Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 51

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“… Huh? Why is it so noisy?”

There was a building that was empty of people, so I chose to change clothes, but …… isn’t this a bit too noisy outside?

I had just hung my top on the hanger to one side …… and was just about to pull down my trousers, so anyway, let’s try listening with one ear.

The voice “Haha” like a laugh, “Gah” like a sad sound, “Roar” like a monster …… A monster? Seriously?

This is not the right time to change at all. ……



“Get out of here! Get out of here, hurry!”

There was chaos in the middle of the party.

“There’s no place to run to. Oraa!”


Kujaro’s soldiers cut the men apart with their swords.

The people were approaching thickly to escape through the main gate, but as if had been calculated, Kujaro soldiers appeared there as well.

“Gahaha! The women are free to choose!”

“No need for men! Kill them all!”

“Where is Lulu Noah!!”

As if on a big hunt, they lured her out delicately and then surrounded her in a circle.

“Hey, woman.”

“No, don’t!”

One woman catches the eye of a man.

She was terrified of what might happen to her next, as if her body and mind were frozen.

“First of all it’s you! Gah ……”


The soldier who intended to strike at the wonderful woman took an arrow in his neck and was soon dead.

“…… really ugly.”

Shannon, who had climbed up into the tree, fired shot after shot with her uncanny precision.



“Hey! We’re being targeted! Move back and forth quickly ……”

She placed the arrow on the string as if it were in a flowing motion, and even the targets moving back and forth could see the trajectory clearly, and the arrow was easily shot into their chests without a hitch.

“Fire Arrow.”

“Gyaaaa!!! It’s hot!!!!”

Lizlitt also burned at the soldiers with a disgusted expression on her face.

“That brat!”


Like a flowing stream, the drawing slash silently cut a soldier in two.


“I’m still in great shape, even though my master has gone off somewhere!”

“Thank you.”

Lizlitt thanked Erica, who had volunteered to take up the front guard’s job.

“It’s okay! Before Lulu Noah and Hakuto and the others take down all the monster, let’s get this place————Kuh!”

Almost entirely on instinct.

Erica was there to quickly jump to the side to dodge the emergency evasion away.

Immediately afterwards, the stone floor shattered apart with a cracking sound.

“That was very well done. I can’t believe you were able to dodge that.”

“…… Kelly”

A few meters away from where the sound came from, there was the figure of Kelly, who had been chased by the monster into the place where the Light Kingdom’s army was, and then led it to this place.

“The army that King Light had placed there, as well as the extra troops that were there as a precaution, had all been wiped out by me and that experimental subject. Although it cannot be said that the operation can be very leisurely, but that’s a lot of leeway.”

If he and Cassius slaughtered the main army of the Light Kingdom together, and then left the monster that had made a fuss as a speciality here, he would be able to hold the remaining troops there and easily withdrawing from capital.

It was precisely because it was at a time when the main force of Alto and the [Knights Without Banners] were not in the royal capital for some reason that they were able to adopt such a bold strategy.

Then, Kelly poured magic power into the whip.

“Cassius-sama has given the permission. Then I too ……”

The eyes of Kelly, who usually acted very serious, became clouded with desire, and his sight ……


Surprisingly, he just looked in Lizlitt’s direction.

“The sound of your heart-racing wail is engraved on my eardrums. I’ve decided, my target is you!!”

Kelly suddenly took a step backwards.

Then the arrow Shannon shot passed through the spot where Kelly had been standing.

“How did you manage to dodge it?”

“I’ve already know where she was at the moment she shoot those arrows. I’ve also already know the interval between when she put the arrow in and when she finished aiming. Using that as a reference, you won’t even get hit in the first place.”

Kelly instructed the soldiers coldly and indifferently, without taking his eyes off Lizlitt for a moment.


Lulu Noah, who was engaged in a fight to the death with a fiercely resisting demon, shouted to Lizlite, who was trembling from the ugly sight of her opponent.

“You’re no match for him! Run!!!”

“Did you think that I would let that uniquely sweet sound of woe escape from here?”

With a disgusting smile, Kelly’s whip came down mercilessly.


“What a sight. Look Jick. These people are very honest. It’s easy to see that humans are essentially creatures seeking struggle and pleasure.”


Beneath his eyes was the sight of Kelly ravaging Hakuto and Erika, Lulu Noah who was constantly knocking the limbs of the immortal monsters away in order to get to Lizlitt as soon as possible, and the soldiers who were chasing after the weak ones who were running around at will.

“If there’s something I’m not satisfied with, it would be the absence of the servant and the absence of the boy mercenary. And Celestia, who had disappeared at an early hour. I can’t get tired of looking at scene, but it’s about time I went to pick her up.”

“This is terrible. You’ve fallen too deep, Cassius. ”


Cassius, who was unsuspecting and exposed his back, turned around.

Then he put the table in his hand ……

“There are too many obstacles here if I play with you. …… Back off.”

Cassius easily threw the table chairs and such over towards Jick.

Removing the food and wine placed on it ……

“The cook here is quite good, but I guess he’s dead.”

