Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 33

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“…. please die here, that’s really, really unsettling words. And what exactly does sinful mean? This old man just came to take a look at the somewhat weakly guarded cell of Seeley, see?”

Lionel said flatly, slowly turning his head to look at Celestia behind him.

He stood there with his muscular body beneath his white knight’s uniform, full of a vitality that one could not associate with an old man.

At this moment only the sound of the wind blowing from nowhere echoed through the place, and both of them turned their eyes to each other without a word.

“…. Hoo.. did you do it?” (Lionel)

“Yes. I’m sorry, but I’ve already killed him. Seeley, he gave up all the information he had, and after that he seemed to be very frightened of your organization’s secret hand. He must have been really scared.” (Celestia)

Lionel sighed as if he was giving up and admitted that he had fallen into Celestia’s trap.

Everything was as Celestia expected.

Using Seeley as bait, then having Harmal cause a commotion to attract attention, and finally staying here to dispose of Lionel, that was the plan.

“When did you notice it?”

“Suspicions were raised from the very beginning, but it was three years ago when I was really sure that was the case.”

“Ooh? I can’t believe that …… This old man made any mistakes?”

He said with some admiration as he clasped his arms with his hands and raised his eyebrows slightly.

Even Lionel felt a little shaken by the knowledge that he had been suspected of this in the first place, and for a moment was unable to speak.

“It’s not that amazing. For me, it’s just about using you. Use you as a man of very deep desire, very high status, and very strong abilities.”

“…… ha ha ha ha! I’m glad you told me to my face. I see. Maybe that’s true.”

In contrast to Lionel, who seemed to be laughing unconcernedly, Celestia was still staring at him with an austere expression.

“Wasn’t it you who handled the murder of the suspect and the suicide of the knight in the abduction three years ago? I don’t have to say anything because I’m sure you’re involved, but it’s clear that those methods were far beyond the knight’s ability. But you pretended that you didn’t find them and just stopped searching further, isn’t that the same as telling people that you are the one involved.”

“…… I never thought that poor man could produce a monster like you.”

Although such insight sounds a bit unbelievable, seeing Celestia look of conviction shows that what she said is true. Lionel could not help but look at the beautiful woman before him with a little more seriousness in his gaze.

“The king would tell Seeley’s information in the meeting in order to draw out this old man …… No, it was you who told him to convey it to this old man like that, wasn’t it?”

“Yes. He’s good and straightforward, but he’s been brainwashed by you. I don’t think he’s going to abandon you, who he’s obsessed with,…… so … I decided to get rid of them all together.”

It was quite a painful decision for the King and his men too.

For the king and George, as well as for the knights and soldiers, Harmal was a very unfortunate talent in terms of personality and ability.

“…… What happened to Harmal?”

“The last time I saw him, he had lost an arm.”


Celestia looked as if she had seen a rare and strange thing in the world.

“…… Pfff! Gahahahaha! I gave him the magic sword and still lost, that kid.”

Lionel laughed in a fun and exciting way.

“…… Even though he’s only an adopted son, isn’t he still your son?”

“Gahahahaha! Well, he’s a son. He’s a very important son because he was adopted for such a time.”

“… did you brainwash him with Angel Cult too?”

“Well. It’s a great help that he’s so simple.”

“And teaching him to use a sword?”

“That’s for sure. If he doesn’t have the right strength, I can’t use him, can I?”

Celestia’s expression didn’t change at all, it was still expressionless.

Only she knew how she felt about Lionel, who had an innocent expression on his face.

“He really admires you,” she said.

“Yes, I know.”

“He’s proud to have you as his father.”

“Indeed. I’ve heard of that too.”

“By now, he’s probably dead.”


Lionel raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Dead already? That’s quite early.”

His quick response was a few words that sounded very light.

“Compared to those things, you are really a pity. You have a beauty as beautiful as heaven, and that kind of ingenuity. Why did you take away something old and decrepit?” (Lionel)

“Shut up.” (Celestia)

Hearing those words and feeling the sickening sight of her body, killing intent erupted from her body.


“Can you please stop making such boring jokes. It’s really annoying. Hurry up and go to hell.”

With the sharp expression of a goddess of war, she thrust her sword with the overflowing murderous aura.
While Celestia felt an unprecedented anger, Lionel was surprisingly calm.

“Hmmm. So the rumors of you hating men …… are true? But I’m sure you’ll change your mind once you see this.”

From Lionel’s back, a huge spurt of magic power came out.

The magic that spurted out with that momentum caused the entire tower to visibly shake.

“Gahahahahahaha! Can you believe it? Can you believe it? Just by joining the Angel Cult, you can gain this kind of power with a little convenience! The Gospel is a blessing for the chosen one! I feel like a fool for sweating and swinging my sword!”

He opened his arms to express his gratitude to the heavens, and was intoxicated by the pair of black and white mottled wings that were born from the tornado of violent magic.


Celestia looked at Lionel with sharp eyes even though she was in the middle of the magic that covered the whole tower.

“That was great! Can you still show such an expression when you’ve already seen that! Good! Come on, play with me a little.”

The face was twisted with a sadistic smile and Lionel drew his sword.

“I will declare to the public that you were slain here by thieves. Such a fitting deathbed for a false hero like you.”

Celestia was not at all timid, but quietly poured magic into her sword and took up her stance.

Lionel was now a monster of magical power incarnate. Thinking about how to fight as if he were a dragon, various strategies came to Celestia’s mind



Lionel, with his mocking expression, and Celestia, with her anger.

An inexpressible sense of urgency was created between them, and at the very moment when it reached its peak-

The door of a nearby cell, opened.

Maybe it’s because of the rust. There was a harsh metal-cutting sound from there. Quietly, the door opened so slowly.

Both Celestia and Lionel noticed the sudden, small change, and their eyes were naturally drawn to it.

“”–I feel sick.”

The voice of a teenager came to their ears.

He was about 15 years old, with a white shirt and black trousers. There was nothing else of note. Not to mention the sword, he wasn’t even wearing a shackle.

This was the Royal Castle, and it was a special cell in the Tower Containment.

Such an ordinary to somewhat abnormal teenager just walked out of the cell.

“And …… so annoying.” (Chrono)

“…… What the hell, this brat.” (Lionel)

He locked eyes with the dark-haired teenager.

“Ah?” (Celestia)

“You’re a bad guy. I listened to the conversation without permission, but it was really upsetting. You look like you’re telling the truth.”

Looking into the black pupils of the boy’s eyes, Lionel had the illusion that he was being dragged into a deep darkness.

“You, you’re!”

“I’ve never met him, but when I thought of that man called Harmal, it’s as if my heart is being torn apart.”

He closed his eyes as if in prayer, and then when he opened them again ……

“…… It’s been a long time, Princess Celestia.”

“Yes. It’s been a long time. Your Majesty Demon King.”

The young man smiled and spoke to Celestia.

Celestia, in turn, showed the dignity befitting a princess of a nation and bowed gracefully.

(…..Demon King?)

Hearing those words from Celestia, the whirlwind that flooded Lionel’s heart was further accelerated by that nasty premonition and the unknown uneasiness.

“That time and this time are …… sorry to do this twice in a row, but can I have this one too?”

“If you wish, please feel free to do so.”

The boy who was called the Demon King responded to the question with a bitter smile, and then turned in Lionel’s direction.

“Well, this time it’s just a little one that’s no better than a flying insect.”

“I can’t believe you said that, a flying insect ……?”

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