Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 13

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It was a rather uncomfortable sight to see.

I was a little concerned about the peach-haired girl, so I came over to see what was going on and saw a stick-like man who seemed to be going to a tanning salon seven days a week, kicking a pale blue-haired beastman girl.

It really made me feel very sick.

And then he was somehow letting the magic flow out of his body in a state of joy.

“That, that armor should be a failure that no one else can wear ….”

“Why, why isn’t he dead? ……”

The fat man and the thin man over there, let’s leave them alone for a while.



……Oh looks so pitiful. The peach-haired girl and the beastman child both look terribly scared.

I won’t forgive them.

In the “Story of Ancient Demon King”, which I admire, there is no need for a sacrifice other than as an “evil” being.

At least, I can never forgive something that is not in my plans.

This is the rule that I, who play the role of Demon King, have laid down.

“….. You’re not from the Kingdom…. who are you?… who sent you?”

“I’m Black Knight, the leader of Demon King City’s police force, Cerberus, nice to meet you.”

“Demon King? Are you joking?”

Shrouded in an atmosphere of danger, the fat man took his stance carelessly. I just made that up because I really dislike this Salon man.

Although my movement was restricted because of this armor, it would be fine if it was just this guy.

It was a bit too much of a burden for Hakuto and the others, so I thought it would be better to just get rid of him.

Having so decided, I stepped between the trembling girls and the men.

“Ah, that’s right.”


“I will show you how to do the kicking technique. The one you just did was really clumsy.”

“What did you say!!!”

A vein popped out of his head and immediately to rushed my way as the words ended.

His upward kick, with a level of speed and pressure that made it clear that previous one was a plaything, came at my face.



The kick passed right in front of my eyes and the thin-salon man took a magnificent fall.


“Shut up!!”

Leaping to his feet, his face contorted with shame.

“…… kicked the supporting foot away while that kick was going on, is that what you’re trying to say ……?” (Narcissus)

“That kicking technique, it’s not a great thing anyway.”

Catch the kick, then kick the supporting leg away. This is a very common technique in Muay Thai.

But because it is so easy to avoid the leg, it is not even necessary to catch it.

“Are you… done?” (Chrono)


Realising that he was technically outmatched, he just stood there motionless and observed the situation.

“Then, it’s time to move on to my side.” (Chrono)

I took one step at a time towards the Salon man.

It was like a walk, without any momentum at all.

The man must have thought that he couldn’t lose if we were fighting each other. It’s clear that he’s waiting for me.

“…… Ugh..!!”

My toe sank into the man’s stomach.

As I walked, I kicked forward quite naturally.

This was followed by a second powerful kick to his jaw.


He flew out like a stone that had been floating in water.

“How, how could…?!!!”


Neither one of them expected the man to be in this position, and the whole room was left dumbfounded.

Having said that… it’s really harder than expected. The “condensation” that I have created is a method of compressing the magic power produced to the minimum, and it seems that it is impossible to further increase the output while wearing armor. There was a screaming sound from the armor.

If the situation is not good, how about turning it into a second stage and taking the armour off ……hmm? Could this be the feeling the Demon King …. has?

“…. Hahahahahhahahaha!!!”

Falling to the ground on his back, the shiny thin man laughed with pleasure.

But in the next instant, a large amount of magic power was released around the man’s back.

“Ah, …… Thank you very much, It’s been a long time since I last used it …”

From behind the man who stood up with just this momentum, a huge amount of magical power rushed out.

“Ohhh …… that’s …… what I’m after …….”

“What a power …… !”

His white magic, which seemed to overwhelm the house, formed a single wing on the man’s back.

“Could that be ……?”

“Yeah, that’s right. This is – the ‘gospel’!”

He spread the strange wing, which were formed by a dense mass of magical energy, and smiled in ecstasy.

“Hoo hoo hoo. Ehhh, I’ll admit it. You’re really great.”


“Excellent technique at the highest level, that kind of speed with that kind of armour, and the power to kick me in the face …… But.”

The then waved his fingers in theatrical motion.

“You don’t have much magic power, do you?Even that armour didn’t function properly.


…… function?

“It’s shocking that I didn’t win with my technique. …… Let me crush you with my power.”

