Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 50

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The beginning of the banquet

In courtyard of a large western-style building owned by a millionaire Angel Cult, a number of tables were set up and many guard Kujaro soldiers were stationed.

“… Leader. Somehow… Even if it’s a big party, don’t you think it’s a bit too stuffy?”

“Dan, don’t get drunk…. No, if it were you, you can’t stop once you start, so you can’t drink even a single glass.”

The conversation was between Dan Bell, dressed in heavy armour as usual, and Jick Flagg, wearing a tuxedo.

They were the only ones on their side of the party, but Dan, not sure if it was because he was in a bad mood or not, had to come and talk to Jick.

“So why did we come ……? Is there something going on here? No, why did you bring me here ……?”

“An eye for an eye, depends on the situation. In this case …… they’ll have to pay back twice as much.”

Jick said something so powerful that Dan, who had a huge body, couldn’t help but feel a little timid.

A few days ago, when Dan and Jick were away, there was an attack on the base of the Knights Without Banners. It was almost certain to be the work of Cassius’ men.

“Don’t you think so?”

“Ah, yes …… it was done while Aniki was away ……”

He listens to Dan’s voice and turn his hostility glance toward Cassius, who was greeting the guests on the first floor in his formal attire.

His petite but majestic appearance is like the king of beasts.

“Nah, if you don’t want to drink, bring it here.”

“You’ve already drunk, Lulu Noah. It’s astonishing that you haven’t disrupted your pace at this point.”

There were the fairies who were enjoying their meal around the table.

They were dressed in purple, pale green and black dresses, capturing the attention of the crowd around them.

“She’s getting drunk earlier than usual.”

“Yes. Just leave her alone.”

Her sisters looked over at the side with their food in hand with no surprise at all. She was just enjoying the fine wine as usual …… no, at a better pace than usual.

“…… You also know that, don’t you?”

“Well~. I think there’s something going on here. The soldiers here are looking at us in a very unpleasant way. I know that…… Gulp, gulp.”


If that’s the case why are you still drinking so much? Dan and Jick both looked somewhat dumbfounded at Lulu Noah who hadn’t stopped holding her glass at all.

“… Mm?”

Suddenly a cheer went up and a huge crowd gathered at the entrance, and those who had been inside the hall came out like an avalanche.

“………… I can’t get used to it, no matter how many times I’ve seen it.”


Anyone in the party room was captivated by the goddess who was being led by the hand of a servant in a black tuxedo down the carriage.

“She’s beautiful as ever. It’s like the moon or sun has come down.”

“I wish you could learn that kind of virtuousness from her.”

Lulu Noah was an undeniable beauty, but her lack of femininity led the two women to give her advice.

“…… that white haired kid, so handsome ……”


♢ ♢ ♢

“Your Highness Princess Celestia! What a long time no see!”

“Hey, don’t push! Princess Celestia! Is it true that the betrothed has been confirmed?!”

“I’d like to ask about that too!”

As soon as they got off the carriage, they were surrounded.

She seems to hate being touched, so I have to protect her.

“My lords. Today is a meeting between the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Kujaro. If you cause any unrelated disturbances, I will have to take Celestia back.”

I said aloud to the audience. Although there were some very important people here, I was not afraid because I had the king of this country behind me.


“…… I’ve been trying to say since a while ago, but who the hell are you? You’re too close to Princess Celestia, aren’t you?”

“By the way, this is the first time I’ve seen Her Highness Princess Celestia being touched by a man.”

I don’t know where the words came from, but the crowd was looking at me like a lion after a hyena had taken its food.

However, I also have a very important duty as a servant. I can’t make a single mistake here.

“This is my partner of choice, and he’s a very good man.”


The crowd, which had become very enthusiastic in every sense of the word, became dumbfounded and did not immediately understand the meaning of those words.

And then I taking advantage of this ……

“Well, we’ll go ahead, then.”

The first thing I did was to take her hand and walk towards the venue.

“You know, I tried to keep my mouth shut, but you shouldn’t be too careless, okay? You’re like an elementary student showing off her ability to finish her milk quickly, this way our business will be hampered. And you will stand out even more. “

“Yes, fufu.”

