Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 22

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Glass Kurobuchi

Celestia seems to have skipped many descriptions and directly pulled out her sword at light speed.

Even Hakuto and Erika, who had seen it several times before, did not see and failed to react.

Therefore, there should be no way for a mere servant to do it, and the white blade attached to the neck is scary because he cannot make a slight movement.


“Please, please forgive me ……”

The servant wearing black-rimmed glasses held his breath and raised his hands to beg for mercy as he received Celestia’s sharp eyes that wanted to see right through him.

“…… It seems to be my mistake, I am really sorry.”


Retrieving the sword, she apologized from the bottom of her heart while putting it back in its sheath.

“It’s all because of my misunderstanding that I made you suffer …… Please are you hurt?”

“Uh, eh, not even a little scrape …… Did I do something rude?”

“No, there is no such thing, just slightly …… it feels you like someone I have seen before.”

Seemingly somewhat uncomfortable, Celestia completely lost the kind of dominance she had just now and returned to her usual kind of state.


“–How does it taste, Hakuto-sama?”

The servant asked after bringing the green tea after the meal to Hakuto.

After regaining their minds, the group tasted the snack and then smacked their lips and enjoyed the ochazuke prepared by the servant.

“Why do you ask me?”

“If the royal family said it wasn’t good, I might not be able to pull myself together again.”

As if she couldn’t bear to see the servant’s appearance, Erica sighed and said.

“You don’t have to worry–”


But for some reason the servant covered his ears and shouted loudly, his voice even overshadowing Erika’s as the princess.

“Is this person really a servant?”

“Hoo hoo hoo, really an interesting person …… Please don’t worry, this is my first time to eat ochazuke, but I really like it,” said Celestia with a loving smile to the servant who pretended not to hear Erica.

“I’m very thankful for your glorious evaluation. …… This rice is grown by a majin-zoku I know, can you allow me to advertise that it is used by the royal family?”

“Eh, mm. If you use my name, it should be fine.”

The servant aggressively trying to get Celestia’s approval got positive response.

“Thank you very much—”

“That kind of thing is definitely not possible! What are you saying suddenly! Hey, I’m talking to you! You think a mere servant can ask the princess for such an advantage! Tell me your name!”

Erika couldn’t help but interject.

“…… allow me to refuse.”

“I can’t believe I was refused! No, no, no, you are not allowed to refuse!”

“Ahahaha, that’s funny.”

“I’m not telling a joke!!!”

Although the servant was trying to muddle through, Erika wanted to urge him since it was something that could be known if she had already investigated.

“…… What are you going to do if you know my name?”

“Of course I will tell the principal.”

“…… My name is “Ikiri Megane”. (Arrogant Glasses)

“That’s obviously a lie! You shouldn’t lie to the princess!!”

“Feel unsatisfied with someone, and you want to get rid of it right away? This way, gradually, no one will dare to come in for remonstrate with. A dictator will do just that up.”

“Don’t say such nasty things!”

Looking at Erika’s rude way of speaking, Hakuto couldn’t help but stare blankly.

“Erica, there is some truth in what this gentleman said, so calm down a little.”

“Hah? But ……”

Hearing what her sister said, Erika sat on her seat quietly in order to calm her mind. .

But seeing the servant who proudly pushed his black-framed glasses with his middle finger, she still could hardly hide her inner agitation.

“But I’m also a little concerned about your name. Can you tell me?”

“…… What are you going to do when you know the name.”

“That’s enough of that rhetoric!”

The servant continued to question the inquiry of Celestia, who had a powerful light that no one could resist.

“…… My name is “Glass Kurobuchi”, please take care of me.” (black-rimmed glasses)

“…… really suspicious.”

“Hoo-hoo, that’s suspicious.”

In the face of Erika’s anger and questions, the servant Glass continued to introduce himself in a very respectful manner.

“Mr. Glass, what a nice name. My name is Celestia, so please take care of me in the future.”

“Understood. ……”

Celestia, who was sitting on the rock with a very upright posture, also politely answered back with her name.

Her back was straightened with a very upright posture, which further emphasized her already plump breasts. This also made Hakuto feel troubled because he didn’t know where to direct his eyes.

“Let’s look forward to Mr. Glass’s story later … Now let’s finish the topic of work first.”

“That’s right. Mr. Glass, could you please leave the room for a moment?”

Glass, who had warm green tea ready in front of them, quietly bowed and said he understood.

“No, it’s fine just like that. Because it will be over soon.”

“Eh? But ……”

The Black Knight’s information is extremely confidential, wouldn’t it be bad for Glass to hear it, Erica and Hakuto thought.

But Celestia did not care at all to speak up.

“The only question I want to ask is whether the knight you met has a “black decorative sword”, and that’s all.”

“The black decorative sword? …… Well, in the end, I saw him wearing armor but I didn’t see him with a weapon at all.”

“Ah, that’s right. …… It’s unknown if he has a weapon or not, or why he destroyed Shook’s mansion… as the girls who only the clue also escaped on the way …… and –”

As if warning Hakuto for an overly detailed explanation, Erika coughed twice.

A moment later, he then remembered the presence of Glass here.

“Sorry ……”

“You really need to pay more attention. You’re not thinking enough about that.”

In the face of Erika’s advice and Celestia’s smiling eyes, Feeling very embarrassed, Hakuto couldn’t help but shrink up.

“The only thing I want to confirm is that. As for the rest… that’s right. Let me tell you about it in advance.”

Put her hands together as if just remembered something, Celestia tells Erika with a smile.

“Erika will be playing this year’s match. You will be invited to participate. So remember to get in good physical condition.”

“…… eh?”

The bitter taste of the green tea that she hadn’t drunk in a long time made Erika frown, and she let out a silly sound at these words.

“I thought nee-sama was going to play again this year. You’ve been beating up on reckless braggarts every year.”

“But I had to be father’s guard this time.”

Hearing Erica’s outspoken words, Celestia said with a bitter smile. But neither Erika nor Hakuto understood that reason.

To say why, after all, King Light was followed as an escort by Harmal who was the head of the Knights of Guard.

The entire venue was also guarded by the hero Lionel leading the Knights, so they didn’t feel the need to have Celestia directly serve as the king’s escort at all.

“Why is that, can I ask the reason ……?

Hearing Erika’s question, Hakuto couldn’t help but hold his breath.

“Of course, no problems”.

But Celestia replied lightly as if she didn’t particularly care.

“There is information that the person who is eyeing the life of father-sama has hired an assassin who is quite capable.”

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