He walked as if he was taking a walk, while throwing the things in his hand one after another like small stones.

“…I intended to end it at once, but if you want me to play with you, then it will make you painful, for sake my companions… and the cook’s share.” (Jick)

Jick responded to him by slashing out casually.

Although the ones thrown at him had the weight and speed to become unable to fight if they were hit, he was able to cut them in half each time with a flash of his magic-embedded rapier

Meanwhile ……

(…… What the hell, this power of Cassius. What kind of method did he use to get this level of power? ……)

The furniture that was slashed with full force behind Jick, who was thinking this, hit the wall with a loud noise.

“Although I said that, but in fact, I only can waste a little time. I have to take my beloved Celestia and set off as soon as possible with Kelly and the elites.”

“…… The soldiers you brought were really bait, too. After all, it’s you, so your brother must be the same, right?”

“Kuku, you understand itu well.”

In the middle of the room that had become fresh, Cassius slowly raised his arm.


At the same time, Jick’s rapier had already been thrust out.



There were no words between them.

However, the expressions were completely opposite.

Jick sword had actually reached Cassius’ arm.

The problem was that the strike was followed by a high pitched, sharp sound like it had hit something unusually hard.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you … ”

A few drops of cold sweat dripped down Jick’s face.

“…… I haven’t fallen, I’ve ascended.”


With those mocking words, Cassius swung his arm gently and Jick was just thrown off to the side.


“You can’t be a warrior like that!! You’re in my face and you’re still looking away. That’s really disrespectful!


Dan swung the hammer down hard in his hand.

It was a powerful blow with the full weight of the giant man’s body.

“I told you it was disrespectful.”


Dan’s expression was tinged with astonishment.

What met his eyes was the figure of his opponent, who had caught his hammer with a sigh of annoyance.

His face was completely unchanged in the face of a blow that would have pierced the floor.

“I always feel uncomfortable seeing this face of you. Isn’t this the same as the half-orcs outside? Yare yare, follow that guy…you are unlucky.”

“Stop making fun on me, you monster!”

“Be careful what you say, get out of here.”

Cassius’ kick was ready to blow Dan off the side.


In that instant, with the speed of an arrow, Jick’s sword burst into the air.

But the sound of metal clashing was still the same.

The kick was received, and Jick’s sword collided with Cassius’ foot.

What he saw after cutting through his clothes was skin.

(Ha? it’s skin …… not armour ……?)

Jick staggered backwards.

Blood flowed from his forehead, and his ribs and left arm were fractured. He was already bruised from just taking a single blow.


“…… Dan, let’s both go together.”


Dan, who had been saved, regrouped beside Jick and raised his sledgehammer.

“You’re still alive after receiving an attack like that? You are a little man with an abnormal body.”

“I don’t want to be told that by you!!”

While rubbing his chin, he looked at him with interest, Cassius, his gaze was almost as if he was looking at a laboratory animal.

“Hahaha, maybe that’s true. Well, I’ll keep you company for a little while longer. After all, I’ve probably figured out where Celestia is heading. It’ll only take a little while, but let’s have some fun. …… You bet, Jick.”



In the midst of the drizzling rain, Hakuto and Erika raised their blades and approached Kelly from the left and right at the same time.

“Too naive, too green, and too slow.”

Two popping sounds are heard in quick succession.


Despite just standing there unmoving with no force, he deftly manoeuvred the whip to strike both Hakuto and Erika in the stomach almost simultaneously.

He remained standing there, causing the sound of the crack to continue to ring out.

He pursued them further with a chaotic dance of the whip towards the stopped Hakuto.

The magical whip struck the skin with a heavy blow, ignoring the clothes and causing the opponent’s fighting spirit to be dispersed along with the blood.



“And it’s really fragile. …… Yare yare, just shouting very loud does not mean your power will increase!”

Only the monsters and Lulu Noah, as well as Kelly’s side of the personal stage were separated from the surrounding frenzied clamor like an isolated island.

“So ……”


Kelly sent a terrifying smile to Lizlitt.

“Don’t worry. I’ll let you rest in peace if you don’t wail …… hmm?”

Sensing the murderous aura behind him, Kelly seemed to pause in some general admiration.

“Wait a minute…. you b*stard.”


There was Erika, who had relied on a split second of judgment to block the whip with the hilt of her sword at her waist, selectively counteracting the power to the vital parts.

She stood up in the form of a gown with whip marks that could be felt as she looked.

The unconscious defensive techniques instilled in Erika’s body by Glass’s defensive training allowed her to stand up.

With eyes that have not lost any of their fighting spirit, she takes stance again

“Don’t you know the difference between the length of a whip and the length of a sword, and their speed?


Didn’t listen to Kelly’s somewhat disappointed voice, she dropped her waist even lower than before.

“…… This is the end of the game. I’m tired of it.”

“Yeah …… – exactly.”


Seeing Erika who appeared violently in front of him, Kelly couldn’t help but stare.

No, even Hakuto and Shannon doubted their own eyes when they saw the kind of speed she had.

