out on their still trembling legs and prepared to go.

“…… If you can, how about you come along too?”

Erica suddenly suggested to a person behind her with a glimmer of hope.

“…… Uh, alright …… I owe that servant a favor after all …… but I’ll run away if situation gets worse.”


“Ahhhhhhhhhhh, it’s refreshing. As expected, I prefer a fist that can be used more swiftly than a fashionable ones like releasing magic power.”

“That was wonderful, Chrono-sama.”

In the middle of the church, which was making somewhat anachronistic noises like this, Bishop Yang was still unconscious and buried in the wall ……

“…… Well… You’ve done a really good job this time too. With this, you’ve been cleared of espionage charges. Congratulations!”

Chrono, in his teenage pose, was in a happy mood, clapping his hands together.

“Thank you very much. It would be a great pleasure for me to make you happy.”

In front of Celestia, who was kneeling in her immaculate gown, Crono stood majestically praising her, and the feeling of joy ran through her body as if she had been electrocuted.

At the same time, she was also relieved that she had managed to lure Cassius here as Chrono had planned.

It seemed that, as she had suspected, Crono was here to get rid of Prince Cassius, who was in the way.

“I’ve already decided what important duties I’m going to deliver to you, and if you want any bonuses …… rewards, just say so …… apart from money.”

The stammering recitation of Chrono did not notice the face full of red in front of him. With a look of innocence looking up at him, Celestia simply like a loyal dog’s expression.

“…… Before that, can I ask you a question?”


As a boss, I shouldn’t hesitate if my subordinates want to consult me. So I answered without thinking.

Faced with Chrono, who was crossing his arms with such vigour, Celestia asked in a very ladylike manner.

“When, may I ask, should I go to your side, Crono-sama?

“Eh? It’s okay if you don’t have to go, just work in the Royal Capital Branch.

Crono had taken the liberty of treating Celestia’s room in the Royal City as a branch of his own organization.


“I see. You feels dissatisfied with this. I guess humans are creatures that can express dissatisfaction to such a degree, it makes people feel as if the frankness in the ordinary day is fake.”

Chrono wanted to create an environment where the family and friends could work happily together, but Celestia seemed to be a little unconvinced.

She was very submissive, but for the first time, she looked like she was having a problem.

“I’m not allowed to go to Chrono sama’s house, is there someone else there who is under your care? I think it’s slightly fishy.”

That’s not the kind of look you get from someone who says something like that only a slightly. That’s the look of “something definitely fishy”, isn’t it?

Faced with Celestia’s awe-inspiring posture, who had begun to speak seriously at some point, Crono looked embarrassed by her aura.

Although it was perfectly fine to welcome Celestia to Chrono’s residence, her family would be very sad if Celestia, who was still a student, was no longer there, so she couldn’t say yes in any case.


“In that case, can I also accept the “baptism” …… that you performed on those poor girls when you appeared as the Black Knight?”

“…… baptism? ……

Before, he had used the Chrono surgery on a girl called Lilia.

“Well …… that one wouldn’t cost much anyway, and the body would become healthier and stronger …… Celestia you seem would to be targeted quite a lot like this one …… anyway, it wouldn’t It costs nothing, so it’s good.”


Faced with Celestia’s superb bargaining skills, Chrono had no choice but to give in.

He then placed his hand on Celestia’s head, who had removed her tiara without the slightest doubt and was praying as if she were performing a ritual.

Completely forgetting that someone was coming their way at the moment ……


The lightning roared and the three, soaked to the skin from the fierce rain, opened the door of the church with the same momentum as when they had run.

Little did they know that the powerful magical aura was only a prelude to the even more desperate disaster that was to come.

“Celestia sa—”


From there came the sound of lu$tful w*iling.

Along with the sultry sound, which was strong enough to induce lu$t in others, came an image that made them wonder about their eyes.

There was the figure of a beautiful girl from heaven …… on her knees and the figure of an ordinary boy with a mask and hat looking down on her.


“…… Uso……”

From the hands of the boy, who was embedded with a plague-like magic, the evil darkness flowed unrelentingly over Celestia’s head.

The demonic ritual-like atmosphere enveloped them, and Hakuto couldn’t help but be bewildered.

“Now is not the time to be surprised!! ”

Lulu Noah threw a full force throw.

She threw the club with all her strength, aiming at the bot in a straight line.



Lulu Noah’s expression froze.

The boy, who had released his hand from Celestia, caught the club with just one finger.

“Mm ……”

Because of the boy’s hand leaving, Celestia’s body momentum collapsed.

