Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 4

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Discover The Hero

Okay, I am Demon King Chrono.

So here I’m, at the Royal Castle of Kingdom of Light.

In the dark of night, I quietly climbed the walls of this magnificent royal castle filled with European style.

Peeking through the windows, I searched for the king’s residence.

After arriving here, I just strolled around the streets and was fascinated by Royal City. Although I spent about a week sightseeing here as a result, thanks to that I was able to get some useful information.

The Kingdom of Light can now be said to be in the perfect state of being in its prime.

The king is hailed as a wise king, and his two daughters and one son both are still children, but they are both very good, and I’ve heard that you can already feel the extraordinary talent in them.

The eldest son was a nobleman of intelligence, while the second daughter was said a person of great talent with a cheerful and gentle character.

The eldest daughter, in particular, was said to be extremely talented and has an extraordinary appearance, not to mention swordsmanship and intelligence.

I don’t know much about her because I live in the border area, but she is touted throughout the continent as the manifestation of a goddess.

……Isn’t this exactly the route of an arrogant evil woman? In that case, let’s lure her to the Demon King’s army.

It is really perfect for the cadres of the Demon King Army to usher in the miserable last.

According to the rumors, when the children of the wise king grow up, they will also have the upper hand in the standoff with the neighboring [Demon King of the Isolated Island] who has been at loggerheads with each other for a long time.

Of course, I’m planning to start my activities as the Demon King as scheduled, so please focus more on me than on the neighboring country.

Then, now first I put my finger in my mouth to make it moist.

I imitated the ninja poking at the paper sliding door.


A sudden jab opened a hole in the stone wall of King’s room.

“Huh? Did you hear anything just now?”

“Really? I didn’t notice…”

In the midst of that was a handsome blond guy with a beard in his 30s who looked like King sitting at a heavy desk, and an Oldman standing next to him with glasses who was writing something, the two of them were working.

“…… chu-chu-chu……”

Since they seemed a little skeptical, I tried to muddle through by imitating the voice of a mouse, which I was very good at.

“…… Mouse?

“It’s happening again! I can’t just leave them alone because they bite everything. I’ll tell the soldiers to kill every single one of them tomorrow morning.”

“Hey go easy.”

“Haha …… Anyway, it seems to be a mouse with a stupid head. It must have very ugly face too.”

“Well. The sound sounds too evil and scared me. Maybe it’s greedy to want something to eat? Let them drink some rotten milk.”

Hahaha, the men were laughing at each other in a friendly manner.

Is it that fun to have insulting a Demon King like that?

After that, they said a few more words, and then they returned to their hard work without words.

Just when I was enjoying the hot dog-like food I had bought as a snack with one hand as the night breeze was blowing too much, I perked up my ears at the sound of conversation coming from the small hole.

“By the way, you will meet her in the near future.”

“Yeah. I can’t bother the hero too much. Celestia will have some distraction now. I’m going to pick her up tomorrow…”


Hearing the words that finally appeared that went straight to the core, I swallowed the hot dog in one bite and peeked through the small hole to see what was going on inside.

“By now, the only people who can teach the princess swordsmanship should be his level. Everyone who was the royal family’s instructor has been defeated, and the knight captain and the others can’t spare the work at hand …… And not only the swordsmanship, but also the teachers in various fields have all said that there’s nothing left to teach her.”

“Well …… I don’t know if it’s fortunate or unfortunate that she has a talent that is so far beyond common sense.”.

With a somewhat gloomy expression under the light of the candle, the king looked away somewhat worried for his daughter. It was only at such times that he would show the expression of a father who was thinking of his child.

But I’m not interested in this kind of thing at all!

I’m only going to hear what I want to hear. It seems that the King’s child, Celestia or whatever, has gone to Hero for training, and he’s going to pick her up tomorrow.

In other words, if I follow these people, I’ll be able to reach Hero’s place.

If I know that, then there’s no need to stay here any longer. Let’s go back to the inn now and study the rice I bought this morning.

