Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 30

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There’s inside story behind beautiful words

In the middle of the heavily guarded royal castle ……

“- Ah, here it is, an invitation from Her Highness Erika.”

“My apologies! Please pass through!”

That way, the infiltration was successful without a hitch.

With a hot dog in one hand.

It was almost noon before the general public was finally allowed in, and it took a few hours to get to the admissions stage. It was really very smooth.

Although I’m already well-travelled in the Royal Castle (without permission), the space available for invitation today was quite cramped.

As soon as you go out the door to the right, you are within the boundaries of the exercise yard.

If you make a mistake and intrude there, you will be imprisoned in the tower that stands at the edge of the grounds as a holding facility.

The circular tower, surrounded by an austere atmosphere, seems to have been built to hold prisoners who need to be investigated.

But it was a very convenient building for me.

If something bad happened, I could just run away to there.

If anything happened, the soldiers would first search the castle, then the courtyard and other facilities, and finally this asylum tower with nothing special.

If you use the flying squirrel leap there, you can easily escape.

It’s a common habit not only of the King but also of the villains to think about their escape routes.

The King had a hard time, after all. Even though he’s being watched, he still has to hold the royal competition and appear in front of the public as usual.

I thought to myself as I looked around.

Although the audience had been carefully selected, the place was still very crowded. It wasn’t unusual to find people who had their eyes on the King’s life here.

With some sympathy in my heart, I made my way through the crowd and took my assigned seat.

I could see right into the middle of the stage, which was a pretty good seat among the general seating.

As I took a bite of my hot dog, I looked around and saw that there were a number of bleachers at the top, reserved for royalty and selected nobility. It’s like a special box seat. It was really enviable.

Well forget it. This is too early for me, which is still the egg of Demon King.

It’s still in times of struggle, it’s better to prioritise this part-time job now than all that.

As I recall, the code word is …… “Complete the mission with the goal of Lion’s Seat” ……

I’m not sure, but does it refer the bleachers with the magnificent lion sculpture at the front?

There are three seats there.

If that’s the case, then Lion’s Seat must be referring to the centre.

At that moment, a roar of cheers rang out.

My body jolted and I jumped up, not knowing what was happening so I looked towards the front of the audience’s eyes.

Immediately afterwards, the King of …… and Princess Celestia, who was dressed as a Hime Knight, appeared, accompanied by Shiro the Hero.

They arrived at the viewing gallery with the lion statue and waved to the crowd with a cheerful smile.

After waving their hands in response to the audience, they sat down in silence.

The king, of course, sat in the center ……


Eh eh eh eh eh eh ~! The assassin who had his eyes on the king’s life turned out to be referring to me!

I was taken aback simply to the point of almost dropping my hot dog out.

No matter how you think about it, I must have been instructed to assassinate King Light.

Asura and the old man, what a part-time job you’ve introduced me to!

No, but I’ve already received the advance, and I can’t return it because I don’t know who the client is. And after all, I already used some of it when I bought the ingredients for the pickels.

If there’s one thing I’m thinking about now…… it’s that the man really worked hard until late …… he worked so hard that I’ve been worried about his hairline since years ago… I can’t just kill him for a part-time job.

How about just destroying that luxurious seat of the king instead?

Yeah, let’s do that. If anyone complains, then I can just say “I thought the target was the middle seat”, like this to muddle through. It is said that I thought it was due to reasons such as being too old.

As a last resort, I could also accuse it of being the fault of the incomprehensible code.

Now that I’ve decided to do so, I’ll see the time to change into the transformation suit that I had prepared in the Royal Castle yesterday and smash it in one breath the moment the King leaves from there …….

As I was thinking of taking this somewhat bitter ploy, Erika, who had entered the field, gave me a slight wave of her hand. I returned the gesture.

At the moment she was dressed more like a princess than usual, and very pretty. And also had the sword very well carried.

Her opponent …… eh, isn’t this the male student who shot the magic?

I see, that’s right. He’s Goso then …… no wonder he’s so angry.

And …… looks like something was happening there. He snarled and refused the referee who wanted to do a physical examination, and he kept resolutely refusing until Princess Erika said, “Forget it, it’s okay.

…… It’s really boring.


In the middle of the room, the atmosphere became even more heated as more than everyone expected.


“Kuh, what a cunning move!”

The young princess scattered the magic tricks that Goso kept performing one after the other in a magnificent manner.

