Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 45

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Cassius Invitation

In the middle of a room in the college dormitory at midday on a clear, cloudless day.

“Isn’t this rather nostalgic? This is Jick’s, and next door is my room.”


In the special dormitory, which was different from the normal dormitory, like a high class hotel, Cassius sat on the spacious couch and looked at the chubby student in front of him and whispered.

“I’m not here to reminisce about the past…… Goso, I was bowing my head for you.”

“Oh, how can I thank you, brother?”

There was Goso, who had been thrown off by the Black Knight and had suffered considerable damage from a strong beating his crotch.

Knowing the horror of his brother, Goso knelt in front of him and showed his anxiety in a suspicious manner.

“No need to thank you or anything else. This is my job, after all. And I have a message for you from our father, “Don’t bother coming back.”

“How can ……”

He had been abandoned by his father, who was the king of Kujaro.

He felt an indescribable fear in his heart, a dizziness that made his eyes go black.

“If you don’t want this, come and help me. You can do it even if you’re as stupid as this.”

“Ha, ha ah …… but, when it comes to helping ……”

Goso, who knew that his brother had done many inhumane experiments, asked with a somewhat cloudy expression on his face.

Even in Goso’s opinion, those things were inhumane too much.

“Don’t be so scared. It’s just an ordinary errand. Even a guy like you is still a royal. If you can be of any use …… you should pray that it will happen.”

“Ah, aha, hahahaha, thank you very much indeed, brother.”

Looking at Cassius, who had a thieving smile appearing on his face, Gossow responded with a dry smile.

“All right. I’ll be going then. You stay here and wait for instructions.”

“To, where are you going ……?”

Goso asked cautiously as he faced his older brother who slowly rose to his feet.

With that, Cassius shook his head slightly to straighten his long, slightly disheveled hair to the right.

“There are other reasons for coming to this academy, you’re just a side trip.”


In a complete departure from my usual appearance, disguised as Glass, I was currently sitting on top of a rock while Celestia went out of her way to do the service on the side.

I wasn’t being lazy, but Celestia herself had said she would do it anyway.

“What do you think? Don’t you think they’re a bit cold?”

“Even a million deaths would be mild for them. Please, leave it to me. I will make those sinful fools pay.”

I complained to her a little because I wanted the others to hear the sorrow of my own self that had been abandoned there by Lulu Noah and the girls anyway.

As a result, Celestia, who was listening with a smile on her face, suddenly burst into a rage.

Wearing a uniform that looked like a neat military uniform, her beautiful face showed a frown of anger. The softness that had been present at the beginning of the conversation disappeared as the conversation progressed, and a little bit of her anger was quietly revealed.

“No, no, if you think about it, the mercenary is in a very cruel world, so this degree of distance may be a good thing. It may be a good thing to be an incentive from seniors. This time. Just let them go.”

I felt very happy to be admired by her, but it was better not to fight for nothing.

So I politely discouraged her.

“I understand. I’ll just do a little bit.”

“…… You’re not getting it at all. Are you trying to do them some harm gently? I’ve already told you to leave them alone, haven’t I?”

I spat at Celestia, who was in a state of absolute rage.

That said …… because it was a rather tight fitting uniform it brought out Celestia’s ample bre*sts and butt*cks, which were, shall we say, well defined or very slim. Plus, the men’s eyes were naturally focused on her, which must have built up a lot of pressure.

She was already attracting attention because of her amazing charm.

If you’re serious about doing housework, you’ll want to reduce that mental burden as much as possible.

“…… I understand. Everything is done to your liking, Chrono-sama.”

“Hmm? Really? I’m glad you understand.”

The corners of Celestia’s mouth turned up in a smile, and she bowed her head with her usual frankness.

“But if we consider the bad guy called Lionel, there are a lot of other strong people out there. That Lulu Noah guy seems to be pretty strong too.”

“There are many more targets in the Kingdom of Light. My brother …… and the First Division Commander of the Knights Without Banners are also very strong.”

Don’t add words like your elder brother to be target casually ……

The calm and mature Celestia showed a very pleasant appearance and offered me tea made by herself

“Oh, thank you.”

“That’s not necessary for me. It’s more like I’m the one who’s taken care of.”

“That’s …… well, I don’t think that’s true after all.”

I almost got wrapped up in her tone of voice because she was too confident.

After I said it again, she smiled as if she was saying “Crono-sama is really joking” and went back to the topic.

“I also …… heard that the president of the Scarlet Chamber of Commerce is also a magician with a fierce power that is unimaginably human. She is known for never bowing down to King Light, but she is also a person of influence that cannot be ignored.”

“Whew… It’s scary.”

“I’ve only met her twice but …… She’s a scary person indeed.”

Celestia said in a matter-of-fact way.

It’s true, when passing through the Scarlet Chamber of Commerce, I occasionally felt a considerable amount of magical power.

That’s obviously an abnormal level, and maybe she has a pair of wings called “Gospel” as well.

“I’ll find a way to take care of that, so please leave it to me.”

“I understand.”

According to Celestia’s words, she seemmed to be dangerous person. I’ll take care of her if she’s really evil.

“Ah, by the way, can you say thank you to Mob for me? He is going to work for me after all.”

“I….. understand.”

Why does she look reluctant.

Yesterday and the day before yesterday, Mob replaced me who had gone on a trip and was working as a servant at the school in the guise of Glass.

That Mob, really, is very good. Celestia had undoubtedly made the right choice in making him a companion.

…… But.

I, on the other hand, lost six swords …… and I don’t know if I’ll get paid.

Since Lulu Noah and the others rushed home earlier, I have no proof of completing the subjugation unless I go home with them. Anyway, it’s their commission in the first place.

What was the expedition for … is it just for eating potatoes?

