Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 52

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“…. G, Glass?”

“Yes. I’m sorry I’m a little late, even though I tried to get here.”

The servant responded to Erika, who was lying on his side, as if he was having a normal conversation, without any tension.

“…. It’s open!!”


In response to Erica’s accusation, who was speaking slightly anxiously, he quietly pulled up the zip between his buttocks.

“What …… have you …… done ……?”

“Done what? Didn’t you see it right in front of your eyes? I just grabbed it because I saw it was about to hit Lizlitt-sama.”

“What ……?

The whip’s trajectory was hard to see, and it was even freer to use it with magic. Without precognition, that sort of thing would be simply unbelievable.

Not only Kelly, but also the others present could not believe it at all.

“…… Even that [Martial King] couldn’t do something like that! How could a human being do something like that!”

Kelly roared at the utterly incomprehensible, causing the magic to flow and force the whip back into his hand.

“You’re nothing if you’ve concluded it’s impossible from the start.”

Immediately afterwards, he turned towards Lizlitt, who was at his feet.

“I don’t know much about the situation at hand, but I don’t think I’ll have any trouble knocking down this guy who’s wielding the whip at you, Lizlitt-sama, do I?”


He gave a reassuringly gentle smile to Lizlitt, who was looking up at him with her staff in tears and unable to speak.

Then, Glass, who had laughed out because he had caught some amusement, remembered the face of the young …… blonde princess who had once been there.

“Glass! Hold on until Lulu Noah gets here.”

“That’s really frightening. It looks like she’s busy over there, too. At least I’ll take care of the perverted uncle over here.”

“Eh. It would be great if you could do taht…. Well, then, at least I lend you my sword.”

“There’s no need for that. That would make your sword dirty with the blood of that beast, Erika-sama.”

In return, accepting the provocation as an insult, Kelly began to seep out a killing intent.

“To have me as an opponent and dare to go empty-handed …….really, I was seriously underestimated!!”

He no longer had any restraint and made a high-speed and powerful whip’s chaotic dance towards Glass.

Due to the different strength and slowness of the magic power used, Kelly’s whip was several times faster than usual.

And it was all ……


“Since the ending has been decided, it is a meaningless argument whether or not you were underestimated so let’s put that aside now… let’s talk about topic that will be accepted by the general public.”

Those were all caught by the servant, making them incapacitated.

“Whether it’s hobbies or fetish, no matter what the reason is, you can’t trouble others.”

In a flash he saw through the front end of the whip, which should have been impossible to see with the naked eye, and snuffed it out directly before the blow was completed.


“Wow ……’

Regardless of the astonished stares of those around him, the cold-eyed Glass grabbed the whip for the umpteenth time and pulled it in with a fluid motion.

“Not to mention ……”


Kelly, whose centre of gravity was slightly unstable, was suddenly yanked, his body momentum collapsing and then falling forward in one smooth motion.

Glass himself stepped forward and delivered a sweeping blow to Kelly’s front foot.

Immediately afterwards, he placed his hand on Kelly’s back, which was suspended in the air –

“That’s no reason to hurt a scared girl.”


Kelly landed heavily on the ground.

He landed with a breath as if he had been knocked hard to the ground by an explosive force.

The cracks in the stone floor spread out, centered on Kelly, who had been knocked to the ground with a beastly scream.


“…… eh.

Everyone in the room, no matter who was present at the moment, doubted their eyes and couldn’t speak.

It was only natural, after all, no matter who it looked to, Glass had only gently placed his hand on Kelly’s back.

Who would have expected that he had done this through delicate manipulation of magic, detonating a minimal amount of it.

Therefore, all the people present could not say a word.

In a world where the strength of a person is judged by the strength of his or her magic power, this instantaneous killing in a matter of seconds was beyond their understanding.

“It’s just this level and you think you’re a strong one…Please recognize yourself….Lizlitt-sama, are you okay?”

“Ah, eh, uh…”

A moment later, Glass, who was looking down at Kelly with an icy gaze, moved closer to Lizlitt, who was sitting on the wet stone floor, and helped her to her feet.

“Really, as expected of my master. …… That’s really something, Glass.”

“Obviously it doesn’t look like you’re using much magic power, it’s really beautifully done ……”

While covering his stomach, Hakuto and Erika wandered closer.

(Erika also dealt with that Kelly very well,,…… on the other hand, I ……)

“Bodyguarding is a servant’s hobby. After all, there are many people who are as rough and ungentlemanly as this one.”

“I can’t believe you call it a hobby …… when the four of us together couldn’t win ……”

Glass ignored Hakuto, who retorted in frustration, and turned his attention to the rampaging monsters.

For Chrono, who fought with only minimal magical power for fear of being exposed, it’s true that he couldn’t think of a way to defeat the monsters in this state.

(I didn’t expect the monsters to come, so I came as Glass. Although it seems that Lulu Noah and the others could have found a way to take care of it …… , it would be prudent for me to standby in mercenary mode. ….. then again ……)

He looked around.

(…… Is there any commotion other than that monster? Looks like it’s more intense than a pro wrestling group’s show ……)

As he watched more and more people pick up the weapons of the soldiers who had been knocked down by Hakuto and Shannon and fight Kujaro’s men, Glass could hardly even tell which side was the one being victimized.

