Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 27

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After the knight’s confusion

In front of the door of the King’s Chamber, Harmal stood there with the recruits of the Knights of the Guard, filled with a sense of tension.

They stood there unshaken and with pride in their duty.

But the figure that appeared in front of the passage made their spirit, which would not flinch even in the presence of the king, crumble easily.


“You don’t need to greet the knight, Celestia-sama.”

Celestia appeared, accompanied by Mary.

Although it was the first time they had met since the conflict, Celestia did not need to say that, even Harmal did not show much concern. And it’s not like he’s not good enough, but because it has been determined that Celestia is an absolutely incompatible opponent.

“Since you continue to do this, may I assume that you have chosen the position of a knight?”

“No matter how I answer, it doesn’t change anything, does it?”

The implication was that the fact that he had been excluded from the meeting room should mean that he was no longer trusted. He said sarcastically like this.

In the face of this insolent response to the princess, Mary gave a ghost of a look, but Celestia’s own face still held a gentle smile.

“Since you have been able to reply so without any confusion at all, then I will take it so …… can you open the door now?”

She then gave the order to open the door to the other knight besides Harmal.

“Ah, yes. I’m very sorry.”

As if fascinated, the red-faced knight opened the door in a hurry.

“That’s it, then.”


Celestia took Mary and walked into the meeting room with an elegant pose.

“… I’ve spoken, with that Celestia-sama…”


Although the subordinate’s face showed a very unlikeable slutty expression, Harmal’s face was wearing a completely sinister look at the moment.

Faced with Celestia, whose inner thoughts were completely unreadable, he watched her leave with a look as if she was looking at an unfathomable monster.

This was also the moment when the entanglement and confusion within his heart began to gradually tilt.


In the meeting room were King, George and Lionel, plus Celestia and Mary who had come with her, making a total of five people.

“So about Alto-sama’s return …… it’s true, it will be much earlier than scheduled isn’t it?”

Lionel repeatedly confirmed the truth of this matter.

“Etro. According to the letter received, he will return within two weeks.”

The First Prince Alto, as the leader of the First Order, which had gathered many elites, fully exerted his charisma and bravery as a leader.

Even though he is not an irregular like Celestia, he is still an outstanding talent enough to be called outstanding.

“…… Well, is the reason unknown.”

“According to the letter, it seems that there is not a full grasp of the situation.”

The reason why First Prince Alto went to the border was to keep the annual reconnaissance force of the Ralman Republic at bay.

For a battle that is rarely fought, someone of Alto’s or Lionel’s strength is needed.

However, this year ……

“It’s surprising that the Republic’s scouting force had been wiped out.”

The scouting force of the Republic of Ralman is said to have been wiped out in a tragic manner.

In the Ralman Republic, which is surrounded by mountains, there are a variety of monsters, and they are quite numerous. The Ralman troops who had tamed them were a challenge to handle, but now they have been wiped out.

“The corpses look like the work of very powerful monsters, but it doesn’t make sense. There’s no sign of them being eaten, after all.”

“…… It doesn’t make sense. It’s a long way from the rest of the country. If they had done it, there would have been sightings. The only one I can think of right now is the [Demon of the Marsh] who lives nearby …… but I’ve never heard of that guy leaving that area.”

As George and Lionel were worrying, Celestia spoke up as if nothing was wrong.

“It’s no use groaning something you don’t understand. Let’s move on to the next topic.”

“No, but this is a major issue.”

“Gather information and send soldiers. That’s all we can do now. And since we can worry about such things in our own room, let’s start with the things we can’t deal with unless we’re all together.”

Celestia poured cold water on the two men’s eagerness to discuss the matter with cold words as she sipped the green tea Mary had prepared.

“That’s right. It is impossible to conclude this until we hear the report directly from Alto. There’s still a mountain of issues here, so help me out a little.”

The king’s joking remark was made in the hope that George and Lionel would heed Celestia’s advice.

“That’s right. Then it must be over sooner rather than later, so that Your Majesty can be freed as soon as possible.”

“Ha ha ha. If so, let’s finish it in a hurry so that His Majesty can enjoy dinner.”

With their shoulders slightly relaxed and smiles on their faces, they quickly moved on to the next topic.

“So, the next question is about the security of this imperial competition ……”

George said this before turning his attention to Lionel who was clearly frowning.

“…… Well …… can you think of something else, Your Highness.”

“No. Harmal he, will be going to be in charge of guarding a different venue from His Majesty’s viewing gallery.”

The fact is that, in the face of Celestia’s immediate rejection without mercy, Lionel was still unwilling to give up.

It’s unknown if it is considered that if Harmal is removed from His Majesty’s escort this time, he will definitely be gradually alienated in the future. But the King showed the same serious expression as usual.

“I would ask you to reconsider here. There is also information about the assassins who are targeting His Majesty. In view of Harmal’s merits he has been …… anyway ……”

He bowed his head deeply.

“This vigilance has nothing to do with the past.”

“…… Please also be accommodating here, by all means please!!!”

He banged his forehead hard on the table and pleaded very sincerely.

“Lionel, I don’t want to change Celestia’s proposal even if you say these personal words. It is better to simply give up this time.”

The king’s plaintive words contained a will that could not be denied.

“…… I see. …… that’s right. It is true that the old man was a bit uncool. I am very sorry, everyone.”

After bowing his head to the king, Lionel also apologized to Celestia and George.

After seeing that not only the king but also George had not helped to speak, he realised that he could not convince the other side.

As if to change the atmosphere in the room, George looked at the cup of tea in Celestia’s hand.

“Ehem…. It’s rare for Celestia-sama to drink something other than black tea.”

“Actually, I’m a little concerned about it too. …… Is this green tea?”

The king’s eyes also looked at the cup of tea in Celestia’s hand.

“Yes. It’s something I received by chance, and I’ve been drinking it lately because it suits my taste. Isn’t that right, Mary?”

“Yes, it’s a lovely drink!”


There’s no need to add lovely to that sentence.

Under the eyes of George and the King, as always, Mary was a bit frightened at first, but now she is rather excited. What a complete change of attitude.

But in the midst of that somewhat unique harmony, Lionel’s expression remained very stiff.

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