Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 20

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Royal Capital, Royal Castel, Conference Hall

The royal capital of the Kingdom of Light.

In the council chamber of the kingdom, King Ryder Light and his assistant George were here. Apart from them there are only three other people present. The importance and secrecy of the subject under discussion was evident.

“Your Majesty. What is the status of Seeley’s interrogation? Neither the Knight Commander nor I have been allowed to participate in this, which is heartbreaking but understandable. But even so, I hope that we can get the minimum information.”

Lionel E, the Knight Commander of the Kingdom of Light, who sat at the right of the King, said this without hesitation.

He, like George, was an old knight who had served his country for a long time, had fought many battles, and was a hero of his country by all accounts.


“…… I understand.”

Even if he was a great man of his country, he could not help but bow his head and not continue to insist in the face of King Light, who had refused his request with a single word.

“I ask for your understanding. This is a clue that has finally reappeared since then. Celestia-sama, too, has ordered that no one be involved.”

George, who was standing by the King’s side, added.

“…… Of course, we intend to be understanding. But I hope you will understand the feelings of those of us who have only had the chance to clear our names, Your Highness.”

Once upon a time, he captured an aristocrat who seemed to have clues to the frequent kidnappings of the Kingdom of Light for a long time.

That was three years ago.

Under Celestia’s leadership, the case had made rapid progress and came with some results.

However, there was a traitor among the Knights of the Guard who was in charge of the interrogation, and the nobleman was assassinated, and the knight who assassinated him committed suicide.


Harmal E, the leader of the Knights of the Guard, who was standing by behind the King, shrank back a little uncomfortably.

“Only, there is one thing I can tell you,” the King spoke slowly.

“One by one, Celestia was now investigating the suspected nobles and suspects who had some connection. Soon, their connections will be revealed.”

“Oh, that’s good news. When the time comes, please give this Lionel any order.”

Looking at the old knight, who was panting with excitement, everyone in the room felt as if he was still young and vigorous.

“Her Highness Celestia is really quite capable. Although from our point of view, we have mixed feelings about this. Both because our reliance on her and because our own incompetence.”

It was the Duke, Marton Dee, who said this.

A gentle man with spectacles, he smiles kindly. Despite being 50 years old, he continues to handle the heavy workload with aplomb.

In other countries, however, he is known as the “demon civet” because of his strong and unforgiving style.

“Just as Duke Dee said. Since the name of Her Highness is brought out, this old man will not say anything. Hahahahaha.”

Lionel clasped his stout arms to his chest and laughed heartily.

Celestia’s absolute beauty was unquestionable, and on top of that she had already made a huge contribution to the country while still a student.

On top of that – she is also the strongest in the Kingdom of Light.

She won the battle against Lionel and Harmal on a formal occasion, and is truly the undisputed perfect super human.

“That Princess rarely seems to come to meetings here.”

“Ah, I hear Celestia has things to do in the academy.”



After the meeting was over and done with, Lionel spoke from behind to Harmal, who was walking briskly through the passageways of the royal castle.

“Foster father. …… Thank you for taking care of me earlier.”

Like Lionel, Harmal, who had a very short haircut, bowed his head deeply.

On his sharp, upright face, it was clear that a cloud of regret was covering him.

“Umm… What? Don’t worry about that kind of thing. From the start I had intended to ask whether it would work or not.”

Harmal had been taken from a baron’s house as an adopted son by Lionel when he was a young boy, because he was favoured by him.

It was Lionel who taught him the use of the sword and magic and the way of being a nobleman and a knight, and it was Lionel who helped him to become Leader of the Knights of the Guard.

“But you have sheltered me before, and if you do it again this time, your position will be ……”

When the members of the Knights of Guard silenced the suspect in the abduction case, Lionel defended Harmal, who was to be held accountable as the head of the Knights of Guard.

Then this time, he did his best to ask the king for a chance to clear his name.

“Don’t worry about this old man’s position, young man. And what parent does not care for his son?”

“Foster father…”

His wrinkled face seemed a little shy as he averted his eyes under the respectful gaze of Harmal, who is his son.

“Ah, that’s right. The main subject of this visit to you is something else.”

“The main subject?”

With a slight nod as if he realized something, Lionel gave a serious expression.

“About that rumor …… although still do not know whether it is true but it is better to seize the first opportunity, right?”

“What’s that …… rumor about?

“Hmm, you… you don’t know?”

“I’m sorry, but if foster father doesn’t mind, will you tell me?

Although he was a little concerned about Lionel, who was clearly showing a bad expression, Harmal did not hesitate to ask.

“Well……. Ah, alright, actually….”

Lionel, who couldn’t bear the sight of Harmal, continued after a long, meaningful pause.

“There are rumors that His Majesty intends to exclude the “Angel Cult” from the Kingdom of Light.”

“What do you mean?”

Even Harmal, who was always calm and collected, looked shocked in a way Lionel had never seen before.

That’s impossible.

The Angel Cult was a religion that had been rooted in the Kingdom of Light in the distant past, and Harmal and Lionel did not need to mention that it was the national religion of almost all the people of Light.

They worship the “White Goddess” who came down from the sky once upon a time, regardless of race or gender, to save the people around the Kingdom of Light without fail, and to give more importance to equality and innocence than anything else as a doctrine.

“..what f–”

“Don’t say anything beyond that. Do you want me to cut down my own son with my own hands?”

The battle-hardened fierce old-man stopped him forcibly with his sharp eyes as well as his strong tone.

“What folly”, the gaffe that almost came out of his mouth to disrespect the king was organised by Lionel and saved by him once more.

“I’m very sorry…”

“Your feelings are not incomprehensible. This old man is not as pious as you are, but I’m still a believer for a long time.”

Harmal took a deep breath to calm his fevered mind.

“…… Although I think you should understand, don’t act prematurely. The fact that this is not yet confirmed must be a matter of deep consideration for His Majesty.”

“Yes …… then, I’ll take my leave.”

“Ah. If anything happens, please come and visit. It’s still your home, even now.”

“…Yes. Thank you very much for worrying about me.”

Harmal left with a gloomy face.

After the back that revealed his inner confusion, Lionel watched him until his figure disappeared.

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