Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 37

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Visit of Kujaro

The impact of the Black Demon King and the Black Knight is being felt everywhere, and this enthusiasm in the Kingdom of Light is not cooling down at all.

“- I am truly sorry on this occasion. I apologise for the indiscretions member of our royal family.”

As the sky darkened, a man in the king’s parlour spoke words of apology.

In the colourful room, which was decorated with clean furniture and decorations, an indescribable air filled the room.

“… If you say so, it means you will accept all the demands of our side ….. may i take it that way?”

The Duke Marton, who was sitting next to Celestia, asked the man, who was sitting opposite to him, with a questioning look.

“Yes. It does not matter. The compensation will also be paid for the amount just proposed. There is no objection at all.”

Prince Cassius said with an uncomfortable honesty, as he placed at Celestia, and overwhelmed by her beauty beyond that of a goddess.

He was the first prince of the Kingdom of Kujaro, “Cassius Kujaro”.

He had the same purple hair as his brother, beautifully cascading over his shoulders. He was a slender nobleman, with a combination of good looks and a sharp gaze, and a sensual air that made it impossible to think of them as brothers.

“His Majesty has said so. What he has done this time is unbearable. So we’re not going to pretend we don’t know and we’re not going to cover for him, so I’ll have Goso himself come and apologise some day.”

At those words, which would not have been expected from the King of Kujaro, Marton’s eyebrows jumped slightly.

King Kujaro had a relatively favorable attitude towards the Kingdom of Light, when compared to other neighboring countries.

Because of their military prowess, they tend to have a condescending attitude towards other countries, it was unusual for them to receive such demands.


As if he had expected it, Marton was prepared for the words that came out of Cassius’ mouth.

“…… Although it was true that what Goso did was unforgivable, he was, after all, the prince of Kujaro. I still want to talk to that Black Knight guy face to face after letting that happen to him. How about this ……?”

After all that beating around the bush, in the end it was just to confirm whether the Black Knight was really in the hands of the Kingdom of Light and whether he could be summoned at any time.

Due the nature of King Kujaro, his eldest son and Goso have the same character. When he was beaten by Black Knight, it was his crotch smashed by him so that he was no longer the enemy of women all over the world.

“Oh, that’s right ”

Celestia, who had been fascinating the audience with her emotionless, serious face until now, suddenly said.

Although the voice was like a heavenly music that made people feel happy when they heard it, Cassius was slightly surprised by the clear assertion.

“…… Then, I want to see him, can you help me with the message?

“It’s no problem, but the Black Knight’s position is only that of a collaborator of the Kingdom of Light, so even if something happens it has nothing to do with us, and that’s something you should know beforehand.”


The Black Knight is within their sphere of influence, but he apparently only partner, Celestia said in a cold but flat tone.

The Black Knight’s power was already known through the information gathered by the special forces led by the elderly soldier “Kelly” waiting behind him.

However, Kujaro had a “Relic” holder led by the King, and the Kujaro army had the strongest [Inferno Lion].

Besides, even if it was only himself, he didn’t think he would lose, Cassius had such confidence.

Therefore, there is no problem in turning the Black Knight into an enemy.

Although there was no problem, the order from King Kujaro, who was his father, flashed in his mind.

“…… So that’s how it is. Please let me take this matter back for discussion. It is always good to be cautious.”

“We have no problem with that.”

After a short period of reflection, Cassius admitted that he had lost and ended the conversation with these irrelevant words.

At the sight of him, Cassius’ men watched the scene with trepidation.

After a few more negotiations, at the end of the meeting, Cassius said.

“So, Princess Celestia will be graduating from school this year.”

“Yes. I think I’ll be able to graduate this year.”

He said something that only a graduate would say, as if it were nothing, and brought the conversation to a head.

“That would be better than nothing. It’s still early, but let me congratulate you in advance. I can’t help but think of the time I went to school with Prince Alto.”

“Thank you very much, I will tell my brother.”

“I’d be grateful if you would. …… But since you’re graduating, maybe you’ll finally have to start thinking about marriage, Princess Celestia.”

Seeing such a direct and rude remark from Cassius just as soon as the talks had ended, Marton could not help but frown.

