Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 5

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Celestia Light

Celestia Light, was born as the first Princess of the Kingdom of Light.

She had a life without any inconveniences, an environment without any inconveniences, and a talent that …… wouldn’t feel any inconveniences.

‘How beautiful’

Everyone who meets her is sure to come out with these words. Complimenting her, praising her, and expressing their emotions with all the words they have.

‘What a genius.’

She had already heard this line countless times.

‘How! You’ve only just started holding a sword! I can’t believe I’m losing!’

In her opinion, she just found a better way to imitate her teacher.

She couldn’t be happy about anything. There’s nothing to be happy about even if you’re praised for something you’re supposed to be able to do.

I don’t want to worry everyone. Although I kept smiling because of this, it only made everyone more fascinated.

It’s just that it keeps adding up.

Could it be that even if she continued to grow into an adult, it would continue like this?

She was self-conscious about her blessed situation, but she was still feeling unhappy.

♢♢ ♢

One day, her father, who was a king, visited her room.

He seemed to have something to say.

“Celestia. Do you know about the Hero?”

At first, she wondered if he had become strange because he was working too much, but after asking carefully, she realized that the Hero was real, and they seemed to be guarding the ruins for generations.

“Hero is very strong. I don’t think even you can beat him. I’ll introduce you to him so why don’t we go over there and play?”

It seems to worry him.

But since this is a rather rare opportunity, let’s just say that the proposal is gratefully accepted here.


The Hero was indeed strong.

“…… I lost.”

Hero made a chopping blow in the only little gap she had and her sword was bounced off.

“…… I was really surprised. I didn’t expect you to reach this level …… If that’s the case, no wonder that your opponents would feel embarrassed. The future of the Kingdom of Light is really bright. Hakuto, you have to do your best too.”

She lost for the first time.

The laughing hero gently stroked the head of his son who was running over to him, a boy who was even younger than her.

His snowy white hair that was the same as his father’s brushed and swayed.

“Sister, sister, are you alright?”

“Well, it’s okay. It’s because the opponent has already shown mercy.”

Celestia said so while looking at Hero, who laughed bitterly.

…… he was indeed very strong.

But, at the same time, she also realized one thing.

Just that one time, a lot was learned.

In the not too distant future, she would be catching up to him.

If she caught up with him ……


The two months that Celestia had spent in the home of the Hero were coming to an end the day after tomorrow.

Although she hadn’t been able to defeat the hero so far, someone had already come to pick her up this evening.

Since Mary who was a guard was also tired, she decided to take a day off tomorrow and then return to the Capital in the morning the day after tomorrow.

“Hiks…… hiks….”

After conveying this, Hakuto could not help but cry out.

“I’m sure we’ll meet again, Hakuto-kun will go to the royal academy in the future right? So there must be many opportunities we have.”

“That’s right, Hakuto. Celestia-sama will be leaving soon. If you’re a man, please say goodbye to her with a smile.”

Hokuto’s parents seemed to be embarrassed by the appearance of Hokuto, who normally didn’t cry.

What a very harmonious family.

♢♢ ♢

That night, the moon was very beautiful.

Just as Celestia was lost in thought, looking out the right window at the moon, ready to sleep smoothly-

“Who is it!?”

Suddenly, a jumping figure appeared above the window with its back to the moon.

She picked up her sword and alerted to approach.

“…… Chu-chu-chu ……”

(What, what an evil scream this is ……)

It’s a problem, but it’s better to be cautious.

“Hoo, so you pretended to be a cat now.”


(So there really is someone there!!)

But it’s strange.

To say why, there is no breath in this room.

There are neither mice nor people. But there was a sound, so she wanted to confirm.

“I know there is someone there! Come on out!”

Although his ability to remove breath was strong, but herself who was constantly training under Hero’s tutelage couldn’t possibly lose.

“Over here.”


Hearing a young man’s voice from behind, she turned her head in a hurry …… a black-haired boy strode out from the darkness.

This young man who looked a few years older than herself, can only be described in one word, that was ‘abnormal’.

Just standing there unprotected, yet not finding a single flaw, even when standing in front of her, he seemed very calm.

The line of sight he looked at her was not so much a kind of good intentions as usual, but rather a feeling full of challenges.

So scary.

It’s the first time that she would have such a feeling.

“…… ah …… ah ……”

The monster in the skin of a boy was just gazing at Celestia like that.

Deep…… being gazed at by eyes that seemed as deep as bottomless darkness, made her feel an illusion as if she was being sucked in.

“You, you …… who are you ……!?”


As if obeying the boy’s will, the moon was obscured by clouds and the house was filled with darkness.

However, the boy’s figure was still visible because of his pupil, which was imbued with magic power.

Ignoring the growing fear of Celestia, the boy, who seemed to be the embodiment of darkness, spoke up.

“I’m the Demon King.”

Demon King.

I have to kill him…

I have to… I have to kill him!

“…… Hey!”

Trembling, she cut out with a fierce aura.

That blitz was a strike that she was proud of that many teachers had failed to react to.

“–That’s too naive.”

However, the opponent’s figure disappeared as if it had blended into the darkness, and the sound of his voice came from behind her as soon as she realized this.


Just as she was trembling from the disparity in strength, her sword was taken away from her.

“Yare-yare, it turns out you really are just a kid, maybe my expectations are too high on you?”

That unbelievable evaluation from the other party was even more alarming to her than the sense of crisis. And just when she regain her focus.

“Celestia-sama! What’s going on?”

Mary, the guard resting in the next room, heard the commotion here and flew over.

“Mary! It’s the Demon King! The Demon King has appeared!”

“Demon King, huh? Where exactly is ……?

“Eh? ……”

When she looked back again, the Demon King’s figure was gone, and her sword was sheathed in its sheath against the bed.

The Hero also woke up soon after that, and although the details of the situation were explained to him, even though it was what Celestia had said, it was so sudden that no one still believed it.

In the end, it was just regarded as a child’s nightmare, and everyone ended the matter with a smile on their face.

There was no point in saying anything more on top of that.

Celestia began to think repeatedly about how to solve this problem with her own hands as usual.

The Demon King’s purpose was still uncertain, but he was quite abnormally powerful. If he had that intention, either herself or the Hero would be easily killed.

…… Then she thought of it.

The existence of the ruins that the Hero was guarding.

There must be some kind of great power slumbering within the ruins.

If we were to knock it down and learn from it ……

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