Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 2

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Chrono, Departure

In front of one of the scattered houses in a leisurely village with a vast field, three men and a woman stood.

It was a clear, cloudless day that was perfect for a journey.

“Chrono …… If you feel lonely, you can come back whenever you want.”

“Yeah. Well, I’m sure I’ll come back from time to time to see how the rice fields are doing. Brother, please take care of the rice fields. If there is a prankster who is blocking the water flow, you should beat him up.”

I turned my attention from my father, who had recently started to worry about his waistline, to my older brother, who was two years older and worried about his younger brother, who was about to go on a journey.

He had black hair and slender limbs inherited from our father, and as a wildly handsome man, he was idolized by the girls in the village.

“I know. But because you’ve taught them a lesson many times, there’s no one who dares to play pranks in our family’s fields anymore.”

He responded with a bitter smile mixed with a bit of a sigh. That’s very encouraging.

“Here you, Chrono. This is the rice ball. Good luck!”

My mother, who was always so lively, handed me my lunchbox and gave me a pat on the back to cheer me up.

“Then, I’m off.”

With that, I left house of Mak family at the age of 13 and set out on a journey.

The excuse I gave to my father and the others was to go forward to investigate the rice in other places. Fortunately for me, who was born in Japan, the Majin race was active in rice farming, and my proposal was soon accepted, as I had shown a positive attitude towards rice farming.

Nowadays, the rice cultivation in the Mak family is mostly led by me, and I can say that I have the edge over other rice farmers in the village and beyond.

For me, who was born in Japan, I couldn’t say that I disliked the taste of the rice here at first, but I was definitely not satisfied either, so I made various proposals.

Now let’s move on to the story of the demon king and the hero, rather than the secondary objectives.

This is another troubling story: …….

In this world the Demon King seems to have existed in the distant past. It also seems that he is now living on an island across the sea from my current destination, the Kingdom of Light.

Although he’s already quite long-lived, it’s definitely not an uncommon thing in a world where there are long-lived species, or even guys who don’t even have the concept of longevity in the end.

The problem was, Hero.

No one knows where he resides.

No matter if it was my father and mother, the neighbor’s drunkard, or even the village elder whose crutches were broken by his grandson yesterday.

The only thing they told me was that Hero had been missing for a long time after he had defeated the current Demon King’s ancestor, the First Demon King …….

However, from what I heard from the vendor who came to the village occasionally, it seems that the Hero has chosen to hide because of some mission.

That seems to be the case, it’s just …….

It was really too difficult to confirm the truth.

That’s why, in order to sneak into the room of King Light who seems to know the truth, I am going to his country.

Even if I want to go to the Light Kingdom, which is the closest to our village on the border, I need to move quite a long distance, but I am running with my magic power instead of using a carriage for exercise.

Normally no one would do that.

Because magic power is limited, and more importantly, because it can lead to severe fatigue, the body can’t take it. After all, humans are not monsters, and bones, joints, and muscles can be damaged, and one day they will become damaged in a way that cannot be cured even by magic.

However, if it were me, I wouldn’t have to deal with all of these problems.

I’m sure people would be startled to see me running through the street, so I’m going to ride the wind freely through the forest around the town.


In the forest at dusk, I found a gang that looked like hooligans.

They were obviously a gang of bandits, dismantling carriages and other vehicles to make a bonfire, and then having a wild party with food and liquor that looks like loot.

I’m afraid those are the loot of the day. I think they were targeting the merchant peddlers.

This is a very common sight in this world.


“Surprise Madafaka!! Demon King is here! It’s time you b*tches to diee!!!”

“Who the f*ck is this midget?!!”

I’m going to launch a surprise attack on them to eradicate them.

It seems that even if I become a Demon King, I won’t be able to throw away my deep-seated sense of justice.

A Demon King has to be an existence that spreads despair in the world, but there’s no harm in not having to abide by such a setting in a place where no one will see it.

Let’s just say, I can’t help but get angry when I see these kind of guys.

“Who the f*ck do you think we are…”

“No need for unnecessary lines! Just dieee!!”

“Gahhh —-!!!

Bandit A was cut in half after being struck down by a sword sustained with black magic.

I’m already familiar with it. The bandits who saw that their companions being cut down one by one shouted, and the guys who were inside the tent after learning of the enemy attack also came outside.

“You said Demon King? How could that kind of thing appear here, gah…..”

Towards the head of the man who came out of the tent a little far from this side, I threw my sword straight at him, and the piercing sword killed him instantly.

“That guy throw the sword away! Now it’s our chance to kill him, buhoo!!”

I punched him in the abdomen with my best fist, and the life of the bandit M vanished.

Next, I curled my magic power onto my feet and then my body rushed out in an explosion. In an instant – I moved towards the thrown sword.

“He’s gone!!”

“Where the f*ck is he!!”

Then I started the usual flow-like killings, as usual, until there was only one person left


“Uh-uh, woah!!! Have you stopped, you idiot! Did you know that I’m the King of Bandits!”

The fierce looking bandit king who couldn’t stop trembling just by facing a child said so. There seem to be a lot of bandit kings around here, and this is the third one that I’ve met alone. Surely a title is something like a self-proclaimed thing.

I nodded my head as I played with the sword in my hand because I was satisfied with this man’s wiggle face.

”Hohoho? That’s a pretty good face. I’m assuming you’re a well-known scoundrel?”

“Eh? …… eh, hehe. Ah, that’s right. We’re here to slaughter, plunder, robbery–”

“Ah, that’s enough.”

As long you ask this way, you can tell in a moment whether or not he’s hopelessly wicked.

He immediately bragged about the evil deeds he had committed as if they were merits.

Then, shall we begin?

“I’m, I’m sorry about that, ugh…”

I pulled the man’s head over severely.

“Eh …… Ugh gah gah gah gaaah!”

A man’s head is eaten away by the blackness.

No mercy is needed for the wicked.

Just let me perform human experiments without hesitation.

I’m interfering with his brain and body with my magic power in an attempt to create an army of wackos loyal to me as the Demon King.

Even an irredeemable evil can be used as a discarded pawn, right?

And thanks to this experiment, I’ve gotten something too. As a by-product of the human body transformation, I can now freely control my age without the concept of lifespan, and on top of that, my body has been further strengthened a bit.

But since this requires the use of a large amount of magical power while also having a delicate magical operation that is like the work done by medical precision instruments, it is easy to get a loophole and cannot be used too often.

It’s time to go.

“Alright. What’s your name?

“Yieee…! Yiiee? Yiieeee—-!!!”

“…. You look so excited.”

…. That’s all. He just keep saying “Yiieeee” excitedly, completely incomprehensible to my side of the conversation.

I’ve succeed with strengthening body structure, but I can’t brainwashing him, which is crucial.

No, in a sense, it’s a great success, but it won’t be useful if he can’t follow my instructions.

After sighing in frustration at my lack of skill, I thought I’d at least be merciful enough to finish him off with a sword…


I still kept running after that even though it was getting dark, but now it was almost time to eat.

I want to roast the meat I just got from the hunt, but I’ll have to go out on the street and borrow a fire from someone else. ……

Oh, not again.

“Ha, ha, ha..”



I isolated my breath and jumped onto a tree, peering down from above.

…… Demons?

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