It was clearly many times faster than Erika’s speed so far.


“You little girl!”

It was a stomp that seemed to pierce the stone floor with the strength of a bare foot.

Kelly took a desperate stance and flew backwards, trying to get away from Erika.

A sword with magical power draws a fiery, vivid arc trajectory.


Erika with her sword swung out.


Kelly, who flew back with full force, breathed a soft sigh.

“The first time I saw you, I didn’t see your true ability. What a fearsome princess …… hmm ……?”

Then Kelly’s words stopped in mid-sentence.

He doesn’t seem to be injured.

What Kelly’s stunned eyes looked at was the broken whip at hand…… and then on the spare whip that was wrapped around his waist.

“… Did you cut my whip …?”

Both the whip in his hand and at his waist were severed and fell to the ground as if they had been untied.

(Did she decide to do this because she knew she couldn’t inflict fatal wounds on me? This damn little girl …)

“Great!! This way–”

“… Well, of course I still have other backup.”

Hakuto’s hopes were dashed.

Kelly took out a new whip from his pocket.

“I’m not one to neglect preparation. It’s only natural that I would carry it for practice, for backup and for safekeeping. I didn’t expect to use it on you, of course. …… But I won’t be careless anymore. Princess Erica, you may be a student but you are also a good martial artist. So good thing to give up honestly and just save your life with your companion.”


With a snap he slammed the whip to the ground and said so, staring intently at the speechless Erika.


“… Throwing away your sheath? Looks like you don’t want to give up. Really, I wish I could concentrate on that Lizlitt girl quickly.”

Looking at Erika’s gesture of throwing away the sheath, Kelly stroked his beard with interest, and then spoke in disgust.

“Stay away from that girl, you p*rverted nasty b*stard ……”

Erika, who was still keeping her morale high, made a charging stance towards Kelly.


The vibe that was brewing around Erika caused Kelly’s eyebrows to furrow slightly.

The level of caution was raised even further.


“… So what are you trying to do? Hmm?”

Just as Kelly, who was displaying a spare look, noticed, she had unleashed it.

“Stretching Magic Thrust!!”

She maintained a natural stance with the power imbued by Glass that made it impossible to grasp the timing of her initial movement.

From the left half of her body to the right half.

With that flowing magic she stepped out sharply and stretched out the blade with the power exerted on her whole body in a straight line at the shortest distance.

If she could not match the difference in the range of the whip’s strikes and the experience of both sides, then she would challenge it by speed and skill.

With this skill, he would have bern pursued by outstretched blade even if he had tried to flee to the rear.

The blade, which had arrived earlier due to the manipulation of her body, was directed at Kelly’s chest as it traced a bright line like a blazing light with magic power…

“Gah ……”

The body was sent flying.

“Are you really a student?”

–That was Erika’s body.

“I’ll admit it. I was wrong about you.”

The whip bounced off the ground and struck Erika in the stomach.

“Cough, cough …… what, what ……”

“If you’re not prepared for the unexpected, you’ll undoubtedly lose. But even with all that. Well… you’re better than my subordinates indeed… But just that’s it.”

Looking down at Erika, who was coughing uncontrollably on the ground and in extremely poor condition, Kelly said so.

The fact that Kelly was a soldier was extremely experienced, which made him a habit of being extremely careful in everything.

That’s why he preemptively draped the whip on the ground between himself and Erika …… and then used his magic to make it bounce upwards.

“…… So.”


The sight of Kelly, who looked like she was enjoying himself, licked towards Lizlitt, who was paralyzed with fear.

“Fire Arrow!!”

“It’s useless, useless.”

The arrow of fire released by the terrified Lizlitt burst into flames and disappeared before Kelly’s eyes.

“Liz! Please! Stand up!”

Shannon, who felt anxious above the trees, shouted desperately, but if she could have stood up, she would have run away.

It’s hard to get away once you’re consumed by fear. Even more so on this day in this place.

Shannon’s arrows were dodged, and Hakuto and the others groaned in pain from the power of the whip.

Lulu Noah, who could be relied upon, was unable to get there because the monster that was still raging was so tricky.

“Well, let’s start with the shoulder. Until Cassius-sama’s business is over, just enjoy ……”


Lulunoah’s cry of grief was in vain, and the whip was flung with great force.

“…… give me grief out!!!”


The lust-ridden Kelly swung the whip down hard towards Lizlitt, who was holding her breath.

But all that came next was the sound of rain ……

“…… huh?”

The whistling sound of the whip exceeding the speed of sound did not occur, but instead Kelly made a somewhat silly sound.

Whoever it was closed their eyes, trying to escape the image of Lizlitt’s tiny body being beaten mercilessly.

So the result that was now presented before their eyes was all the more incredible.

“I’m really sorry I’m late. The washroom was too crowded.”

There was the figure of a servant who had knotted the whip that had been lashed at Lizlitt.

It was as if …… had caught the whip just a moment before it struck Lizlitt, and he stood there with his hand pushing up his glasses.

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