Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 43

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One-sided Promise

In the middle of a small fishing village near a lake, the sound of wailing and roaring echoed.

While Lulu Noah and the girls met the enemy, the [Knights Without Banners] also fought with their target.



Dan’s armoured body was knocked away like a small stone by the huge arm that swept across his body.

Like Lulu Noah and the others, there was also an unknown monster that was a mix of an Orc and dragon.


Jick’s magical power ran through the sword, penetrating the creature’s wounded scales.

The continuous storm of thrusts beautifully opened a huge hole in the monster’s arm.


“As expected of Leader.”

Compared to the other members of the group who had failed to inflict wounds on it, the penetrating power of Jick’s attack could be considered quite amazing.

But ……

“…… what the hell is going on?”

The arm of the demon that had been penetrated only bled slightly before …… it regenerated rapidly.

There was no longer trace of the wound or the broken scales.

“Guaaaaaaaaaaaa!” (Monster)



And then it went on a wild and furious rampage.

The wooden buildings in the small village were mercilessly destroyed by the members of the group that had been knocked out of the way and by the stones that the monster had slapped out of the way. A large number of bodies arose.

However, no one could blame [The Knights Without Banners].

No matter how many times it was wounded, it would instantly heal as if nothing had happened.

For the 3rd Division, which lacks a main force at the moment, it is quite a tricky enemy.

“…I have to think of something.”


Lulu Noah, who was darting around the monster’s perimeter while enduring the attack, flew back and retreated after a lap with the weight of the opponent, and then… just jumped up.


That was the strongest blow that could be delivered by bending the club by sticking it in the ground and then using the momentum to bounce off.

It was a blow with far more power than the previous one.


The club shattered the monster’s arm, which was protecting its head, and with it, shattered the head as well.

It was powerful enough to plunge one’s feet under the ground, causing the demon to stand there with its head bleeding.

But ……

“…… Wow, how can it be cured after all this?”

Lulu Noah, who had sweat left on top of her healthy brown skin, adding a bit of colour, spoke with some distress.

In front of her line of sight was the monster that groaned and began to regenerate.

“What to do, Shannon.”


She said with a calm expression on her face as she turned towards Shannon, who was holding a bow and arrow for cover.

Even against such an opponent, she hadn’t considered that she would lose at all.

“…… If the blood can’t regenerate, it can die from anaemia. …… but If even the blood could regenerate, then they would have to be burned or buried alive.”

Although she didn’t want to do this if she could, Shannon still made a proposal with a somewhat difficult expression on his face.

“Hmm. Well, for now, let’s just…”

“Just make him bleed?”

There, the boy who had arrived at some point was standing there.

“Eh, ah.”

“It’s only now that he’s arrived. ……”

Shannon, who had thought he must have escaped, was a little troubled, and Lizlitt was showing her displeasure in a blatant way.

However, as if he was not the least bit interested in what was going on over here, the boy drew one of the six swords, one from each side, and walked towards the demonic creature that was making the threat.

The scarf around his neck fluttered in the wind as he strolled along with his sword in his right forehand and his left backhand.

The monster’s angered spear was naturally directed at the young man who was approaching head-on.


Since the previous attack was parried by the fairy-like brown-skinned woman, the demon swung down this time with a punch that focused on speed.

Whoever it was expected the boy, who looked like he had no power at all, to be sent flying in a miserable manner.

But the huge fist came up empty. And the two swinging swords swung back.


No one in the spot could speak.

All that echoed through the scene was the sound of the sword winds cutting into flesh and the wailing of the …… monster.

The way the beautiful brown woman who was dancing with the strength of one person as an opponent of the monster that was being crushed by all the people of the Knights Without Banners was still showing her composure, it could be said that it was a wonderful sight. A dance of “power” that can be seen as powerful at a glance.

Even if ones were to call this beauty the strongest in the Light Kingdom, no one will doubt it.

