Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 34

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In response to Lionel’s anger, the magical power of the wings increases.

“Does this current old man looks like a flying insect to you?”

Lionel asks Chrono with a frosty smile that hides his anger.

Holding in his hand the great sword that was instantly recognisable as a famous sword, he displayed a threatening attitude.


“Hmm, then, did I mishear you?”

“As I said, you’re worse than a flying insect, I still have a minimum respect for flying insects, but not for you.”

Lionel’s smile froze and the magic in his wings became more violent.

Yet Chrono, whose lustrous black hair flew in the wind, remained bashful in his declaration.

“…… What a filthy wings to look at. Poor guy. Sympathy …… I don’t feel that way. It’s a perfect match for you. I guess that’s the way your nature comes through, I’m sure.”

“…… I heard that you are a demon king. Then let this old man bury you first.”

Lionel flapped his wings and waved his sword while emitting a huge burst of magic power.

The stone walls around him shook violently.

“Hmm, you call yourself a demon king, but this is really poor magic power. If you are a demon king, then this old man is a demon god. There are a lot of people in our organization who are far superior than you.”

Even Celestia, who was watching from the side, looked as if she was about to be blown away if she was not careful.

“Yeah. Call yourself whatever you want…… You can go ahead.”

So said Chrono, who just put his hands in his pockets and stood there.

“Umm. That’s enough.”

Lionel, who was clearly scorned by his opponent, approached Chrono with a single breath.


He slashed down diagonally to cut his opponent in two.
The storm kicked up a whirlwind, creating a small tornado in front of him.


“It just looks gorgeous.”

Lionel’s forehead was covered in a cold sweat as he kept his sword swinging down.

It really should have hit.

Yet …… the blade passed through the Demon King’s body.

The unbelievable state of affairs, one can’t help but think of the phenomenon known as a mirage.

“Is this the extent of the power that has been gained at the cost of the country …… and the sacrifice of your own son? If that’s the case, it’s really a failure.”

“…… Youuuuuuuuu!”

Lionel, who had a high self-esteem, was easily ignited by the teenager’s words. A rush of blood washed over him and he unleashed one chop after another. The power was used with reckless abandon, the magic used.

The tower shook.

Storms, tornadoes, sword presses. Under the effect of those, the tower made a mournful sound.

But ……

“What the hell is ……?”


Desperately suppressing the growing anxiety deep in his heart, Lionel said in an incomprehensible voice, Celestia also felt incredible from the bottom of her heart.

All the slashes went through Chrono’s body.

It was as if it had hit the clouds, and the sword had passed through without any effect.


Even Celestia didn’t see what was going on.

The young man in front of them was a ghost without a body, or he was using some kind of magic. All sorts of possibilities kept appearing in the minds of the two of them, thinking like this.

But, in reality, Crono had only avoided it.

He avoided it with the minimum movement necessary and then returned to his original position, that was all.

It was because the technique was so advanced and the speed of the blow was so fast that it gave the impression that the sword had passed through there.

“Satisfied already? Then…”


Just as Crono was about to pull his hand out of his pocket, the huge ball of fire closed in on him.

“Even magic was used -”


Before the fireball reached him, Lionel slashed at Crono with his sword along with the fireball.

The flames, scattered by that fresh wind, rattled the stone walls.

“-What an impatient old man. ”


The voice came from the direction behind Lionel, the same place where he had just been standing.

“Just let me get to the end of this.”

“…… again this time, what little a trick are you playing?”

Pushing himself up from his sword swinging state, he asked as he turned his head.

However, the light that entered the clearly changed vision made him sweat coldly.

“Finally, you noticed, didn’t your pain sense respond?”

The …… thing in his hand was cut into a thin, with mottled feathers.

“Ah ……, ah ……”

“It’s like a fool, isn’t it? The power that so easy to get hold of, and yet were taken away so easily.”

The wing he had just brushed off was gently thrown away, and Chrono gave a strong, powerful smile.

Lionel watched as the wing, which had become illusory, smouldered away, and a look of anger gradually coloured that face.

“You b*stard ……!!!”

His bloodshot eyes were fixed on Chrono, and he approached with the speed of the wind, delivering a slashing blow that was infused with his magic power.

“Don’t you understand that it doesn’t work?”

At the very moment when the stormy blade was approaching Crono, he saw through Lionel’s hand that held the sword.

And with that, he snatched the sword away and pulled his arm so that Lionel fell forward.


With the sword in his back hand, Chrono cut off the only remaining piece of his single wing.


“It’s noisy.”

The wing went up in magical smoke and he kicked Lionel in the back, causing him to fly off.


“…… I’ve been thinking that since a while ago ……”

Lionel, who had rolled unseemly to the ground, still turned his head to stare at Crono even in this situation.



He was engulfed in terror.

The feeling of the person in front of him had completely changed.

Chrono, who had shown quiet anger for the first time until now, unleashed a pitch-black magical power.

The pupils of his eyes, which had previously seemed to be devoid of emotion, were now indeed strong with emotion.

The pupils of those eyes and the overwhelming magical power that was enough to crush the king’s capital made him unable to even speak and only trembled.

“…… In fact, I was going to drag you to that Harmal guy and ask him what he wanted to do with you …… but he doesn’t seem to be alive anymore.”

Chrono closed his eyes as he said.

“…… so.”

Then he opened his eyes again.


Lionel, whose face had lost all its colour, gave a timid expression, and his eyes met those of Chrono, who was silently burning with rage, looking down.

“Ugh…uuuh …..”

“…… You’ll be just sanctioned here. Surely there are many others who have become miserable because of you, right? The task of seeing you off will be mine. You just have to be prepared to die.”

As he said this, he switched the sword he was holding in his back hand to his front hand and slowly walked this way.

The time had come to guide him on his way.

“Wait, wait! This old man, this old man is willing to be your servant!”

“No need. You, are not fit.”

Desperately backing away, Lionel reluctantly stood up against the wall.

He begged for his life in disgrace, while making up his mind that he could not escape this situation in any way.

“It’s no use.”


“‘I’ve managed to get through this so far, so I’m sure I’ll get through it this time too’, that’s what you think now, right?”

“Uh, uh ……”

“That’s not going to happen. No matter what you do, you can’t get away from me.”

The quality and quantity of Chrono’s magic power increased further.

The pressure facing him caused his breathing and movements to be completely blocked.


“Amongst my story-”

Facing Lionel, who had finally realised that absolute death was approaching him, Crono slowly raised his sword.


Lionel desperately tried to summon up the experience engraved in his memory to use his empty hand to take the blade.

“I’m no need “evil” without pride.”

The tower, sliced open.

The weight transfer, the posture, the strength, the magic manipulation, all of them were perfectly coordinated and cut down.

“…… Ga, ah ……!”

In that central vertical deflection away from Lionel, his hands closed in a void above his head.

“Please say hello to Harmal-san for me.”

Ending the sword too quickly to even stand for blood, he gently lowered the pitch-black sword to bid Lionel farewell.

At the last sight of that cold, cold gaze, Lionel, who was about to die, even felt a faint twinge of joy at finally being able to walk away from Chrono.

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