I tried to whisper a little reprimand to tell her how dangerous it would be, but it didn’t seem to have much effect.

Every time Celestia smiled happily, there were murderous glares coming from all around.

The most intense of these were two.

One was from the balcony on the first floor of the mansion, and the other was …… from behind us.

“…… Glass, you’ll will be assassinated afterwards. Don’t underestimate their power. I think you should stay away for the time being.”

“I’m honored that you’re so concerned about me, but what’s the point of leaving your partner, Hakuto, out there to catch up with you alone? He isn’t a chimpanzee on a walk.”

In response to the words that sounded like I knew exactly what would happen, I looked at the downcast Hakuto behind Princess Erika, who had a gloomy expression on his face.

“Mou~~~ saying that wisecrack again…”

“You’re wonderful in your dress, but you’re acting and talking funny. Please be careful.”


At those words Princess Erika’s face turned red.


The strength of Celestia’ grip on my arm gradually increased. …… complimenting other women seems to be a breach of etiquette then. Well, to use an analogy from the earth …… what I feel now is the strength of a grizzly bear before hibernation.

The people who had not seen us for a long time since the previous day came close to us.

“The white-haired boy, if you don’t want him, can you give him to my Shannon?”



It’s not a good idea to stand around talking all the time, so instead it’s better to sit around the same table as soon as possible after the greeting.

The first person to greet us was, needless to say, the party organiser, Cassius, who had come down from the balcony.

Then, with a dirty look on his face, Goso thanked Princess Erika and Celestia. Then came the ulterior greetings from the powerful people.

As Mary had taught me, I took turns handling the handshake as quickly as possible. …… I felt I understood how hard it is to shake hands with an idol.

Even now, when I looking around, there are a lot of people scurrying around, looking for an opening.

“Fufufu, you’re really thoroughly hated by Cassius. I think it’s because you’re a follower of Princess Celestia, but it’s the first time I’ve seen such a pleasant smile that reveals hostility.”

Lulu Noah, who looked very happy, said with a smile to Glass with a wine glass in one hand.

Unlike Celestia’s and Erika’s underexposed dresses, her bold design that showed off the cleavage of her breasts drew the eyes of many people, even Hakuto’s.

“Hakuto-san, for a woman as aggressive as my sister …… so you too ……”

“No, no, I’m not particular about that kind of thing!”

Hearing the somewhat shameful words spoken by the unnecessarily glasses-pushing Shannon, Hakuto responded by reflex.

“…… suspicious guys and beasts.”

“Suspicious guy or whatever, I’m not like that ……”

“Beast ……”

The man-hating Lizlitt’s poisonous tongue was immediately unleashed on Glass and Hakuto.

“Liz? Please choose the right person before you bite. Don’t you make a fool of someone related to the royal family.”

“… I was angry for sake of you.”

Lizlitt, who had been reprimanded by Lulu Noah, narrowed her eyes like a cat and looked at Glass with an angry look.

“Unforgivable ……”

“So, what do you think I should do?”

“Go die.”

“You are meaner than I thought.”

Lulu Noah, who had not been careless even in her drunkenness, perceived the anger that was hotter than lava in her heart, not from Glass but from Celestia, and hastened to open her mouth in order to speak the words of rebuke before she did.

But before that-

“Celestia-sama. It seems that I have upset Lizlitt-sama. Then I’ll go to make sure the carriage and security in good condition.” (Glass)

“I see. …… Then, I’m counting on you.

“I understand. I’m sorry, but Hakuto-sama, I’d like you to keep an eye on everyone in the meantime.”

“Eh? Ah, just leave it to me.”

After saluting, Glass walked towards the place where the carriage was kept.

He was going to take the opportunity to get the weapons from the wagon, hide in a less popular place as he had planned, and then see the opportunity to disguise himself and wait for the opportunity to start selling.

“…… Liz, we’re going to have a lot to talk about when we get back.”


The back of the servant looks that he didn’t care at all, rather looked a little happy to leave was slightly reassured, but feeling Celestia’s completely unsubside indignation Lulu Noah forcefully reprimanded Lizlitt.