With that decided, I leapt down from the castle wall, unfolded my coat and soared away from the castle like a flying rat.


“So what’s going on in that case?”

Just as fly away Chrono lent his strength on the wall to produce a violent impact, causing a large hole to appear over the wall…….

“……ha. In that case, there’s no progress in the investigation at all. As expected, there should still be a considerable number of traitors present.”

“Even if you sigh here, it’s useless. Even successive kings have failed to stop it, but this time I will definitely wipe it out in my generation. Exactly, must …… you understand that.”

“Of course. I am prepared to devote the rest of my life to it.”

The problem that was giving the two of them a headache was a problem that had been with the Light Kingdom for many years, and was as persistent as a disease.

“Hmm… I’ll leave it to you then. So, how many people are there this year?”

“So far, 34 people are unaccounted for.


Leaning his back deeply against the back of the chair, he closed his eyes with a grim expression on his brow.

“It seems that it’s confirmed that there is a traitor among the nobles as well.”

“Hmm ……”

It’s solidly entrenched, King Light realized once again.


Hey hey hey, is this really heading towards where the Hero is?

It’s been six days since I left the royal capital.

Although I came here from the castle with the female knight (a macho physical type in her 40s), …… all I could find when looking around were trees, trees, trees and trees. That’s right, I was in the forest.

It’s also going to be quite deep into the mountains.

Since about yesterday, I’ve even gotten to the point where I’m wondering if she’s just a regular backpacker who’s just on a trip with no purpose.

However, as if mocking at my worries, we finally arrived at an independent gateway house standing in the middle of the forest at around dusk.

The house had a unique atmosphere reminiscent of a fairy house, and the exterior was trendy very nice. To be honest, it was even bigger and more imposing than my old home.

The macho female knight jumped down from her horse and knocked on the wooden door with her log-like arm.

Shortly after, a handsome man in his late 30s with snow white hair appeared.

His physique was quite strong, and the temperament of a martial artist could be felt from the way he raised his arms and legs.

That is, the Hero?

He looks quite powerful …… Well, it seems like his age is a bit too high. Ideally, I’d prefer to be about half his age.

I’d rather have a teenager who’s still immature and has room to grow.

I’ve already followed here, it’s a pity.

Then, once again, as if to mock me for thinking like that, from the position of the waist of the Hero, suddenly …… a good angel-like cute boy showed his face.


Late night.

Because I wanted to see my Hero up close, I decided to pace sneak the Hero’s mansion.

It just so happened that the window was open, so I enter from there.

Jumping onto the window frame of the second floor, I entered the house quietly.

“Who is it!?”

Hearing the high-pitched sound like a silver bell, I panicked and cut off my breath for a moment and stuck above the ceiling.

From the bed in the corner of the room, a small figure sat up.

Probably it was because the moonlight coming in through the window was suddenly obscured. I thought that everyone in the house was asleep, so I was careless.

She took the sword that was standing beside the bed and quickly pulled it out and then approached the window.

Although I couldn’t see her face, I could see the long blonde hair that was illuminated by the moonlight emitting a somewhat mysterious glow. Plus, she was wearing a lovely nightgown of fine texture, so this girl should be the child called Celestia.


Anyway, I decided to trick her first.

“Hoo, so you pretended to be a cat now.”


“I know there is someone there! Come on out!”

How can a child like you? !!

Damn it, if this continues the title of Demon King Chrono will be over.

I silently fell behind the girl so as not to be noticed by her.

“Over here…”


I made a performance like being born out of the dark, revealing my appearance from a shadow.

“….. ah,…. ah,….”

Hum. This looks really amazing.

The girl who turned around in a little astonishment was really like a little goddess.

The way she recoiled slightly because she was a bit scared was also hopelessly cute, so it was really endearing. It really was a look that matched the rumors of the manifestation of goddess.

“You, you …… who are you ……!?”


But because I’m the Demon King. Even though she’s small and cute, I can only give her meaningless despair.

“I’m the Demon King.”

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