“… U, ugh..”



Hakuto and Erika shouted at Celestia, who had fallen to the ground while m0aning.

There was still a faint hope in their hearts that nothing had happened yet.

The demon king, who was acting very calmly, watched in silence.


Then, in front of the demon king, who kept wiping the sweat from his forehead with his hands, Celestia —- got up and knelt down again.

“…… Your Majesty the Demon King, with eternal love and loyalty to you ……”

“How! Celestia-sama! What the hell are you talking about!!!”

Celestia expressed her loyalty to the boy she called the Demon King.

It was a desperate image, as if the light of the Kingdom of Light … no, the light of the world was taken into the darkness.

“All of you’re too noisy in front of His Majesty the Demon King.”

“Eh ……?

“What, what ……?

Turning her head over her shoulder, the icy, cold Celestia said without expression.

What else she said is completely incomprehensible.

“I, through the “Black Baptism” directly performed by your Majesty… I have been reborn as the [Black Demon Queen]”

Celestia, who was standing beside the Demon King, revealed the unrelenting truth.

She puffed up those huge [email protected] as if she had achieved some great wish.


“How could it be? That’s a lie!!”

“Hmmm~, this sucks, to say the least. …… And it’s that boy. ……. I wonder if I can really win?”

They felt the shock that only the word astonishment could not describe.

Celestia, who showed her awe-inspiring aura to the fullest and announced it to Hakuto with a cold sight, was like a goddess of darkness.

Rather, her beauty and fortitude increased, and even her magical power swelled up.

However ……

“… Oh, I’ll return this ….!”


After bringing the tiara back to Celestia head, the Demon King somehow flew backwards.

“That was close, but …… I’m not going to fall for it, Princess Celestia.

“Eh ……?”

Celestia made a somewhat sad sound.

“What, what’s …… going on?”

“I don’t know. ……”


Hakuto and the others also watched the situation with a completely confused look.

However, the Demon King on the other side continued to say as he played with the club in his hand with a grunt.

“My brainwashing technique should have been stopped shortly before, to try to murder me, as expected of Princess Celestia.”

“…… No, that’s not true. I’ve really been brainwashed.”

“It’s a brainwashing technique I created, right? I can tell if it’s working or not.”

“.. Then, I have already been 90% brainwashed and it really worked! I will not refuse if you give orders!!”

“The last 10% is very important. The rest are just bonus, like becoming able to eat nasty vegetables, that’s all they do.”


After this slightly violent dialogue, Celestia’s aura of dissatisfaction floated behind her back.

Judging from that aura, Celestia’s face must have puffed up as she stared at the Demon King with a uncomplacent expression.

But after all, it was impossible for such a thing to happen in this situation, so it must have been a mistake, and Hakuto and the others’ brains raced to analyze the situation before them.

“…… Then I am being held captive by the “Magic Eye of Seduction”. I’m already a prisoner of the Demon King.”

“What a pity. There is no such thing as the Eye of Seduction in my Hundred Eyes of Magic! Don’t lie!”

“Tsk ……”

From the back view, Celestia was clenching her fists in a very resigned manner.

It was as if …… there was a completely different kind of battle going on between them.

“…… It seems that Princess Celestia is pretending to “be brainwashed in order to sneak into the arms of the Demon King. But it seems to have been detected. But is it too bad that “Hundred Eyes of Magic” …. is definitely dangerous.”

“So, is she okay, Celestia-sama?”


Arriving in front of Celestia in a knightly manner, Hakuto raised his sword.

“Celestia-sama, please stand down!!! The target is you!”

“Do you think you can just run away?”

The Demon King flicked the club at his feet, causing it to cut a rift that looked like it was going to run through the church.



The crack spread directly to the entrance, collapsing the exit from which they had been able to escape.

“Don’t say you won’t take it, come and play with me for a while.”

“…… I’m not very good at invitations that are so warm. ……”

Lulu Noah broke out in a cold sweat as she ignored club that her opponent had gently thrown back at her.

She was terrified of a predicament that she had never been in before, wondering how she was going to survive against a demon king who could do what he was doing without showing much magical power.

“In that case, I’ll give this to Princess Celestia.”

He threw one of the five swords he possessed and thrust it into the ground in front of Celestia.

Perhaps as a show of his spare capacity, he seemed to be planning to take on all four of them at the same time.

“This is a feast. Let’s at least dance at the end, it’s a rare opportunity to dance with the Demon King, right”

In the hand of the demon king, who was smiling fearlessly, a black decorative sword appeared.

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