No, there was still a little gain.

It was about the boundaries of the Magic Condensation Method’s release attack. I came to a conclusion that was enough to produce a paper.

This time, I had used the magic power I had released in order to defeat the monster, but the magic power that I had managed to strengthen by using the “magic power condensation method” had turned back into normal magic power the moment I released it.

In other words, it’s pointless to use the condensation method.

I’ll have to think of something.

Since I said I was a demon king, I still wanted to do a flashy move or two. Who’s to blame for my teenage heart.

Hmm. I don’t need to say that the magic power increased by using the condensation method is under control when it is used on my body, and when it is stored in my sword, once it is released, it is immediately ……

“…… Let’s change places, I should get to work.”


I swapped places with Celestia, who looked very sorry, and began the service of a servant.

After all, I noticed that someone was coming.

What an unkind person to come in without permission while someone was thinking ……

“Excuse me …… oh, here you are, Princess Celestia.”

“What can I do for you?”

To the tall, handsome Cassius, who suddenly entered the room, Celestia responded nonchalantly, completely unable to see that she was the same person as the one just now.

“I hope you’re not so cold. …… In fact, I’d like to throw a little party to improve relations between the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Kujaro, which have deteriorated because of my brother’s rude behaviour towards Princess Erika.”

After saying that, he took something out of his pocket with a very dramatic movement.

So, I quickly moved between Celestia and Prince Cassius.

“I hope you will accept this invitation.”


“…… I’ll take it for you.”

After confirming that Celestia did not take the card-like object he handed her, I took it for her.


“Here, Celestia.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

With a calm smile once again, Celestia took it from my hand.

Prince Cassius, who had seen this sight, stared at me with a murderous look on his face, please forgive me.

For I have to work as a good servant.

To say why, it was because when I was at work today, my senpai sighed heavily and said, “It’s back to the usual Glass again.” I couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated when I heard that.

It was just a normal morning meal of tea and rice.

I don’t know how good Mob is, but I can’t lose to him, I have pride as a servant.

“By the way. How about Mr. Glass coming along too?”

Celestia, who had looked at the invitation with emotionless eyes, suddenly tried to strike up a conversation with me in a very happy voice.


It wasn’t me, but Cassius unconsciously made such a somewhat stupid sound.

“Well …… I understand, I’ll do my best.”

“Fufu, alright. I will be in your care. Now I am looking forward to the day.”

Since I had received the invitation from the royal family and from that Princess Celestia, it would have been rather unnatural to refuse it, so I accepted.

Now that was a big deal. I’ll have to make plans to sell rice and weapons from now on.

Although the murderous glare from the opposite side of the room stabbed me, I would like to ignore it this time.

“…… school’s servant? And even allowed to use nick name. Although I think it should not be the case, but …… does it mean that this person ……?

“Who knows, exactly as how it is.”

(He assumed Glass is her fiance.)

Completely different from her usual self, Celestia revealed a sultry smile.

This expression that was able to charm all the males in the world captured Cassius and them at the moment as well.

“…Hah. If it was you before, you would have been denied immediately. Your silence is same as agreeing.”

He took a breather to exhale the heat of his hot face and body, and then said confidently.

“In that case, I’ll say it up front. If I want something, I will get it. All the wishes I want will be fulfilled. No matter what the cost, it will be done.”

It was like a declaration of war.

“Is that so? That’s a coincidence.”


Perhaps she had expected a response like a counter-attack, and Cassius felt a little confused.

“I’m the same way. If things don’t develop as I expected, I will not tolerate it. Whether it’s the person who’s in the way or whatever, I will not allow it.”


Celestia said without wavering that Cassius’ confidence was false.

The people around Cassius were overwhelmed by her and unconsciously held their breath under the vigor of the goddess of war.

…… Although to my ears, it was nothing more than a boast to herself.

In the midst of this silence, in which no one spoke a word, came the sound of hurried footsteps at the door.

“Excuse me. Cassius-sama, can I bother you”

“…… What is it. Isn’t it rude to do that in front of Princess Celestia?”

“That is, the previous incident has developed in an unexpected direction.”

At this euphemistic report, Cassius’ face changed.

“…… Princess Celestia, then I’ll be rude and take my leave here and now.”

“You seem to have hired mercenaries to do something about it, looks like the idea fell through doesn’t it?”

“…… Excuse me.”

Cassius responded in an inorganic voice and headed for the door.

“You, better be prepared for that, my party …… should be quite exciting.”

“I understand.”

“…… That’s it then.”

After glaring at me with such dangerous words, he left with his men.

“He must be very angry … people like that would tend to gamble in such a ruffled state, and would be even more upset after losing.” (Chrono)

“Is that so… I was taught.”

Although Celestia somehow showed great admiration …… but gambling is it ……

♢ ♢ ♢

In the middle of the carriage back to the Royal Castle, Celestia gave instructions to Mary, who was sitting across from her.

“Cassius will go to the casino …… is it? But I haven’t heard that he has a penchant for gambling ……”

“That’s what Chrono-sama told me. Even if he doesn’t come, it doesn’t matter. Contact Gerald of 『Arch Qi』 as soon as possible.”

Seeing Celestia’s eyes stabbing her way, Mary couldn’t make a retort.

“I understand. …… But what is Cassius’s goal?”

“The fact that it’s a matter that King Kujaro is thinking about doesn’t make it hard to guess.”

She made a look absent-minded, as she said indifferently.

All she could think about at the moment was what dress she should wear to the party.

“…… I was wondering, does His Majesty the Demon King know that we have taken control of the underworld?”

“I haven’t reported the results because I haven’t had enough success to let him know. At the very least, we have to overpower the Scarlet Chamber of Commerce’s casino first….”

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