“Ah ~ ah, it’s so boring until Glass comes back. …… Hakuto, do your imitation of a newborn goblin?”

“Ah! … that’s right, you act like Mr. Glass lately.”


“…… Even you, Princess Erica, like that servant?”

At first, she was careful about the use of honorifics, but after confirming that the other party was a personality that didn’t care about that, Lulu Noah had changed back to her usual way of speaking.

“It’s not like I like him….. it’s just that it’s fun to be around him, that’s why.”

“Mm~~. Well, for me his appearance is also considered qualified it.”


Hearing Lulu Noah’s somewhat unexpectedly favorable impression of Glass, both Erika and Hakuto, who was secretly confident in his own looks, could not help but make such a sound.

“…… You really have really bad taste.”

“Liz, I will confiscate your book if you keep talking so rudely.”


In the face of her sister’s sanction, which had been raised a notch, Lizlitt finally reluctantly fell silent.

A slight bitter smile appeared as Erika and Hakuto watched the scene before them with smiles on their faces.

“…… eh? What! …… what’s that?”

“This is …… what the hell is going on.

The circle of people watching Celestia and the others suddenly stirred.

People who were looking for a chance to get in touch with them from afar moved out of the way, and the crowd split in two.

“Celestia Light.”

A tingling, numbing tension filled the whole courtyard as the fiery, dark-haired woman came forward, accompanied by his men as she should have.

“Hildegard-san, it’s been a long time…”

“You did this, didn’t you?”

Hildegard hides her violent style with a crimson gown that is even more racy than to Lulu Noah, while draping a coat of superior quality over her shoulders.

Shwe gives off a tremendous amount of pressure and questions Celestia with her sword-like look and intimidating presence.

“What are you talking about?”


But Celestia didn’t care about the weight of her, which seemed to force her to her knees, and simply asked indifferently.

The people around her felt fidgety and could only hold their breath as they waited for the storm to end.

“…… It’s really you, isn’t it? That’s all you need to know. This is the end of it, and we will soon regain our deficit.”

“I don’t quite understand what you’re talking about. But there is one thing I can say “It would have been nice if it hadn’t turned into an irreversible situation”…. that’s all.”

The red magic power beyond the human realm swept through the room like a searing fire, shaking the surroundings.

Even so, the goddess’ smile did not break.

“Well, that’s impressive.”

“Is this really the power of a human?”

Even Lulu Noah and Shannon and the others maintained a state of not daring to slacken in the slightest.

As for Hakuto, who had not yet stepped out of the ordinary realm, he could not even make a sound.

However, this fierce battle-like balance was broken by an unexpected person.

“So, the cast is all here!”

Cassius, who was standing on the balcony, made a voice that sounded like he was impatiently waiting.

At the sound of that voice, the eyes of Celestia and Hildegard naturally converged on that side.

“From now on, the real party will begin.”

A little further away from the party venue, a sound like a building collapsing came out.


“That is the direction of the army that the Father have placed.”

After that, human cries of grief were accompanied by cries of dying pain. …… A voice that was familiar to Lulu Noah and Jick boomed through the royal capital.

“Thank you for your honesty. Not only did you steal the monster, but you also killed our young brothers. After what you’ve done, you can’t expect to get away with it for free, can you?”

Behind Cassius, who was singing from the balcony, a spirited Jick pointed his sword at him.

Behind him was the figure of Dan, in an armour carrying a sledgehammer.

“Hahahaha! That’s the way it has to be! That’s the way the party should be!”

Turning his eyes from Jick and the others back to Celestia and the others below, he shouted those extreme words with dramatic movements.

” – Today! On this very day! The light of the Kingdom of Light will fall!”

A figure appeared in the middle of the courtyard, and the monster who had done the deed of scattering the army descended in a drift.

With endless anger and sorrow …… and hatred for humans.

“…… along with this aimless destruction and unreasonable ravages.”

Drunk on the power overflowing from his body, Cassius’ eyes were colored with desire and he just smiled a twisted smile.

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