Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 19

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Failed to Entertain

What Crono handed out with one hand was a somewhat uncommon black weapon made of a crescent-shaped blade combined with a spear.

“This is a type of weapon called a halberd, but it is the only thing that can replace the spear you used before. ………… Anyway, how about taking a look at it?”

“Ah, okay! ….. Hm?”

Asura looked at the perfect workmanship while receiving the 『Black Heavenly Halberd』 in his hand.

However, because the weight was far beyond imagination, he staggered a bit embarrassingly on his knees at the moment.

(…. so embarrassing)

He wasn’t conceited enough to think he could handle the weapon as easily as Chrono. Definitely never thought about it that way.

But to be tossed around by this weapon just like that would be tantamount to failing to respond to Chrono’s expectations.

According to Chrono, the weapon has the ability to be used in a variety of ways, such as chopping, swinging, striking, thrusting and so on.

Indeed, if you aside the weight, it is probably a weapon no less powerful than any other ‘relic’.

After all, it’s made from that Vajra wall.

If Asura didn’t know Chrono’s strength, he would have laughed at the impossibility of doing that.

“If you can’t use it even after practicing for a while, come and tell me so I can help you cut up that crescent blade and use it as a normal spear.”


Chrono, who was facing the throne, said so in an offhand way.

For Chrono, who do not like to spoil this complicated work of art, was only trying to make a little joke about cutting it, but for Asura, who knew it could be done, he couldn’t laugh at all.



Crono made his way to the throne and crossed his legs as he gazed at Asura.

The atmosphere around him changed completely as he filled the whole of the Demon King Room with his powerful magic.

Being under that unbearable weight, Asura clenched his teeth and knelt more carefully than before.

“I’ll ask you frankly …… what do you think?”

The smile that he didn’t know whether it was compassionate or cold surfaced on Chrono’s face, watching this way closely with those dark pupils of his eyes.

He quickly understood the implication in those words.

Whether a man who could not even use the halberd he had been given was worthy of being his subordinate was the meaning behind the question.

And rightly so.

To Chrono, who had that kind of strength, Asura would be like a gravel on the side of the road. He would only be a stumbling block for him.

He clenched his teeth unconsciously because of the shame he felt.


“—I will re-exercise…until I can completely use this ‘Black Heavenly Halberd’ as if it were my own, enough to hold up my chest as your subordinate. When I am sure that I have reached that level, I will run to you again as a your subordinate.”

Even he himself was a little surprised to hear the powerful voice that he was making.

Those were the words that Asura spoke with all his might.

He was about to be overwhelmed by Chrono’s magic at this point in his life, but he was still inspired by the symbol of expectation in his hand, and he spoke up to plead for submission again.

“…… Well. I will wait for you.”

In the face of those words, Asura sighed reassuringly inwardly, forcing his feelings not to show on his face, and then fell into an even greater sense of exhilaration. With that, he bowed his head deeply.


Asura left the Chrono residence. At that time, he was already full of spirits.

Seeing him off, I once again instructed Dosan and Hisahide to guard the vicinity of the entrance, and then returned alone to the Demon King’s Room.

I sat quietly on the throne, and I fell into deep thought.

… Why can it be like this? Suddenly he just left without saying where he was going.

I simply compensated him for the damaged spear with a weapon that originally cost 0, then asked him about his opinion on Crono’s residence and he left in a hurry.

Even though I still have a lot to entertain, such as the rice of the Mac family, which I am proud of, and the hot springs, and obviously prepared a lot of hospitality ……

Well, maybe this is my fault too. I accidentally released my magic power (breeze) to intimidate him because I didn’t want to hear bad opinions about my home the first time.

I have to be careful in the future, I might offend others with my magic power.

… But, no.

He seems to have said something about coming back anyway. Although he looks like a tough guy, it’s better to hire him as a guard or sweeper.

Until then, I’ll just make an effort to do the temporary part-time job in the Kingdom of Light that given from Asura earlier.

It seemed like he had asked for details from the old tavern in the royal capital.

Although he said it felt a bit suspicious so he didn’t recommend the job, I really need the money right now.

And …… I think it’s a great way to make money.

♢ ♢ ♢

I hurriedly back towards my parents’ house

Just running through the mountains, completely ignoring the trees and rocks straight ahead.

Boom boom boom boom boom, trees fell, the earth cracked, the rocks shattered. Anything that blocks my dominance will never be allowed no matter what.


“Chrono! Thanks God! You’re still around!”

After pushing open the door and shouting, my mother came running with a reassuring look on her face.

“The earth has been shaking violently since this morning, and just now it made a very loud noise, as if the sky had collapsed and caused a great commotion.”


It probably refers to my fight with Asura’s.

“Did …… really cause that much of a stir?

“No, it was the elders who made a big fuss. He made a big fuss and went back because he dislocated his jaw.”

That happens all the time.

“I was so worried that you might be involved in something. If anything happens to you, I’m going to find the culprit and use both hands to …… you, did you look this young before?”

Damn, I’m still using the 15 year old Chrono appearance.

Mother who kept touching my face and body looked as if she was feeling very incredulous.

“I think it’s because I tried the “Demon King Yoga” taught by the traveling merchant I met this morning. If you do it once a day, you can improve your blood circulation and produce something called magic globulin cells to remove old cells.”

“Really? You have to teach me later. ”

“Uh, umm…. ”

Since I’ve been ordered to do it. I’ll just teach her nasal yoga afterwards.

“Alright. Mum, give me some rice.”



A vajra (or dorje in Tibetan) is a ritual weapon symbolizing the properties of a diamond (indestructibility) and a thunderbolt (irresistible force) and is the Sanskrit word having both meanings.

So the Vajra Wall in this series can be interpreted as a Diamond Wall that impossible to cut and crush.


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