Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 26

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Scene of the Garden, part 2


Erika’s voice, mixed with the sound of the roaring advancing fireball.

To still stuck in its sheath, Glass just stood there frozen.

Whether he drew his sword or avoided it, the moment to launch it had been missed.

Whoever it was, thought that the fat boy would have a new victim under his belt.

However, the fireball was easily bounced away.

“…… huh?”

The little fat boy with the wonderfully curly haircut instead made a maniacal sound.

“…… you can shoot as often as you like. But it would be nice if it was stronger, can you do it?”

“You, you!!!!”

He shot fireballs one after the other in anger as his blood ran high.


Effortlessly, Glass struck with the sheath he was holding in his left hand.

The fireballs hit by the sheath were cut in two, and instantly began to dissipate from the inside.

Glass, which is waving its sheath with a minimum of light movement, has a somewhat apologetic and dissatisfied look.

“Well, forget it …… Erika-sama, if it’s just this level of magic, it’s easier to handle it by injecting magic power into the sheath than by using the blade to chop.”

“I can’t believe …… you’re saying that, just this level of, ……?”

The male student who said this through gritted teeth had veins appearing on his face as he injected magic power further than he had just done to make a barrage of fireballs.

That was still an incredible level of magic for a student.

But Glass swept them away, one by one, and continued to instruct throughout.

“Are you listening?”

“Ah, eh …… well, um ……”

He then began to explain in more detail when he heard Erika’s somewhat slurred reply.

“This way it will not cause the blade to break, and if handled properly you will not be consumed by the aftermath. It also covers the length of the blade.”

“Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Perhaps because the magic power was not enough after all, the fireball shooting stopped.

“…… I’m so sorry.”

“Huh, what did you say!”

Glass, who had approached the male student at some point, apologised from the bottom of his heart.

“Don’t worry. It just a start. You still have some talent. What’s that one called? The name of the prince who is the third male of a small country who does as he pleases,” he said.

No one in the room could understand what the servant was talking about.

“It’s Goso Kujaro, Mr. Glass.”

No, only one person understood those words.

Celestia, who had the title of the most knowledgeable person in the Kingdom of Light, reminded him of it in a tone of amusement, whether unintentionally or not.

“Ah, so that’s it, Goso-sama.”

The male student froze in his tracks.

“That Goso-sama seems to be the best magician in this school. He might be a good reference for the new student like you.”

Here for the first time, they understood what he was saying.

The servant had mistaken him for a new student.

“From what I’ve asked the princesses here, that Goso-sama seems to be a hopeless person in terms of character, a criminal to put it bluntly …… but it’s not a problem to learn magic from him in secret.”


The impression held by that Celestia, as well as Erika, who was also one of the three most beautiful women in the Kingdom of Light, pierced deeply into the male student’s heart.

In his own mind, he had nothing to be ashamed of. Even after reviewing his behaviour so far, he thought that it was only natural for someone with a noble status and great strength.

So now his mind is filled with thoughts like “this is a plot by someone who wants to get in the way of my relationship with Celestia” and “someone who is jealous of my talent is spreading bad words about me”.

And then, at the same time ……

“Oh, please keep this conversation a secret, I still don’t want to be fired from this job,. …… So, thank you very much for your cooperation.”

Glass gave a salute and turned towards the princesses.

There were sneering jeers from all around.

More than the shame and humiliation he was subjected to, he was driven to action by a degree of passion he had never felt before.

“–Thunder Whip!!!”

Letting out a crackling sound, the whip-shaped block of electricity bent long as it closed in on Glass’s back.


Standing at Celestia and Erika’s angle, they could clearly see.

Glass, who was coming their way, and …… Goso behind him.

Goso unleashed his magic with a look of rage that was all red in the face.

At the same time …… no, rather earlier than that, Glass raised the hand with the sword in an casual motion.

Then, with his thumb, he pushed it out towards the mouth of the sheath.

It was just a gesture, but it had an appeal that was so captivating that they forgot to blink for a moment. It was a momentary event, but it seemed to slow down the passage of time.

However, what unfolds after that is as clear as water stream.

With a fluid, gorgeous movement he made his body sink slightly, and swung his sword as he turned his body around.

A flash.

The sword swung out as if in a semicircle, cutting the whip of thunder in front of the hand that Goso was holding.

There was no way of knowing when he had drawn his sword.

It wasn’t because he was too fast.

It wasn’t that he was too fast, it was that their brain couldn’t keep up with him because of the flamboyant and fluid sequence of movements, it was just that.

For a moment, no one could speak or even breathe because of the beautiful swordplay, which was so remarkable at first glance.

The silence was broken by the sound of the sword clashing with its sheath as Glass himself withdrew it.

The fierce sound of a sword clashing was a stark contrast to the previous slash, which was reminiscent of a tranquil flowing water, and the people present could not help but feel a surge in their hearts.

