Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 44

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“What’s happening?”

[The Bonds of Three Fairies], who were helping with the revival of the village at the moment, were terrified by the incredible magical reaction that had been generated in the distant forest.


Even Lulu Noah’s face turned pale and her spine felt as if it was frozen by the evil magic.

“What’s wrong? Are you guys really tired?”

“…… that’s right. I’m sorry, I’m a little tired.”

Under the watchful eyes of the worried villagers, Lulu Noah moved closer to Lizlitt, who was sitting on her butt and trembling, and Shannon, who was holding her in her arms, and whispered in a low voice.

“Shannon. It’s time to leave this village, get ready.”

“I see. …… Ah, what about that kid?”

Lulu Noah, whose expression had become grim at some point, once again turned her eyes to the forest.

“The scale of this magic power, ah, is a bit too abnormal. Whether it’s a natural phenomenon or something else, we’ll just have to let it go for now …… This time, depending on the situation …… maybe we’ll have to ask you, Liz, to do it.”


Lulu Noah and Shannon both looked at the trembling woman with somewhat apologetic eyes.

(Was it that teenager who did it …… or maybe it wasn’t, in which case it would have been best)

Feeling the tremendous power of the legendary dragon or even the mythical gods, Lulu Noah made a calm judgment.

“We still have a mission to convey to the Light Army ……, nominally. There’s a reason for that, but we don’t need to take any more risks than that, do we?”

“…… Eh, that’s true. Liz, can you walk over to the carriage?”

Shannon led Lizlitt, who nodded slightly, towards the carriage.

Watching their backs as they left, Lulu Noah once again pondered the true nature of that enigmatic and powerful magic.

(The Legend of the Kingdom of Light …… Could it be ……)


Everyone in Kujaro’s special force shivered with heartfelt fear at the black tragedy that was unfolding before them.

What was happening before their eyes was very magnificent destruction.

“…… then.”

The young man who had done what a demon god would do suddenly spoke up at that moment.

“Come out.”

Surrounded by silence, he turned his head towards the depths of the dense jungle and spoke these words.

The troop leader, who had decided that he could not escape from the boy’s agility and skill in throwing, gave instructions to his men to come to a position where he could be surrounded.

After that he arrived alone in front of Chrono.


“You’re the ones who did something to him. Anyway, it must have been something dirty, right? I’d ask who you work for but I don’t think you’ll tell me honestly, so I won’t ask …… just rest here with him.”

Chrono said indifferently to the troop leader who was as suspiciously masked as he was.

“…… That was your ace in the hole, wasn’t it? It’s obvious that you can’t use that miraculous power for the second time. Now that you have lost all your swords, do you still think you can beat us?”

It seemed that the troop leader had decided that what he had just done was the result of using some kind of ‘relic’.

As Chrono had expected, they had been trained to kill themselves by biting the poison in their teeth if they were interrogated or tortured, but at the moment they chose to fight because they were outnumbered.


“What’s so funny about ……”

Chrono, who laughed as if he had heard some kind of joke, struck his fist and palm together lightly.


A windstorm was created out of thin air and the shockwave went through the entire forest with Chrono at its centre.

The members of the Special Force grabbed onto nearby trees and tried desperately to hold back.

The troop leader who took that blast head on, tumbled out towards the back.

“Does it mean that …… is stronger if you are empty handed instead?”

He opened his arms even further, and a boundless and dense black magic burst from his entire body.

He took off his mask and hat to reveal his true face and said in a loud voice.

“There is no escape for anyone, so accept your retribution. All are equal before me. —- All are hunted.”

A strong and unbeatable smile appeared on his face as he announced their deaths to the crowd.

He looked like the Dark God himself who had descended into the world of human.



The team members, who had been trained not to give in no matter how strong the enemy was, began to run away from the unusual young man like rabbits.

At this moment, they couldn’t help but shed tears as they didn’t care about their image at all.

“Hey, you guys!”

Instead of the leader who was not trying to reprimand, Chrono shouted in place of him to express his opinion.

“Run around as much as you like! Small fries like you won’t make a difference! I will hunt you one by one! So let the Chrono hunt begin now!”

With the strength of his body, Chrono’s spirit was high and he finally flew out.

Because of the hunter of sins, the sinners’ cries of fear were heard repeatedly.

It was accompanied by countless booming and vibrating sounds ……

♢ ♢ ♢

The hunt was finally over and I returned to the village with my back to the setting sun.


“They’ve already gone back, if you ask me.”

“They’ve gone back? Really? That’s too cold!”

From the old woman’s son, I heard rather heartless words.

No, it’s true that we didn’t make an appointment to go back together, they just said they’d take me ……

“Than, compared to that, how is that monster?”

“Ah, oh. I’ve already confirmed that I’ve completely defeated it, so don’t worry about it.”

Now I’m here as a mercenary trainee.

So I tried not to show my sadness as much as I could, and said so in order to put the villagers’ minds at ease.

“Ah …… is that so ……”

“That’s great. ……”

The villagers around us all made reassuring noises.

Ah, I feel a little bit healed inside,…… Well, there are also people who shed tears.

That said, the various places in this world also have accents. Although this is only a little distance from the capital, the accent is still a little different.

“Excuse me for a moment, Mr. Mercenary.”

In the circle of villagers who were sharing their joy, a man with a nice figure came out.

“What is it? If it’s a commission fee, it’ll come from somewhere else, so there’s no need.”

“Really? Ah, ah, I’m sorry …… that’s a big help but that’s not what I wanted to say, we want to say thank you for saving the village, can you come to the party with us tonight?”


This man seems to be the leader of the village.

He also seems to be a member of the village’s self-policing group, which is also involved in the battle.

Behind him was a woman holding a sword in its sheath, probably his wife.

…… Probably, this person has the intention of giving me the replacement for my lost sword and letting me stay here for a night to help guard it.

It’s difficult to stay long, but the troops in charge of the investigation will be arriving in the next few days, so let’s at least hold out until tomorrow.

“I understand. I’ll be grateful for your care tonight.”

“Oh, and please do so!”

At my answer, those who were still not completely at ease smiled and began to prepare for the feast.

After all, a monster like that had just appeared. It was only natural that they should feel uneasy. It would be nice if I could just stay here for the night.

Around the campfire, a few villagers outside were working on the feast.

I wanted to give them a break, but I was told not to help and to just enjoy myself, so I spent my time honestly watching the fire and eating steamed potatoes …….

“Boy, want to eat? Look, it’s steamed potatoes.”

The old woman who came with me brought me a big plate of potatoes again.


“Thank you, granny. But this is the third time I’ve eaten it, I’l already full.”

I used the same line as the first and second time to politely decline the kindness of the granny who came with the plate …… and continued to stare into the campfire to kill time.

I’m afraid it’s going to be like this until morning ……

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