She used what was considered a sword technique of her own, not pulling it out but defending it with its sheath. Without the slightest danger the fireball and the thunder whip were withstood.

“.….. It’s such a beautiful technique. I can’t believe she can do this to the evil boy Kujaro as her opponent. When did Erica develop such a powerful skill?”

The king could not help but sigh at the growth of his daughter.

Goso Kujaro’s magical talents were as well known as his notoriety.

It seemed to many that this competition would be a very fierce battle. Or maybe it would be over before the two sides got close because of Goso’s magic, as most of them expected.


“I’m sorry for my lack of knowledge, but I don’t know much about it either. I just heard that she’s going to be preparing …… alone, which is really great, I can’t wait to see what she does when she pulls the blade out.”

There was a slightly unhappy atmosphere around Celestia, and Shiro, who hadn’t noticed this, was still staring at Erika on the stage.

“I feel the same way.”

Many people were watching with the same breathless intensity as the King and the others, keeping a constant eye on the changes on the stage.

“Damn! Ha, ha, argh ……”

The panting Goso was by now drenched in sweat.

Even if he was a genius in magic, he was still a student, and after using nearly a dozen rounds of magic, his magic power was starting to run out.

Then, Erika, who had been waiting for a long time, started to act.


With a breath, she lowered her waist, placed her sheathed sword at her waist, and sped out like an arrow.

Closing in on her opponent in an instant, she let her body move as it had been exercised by Glass’s hammering, pushing naturally towards the sheath opening –


Although the slightly twisted corners of Goso’s mouth gave her a bad feeling, she nevertheless released the blade from its sheath.


Just one step away from victory, she swung her blade at her opponent’s neck —- but it was bounced away.


“Hahahaha! A true magician never slacks in his preparation at any time!!!”

Goso let out a creepy laugh and just swung the thunder whip out.

In his sadistic impulse, Goso swung it without thinking about the consequences.

“What a bore.”

The thunderbolt that was coming at Erika was silently crushed.

Time seemed to freeze, and the entire venue froze.

” Who are you… ?”

“…. Ah!”

Whether it was the audience, the soldiers or the knights …… without anyone realising it, the 『Black Knight』 suddenly appeared on top of the stage.

It was really too sudden.

Everyone had been watching the stage, but when they looked back, he was already standing there like a big mountain.

The only sounds left in the chilling silence were the timid sounds of fear from Goso and the desperate moans of a pale Erika.

That’s impossible, this Black Knight was the assassin who had his eye on the King’s life.

Everyone present was the same, sensing the Black Knight’s power with just one glance, casting astonished glances as they felt a chill.

However, the actions of the Black Knight, who was bathed in these eyes, were very puzzling.

While leaving the soldiers immobilised by his overwhelming aura, he casually ripped open the shirt on Goso’s chest.

“That’s ……”

“…… Ah!”

He threw the exposed strap with the pendant, which looked like a magic prop, at the judge who was still frozen in place.

But the pendant wasn’t caught and just fell to the ground.

Seeing this, he turned to Erika …… and declared.

“You win. With such a level of power, he’s even far behind you.”

“Eh ……?”

Erika did not immediately understand the meaning of the Black Knight’s words and actions, so she just ruminated slowly and tried to understand.

“…. What did you do without permission–”

The body of Goso, who was on fire with madness as always, flew out towards the sky.

The moment he touched the Black Knight’s arm, he was catapulted high into the air as if by a superpower.

No magic was used, nor was it a throwing move by the power of magic. It was an unknown power.

“…… Arghhhhhhhhh ……”

From outside the field came Goso’s shout of grief, but he probably fainted so he soon stopped.

“You are ……”

“I’m just idly taking care of side things beyond the main goal.”

He slowly drew his sword from his belt and casually made a throwing gesture.

The sharp blade was pointed at the …… lion’s viewing gallery.

“Eh ……?”

–He threw it.

The cannonball-like blade, which had gone in like a meteor, was drawn towards the lion’s viewing stand–


“………… eh?”

As if to tear the silence apart, the sound of sorrow resonated throughout the entire arena, and only Erica heard the small sound coming from the Black Knight.

But since it was impossible for the Black Knight to make that somewhat silly sound, it must have been just an ill-timed illusion, so Erika quickly forgot about it.


There are some changes I do in Chapter 28 about the mission given to Chrono.

This is just an editing MTL translation, so you will most likely find some ambiguous and incomprehensible parts, the chapter will be updated in the future as the story progresses to match it.

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