Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 12

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Lilia, who was being dragged by a chain hanging from a collar around her neck, was dragged away by a butler looking man as well as several soldiers.

The slim and frail Lilia had absolutely no strength to walk and was bruised and battered all over, so she could only follow behind them in pain.

With her consciousness in a haze, she arrived at an ordinary room with no visible furniture at all in such an unsteady pace.

Other than a cage placed in the center, there was nothing else here.

It was a place that didn’t even have a window, as lifeless as a prison.

“Wait here.”


Thrown roughly near the cage, she fell to the ground in one fell swoop.

And the butler and the soldiers were just waiting down near the entrance nonchalantly.

“Ha… ha…ha……”

Even though she hadn’t actually gone very far, there was still a considerable degree of fatigue that came over Lilia, causing her to never be able to adjust her breathing very well.

Suddenly feeling a sight, she turned her gaze over to the cage.

Lilia then saw a pair of cold eyes peering down at her fallen self.

Huddled at the edge of the cage was a body slightly larger than Lilia’s, and although her entire body was covered in scars, she was releasing a strong sense of anger.

“-Please, this way.”

“Isn’t this much faster than expected~~. It’s really nice that the work can be ended as soon as possible.”

While she was concentrating on the beastman in the cage, Narcissus had already arrived in this room with Seeley as his guide.

“…… Could it that you were referring to is the two unsightly things in front us?”

Narcissus, who was in a good mood, raised his eyebrows somewhat strangely after seeing the cage and the girl, and asked Seeley, “Seriously?”

“Yes. ……, if there is anything within my reach that has the potential to meet your requirements… then there is no one else but these guys”.

“Well, that’s probably true. From my point of view, you’ve been working very hard. But these guys are obviously not.”

“Huh, they are…”

“I want to take a closer look, so please take the child out of the cage.”

Seeley, the butler and the others were visibly shaken.

Lilia couldn’t follow the conversation between the strange man and the fat nobleman in front of her at all, and could only stare at them from the sidelines.

“But, but…”

“Don’t worry. I’ll cover you. All right, hurry up!”

“Understood… you guys, do it..”

Hearing Seeley’s instructions, the soldiers approached the cage with trepidation.

Then, the moment they opened the cage, the beastman quickly jumped out.



In an instant, three soldiers were directly kicked to death.


“Aha, you’re really capable. It’s really admirable when you’re obviously hurt so badly.”

Without bothering about Seeley and butler who were cowardly hiding behind his back, Narcissus frankly spoke words of appreciation with his hand touching his chin.

“…… But as expected it’s still not right, what a pity~.”

But after he carefully examined the beastman wolf that was roaring lowly above the cage, he sighed.

“Please, please be careful. In the battle to capture this guy, 26 soldiers were killed …… and she was already seriously wounded”.

“Okay, okay, I’ve understood so just back off a little. I just want to play with her a little and then dispose it.”

Leaving those words behind, he walked over to the beastman who had one eye that was somehow kept closed because she was blind, without any defense.



He kicked back at the abdomen of the beastman that flew out like a projectile.


The beastman maiden quickly regain her posture and flew backwards.

“It’s just a beast after all~ I’m going to yawn. It’s really boring and effortless…”

“Ohhh! As expected for Narcissus-sama! I can’t believe you made that beast so easy to deal with like a baby!”

She held his belly and kicked out again as she endured the pain and suffering that echoed within.

Her wild instincts know that showing weakness can be fatal.



It was easily blocked by the outstretched leg.

“It’s obvious. No matter how many times you repeat–”


After eating the kick and spitting out blood, she kicked over again with that horror in her eyes again.




The upside-down kicking blow jabbed towards the beastman’s stomach.

Narcissus, who dodged the blow by leaning back at a near impossible angle, contracted his arms and legs and feet in an upside-down position, then stretched his whole body like a spring and kicked out.


“Certainly it would be too naive if people who have the “Gospel” would be succeed with just this. Our organization has gathered a large number of martial artist, and the competition is quite fierce… too!”


The fallen beastman girl was mercilessly kicked out, and Lilia rolled several meters away as she was swept up in it.

“Aaaaahhh, it’s really bad. It’s all stained with the beast’s blood~.”

“What a strength… Is this the power of Gospel too?”

Seeley was so excited that he was sputtering, and his heart was bursting with anticipation.

“Huh~? What are you talking about? I’m not even using my magic power, not to mention the gospel!”


“What I just did was a pure skill~~ and ingenuity~!


Normally, Narcissus’s words and actions might have been a bit irritating, but now, it was so shocking that Seeley and the butler stood dumbly and dumbfounded.

“Well well. I’ll show you how while I handle this guy. Magic’s way of handling this kind of thing.”

In the next instant, the wave of magic power was released.

“How, how is it possible ……”

“…. So this is the real power … of the people who possess the Gospel? …”

Narcissus’s entire body was bursting with magic, and just like that his body was overwhelmed as if he had received a physical blow.



Although the devastated beastman was still trying her best to keep a low roar at this point, Lilia had instinctively noticed it.

The man with the strange outfit in front of her was the strongest person in the world.

It was an existence in the sky that a weakling like herself couldn’t do anything about no matter what.

“Aha~ do you still have the energy to fight back? Well, then, let’s play with you for a little while longer-”

“–Can I have a look at that Gospel thing too, please?”


Sometime later, he was already there.

No one in this room had previously noticed …… that there was a man in black armor sitting gently there on the beastman cage.

He had his arms folded and looked like he was at ease.


The beastman who gave the impression that she would bite up no matter what kind of enemy he encountered suddenly jumped to hide behind Lilia’s figure and huddled up in a trembling body. It was as if it was trying to make itself as invisible as possible to the man in armor.

“Who is it?”

“…… You, who are you.”

That Narcissus, for the first time so far, asked so with a straight face.

A sweat swept over his cheeks.

It was the first time for him to get such an experience.

It was an unbelievable experience where the opponent’s figure was not perceptible even though he was already in the field of vision.

“Facing a guy of your level, I don’t have to bother mentioning my name.”

“…… What are you saying.”

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