Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 49

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The Demon King, under the dark clouds, go to the party

Under the gloomy sky, fleeing the Scarlet Chamber of Commerce, Goso and his party went to the high-class inn where Cassius was staying.

In the middle of a luxurious room illuminated by candlelight, Cassius was sitting elegantly on a sofa.

“…… is really no good. So you just fled back with your tail between your legs?”

“I’m very sorry, brother ……”

Goso, who had the courage to resist even the Black Knight and Hildegard, did not have the courage to confront his father and Cassius.

Because he has known enough about their horror since he was young.

“…… that, Jick and Lulu Noah side also received an invitation. What exactly are the plans?”

“Do you find it strange? It’s not surprising that you would think so. After all, Father’s orders were to bring Celestia home no matter what.”

It was only to fulfill his own desires that he formed an alliance, and when he couldn’t stand it anymore, he abandoned it.

The person who can do such a thing openly is the King of Kujaro.

His sons, who grew up watching his back, also grew up in a very distorted way.

“It’s so stupid to have to refrain when you have power. So I’ve decided.”

“To, to do what ……”

The shiver rose and Goso’ face lost its blood.

“Nothing. Just doing what you want to do.”

His older brother laughed meanly.

“Let’s have the biggest party ever by capturing Celestia and bringing in the best-rated women. We will also call in the obnoxious bugs.”

That’s what he was thinking.

“I have to give everyone as a reward for their hard work. Enjoy yourselves. If you want to kill, kill. If you want a woman, go ahead and get one. It’s not too late in returning to our country.”


However, perhaps because of the nature of the Kujaro bloodline, Goso was also consumed by the sweet temptation of the party tomorrow.

The men standing in the corner also showed smiles full of desire.

In the midst of this unique and strange atmosphere, Kelly, dressed in a majestic knight’s uniform, entered the room.

“Cassius-sama, it has been successfully recaptured.”

“Kukukuk, as expected of Kelly. Although the opponent was only the Third Division, you were able to retrieve the experimental body.”

“It’s still not enough to make up for my gaffe. Please give me another instruction.”

Kelly, who always has a stern expression on his face, said with an even more wrinkled face.

“Hahahaha, then, you can make a big fuss at the party as much as you want. After all, I’ll be stuck in Celestia, so you’ll be the top fighter here.”

“As you wish.”

He stood in the glow of the sinking sun and began to think about what would happen to the Kingdom of Wright in a few days.

“On the day of the banquet, the light of the Kingdom of Light will fall. Of course, it’s the light called Celestia Light. Kukuku.”

That upright face twisted ugly as he thus prophesied the future of the kingdom.


On the day of the party held by the prince of Kujaro.

It was very unlucky that the sky was covered with dark clouds in the evening. Under the guardianship of many knights and soldiers, there were beautiful and shining maidens.

“Please be careful, princesses. Those guys can be said to be a gathering of lunatics, we must not be careless.”

“…It’s fine to refuse it.”

The two of them, George Gigi and King Light, who came to see them off in the midst of their busy schedules, said with concern.

“Your worry is too much. I’m still a princess, no matter what. I will participate in the party as long as I can be useful to the country.” (Erika)

The princess, who was wearing a clear light blue dress and jewelry, said with a bitter smile.

“Oooh…. Erika-sama, surprisingly grew up so well …… I George… I George… ooohh…. Light kingdom will definitely live forever!!!

“You’re too exaggerating.” (Erika)

George could not help but leave tears of emotion for the growth of the tomboy girl Erika.

However, the King of Light, whose expression is still cloudy, looked at Hakuto, who is wearing a formal dress, and admonished him.

“Hakuto-kun. Erika is counting on you.”

“Yes, please leave it to me.”

Seeing Hakuto who was very reliable to salute a knightly and answered in this way, he nodded, and then turned his gaze to Erika, the daughter who was the question.

“Mr. Glass, please give me a lot of advice today. Let’s have a happy time together.” (Celestia)

“I understand. I wish I had a chance to use my dance steps. Ah, I’m really nervous.” (Glass)

Without any sense of crisis, Celestia was happily talking to her chosen servant.

Seeing Celestia’s attitude like an ordinary girl that she had never seen before, King Light was a little bit surprised while feeling a little complicated.

“Celestia, it suits you.”

Although he couldn’t hide the shock, there was something more concerned about than that.

The fact that his own daughter, whose figure was so beautiful in a mature and clean white dress that even a goddess should feel jealous, would go to a party held by a man was something he had not expected.

“Then let’s set off here.”

In response to all of the king’s troubles, Celestia walked into the carriage as if she didn’t care.

The servant also followed her. Erika, whose cheeks were slightly puffed up with discontent, dragged the still very sad Hakuto into the other carriage.

Under the eyes of the king and George, the carriage mercilessly drifted away.

“At least if Alto-sama returns it will be a little more reassuring.”

“Well…… I wouldn’t expect the return would be tomorrow ……”


“…… Well, this is also qualified. All of them are no problem. If there are people who say something to them, let them become the bait for my magic eye.”

The actual magic eye is not a magic eye, but the technique to make the white eyes roll down is very good.

In the carriage, I once again confirmed the six swords that had met the standard.

One day, I also want to build a beautiful sword and knife for the Hakuto and Princess Erika. Although my current skills are not enough to create something that I can feel satisfied with for now.

“How do you think I should act today, Chrono-sama?”

Sitting next to me, Celestia looked at me with loving eyes and asked me at this moment in time, while I was in the process of appraisal.


“Everything is just as Chrono-sama planned, right?”



After a short pause, my eyes met with Celestia’ innocent gaze.

Although I have absolutely no idea what she wants to say.

But I have no loopholes in the way the Demon King responds whenever I am ready.

So that’s why it’s good to say it to you.

“Just as planned ……!”

The corners of my mouth rose slightly while putting on an evil smile.

“Is it really so ……?”

“Anyway how about just enjoying the party first? I’ll be busy until the middle of the stage, but please don’t worry about it, just feel free to move around as much as you want. I will cooperate with you, so don’t worry.”

“As you wish.”

The beauty of the headdress on her head was so beautiful that it looked as if it was a crown.

Even at the party, this child was still acting as a subordinate of the demon king.

Although she is very motivated which makes me very happy, I still want her to fully display her wings, it is a rare party after all. It is enough that I am the only one who has to continue working at this time.

Even so, I can’t let this girl be ashamed of being alone, so I will escort her as Glass while looking for a chance to sell the sword as a mercenary boy.

According to what I heard, the party will also have mercenaries from the previous subjugation against mutant Orcs in, that is to say, some people who are very picky about weapons.

I don’t seem to be suitable for gambling, so it’s better for me to work diligently as a servant while selling weapons in a practical manner.

“But if you can, ask the people who come together or people you know… do something like, “Ne~ ne~, isn’t that guy kind of cute? Would you like to go and try him?” or something like a social conversation. To attract the attention of such group like this I also easier to sell ……”


“…… I’m sorry.”

Although it was not rejected, but I felt the sharp gaze of some dissatisfaction I hurriedly moved away and turned the curtain to open a gap to the window to peer out.

By now, I had reached the place where the gorgeous western-style building and the lively garden were located. A magnificent church could be seen at near the edge of the site.

It was a perfect venue, but the weather was a little unsettling.

The weather was a bit disconcerting, but the clouds were moving in a good direction. ……

At that moment, the carriage came to a halt.

“… I hope it will be a fun party.”

Although she became a companion of the demon king, she is still a student at heart.

I hope she can have a good time with Princess Erika and Hakuto.

“…… Yes.”

She took my hand and responded with a happy smile.

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