Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 25

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Scene of the Garden, part 1

A fancy carriage leading to the schoolyard, where the rich and powerful are located, slowed down …… to a stop.

Celestia, who had finished her work for the day ahead of schedule, stepped down after the maid opened the carriage door and walked through the gates of the school.

Taking in the cheers that rose like fireworks with ease, she walked towards the saloon.

Having earned the necessary credits early on, Celestia had rarely been seen at the school, and this was the first time in years that she had come to the school with such frequency.

Although Celestia was wearing the same white uniform as the other students, on her body it seemed to be something completely different, as beautiful and radiant as a celestial maiden’s plume.

A man at a distance spotted the divine figure and rushed over from the reception of the saloon.

“Oh, if it isn’t Your Highness Celestia. It is very rare that you should visit the saloon. We will prepare the best saloon for you if you need it. Etto~ what can I do for you?”

Although he was the oldest and most experienced servant here, he could not help but be overwhelmed by Celsetia beauty and carried on the conversation in an unnatural manner.

Although this is a blunder that would normally enough to irritate or even bring down punishment, Celestia smiled and carried on a minimal conversation.

“Is – is Mr. Glass here? I heard he’s staying with Erika.

♢ ♢ ♢

According to the old servant, who had a slightly twitchy smile, Glass and Erika were in the garden next to the saloon.

With a growing group of students behind her, she made her way to the garden, which she had never set foot in before.

Knowing where the location was, she got there easily and passed through the gate without hesitation.

The scent of roses from inside the door came to Celestia nose.

After passing through the door, she soon found the person she was looking for on the side lawn.

“There, keep your eyes open and shake your head! Look at the move, look at the move look at the move.

“Uh, uh..”

Glass held a club with a rounded end wrapped in cloth and jabbed it relentlessly at Erika’s face.

Erika was shaking her head from side to side to avoid it. The tracksuit-like clothing was soaked in sweat and clung to Erika’s skin.

“All right! Next item!”

“Haa, haa …… you, you said the next item …… do you want to do that too today?”

“…… Hurry up!”


After the enigmatic training session, Glass gave a command as he straightened his tuxedo, which was a bit messy.

Erica was originally a very headstrong character, but now she obeyed his instructions very honestly.

“Good day, Mr. Glass.”

“Good day, Your Highness. I am sorry to have taken so long to notice you. I am very sorry.”

Celestia didn’t care about the students who cast weird gazes here in the distance, and joined the circle of friends here without hesitation.

Glass immediately returned the salute and pulled a chair from nearby for her to sit in.

“Ne, Nee-sama, Nee-sama…”

“Don’t stop your hands.”

“But, it’s a shame. ……”

Erica, who was talking like this, was hitting a piece of wood tied and hung with a black jacket. When it bounced, she hit it again, repeating this action. When it fell, she hit it again, doing this repeatedly.

“I’ve told you many times, haven’t I? It’s quite an orthodox training. Many bullied children have become good fighters because of it, and it’s the gateway to becoming a martial artist. Let the mosquitoes suck away all the shame and stuff.”

“Uuuu ……”

While preparing green tea and snacks for Celestia on a nearby table, he said to Erika in a stern tone.

“You two look like you’re having a good time, can I join in?”

“…… It’s better not to do that.”

Faced with a request from Celestia, who was sitting elegantly on top of her chair, Glass gently refused.

“Why …… please let me join ……”

Her eyes were tilted upwards, like a child’s, as she poured out her grievances to Glass.

In the midst of the noise of rough breathing and commotion from the students, who were overwhelmed by Celestia cute and somewhat lustful appearance, Glass stammered out his reasons.

“…… Actually, it was just an exercise in perseverance for Erika-sama. And in the end, that kind of practice has no meaning at all for Her Highness, who is already an expert swordsman.”

“Is that so …… I’m sorry, but if that’s what you said, Mr. Glass, then I won’t do it.”

“That’s good.”

♢ ♢ ♢

Being late from Celestia, about ten minutes later.

A student who was completely different from the atmosphere around him walked through the doors of Light Academy.

On either side of him were two women who were clearly not associated with the academy.

The slightly chubby student put his arm around the shoulders of the women with the fake business smile and a look of pleasure on their face.

“Hmm? What’s wrong? I feel like there are not many students today. …… always feel so annoyed …… even though I still want to show off the new woman I bought.”

The two women in the highly exposed dresses shuddered uncontrollably.

Because they both know very well that this man is an arbitrary, untold number of women abused to the point of mutilation and then discarded, extremely bad evil boy.

Several of them had gone down the path of misery because of the man’s self-consciousness and mood.

But because of his status as a prince of a neighboring country, the presence of a collaborator, and the large sums of money paid to the referral agency, no one could properly catch him in evidence, and he was left to continue his evil deeds.

“…… students are gathered in the garden …… look at the level of commotion, it must be that …… Gufufu… …”

Casting his eyes out into the garden as if to show his inner desires, the corners of the male student’s mouth twisted ugly.


“Is there someone like that? Honestly, it’s an uncomfortable subject.”

“Haa, haa… haaaa!!”

What was going on now was the topic of Erika’s opponent in the imperial competition, Goso Kujaro.

“However, it seems that there is a collaborator of his in the Kingdom of Light, so there is no evidence to convict him. There are also other reasons, and he became a top student with this development. ”


Celestia said with some distress as she elegantly sipped her green tea.

On the side, Glass was tapping Erica’s joint with a thin wooden stick, as if teaching her a certain posture.

“For the sake of those victims, it would be nice if he could get some kind of sanction …… Well, lower your waist some more.”

Curtly ending his conversation with Celestia, he lightly tapped Erika’s waist.

“Mmm!!! …… Nah, Glass. Is this really enough to defeat Goso?”

“Of course. I’m sure you can beat the crap out of him.”

“Really …… I think I’ll be exhausted before that happens.”

Erika didn’t seem convinced by the confident words of the man who pushed up his glasses.

“Yare-yare. You’ve promised that you’ll never complain before, doesn’t it count?”


At the sound of Glass’s sigh, Erika pouted with dissatisfaction.

“But it’s really time to show what we’ve to achieve here. …… Excuse me, can anyone here use magic?

Glass picked up the knife hanging from the tree and asked the crowd around him.

“Don’t worry, I hope you’ll shoot me.”

Even if one had the right level of magic, who would raise their hand in the face of a request like that that would make one commit an act of murder?

Whoever was there thought so.

Then … forcibly pushed aside the crowd, a male student walked out accompanied by two women.

“It seems like no one can do it except me. Is this to show off in front of the two Princesses? Of course, I can.”

The student walked up to Glass with a disgusting grin on his face, and everyone around him, except Glass, looked away in disgust.

“Oh. Thank you for your kind assistance. Then, please, at the time you prefer-


Glass’s slightly grateful note was just halfway through when he suddenly shot out the fireball without a second thought.

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