Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 41

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A Feeling of Defeat

The splendid carriage that carried Cassius and his immediate troop leader, Kelly, swayed and stalked under the evening sunset.

While reveling in the acting he had just done in the midst of the union, Cassius’ mind was also filled with the image of the hated Jick and another man.

“Is it appropriate for Cassius-sama …… to do this? Isn’t that money an indemnity to the Kingdom of Light?”

“…… Ah, I didn’t tell you?”

He turned his eyes looking at himself reflected in the window to Kelly’s side and uttered something that was unexpected from the veteran.

” – The alliance with the Kingdom of Light will be abandoned. It would be foolish to pay compensation just for the sake of that dishonest brother.”


The Kingdom of Kujaro is a neighboring country to the Kingdom of Light, which is a large country, and the island where the [Demon King of Isolated Island] is located.

Although for the Kingdom of Light, Kujaro offers the benefit of an additional barrier between itself and the island, there is also a need for Kujaro to establish friendly relations with the Kingdom of Light.

Kujaro is a small country and the Kingdom of Light is a large country. There is a huge gap between the two. The influence of the Scarlet Chamber of Commerce, which is based in the Kingdom of Light, has also spread to Kujaro.

If war broke out, even if there are such existences as King Kujaro and [Inferno Lion] Drake, the number of soldiers on both sides would not be the same.

“Is this, is this what His Majesty intentions ……”

Kelly …… No, no one would have had the idea of abandoning the alliance with the Kingdom of Light in their minds.

“Ah of course. Do you know Father’s orders?”

“That was …… I thought it was just you who had come up with some good idea …… really, really sorry, Cassius-sama.”

“There’s no need to apologize. There is certainly a good idea. For now, let’s cut down on the Light Kingdom’s war effort while we conduct our experiments.”

The corners of his mouth curled up in a pleasant smile at the wretched Kelly.

There were two failed experiments and two of the main mercenary corps of the Kingdom of Light. That’s just right.

“Is it going to be a battle between the demons and the mercenaries ……”

“If we’re lucky, we’ll be able to reduce the number of Light’s nationals and regular army soldiers as well.”

The way he looked at such cruel words, which he took for granted, made Kelly feel fearful from the bottom of his heart.

He was thinking of going along if he could, to enjoy the battle between the experimental demons and the weakened Lulu Noahs.

The figure of the young man with the six swords around his waist stuck in his mind, causing him to feel a sense of anxiety deep inside.

He hadn’t heard of him from the Angel Cultis, who had secretly provided him with information.

“What an eyesore.”


After Cassius left, the mercenary union also became hurried at the same time.

The people of the [Knights Without Banners] began to prepare nervously, while those at the table in the corner ate their dinner while calming the second sister of the trio.

“…… casually handed over the bow, what if it becomes strange when it is returned? Don’t complain if the arrow flies up to your butt.” (Shannon)

“It’s okay, don’t worry. It might get better when he return it.” (Lulu Noah)

The only person who agreed to go with the young man, and even delivered Shannon’s bow to him, was Lulu Noah herself.

“…… Why, take that child with you?” (Lizlitt)

The somewhat fearful Lizlitt didn’t give her a good look either.

“Well,…… Jick doesn’t seem to notice, that kid is quite capable. Maybe …… only Celestia Light can match him.” (Lulu Noah)


“…… I didn’t see that coming. Those quality swords are all new too. Must be a rich man’s hobby anyway. If they’re for sale, then they must be something taken from home to make some pocket money.”

As she ate the salad with her fork, Lulu Noah’s eyes, with their sharp pupils, had a slightly sultry glint in them, and Shannon and Lizlitt both looked unconvinced.

“He seemed to have done something to Dan. I don’t know what it is, but it’s better to find out if he’s a friend or a foe ……”

“So that’s it. If even sister can’t see through it, strength aside, he seems to have some special ability it.”

Lulu Noah and the girls had been targeted many times because of their appearance.

