Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 15

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~Time goes back a little.

In addition to the disoriented Seeley and the butler, Lilia and the beastman maiden, who had witnessed the tragedy they had just discovered, were also completely speechless and stayed there in a daze.

Or rather, that was because they were too scared to move.

The front of where the armoured man stood was completely eliminated, and the view from outside was plain to see.

At the moment, only the moonlight that lit up the darkness entering from there and the fragrance of the spring breeze that blew around the occasion.

Lilia stayed there, drained of energy, confirming the traces of the storm that had been left behind.

The imposing house had disappeared, the courtyard and the trees were gone.

The only thing that remained was the man in black armour who had wiped it all away.

What that man was thinking now was the only thing on the girls’ minds at the moment, and they couldn’t help but worry about whether or not an evil will would be forced upon them.


The beam was come out as intended.

Above the first floor where the view became open, I thought as I looked up at the full moon that was the only thing that shone the darkness here.

In the armor, it was really sultry and unbearable.

As I looked down, I could see a miserable sight reminiscent of a falling meteorite.

Because I had used the “Release Type” method of this world without practicing at all, I hadn’t been able to fuse the magic together properly, and it had spread out into sphere.

I had only intended to use the beam to slightly ventilate the house.

Moreover, I also felt that I had wasted a lot of magic power for nothing.

I wondered if he had a hard time doing it back then, that black-winged man.

“I need more practice to imitate the “release type magic cannon” used by that black-winged man ……”

I think it’s better for me to fight in a haphazard way by condensing magic power in my body through human transformation.

I thought deeply when I witnessed the tragic situation in front of me again.

Magic is really as profound as mathematics.

Well, I’ll think about that later.

…I felt the gaze from the girls behind me. So I slowly turned around.



They were clearly frozen in fear.

I had gone too far, I think. I was so angry with Salon man that I lost control of my brakes for a while.

To make sure they didn’t feel scared, I went to the beasman girl who was very badly injured.

“Ahhh.. ah…”


At this moment, she was hiding behind the pink-haired girl in a state of hiding her head and her tail.

In this situation, what should I do to have a good relationship with her…

“——Come bite my arm.”


Anyway, just let her bite it for a while.

I removed the wrist guards from my arms and handed my bare arm to the young girl.

“Bite it, come on ……”


Offering yourself is one way of showing that you have no ill will towards the other party.

So it was, and with tears in her eyes she cowered ……

Then, while trembling with teary eyes ..

“…… hamu…”

“Alright, well done. You’re just feeling a little fear. Don’t worry, I have no malice towards you. I am your friend.”

“… Uh.. mmmm…”

For some reason the child was still shivering, and I gently stroked her light blue hair, which was still very bright …… though a little dirty, and made her a proposal.

“If you go on like this …… you’ll probably die. So, can I modify your body a little?”


Although still trembling with some unease, the tail that could be seen under her tattered clothes began to wag gently, and the young girl narrowed her eyes slightly and cocked her head.

“… I’ll start right away. You may feel some pain so please bear with me a little. …… By the way, that right eye just won’t stay open, will it?”

“…… um ………… ummm!! Mmmhhhh!!!!”

Her teeth deeply bite into my arm.

I injected magic into the gently stroked hand and began the body transformation.

Probably because of the overwhelming pain, she trembled bitterly.

However, there is no choice but to endure it for a while.


The young girl on the side also held her breath at this point, her eyes widening for some reason.

But for now it was better to concentrate with this side first.

Then, after a few minutes or so of ‘Chrono surgery’ ……

“Haa…. It’s okay now, come open your eyes and see.”

“Huh, huh…. eh? …. I can see again…”

The girl who opened her eyes and told me happily was a young girl had returned to a cute look again. There was not a scratch on her body and her skin looked very healthy.

It was the first time I had tried it, but it seemed to have gone very well.

Since the eye was not lost, my transformation was able to heal.

The young girl looked up at me with her clear eyes. I gently stroked her head, and she accepted it with as much pleasure as if she hadn’t just met me for a while.

Then, after feeling almost done I gently removed my hand and turned my body to the side of the maiden.

With a snap, the beastman girl put my hand back on her head.


Pat, pat pat.


“All right, listen well. I’ve got something to say to the kid, so please wait a minute.


The black-armored man who descended with god-like power.

To Lilia, this being, who called himself the Black Knight of Demon King, seemed to be an evil god who had descended as if he were playing around.

There was an aura of awe and fear that made one wonder if he was even a human being on earth.

There was the unmercifulness of the black mist that lashed out at the beastman girl.

And then, there was …… the unnatural power to wipe out the mighty winged man like a bug.

“Then ……”


No doubt that the black mist would treat like a toy to herself too.

Even Lilia, who had been prepared to die many times today, was trembling with anxiety and fear.

“Then let’s talk about the follow-up of the conversation at that time.”


“The matter about your mother. She didn’t lie.


“Your mother’s efforts have been seen, I can assert that.”

There is no such thing.

This evil being was only playing with my own heart for the fun of it.

That is, after the winged man, this time he’s targeting me as his prey.

“Of course, there’s a reason for that. —- You told me so yourself.”

“…… me, me?

The man’s confident words made her think naturally.

I should have just become the fetters that held my mother.

She had given birth to herself when she clearly didn’t wish that, was often scolded for her own sake, had to help with her own work as well, and in the end it was only through no fault of her own ……

“How hard your mother really tried, how hard she worked, how tender and how much she loved you. You’ve obviously told me in such detail.”


“It really makes me feel very warm in my chest… Wasn’t your mother so gentle with you because you saw how hard her efforts was?”


The tears that should have dried up came out again.

The sincere words of the man thought to be an evil god brought untold feelings of longing to her heart.

Memories of being with her gentle mother kept rushing back and she remembered a fragment of a memory.

It wasn’t a big deal.

It was just the two of them talking as they hoofed the laundry to dry.

“Nah, Mom.”

“Hm? What’s wrong?”

Even though her voice was slightly displeased, she kept her thin, haggard face and responded in a soft voice.

“Why are you so happy every day, Mother? You’re always working. ……”

“Eh…? Well, that’s because…”

She turned to herself with a smile as warm as the spring sun.

“It’s because I’m with Lilia.”

She burst into tears.

She wanted to see her mother, whom she loved so much, and she cried out what she wanted.

It was like a dike breaking, and she poured out all her strength.

She clung to the evil god’s chest, crying and screaming as if she wanted to convey this to the heavens.

It was a mourning, … a message that contained scream …… full of love.

She didn’t care in the least about being seen by others with her tears, but just simply spilled her feelings.

And the man just held her tenderly and watched over her quietly.

Soon after, Lilia stopped crying and seeing her calm down the man spoke again.

“…… Your mother also saw the effort you made. If that wasn’t enough, then I’ll be the second. Because I believed what you said, I have the power to do so.”


She looked upwards with her somewhat weeping eyes, and within the slit in her armour, two gentle, dark pupils were gazing at her.

Is that so ……

“So yeah, I hope you get your reward in this world you’ve worked so hard for too.”

Now she was sure of it.

That’s right.

It didn’t matter if he was an evil god.

“You’ll have to undergo my surgery too. There is no guarantee that everything will turn out for the better. But I want to do this for your mother and your …… and more importantly, for myself.”

This Knight, for sake of mine…

“…… Yes, please ……”

Under the watchful eye of the moon, the warm wind that wrapped around them also offered its blessing, and through the hands of the dark, evil god, Lilia’s second life began.

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