Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 32

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Two Stages

On the stage after the departure of the Black Knight, a fierce battle was going on.


Harmal, who roared like a wild animal, swung his sword with reckless abandon.

Even though it was a normal sword, not a magic sword, Hakuto was bruised and battered as he took it down.


Oswald, who was behind them, shot an arrow.

However, for Harmal, who had experience in the battlefield, he was also good at fighting many against one.

He moved his body away from the straight line between Hakuto and Oswald and easily dodged the arrow.


Erika also took a step forward and closed in on Harmal, ready to use her draw.


However, as she pulled out, she was instead brought closer by her opponent, and a mere flick of the blade to her abdomen sent her body flying.

“Ha… ha.. ha ..”

“Is this the strength of a Knight Commander?”

Breathing heavily, Harmal, who should have been on his deathbed, was still holding his own against the three of them.

Anyone can see from his body that he is willing to risk his life.


Everyone, including the soldiers and the audience, was watching the stage at the moment.

Among them, there were even people who were crying for Harmal, who should have been a traitor.

“–Is it only this level? You guys!”

Harmal’s roar echoed.

He spat out blood in time, staggering unsteadily on his feet, and still he continued to roar.

“How can I entrust my country and the people …… to someone with that level of determination?”

At all times, it was as foolish and straighter than anyone else.

Everything is for the nation.

Even if he thinks in a different direction, his intentions are the same as those of Hakuto and the soldiers.

The reason why he was devoted to the Angel Cult was also because of the belief that there must be someone like himself, someone who was treated like family and saved.

“Shall I …… die in vain? Cough, cough, cough.”


Harmal’s desperate words on the verge of death.

At this moment, his body was filled with wounds from the slashes, and he was spitting out blood continuously, it wouldn’t even be strange if he died any time.

He knew there was nothing more he could do for the Angel Cult and the country.

Then at least, he wants to to show them the way of his life, to entrust the country to the next generation.

The Black Knight had spared him instead of taking his life, and it would be understandable if this was the man’s plan for them.

The sound of mournful cries echoed, and a fire of realisation flared in their chests.

“Erika!” (Hakuto)

“Yes.” (Erika)

One clutched the sword in his hand, the other took the sheath and poured power into it.

“Please leave the cover to me.” (Oswald)

“Thank you very much.” (Hakuto)

Hearing those short but trusting words, Oswald drew his bow again.

Pouring all the remaining magic into it, she took on the task of delivering the first blow of the final curtain.


After gesturing to each other Erika rushed out.

As Harmal began to turn his consciousness that way, the arrow was shot out.

“Tsk! –haaaaah!”

Harmal dodged the arrow by turning sideways, sensing the crisis with the intuition he had developed over the years.

He then turned his body around and swung his sword down at the approaching Erika.


Seeing that, Erika hurriedly used her magic-infused sheath to respond.

“Shaa!” (Erika)

Even if it was Harmal, there was only one hand holding the sword.

With a blow from Erika’s skillful sheath, the heavy and hard sword of Harmal bounced high into the air.

“Gahh ……”

Just then –

“Haaa!!” (Hakuto)

Several years ago, arriving in the royal capital, Hakuto learned one thing.

That was that most of the abductions around the royal capital were done by certain people in search of Hero.

Many people with hair similar in colour to the white hair that characterises a Hero were taken away.

Even though he had lost his duties as a guardian of the ruins, he was forbidden to make his identity known until the traitor was found.

Of course, kidnappings continued unabated during that time.

Although that reason was understandable, innocent people were sacrificed because of them.

How could that not be heartbreaking.

From now on, it was up to himself, as a Hero, to protect them.

The sight of Harmal’s gesture made Hakuto renew his resolve.

Every time he took a step, he felt a sharp pain in his body and his movements became slower.

But it didn’t matter.

Rather, he instead stepped out with more force, subjecting himself to even more pain.

For he had learned the art of using pain to distract from pain.

After taking the final step he delivered a powerful blow. It was a blow that was even better than the ones he had done so far, a blow that used his weight to exert all his strength.

“Haaaaa!” (Hakuto)

Hakuto’s sword clashed with Harumal’s.


Hakuto’s slash split his opponent’s sword and reached Harmal.

“Ha …… ha, ha ……”

Harmal fell into a pool of blood as if he had collapsed.

“Mr. Harmal!”

“For the rebel like me, use, honorific… it’s….. ah….”

Harmal could not help but smile bitterly at the sight of Hakuto, who was looking down at him with tears in his eyes, in the midst of the vision that had become hazy.

In the hand-to-hand battle just now, the brown wig was blown out, and his snow-like beautiful hair was exposed.

Seeing his favourite colour at the last minute, Harmal’s heart gradually calmed down.

“Hakuto… afterwards, please, cough cough… please…”

“Yes …… yes ……”

Although he pointed his blade toward the king, but at the last moment he could feel the happiness of being held in someone’s hand and left, and Harmal, who asked commitment to the other side, gradually lost his consciousness.

Father, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. ……

Leaving behind a line of tears and these words, a man from the Kingdom of Light.

A “knight” passed away..


Contrary to the bustling arena, a cold and heavy atmosphere pervaded the holding tower.

The sound of boots hitting the stone pavement echoed there.

Giving instructions to the soldiers to proceed to the arena, he walked easily to his destination.

Then, to the uppermost level.

There were several cells set side by side, a floor reserved for important people who had become sinners.

Before coming to one of the cells, he picked up the iron key he had received from the soldier who had been on duty earlier –

“–Seeley isn’t here?”

From behind the figure that had managed to reach Seeley Shook’s cell, there came an untimely, clear voice.

“Celestia …… Light …..”

“It’s indeed me. Although you seem to have done a lot of tricks secretly, it’s just a pity.”

Quietly drew out the sword, she declared while raising the sharp silver gleam. “You who are sinful, please die here, Lionel.”

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