Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 24

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The spring breeze came to my face.

From the open window of the saloon, you can see the flowers blooming in the courtyard, and the bright colors create a space that can make the heat feel peaceful inside.

The warm and soft breeze sent the fragrance of those flowers over to heal every costumer who came to the saloon.

It was a warm afternoon like that.

“Fuu ……”


My Jungle Saloon …… was booked.

“Haa …… haa …… haa ……”

There was the princess who had made a reservation.

At this time she was lying on the rock table that I had polished very carefully and playing with her orange hair blowing with her breath.

It was really a lazy look that one couldn’t imagine that it was the usual cheerful and lively Princess Erika.

“…… your highness.”

“Erika is fine~”

“Then Erika.”

“I’m not asking you to call me by my first name directly! You can’t call me that! I’m a princess!”

The princess went all out to spit about it. When she jumped up, she became full of vitality at the moment.

To make a fortune by promoting Mac’s rice in this all-money school, this is the best way to make money I have come up with. Although it went smoothly until I sneak in, but…

“Please be kind enough to accommodate the difficulties of my admiration for the gentle Erika-sama …… Putting aside such things for a moment, what is the reason for my appointment lately?”

“What? Do you hate it?”

“Well ……”

“I don’t believe it! You’re still as pity as ever!”

Rather than hate, it’s because I want to sell rice to more noble young lords and ladies, and I don’t want to be appointed too many times in a row.

And I was also targeted by the seniors of other servants because of this …… The royal family’s servants seem to be a rather desirable existence, and everyone is desperately fighting for the pitifully few opportunities. In such a situation, I was appointed by her like now, so naturally I became a thorn in everyone’s side.

“Why did you come to the saloon alone? Did Hakuto-sama a not come?”

“… Hakuto is attending a tutorial lecture. Hakuto, his brain is actually not very good.”

The girl who stood up for the sake of spiting said this after taking a sip of green tea.

For Hakuto, who is a lover, she really said too much.

No, it may not actually be that kind of relationship.

“Huh… Glass, you won’t understand. My troubles.”

“I don’t want to know either.”


“Of course because it’s none of my business, but it’s okay if you want to tell me. Please continue … ”

The princess glared at me with a rather frightening look as I tried to calm down the situation but failed.

“It’s because no one can replace Nee-sama…. I really can’t do what a superhuman like Nee-sama can do, it’s because of the expectations placed on me that I am sigh like this. Not only that … but also ….”

I guess she just wants me to hear her complaints.

Not to anyone else, but to me, who had nothing to do with it.

“Furthermore, the opponent is that Goso Kujaro.”

“….. that scumbag b*stard?”

“It’s Goso Kujaro. Although, he’s indeed a guy who feels like you said, but he’s still the prince of a small country called “Kujaro” nearby. It would be bad if he heard that. By the way, you’re obviously just a servant here. But you even know such things?”

“Of course I do know.”

I remember it vaguely.

I remembered that there was a king who had a “relic” who liked women and was quite indulgent in his country. It should be a country that maintains friendly relations with the Light Kingdom.

But since it had nothing to do with the object I was aiming for, I casually ignored it.

“He was a top student like Celestia nee-sama, the strongest magic genius in the school. He’s not from a “big magic country”, but he can use all kinds of magic.”

“Wow~, that’s amazing.”

The use of magic requires a high level of knowledge and proficiency, so only a small number of people can use magic in battle.

Most people choose to fight using a combination of sword or other weapon techniques and magic, and would not choose a magician as a target if they did not have a high degree of confidence.

I used to fight with a magician who was a bandit, but he only threw a basketball-sized electric shock ball. I’ve heard that high-level magic has high firepower, but it seems that only a handful of people can reach that level.

“By the way, what level of magic can that Goso-sama use?”

“Eh? …… According to what I saw in the mock battle not long ago, he threw a fireball of this size. I don’t know how many he could throw at his opponent in the mock battle, but he was really relentless ……”

She gestured a circle with her hand in front of that introverted chest that was completely different from her sister’s, and muttered to show the somewhat fear mood inside.

That fireball should be smaller than the one released by the mountain bandit magician, but I can’t be sure.

“If you cut towards it, you might get swallowed up by the aftermat if you’re not careful, your blade will be ripped, and even if you get close, he seems can use magic like electric whip. ……”


Eh, so weak. This is nothing at all, if it was Asura or Princess Celestia they would certainly think so. Even Asura can eat it as a snack.

But in my opinion with a common sense perspective, ai know what Princess Erika wants to say.

As with the bow and arrow, the longer the distance the more troublesome it is to handle in this world of magic. As the Kendo triplet says, swords are stronger than unarmed hands, the spear is stronger than the sword, and the bow and arrow is stronger than the spear.

And if it’s magic, the range is again even greater than a bow and arrow. Compared with ordinary fireballs, magic power is even more powerful.

But, even so ……

“Ah, if nii-sama didn’t go scouting, I’d have him take over…. What are doing, my brother?”

Isn’t the strongest of my hero party really pathetic?

According to my judgment, putting aside Princess Celestia who is an irregular, the girl in front of me also has quite an impressive skill.

But because of the lack of experience, making her a little less confident.

Aelf-confidence can indeed become a person’s power as long as it’s not too much, which can be understood by just looking at the Princess Celestia.

Speaking of Princess Celestia, the other day was really a surprise to me.

Is because of the sixth sense? She really suspected me that I was Demon King who she had only met once, and was even wondering if the Black Knight was the demon king.

What kind of person is that girl …… really scary. I must be careful not to take it lightly because of her incredibly cute appearance.

Contrary to what I expected, she did not become an villainous arrogant woman. Not only that, she has also become a perfect goddess with good looks, good conduct, and countless contributions to the country.

Over the past few years, I often went to scout when I came to this side of the royal capital, and it turned out that she was working desperately for the country every day.

Maybe the mission to bring me down doesn’t belong to Hakuto but to her.

That kind of development may also be very hot blood. …… After a long time, the battle with the demon king who stole the legendary sword from herself …… has been rekindled ……

“Hey~Glass! Think a way to make me win! Let me win~~ make me become a winner~~!”

When I closed my eyes and became a bit heated because of the thought of those things, the unpleasant voice came to my ears again. At this time, she was once again on the table, At this moment, she was lying on the table again, her feet flapping like she had completely transformed into a sloppy child.


The princess here is really something.

“I understand.”

“…… eh?”

The other party raised her head with a voice like she was crazy.

“I will make you win.”

I pushed my black-rimmed glasses upward and pierced Princess Erika with my sharp eyesight.


Princess Erika let out a cry of sorrow because of her timidity, but this is an opportunity to strengthen her.

As the swordsman of the hero party, I will make everyone witness her prowess.

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