He said that while throwing a wink.

What a disgusting behaviour….

A tremendous amount of pressure was applied to my hands that were protecting my head.

A high level kick with a speed and power that was completely at odds with what I had been doing so far, causing a heavyweight like me to fall back a few metres.


One after the other, his kicks came one after the other with haphazard force.

“Mmm! …..”

However, the attacks, which were bursting with unusual magical power, only caused my body, which was shielded by defences, to sway slightly from side to side.


“Eat this!!!


I take a powerful flying body kick and was sent flying against the wall of the room – a powerful blow to the body!


Lillia felt as if there was a dragon raging in the room.

No, it must have felt that way to everyone except the person in question.

In front of her eyes was a tyrannical wind that unfolded without restraint. If she and the others had rubbed against it a little, they would have been blown away immediately.

That power, which was far beyond the scope of human beings, was now being used only to defeat a single person. As a result, he disappeared on the other side of the wall.

“Well, well–! It’s been a long time since I’ve been to do it… and I’m really enjoying it. Then, it’s about time finish it …….”


Stretching his waist, Narcissus looked with his slimy, licking gaze at Lilia and, and the beastman, who still scared even now.

The overly fierce gaze struck Lilia with fear.



The dark magic suddenly explodes.

What the hell is this? Is this magic? What the hell is going on?!

From a hole in the wall behind, a dark and profoundly inexhaustible power suddenly erupted.

Paying no heed to the cries of Narcissus, who had become a little more frenzied, the black magic continued to spew forth as if it were trying to gnaw the world away.

The earth shook, houses began to cave in and everyone present seemed to see the end of the world to come.

However, at a certain moment, the ‘black’ erosion suddenly subsided.

The outpouring of magic stopped completely and was replaced by…

“Ah, I see, I understand everything.”

From the hole in the wall, the armored man with jet-black shimmer on his body stepped out.

However, he was a completely different person compared to what he had just seen.




The magic emanating from his entire body is incredibly powerful and simply goes beyond the norm ……

The place is dominated by an overwhelming sense of pressure, as if overwhelmed by a thousand pressures.

“I have to thank you for that. The “function” can’t be activated in my way. If I don’t use it in the same method that you do, I don’t think I will be able to release it. This incredible armour.”

In a situation where the people around him were losing their minds, Chrono walked frankly towards Narcissus.

“… Huh…. Hiyaaaaaaa!!”

Narcissus kicking move explodes next to Crono’s head.


Like a kick on a mountain.

Narcissus got this feeling from the immovable, mountainous touch of his foot.

Not at all, not even a little bit, did he feel the response of exercising his power.

“Is this what happens when the magic power released from …… passes through the armour? If such armour was present, it’s not hard to understand why no technology has been developed here.”

Thud, and lightly push him away.

Narcissus simply slipped on the floor and flew out.

“Damn, you, you….!!”

“Crush with power, isn’t it? Then, I’ll do the same, accept this “power”!!”

“What, aa,…..”

With a chill down his spine and unable to speak, he began to tremble with the greatest fear of all.

In Crono’s hands, dark magic began to gather rapidly.

“Although just releasing the magic power in such a way feels like wasting magic power for nothing, so I don’t really like it …… But that man’s kind of feeling should be like this.”

Just like that, ruthlessly, it was continuously concentrated.

As if to condense all the darkness in this world. ……

It’s as if all the light, all the hope, is about to be swallowed up. ……

“Please, please, wait, wait. ……”

“I refuse.”

Faced with the little devil with a livid face and a quivering voice begging for forgiveness, he ignored it all and just stared at it with cold eyes.

Soon the atmosphere fell silent and all sound disappeared.


The black absolute ‘power’ is unleashed.

“I will not tolerate any ‘evil’ other than me.”

“Please, nooo…!!”

He is tinged with pitch black.

Engulfing all sound, the black flash was silently released.

The black light easily engulfed Narcis, causing him to be completely ashes.

The house was uprooted along with its foundations and the earth was dug open with ease.

The power of the bundle did not stop at all, it grew and grew.

Shortly afterwards –

The place where the Shook Mansion was located is transformed into a huge sphere, completely destroyed.

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