Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 21

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Strange Servant

Light Kingdom’s state-run school, 『Light School』.

This school, which is only attended by children of noble families and the children of the wealthy who can afford the high tuition fees, is now …… at the peak of its prestige due to the presence of the most beautiful and intelligent Celestia in the history of the continent.

International students and donations continue to come in from all countries, which has led to a sharp rise in the standard of facilities and the quality of the teachers at the school.

The saloon where they are now is one of them.

There are many private rooms with exclusive servants, where the students are happily chatting and learning how to talk to their future social peers.

Amongst the many students in their regal white and gold uniforms, there was a pair of two where other students give way.

“I’m so tired.”

“Not even close. It’s just that …… I can’t even hurt him a bit.”

“Is this about the Black Knight? Although it is true, when it is time to rest. You should take a good rest, Shiro-sensei said the same thing, right?”

“That’s …… right too.”

That was Erika and Hakuto.

The aura of a handsome boy and a beautiful girl they exuded made people naturally move out of the way for them.

After a workout with Shiro, the school’s sword teacher, they came to the saloon for a snack and a break, which had been a daily ritual since they started school.

“A monster like that can’t be caught up in just a month or so – ah, can you guide us, please?

At the reception desk, they spoke to the servant who was on standby.

There was only one servant there, who looked to be in his 20s, and they didn’t hesitate to greet him, even though he wasn’t their usual favoured servant.

“Understood. This way, please.”

The male servant, who had his black-rimmed glasses up and his curly hair flowing in the wind, led the way.

“Is there such a person here before?”

“No, I’ve never seen him before. I can’t forget someone who seems to be able to work like that. He doesn’t seem like an ordinary person, no matter how he talks or behaves.”

The man who said this had a very competent action that matched the high quality tuxedo that he wore neatly.

The saloon where he arrived behind such a servant had a completely different flavour from the others.

“What, what is this ……?

“…… this room ……

There were no chairs or tables …… instead, rocks and trees were placed.

In addition, the bamboo placed side by side in the corner and the mossy rocks there are not at all reminiscent of a saloon.

“Hey, you. What do you mean by this …?” (Erika)

“About that question, this is the theme we applied for this saloon.”

“Is that so… Alright.” (Erika)

As he said this, he naturally took Erika’s hand and led her to the rocky seat. He then received the sword with a very fluid movement and hung it on a platform made of bamboo.

“This is an idea I came up with when I first saw the saloons around here. Ah, costumer over there please come over here too.”

“Ah, okay…” (Hakuto)

It was really a completely irresistible atmosphere.

Maybe because of being influenced by the atmosphere around the servant, Hakuto honestly handed over his sword.

“As I thought. He obviously just a child, but so extravagant ……” (murmur)

“This person, just now, didn’t he say something?” (Hakuto)

Flamboyantly ignoring that remark from Hakuto, he handed the menu to Erika.

In every saloon, the owner of the place usually handed over the menu, and as the owner, it was their duty to decide on the menu for their costumers.

“Whatever. I’ll leave it to you. Please serve us something light.” (Erika)

“I understand. I’ll prepare something that you can eat sarasara.”

“Eh …… eh? Sarasara?” (Erika)

The servant had already left the saloon quickly, although she was a little concerned about the onomatopoeia she hadn’t heard before.

“Really a strange person.”

“Well …… but this rock is surprisingly comfortable to sit on.”

“Ah… you’re right.”

The rock, which had been cut out in a wonderful curve, was very hard, but it felt very comfortable on the buttocks.

“So, how is Oswald doing?”

“Well, he’s having a good time. I think it’s because he’s a good match for his personality. …… Although he did get scolded by the boss for talking too much to female customers.”

Oswald, who was not a member of the nobility, could not enter the school.

So he usually works at a classy bar introduced by Shiro.

“Phew, that’s good–”

The saloon trembled.

It was as if there had been an explosion.

Outside, the females’ scream mixed with the low, rough males’ voice echoed as it approaches.

“… Ah….. I thought I was going to die!!”

“This, no matter how used to it I am ….. it’s not good for my heart … ”

“You’ve got a silly smile on your lips.”

Slowly, the door was opened.

“Have a nice day, you two!”

With a voice that seemed to purify the soul, a girl entered the room.

Her overly perfect features, her overwhelming beauty and loveliness were a source of fascination for many, and her body was the ultimate expression of feminine beauty, capturing the eyes and mind of anyone who saw it.

Celestia Light.

She is the jewel of the world known as the Goddess of Beauty and the Goddess of Light.

“Have, have – a nice day too!” (Hakuto)

Hakuto instantly blushed and stood up like a bounce.

“Nee-sama, it’s too noisy outside, so come on in.”

Instead of Hakuto, who was completely lost just because Celestia smiled lightly, Erika quickly urged her to enter the room. The people with nosebleeds outside the door and the people screaming frantically are in an endless stream. It is simply a picture of a hellish scream.

“Alright. Excuse me, then.”

Her shimmering blonde hair billowed in the wind as she took a seat …… on the rock beside Erika.

“…… What a strange chair. But it seems to have been well thought out. It must be the work of someone who knows the human body structure quite well.”

“Eh, is that so? I think that’s the person who made it.”

As always, she smelled so good, and she was so defensive of men, and, hiding what she had always thought, Erica began to find out why her sister was here.

“So, what is the reason for busy nee-sama to come to see us? If you don’t tell us soon, that strange servant will be back soon.”

“Strange?…… Hoo-hoo, I can’t believe you made such evaluation. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Seeing Celestia who showed a lady’s smile, Hakuto …… and even Erika were knocked out by her lovely appearance, and blush appeared on their cheeks.

“You, you!! I said that because I care about you!”

“..You don’t have to get so angry.”

She said as if she was a little sulky, showing off her face that even a goddess would be jealous of.

Obviously, the cuteness is running wildly.

“…… Today, I’m bothering you because I have something to ask.”

Putting the squirming Hakuto aside, Celestia and Erika move to the topic.

“Does that …… about the Black Knight?


“Here are 3 kinds of pickles for you.”


“From here, it’s pickled radish, pickled cucumber, and dried seaweed.”

The servant, who had returned at some point, quickly set up the table on the rock that replaced the table and introduced the dishes, starting from the left.

Then he set out the bowls of steaming rice in front of everyone’s eyes.

He poured tea into the bowls amidst the noise of the room, which was the opposite of the noise outside.

“Although I recommend eating the ochazuke with chopsticks, I also provide the spoon with care. Please feel free to use them as you wish. I approve of the use of spoons, but in the land of origin, chopsticks are used. I hope this will serve as a reference for you.”

“… Ah, you. Don’t you know how to read the atmosphere?

“I’m very sorry, I’ll prepare another bowl for you right away.”

“I’m not talking about the bowl!!”

Erika was not her usual self and said angrily to the servant.

“Nee-sama, this is the person! That strange….. Nee-sama?”

Celestia stared intently at the servant.

The look was not the usual calm one, but a serious one, as if she wanted to see everything through.

“…… Please calm down, stay calm-”

The servant’s remark was interrupted.

Celestia silver blade, jutting towards his throat.

“Nee-sama, nee-sama ……?”


1. SaraSara サラサラ is most commonly used to describe smooth things – smooth skin, smooth cloth etc.

Sarasara to suna ga ochiru
The sand falls smoothly.

2. Chazuke or ochazuke is a simple Japanese dish made by pouring green tea, dashi, or hot water over cooked rice. Common toppings include Japanese pickles, umeboshi, nori, furikake, sesame seeds, tarako and mentaiko, salted salmon, shiokara, scallions and wasabi.

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