Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 10

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Things like this in Starting Town

…Has it caught up?

Fuuh~~, yare yare, the rendezvous finally went smoothly. In this way, from the point of view of combat power, it should be regarded as reassuring.

On the roof of the three-story building, I looked down and saw the three of them meeting on the road below and breathed a sigh of relief.

That was close. I didn’t think I’d neglected my duty because I was so engrossed in the construction of the Demon King Castle.

Hakuto he’s grown up too, and he even made a girlfriend. He also wears a very fashionable wig.

And it seems that ……his strength has improved quite a bit as well. It should have been strong enough to come to the starting town already.

However, both of them were still too naive.

They really don’t know how to deal with the starting town.

It was common knowledge for people who had played RPGs that there were two types of bosses in the starting town.

The first type is the bosses that can be defeated even if you don’t level up much, and is an extension of the beginner’s tutorial.

The second is the bosses that have overwhelming strength and are determined to be the final bosses to be defeated. It’s the one that’s a bit annoying.

If this is a game, you can still challenge it with the mentality of trying, but since it is now in reality, it won’t work

If it’s just the first one, then it’s fine, but if it’s the latter, then it’s unlikely that they’ll be spared, and they’ll be slaughtered mercilessly.

So, for sake of Hakuto and the princess, I went to investigate the information about the area.

I went to this destination one step ahead of Hakuto, and I ran with all my magic power to investigate the information about the area. I wasn’t a stalker, just worrying about them.

Then, to my surprise, it turned out that the lord of this town was a considerable degree of evil.

Some nobles have a parent-child relationship, and it seems that the Count buys up his favorite people from the territory of his child-nobles.

In other words, human trafficking.

Anyone with a keen sense of intuition would be able to detect it here.

The first boss battle of Hakuto the Hero, which is very memorable, should be the lord and his guards here. Well, it’s just a novice tutorial level boss.

It would be fine if I leaving it to the two of them, they will definitely be able to beat them …… I thought so at first.

…… But as it turned out there was still some concern, so I sought out the righteous powerhouse around this town and then inadvertently had him meet up with the two.

It’s better to have more combat power.

“…… Who are you?”

“Me? I’m Oswald Arch. I’m a traveling hunter….In love, of course.”


Below, they have quickly entered the self-introduction section.

What was actually somewhat surprising was that he was the righteous thief with a name like Handsome …… What’s his name again, Handsome …… Boy.

He was regarded as ally of justice due to his actions of robbing property from crooked merchants and bad lords and returning it to the people, and he had a high popularity, as well as a high skill with a bow and short sword.

I don’t know why he was in this town, but I cleverly lured him here by pretending to be a rice seller and telling him that there was a beautiful woman here and was in trouble with a guide.

All three of them have a strong sense of justice, which I’d already checked out beforehand, so I guess you could say they’re all alike. If they had a cup of tea together, they would no doubt be able to get along.

Then, you can say that the prototype of the Hero party was born. Goodness gracious, they’re really cool.

…… I’d be happy to go home now, but …… for some reason the number of bandits around my house has been decreasing lately, and my bandit savings are unreliable.

Since the lord here is a villain and seems to be very rich, it’s hard to resist the temptation to get some treasures.

Although it’s completely thievery, as self-proclaimed Demon King, I have to learn from these genuine evil people.

Well then, how about looting before Hakuto and the others arrive?


I sneaked into the mansion of Seeley Shook, who had a fountain and pond in the courtyard. It was so big that even though there were many guards, it was easy to get in. For me, who was probably in the lead in the history of King Light’s castle in terms of the number of infiltration, this was a piece of cake.

It’s an amazing mansion. It must be very hard to clean it here.

For me, who was running the affairs of the Demon King City by myself, I could understand that in a moment. There are servants and janitors, but they can’t do the cleaning perfectly

…… It’s surprising that the first thing a demon king does when he sees a mansion is to worry about the housekeeping.

That’s not good. I can’t be the house-affairs-oriented Demon King. I’ve got to be careful. I’ll stop wearing an apron and a tricorn today.

And say goodbye to the days of eating tea and rice.

I should eat meat like a demon king too.

So, let’s put these things later…what should I do now?

Although it’s because there’s a rather large treasure trove in this Seeley Shook’s mansion that I managed to sneak in through the guards to get in without being detected. ……

…… There are so many different kinds of treasures and money that it’s hard to decide which one to take.

I’ve already made a lot of swords and other weapons myself, but the money is too bulky to carry much ……

…… Oh?

As I walked inside in order to visit the depths of the treasure vault, I found a piece of pitch-black armor that had been carefully sealed with chains.

It was an ominous black aura entwined with a huge heavy black armor that could wrap the whole body of a person including the head.

” ……”

With the chains and black, I can’t help but stare at it, although I’m a little traumatized.

“…… eh?”

“Attention! No touching allowed!”

Like this, a sign with threatening words was erected there.


It’s really a setting that can provoke a backlash.



…… Mmmm. I found it very hard to move.

I looked like I was 15 years old just a moment ago, but now by using body transformation technique, I’ve grown my body to fit the armor.

The head armor has a full face and limited vision that I can’t move around very well.

It seems that it doesn’t seem to suit my style.

It may suit this world’s general use of magic power, but I can’t make use of my speed with this.

…… Also, it feels like it’s absorbing my magic power.

It’s clearly a cursed equipment.

Let’s just take it home for now.

It looks very evil. If I hire an extra knight someday, I’d like him to appear as a dark knight.

The Armor that sucks up magic power like a mosquito, but it’s probably pretty sturdy.

It’s also quite heavy and feels like I’m becoming a a sumo wrestler.

It’s been a long time coming, so let’s try to do a little footwork.

When I was little, I used to sumo wrestle with the King of Death Bear in the neighborhood (three mountains away) .

“Haaa!!…… Uu-uah?!”

The floor collapsed.

The part of me up to my chest was buried underneath.

“What, what’s going on, what was that sound ……”

The guards guarding the treasury seemed to be rushing this way in a panic.


“…… chu chu chu…”

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