“Hyahahahahaha! Where is Princess Erica?

Goso, who had been humiliated in the royal competition, was running around in a sweat, looking for Erica.

Seeing him, Glass gently picked up the whip at his feet.

“Found you!!! I’m going to make you submit right now and I’m going to make your whole body mine and I’m going to do all sorts of things to my heart’s content.”

Glass flung the whip like a flowing stream, causing it to explode between Goso’s strands.

“…… Ahhhhhhhhhh ……”

“Erika-sama. I will be looking around the hall, so I would like to ask everyone for the ongoing melee.”

“In that case, go ahead ……

He dropped the whip and brushed aside Goso, who was crouching with his crotch covered, spasming and unable to speak, and said so indifferently.


“Wait- ……”

Before Lizlitt’s voice could reach him, Glass left in a hurry.

“Liz! Ah thanks God ……”

After shooting down most of the enemies within range Shannon rushed over and hugged Lizlitt tightly.


But what Lizlitt’s eyes were fixed on was the back of the servant who had saved herself like a hero in a story and was now running up to help more people.


“It seems to be all right there after all.”


While dodging the mutant Orc’s attack, Lulu Noah looked at her sisters who were embracing each other and sighed in relief.

“It’s really a pain in the ass …… If you’re willing to help, it should be a lot easier, shouldn’t it?”

Lulunoa’s eyes were directed at the Queen who was sitting in a chair enjoying her juice near the demon.

“Stop talking about impossible things here. I’m only here because that monsters are unusual. If it were towards me, I’ll eliminate it, but there doesn’t seem to be any sign of it.”

Around Hildegard, there were a lot of bodies of Kujaro’s soldiers who had been blown away. They had all been tempted to gather because of her beauty, and had all become prey for that red magic power.

It was as if nothing was happening to her, even though she was surrounded by monsters that were stalking her. The men behind her, however, had no similar experience, their faces pale with blood from the thick stench of corpses and the horror of the demons.

“There’s really no sign of them going your way. …… Am I being underestimated?

“What else, that’s the only explanation, isn’t it?”

She said happily about the unconsciousness of the monster avoiding herself and approaching Lulu Noah instead.

“Tsk~ I don’t like it…”

After muttering a whisper or two, Lulu Noah’s eyes changed.

She looked at her enemy with a gaze that had the look of a fierce falcon, and the magic power contained in her war club began to rise.

She changed from the atmosphere of a daring dancer and began to exude the aura of a war demon.


She was holding a special war club that could change its size and mass through magical manipulation, the “War Club”.

The Club, which had grown almost twice as large exploded, and the right fist of the demon that came at her was knocked apart from the front.



She then struck her opponent’s left hand ……, which it had extended to protect its lost right hand, and sent it flying with a blow that exerted her magical power and all her strength.


The force of the club, which was completely incomparable to that of the previous one, caused it to fall backwards.

Then, there is the existence that the monster wants to avoid out of instinct.

“You can’t run.”

The next instant the Queen’s cold bank of pupils caught the monster, the red magic bullet beautifully obliterated the monster’s head.

“Ah~, I’m sorry, it fell over there.” (Lulu Noah)

“I forgive you. I’m the one who brought this up after all.”

The people around them were trembling in fear in the face of their overwhelming power and their insolent conversation.

“Before its regeneration ends …… use this ……”

“Hmm? Jick? …… eh! What happened to you? Are you okay?”

Although Jick had intervened in the tense space between Lulu Noah and Hildegard, there was something strange about his appearance at the moment.

He had a large number of deep wounds and was covered in blood that made it clear at first glance that he was badly injured. It was unbelievable that he was even still alive.

Then, Dan, who was not quite as bad as Juck but still very serious, was holding his small body while dragging heavy, long chains that he had gotten out of nowhere.

“Ha~…… ha~…… that’s special, chains …… to tie that monster …… up.”

“Uh, eh. I’ll take you to the doctor as soon as it’s over-”

“Tell to the army… and the mercenaries on our side…”

The dying Jick, desperately trying his best to convey the dangerous situation he was facing at the moment.

“…… Now Cassius …… is clearly beyond, the human realm …… the army…. has to leave…. there’s no other methods..”

A corpse-like look that wouldn’t be surprising even if he were to die at some point, but Jick still steadfastly refused to bring himself to his knees.

At least that was his last struggle.

“You said beyond the realm of human ……”


“Huh? Are you going back?”

Hildegard stood up and magnificently destroyed the high wall around her with a magic bullet.

“This place has no more value for me to stay.”

With that, the cruel Queen sashayed out of the banquet hall.

“…… you too, all of you, run away ……”

“It will work if we work together, won’t it? ”

“No …… even if all of us here are together ……”

What revived in Jick’s mind was the beyond-human violence of the earlier Cassius.

“…… The way to defeat him …… is also completely clueless …… at least, for now ……”


“…… what!?”

Although I made my way to the shadows of the building where no one would come near and managed to change into my mercenary suit, ……

I could feel someone’s breath near the entrance that was supposed to be locked.

What, what should I do… It seems that there is no other way out.

How dare …… dare to interfere with my plans.

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