“…… It’s over already, right? If you force yourself too much, it will affect your classes tomorrow. The unaccustomed school life should cause you to accumulate some invisible fatigue.”


Glass spoke with a soft atmosphere as if he had become another person, and cast a warm gaze at Goso as if he was watching a child.

“…. I, I will remember-”

“Thank you for your understanding, please do not hesitate to contact me again when using the saloon. I will serve you well.”

Putting his index finger to his lips and winking, Glass cut off the announcement that he wanted to say the “I will remember this!!!” line.

“Argh~~~ let’s go!”

Goso, flushed with shame and anger, prepared to go to his room in order to take out his anger on the women he had bought.

The two women, who understood this, turned pale with fear.

“Ah, just a moment, please. I don’t think those people over there are from this school. It’s forbidden to enter without permission.”

If he let them go, he would be fired, so Glass stopped the two women in a hurry.

“These are the women I bought! It’s up to me what I do with them!”

“Bought? …… So that’s it.”

As if sensing something, Glass once again looked at Goso with a gentle gaze.

“The actual fact is that you’ll be able to’t be able to improve your magic, it’s really not a good idea to take it out on women. Personally, I would recommend exercise as a way to relieve stress. You… seem to be a little lack of exercise.”


That’s a pretty confident suggestion to kill two birds with one stone for the sake of health.

“Hoo-hoo, maybe that’s better.”

“Pfft, that’s true.”

Celestia and Erica laughed out loud in agreement.

“You! You! I will remember this!”

“Eh, etto~. That’s why I said to contact me again. I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Gahhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Was it madness, whoever was expecting it, roared like that, and Goso slowly ran out of the garden.


Glass, who had been tearfully thanked by the two women Goso had brought with him, accepted their words with an affectionate smile, although he was somewhat puzzled, and then he left the garden in order to take them to the entrance of the school.

After Glass had left the garden, Celestia and Erika were still sitting around the table.

“That, that man, is so powerful ……”

Then Hakuto, who had come to see what was going on because he had heard the commotion over here, joined in, discussing the topic about Glass just now with the same enthusiasm as the people around.

“That was a sword technique that freed the sword from its sheath, I think. That’s something you don’t see in the Kingdom of Light, where swords’ themselves are rare.”

Celestia said to Erika, who was sitting across from her, and Hakuto, who was standing at the side.

“Did …… he teach me something like that ……?

Erika, who was holding the sword she had just received from Glass and whose heart was rippling with anticipation, muttered in a low voice.

“…… In that case, it’s okay to break the engagement.”

As if in retaliation for what had been going on, Hakuto said with a mischievous child-like smile.

“Ha, huh? What are you talking about? I’m not interested in Glass he’s …… just a servant …… although it’s true that he was just a little bit handsome but …… he’s a strange guy ……”

Looking at Erika’s attitude that no matter what it looked like she didn’t mean it at all, Hakuto couldn’t help but find it interesting.

“The actual fact is, you’ll be able to do as you like. I don’t care when you say it–” (Hakuto)

“- no.” (Celestia)

It was a harsh word that they had never heard before.

For a moment, Hakuto and Erika wondered if they were really her words.

“Celestia, nee-sama ……?”

“It doesn’t matter to me what kind of relationship you want to have. Whether the other party is a noble, a commoner, or even from another country, I want you to have a free love affair. …… However, I can’t allowed that Mr. Glass.”

Celestia’s usual dignity seems to be a mere shadow of her current self, as she radiated a majesty that overwhelms everyone.

“Why ……”

“After that day, I investigated him because I was a bit concerned.”

She spoke seriously in response to Erika’s justifiable question.

He was hired without anyone knowing his identity, but he was able to start his job without anyone questioning it as if it were a matter of course.

Because of its high standards, the Wright School also scrutinises its staff quite closely.

According to Célestine, that kind of profile really doesn’t make anyone think that they can be accepted.

“It would be fine if there were just some shady practices …… but I think there’s a possibility that he’s actually under the [Demon King of Black].”


“No, that’s …… but ……”

The two learned that Celestia had shown up at the school several times in such a short period of time to spy on Glass.

“I have often told you two what a vicious existence the [Black Demon King] really is, haven’t I?”

“Yes ……”

“Yes ……”

Since they were young, they had heard from Celestia about the transcendent and powerful [Black Demon King] that she had encountered.

It was impossible to forget, but ……

Erika and Hakuto were still unconvinced because they had some good feelings for the very unique Glass.

No, rather they didn’t want to believe it.

“……It’s not certain yet, but there is no doubt that he has used improper means. That’s why you can’t be careless with him. …… Understand?”

Celestia admonished with the kind of forcefulness that one would not associate with the usual loving atmosphere.



Erika’s mind kept thinking as she unconsciously gripped the sword in her hand a little tighter.

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