But the image of a monster dancing with a young man was unbelievable in terms of common sense.


At the moment, he was slashing at the inside of the demon’s scaleless arms and abdomen at a very high speed.

“That’s amazing…”

The huge arm swung across, but no matter how it swung it, he managed to avoid it by a slight margin and continued to turn the blade.

The villagers were mesmerised by the best dance moves and could not help but exclaim.


“You’re lying. ……”

However, something else was seen in the eyes of the three sisters.

“Can …… that child see the future?”

Lulu Noah, who remained calm at all times, had a grim expression on her face at the moment.

The movements of Chrono seemed to be in tune with the monster.

When the monster’s arm swung down, he dodged sideways at the exact same moment, without stopping his sword dance.

When the subsequent sweep came, he also dodged it by keeping his body parallel to the ground, and then, with a grunt, he turned around and slashed at his opponent’s chest with his sword in both hands.

What is truly terrifying is that these movements are all right on the edge of what a human can do.

It was easier to understand on the monster’s side than on his.

The three sisters looked at the demon that spurted blood from the blade and then spurted blood again after healing, and were wary of the unknown boy.


The anger that had never waned no matter how many times Lulu Noah had crushed its skull, the monster finally began to flee from Crono’s side.

“…… Although I have no idea what the principle is, there seems to be no point in bleeding.”

Putting the used sword in his hand back into its sheath, he said to the three sisters as he watched his opponent’s fleeing figure.

“After all, I’m the one who’s late, so leave it to me. There’s no way we’ll fail in our crusade, so let’s make a deal.”

“Eh, wait!”

Shannon’s voice, trying to stop him, could not reach Chrono, who was alone, running after the monster towards the forest.

Whoever it was could not imagine that there was really a way to crush the one with the amazing regenerative powers, and the boy’s assured words caused a big question mark in their minds.


The forcibly mutated monster ran through the very familiar forest.

With an angry look on its face, it showed its full resentment towards humans, kicking down all the flowers and trees along the way.

“-here you’re.”

A small figure crossed over it and landed in front of it.


Just then, the armour of its feet had been pierced by swords.

The dragon’s scales were pierced effortlessly and just pinned it to the ground.

On top of that –


The two swords were thrown very casually.


The black-stained blades pierced the monster’s knees.

Chrono, who no longer had to limit hos movements to those of a human for the sake of disguise because there was no one else around, had no need to spend any more time.

Adjusting slightly so as not to run him through, Crono threw two more swords at the unbearably fallen monster.

The two swords that were thrown flew, pinning the monster’s scaled hand to the ground as well.


“I can’t let you get away with remembering the taste of human blood.”

Chrono floated down in front of the monster, who was moaning in pain.

“It’s quite a tricky regenerative power …… but I guess it can be completely eliminated with a powerful attack.”

Chrono, whose body’s ability had been increased by leaps and bounds by using the “magic power condensation method”, raised his fist, which was infused with pure power.

There was silence all around.

Everything seemed to be so terrifying, as if everyone was holding their breath.


Even the monster was no exception.

Fear of the overwhelming power of the human-looking thing in front of it calmed it mind, which was tainted with anger.


Tears flowed down from the monster’s eyes.

After losing its anger, what came to its mind was the image of its brothers who had been brutally murdered and the remnants of its breed.

It was very sad.

“..I’m sorry, why are you so sad, I don’t have the correct means to figure this out. It’s just that if I let you go here, your anger would still be as unbridled as it was just now with the human. I think there are innocent people who have nothing to do with it.”

Crono speculated, based on the presence of people lurking around.

“But I promise, if there is any chance that I will know the reason for your grief, then if there is anything I can do …… I will do it for you.”

After meeting the eyes of the monster who had shed tears and vowing so, he raised his hand, which was laden with a dark magic that swayed like a lily.

He decided to see its end in a way that would not cause it as much pain as possible.

Then ……

“…… This is the pact between us.”

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