Just as Marton was about to open his mouth to say something harsh to Cassius who said something as if it was right thing to say.

Celestia, who had put the cup of tea down in her hand, spoke instead with an unexpected statement.

“—that’s right, I think so too.”


A carriage of Kujaro’s bright colours left the kingdom.

Inside the ornately decorated carriage was an unhappy Cassius with his arms and legs crossed in front of him, his mind seared with the conversation that had taken place earlier.

“There is already candidate… If the ceremony is held, please come and participate. After all, you are an old friend of my brother’s.”

He was rebuffed with an incredibly cold smile that seemed to grip his soul.

The only person in Cassius’ mind who could match him in looks and bravery was his teacher. So it’s no surprise that his heart is now swirling with anger over his wounded pride.

“…… Princess Celestia was known for her hatred of men. I’ve never heard of her getting close to a man. …… It’s wise not to worry about it.”

Kelly warily tested the mood of the silent Cassius.

“…… eh? I don’t care. I don’t really care. It’s just like you said. And, as you know, the end result is not going to change. It’s going to be the way it’s supposed to be, don’t you think?”

“You are absolutely right.”

As the eldest son of the overbearing royal family of Kujaro, he was a reasonable man.

But that was only at first glance.

On the sidelines, Kelly quietly settled down.

He knew that the prince had no intention of showing his crazy face.

“But, ah, it would be wasted effort to deliberately establish a good relationship with Alto during my student days…. I also want that goddess who fell into the world to obey me in the form of her own begging.”


The pupils of Cassius’s snake-like eyes gradually became ugly and cloudy with desire.

“Hmm, this debt will be paid sooner or later. …… By the way, what do you think about ending that experiment in this country.”

“That experiment, isn’t it over? –I think your body has already surpassed that of a human being.”

At those words, the corners of Cassius’s mouth quirked up a little.

Ever since he had worshipped a certain man, Cassius had become diligent.

No matter how many sacrifices he caused in his own country, he would not stop at all.

Finally on the eve of this journey to the Kingdom of Light, a certain experiment had succeeded.

It was an experiment to make Cassius surpass the human race.

“There was still some left over from the failed experiment. We have to do something about it. Use it on some monsters somewhere and report back to me …… do you understand?”

“I understand.”

The monster (魔物=Mamono) that will be turned into Cassius experiments will again take many lives.

The only salvation was that it was not done to the people of his country. Kelly accepted the two “daggers” from Cassius.

“I’m sure it’ll go on a bit of a rampage, but if the soldiers of the Kingdom of Light can’t stop it, I’d like to be the one to beat it and be the hero. Oh yeah, I’ve got a good idea. Let it devour a little in front of Celestia’s face.”


After the conversation following the meeting was over, Celestia took Mary back to her room with her.

Outside the window it was completely dark. Since it had been clear since morning, the moon was shining very brightly at the moment.

“Is it really all right to say that about your engagement without the permission of His Majesty?

“It is my own business. Besides, I’ve more than made up for it with my work so far, so there’s no reason for them to interfere with my decisions.”

They walked down the corridor with the cool breeze blowing in, and Mary, who was walking ahead, put her hand on the door.

“…… Is that why you are so keen on state affairs? That’s …… but the marriage partner or whatever, I don’t suppose it means anything to you, Celestia-sama ……?”

“Well, what do you think….? More importantly….”

She placed her hand on the arm of Mary, who was trying to open the door while saying something meaningful, and quietly stopped her.

“Celestia-sama ……? Is there a problem?”

“I will rest for today, please make sure no one comes near this room.”

Celestia suddenly gave Mary an order with an extremely serious expression.

Mary didn’t understand what it meant at first, but she soon turned pale and began to act while showing her inner anxiety.

“I… I understand. Surely, I will be thorough in keeping watch.”

She gently pressed her full breasts together and breathed deeply as she watched the sturdy back of Mary, who had left after a salute.

Then, knocking on the door of her room, she entered it with a very rare nervousness.

“Excuse me.”

Gently closing the door behind her, she returned with a churlish salute.

In front of the goddess who had cast a respectful glance –

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” (Chrono)

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