The fact that she was able to eliminate all of them was not only because of Lulu Noah’s bravery, but also because of her unforgiving and thorough approach to her enemies.

“…… As always, you’re so scary.” (Jick)

“Isn’t that Jick. Eavesdropping on a girl’s conversation is a pretty nasty thing to do.”

Jick laughed bitterly as he approached the table where Lulu Noah and the girls were.


Although Lizlitt frowned, Jick said briefly, not caring at all.

“Keep an eye on Cassius. He’s a man who hides his bad deeds, thinks about them all the time, and is always capable of doing extraordinary things.”

“Just as it seems.”

“That guy has only good reputation only for his appearance.”

“It’s not our cup of tea. And after all, we don’t judge danger based on looks and words. Right, Shannon?”

“Of course.”

Hearing Lulu Noah’s continued words, Jick laughed and turned away.

“Ah, and that guy is pretty sticky (粘着質).”

“That’s just as it seems.”

“Phew~, I don’t think I need to say more, but watch out for that kid with the sword who looks so impressive. Bye.”

Jick, who was in a better mood, left the union with Dan Bell in tow.

“…… Well, let’s eat up because we have to get up early tomorrow. Would Liz like a kebab?”


Shannon said to change the mood.

“Then, I’ll have another…”

“You can’t drink any more wine.”

Shannon seemed to be quite used to Lulu Noah’s another glass.


In the middle of the Royal Castle, the reorganisation of the troops and the selection of new troop leaders was underway to fill the void left by the absence of Lionel and Harmal.

In the middle of the training ground, Celestia, her face austere and tense, raised her sword.

Wrapped in white armour and with her hair tied back, she stood there like a goddess of war.

“Last group, please come forward.”

The last five men came forward with trepidation.

At one end of the training ground were the battered soldiers.

The soldiers were initially taken by Celestia’s beauty and that awe-inspiring expression, but as the number of their fallen colleagues grew, the tension in the scene increased significantly.

Then, the last group also raised their swords and began the test of strength ……



The kick towards the face came out and the last man was knocked down.

“From tomorrow you will be the vice captain of the fifth unit. …… Then, from tomorrow onwards, please carry out your activities in accordance with the programme communicated to each of you.”

After telling this to the fallen man and all the members, Celestia immediately wanted to leave the training ground.

“Ano! Celestia-sama!”

“……Is there a problem?”

When she heard the voice of the soldier she had just beaten, Celestia, who was in a hurry to leave, replied in a very hard voice, suppressing the agitation in her heart.

“You, since you have approved of my strength, that means that …… marria -”

“Not so.”


Even the word marriage was not allowed to come out of his mouth.

“Then, please do your job as vice-captain.”

The man was a young and powerful potential member of the Marquis family who had good looks even among soldiers, but he was ruthlessly interrupted by Celestia.

The rumour that Celestia was going to decide on the betrothed spread throughout the city, and the young man, who had been rated as having the highest probability, was now severely traumatised.

Leaving him standing there dumbfounded, Celestia left the training ground and walked quickly towards her room.

That was, of course, to hurry and change her clothes and groom herself for the regular evening session with Chrono.

“–welcome back.”


When she reached her room, the figure of a maid appeared at the front of the room.

“As you said, Celestia-sama, Cassius is on the move. This afternoon, Cassius took an interest in the mercenary union and seems to have used a large sum of money to name a commission. And he has placed his men around the royal capital, as if he has some kind of plot.”

“Is that so, a mercenary union?

Mob who takes the form of a maid opened the door and walked in.

“In addition, ……”

After he entered the room, the Mob that closed the door wanted to speak but stopped.

“If there are other things you want to convey, please don’t worry, just talk about it.”

It was very rare for Mob, who had been trained to do his job in an uneventful manner, to look so hesitant.

So Celestia offered him a hand.

“Yes. I don’t know if this is something worth communicating to you, but it seems that among the people Cassius hired, there is a young man who hides his face and carries six swords.”

“…… young man?

Like Mob, the thought of whether it could be that came to Celestia’s mind.

Just then.




With the guilt that comes from taking the decision to go on a business trip without permission, I decided to try a comical entrance.

“Is that, a mouse? ……”

“No, it’s master we’ve been waiting for has come.”

They seemed to be talking about the topic of the mercenary union today, so maybe they know something ……

“Chu… chu~~”

“Chu~chu~” (Celestia)

Unexpectedly, I was responded by a pretty cute voice… Although it seemed little shy, she imitated and responded, showing a completely different level from mine.

It was like the difference between a noble breed of mouse for pleasure and a dirty rat.

I dropped from the ceiling from the shock.


“Welcome. Please forgive me for being so rude as to greet you in such a state.”

Since I had already fallen, I sat down on the chair in a rather elegant manner, thinking that I should at least do something to redeem myself. I was greeted by Celestia, who gave a beautiful bow, and the maid who was surprised behind her.

I had heard that only people who knew about me would be in this room, so I thought it would be fine.

Anyway, since I have something to ask of her, I’ll try to make her feel better from now on.

“I think you look pretty and the clothes you are wearing fit perfectly.”


Celestia’s body jumped up and down as if electricity had been passed through it.


“…… I’m sorry. I am so happy that I can’t help but tremble because of the words that make me feel so glorious.”

She was so moved that she got down on one knee and exaggerated her feelings in a knightly way. She seemed to be literally trembling.

Her cheeks also turned red, and I think she was probably really happy.

Let’s cut to the chase from here ……

“Umm. Then …… let’s get down to business. I might not be able to make it tomorrow.”

“I understand.”

“… You don’t want to hear the reason?”?

“If you can forgive me for not being able to see the truth, please do tell me.”

…… Yes.

“I’d like to go with the mercenaries to fight the monsters.”


The maid behind her showed a level of surprise that went far beyond just now, it could be called astonishment.

“Is this guy serious, is he an idiot?” I don’t know if that’s what she’s trying to say. …… After all, I was saying I’m a demon king, but I’m doing something that doesn’t make sense.

Personally, I just had the idea of showing famous mercenaries the sword I made and asking them to help promote the sword I made.


“It was brilliant. You’ve really captured the essence of forethought.”

Oh ……, you seem to have read my mind, Celestia. I knew you would be able to understand. As someone who is at the top of the hierarchy, you should be able to understand how hard it is to raise a salary.

“Well. And then. That’s true …… but there’s something I’d like to ask you.”

“We are at your disposal. We will do whatever you ask.”

It’s not that much of a request though ……


After seeing Chrono leave Celestia’s room on the fourth floor using the flying squirrel jump ….


The excitement was maintained for a while as Celestia and the other looked up at the night sky.

Celestia’s blonde hair shone brightly in the moonlight, and she whispered in a gesture like a silver goddess of war.

“As expected of Chrono-sama. …… In the presence of him, no matter how shifty you are, you will be seen through.”

“…… I didn’t expect he possess such a degree of wisdom ……”

Even Mob, who previously did not quite believe Celestia’s description of Chrono, had to believe it at this point.

He had read Cassius’s actions and infiltrated the mercenary union beforehand, and then plunged into the whirlwind of the conspiracy, who could have foreseen such a thing.

He couldn’t help thinking that he was seeing through everything.

“…… orders from Chrono. There is absolutely no room for failure. Do you understand?”

Celestia looked up at the sky and said behind him. Containing a little jealousy for the mob who had accepted the order, she said so in that cold, emotionless tone of voice.

“Yes, yes. I understand.”

After hearing that answer …… because the atmosphere was a little lighter, she unknowingly said what she wanted to say.

“…… I wish I could have served you more …… sooner.”


粘着質= Sticky.

It is a personality that sticks to small fights forever, or sticks to others for one-sided reasons.

As always, this’s just an edited-mtl, you are welcome to provide suggestions if you have a better translation.

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