Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – V2 Prologue

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Granden, the capital of the western territory of the Elberia Empire.

The girl was in a room of a large mansion located a short distance from the town square.

“Hey, hey, Mother! What kind of story are you going to tell me today?”

“Oh my, Charlotte is full of energy again today. Is she going to keep me up late at night again?”

She held the girl with the beautiful blue hair and gently stroked her head.

Charlotte, who just recently turned seven, was just so cheerful and energetic.

The girl expresses her affection by pressing her whole body against her mother.

“But I’ve already told you all the most interesting stories I know.”

It was already night.

The moonlight and candles only illuminate the room, and she tilt her head and think.

“What would you like? Would it be a story about the Sword God, which is said to have been passed down only to the imperial family of the Elberia Empire, or a story about a legendary hero who fought against the Dragon King of Zenan over a thousand years ago, or guidance from Orphelia, the Great Goddess of Creation?”

“I listen all that!”

“Oh, really? I’ve told you almost everything from the hero’s saga to the lore of the gods,…… I wonder if I have any interesting stories to tell.”

The mother closed her eyes for a while and was thinking, then suddenly opened her mouth.

“…… Yes. I’ll tell you a story about Majin today.”

“Majin? You mean the great demons?”

“Yes, that’s right. It is said that the Majin is the top of all demons. The seven pillars of the majin, which are said to have the greatest power among them, are worshiped as ‘royals’ and are called ‘demon kings.'”


“When you count Gods, you count it as “Pillar” instead of “Person”. Majin are a part of the gods. People are afraid of them, though.”

Charlotte looked up at her mother with an “ooh” in her voice.

“Do they have great power? Stronger than father?”

“…. Fufu. Your father is a great and reliable man, but I don’t want him to fight Majin.”

“Mmm, father is definitely stronger than them. ……”

A girl who also loves her father becomes pouty.

She said with his cheeks fluffy.

“I’m not sure who is stronger, but they are very powerful. Especially the royals, the seven pillars of the Majin, are considered to be of a different class.”


“For example, the Majin Mammon, who is known as the Majin of fire and brimstone, took on all kinds of demon beasts and laid waste to all of his enemies. Not a blade of grass was left after they fought.”


“For example, the Majin Leviathan, who is said to be the ruler of all the dead, once invaded Granden with a huge number of undead. Humans were helplessly defeated. All those who died became her servants.”

“What? But there are no such things in Granden?”

“That was hundreds of years ago. The Empire, which at the time had a close relationship with the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, managed to repel the army of the dead with the help of that country’s magical creatures.”


“Of all the powerful Majin, Lucifer, the demon king, is considered to be the strongest. He is the one and only being who can subdue even the high-ranking Majin. According to legend, the angels who attacked in the thousands and the heroes sent from the empire were all hunted down by Lucifer.”

“Mmm …… is he a bad guy?”

“That may be true if you only look at what has happened. But if you ask me if Lucifer’s presence has caused any damage to this country, that’s also different. I don’t understand him, he’s a mystery.”

“I hope father kills him.”

“Oh, my. I wonder if it’s because influence of him that you’re thinking of solving everything with force?”

Charlotte, despite her dainty appearance, is learning swordsmanship, following in her father’s footsteps as a holy knight.

Just recently, she showed up at a military training ground and beat up some soldiers who were practicing with a wooden sword.

It was a joke, but this girl had the power of God in her, a power that deserved to be called the Prophet.

“It is said that Lucifer also had a subordinate …… who was more of a friend than a confidant. That is Satan, the Demon King, one of the pillars of the royals.”


“He was a majin with a power as powerful as Lucifer’s, and had been supporting Tenebrae as Lucifer’s right-hand man for many years.”


“One day, such a powerful majin suddenly disappeared. It was over a thousand years ago.”

“What ……? Why?”


Her beloved daughter asked, her blue eyes fluttering with interest.

“I don’t know the reason,” she said. “It’s not written in any literature, and now that time has passed, few people would know about it.”

“Mmm, I wonder if he ran away from home.”

“Ufufu….. That would be a cute reason. Anyway, Tenebrae had lost the great Satan. I wonder if Charlotte knows what happened to the remaining demons~?”

When she asked her daughter a difficult question, the lovely girl frowned and growled.

But she soon gave in and buried her head in her mother’s bosom.

She patted her head with a wry smile.

“In the past, the Tenebrae demon tribe decided how the country should be by a council of majin called the royals.”

“Council system?”

“Yes. To put it simply, it was a majority vote. For example, let’s say you have to decide whether you want to eat meat or fish for dinner tomorrow night.  The three of us, Charlotte, father and I, will decide.”

“I want meat!”

“Oh? But your father and I want fish. The majority vote was two to one for the fish. Poor Charlotte can’t eat meat, so she has to eat fish.”

“Mmm! Mother’s teasing~!!”

“Mmm! That’s how the council system works. But now that Satan is gone, there are only six demons. What would happen if there were three to three opinions and the arguments fell apart?”

Charlotte is thinking hard, folding her fingers with a question mark on her face.

The mother still wanted to enjoy her adorable figure much, but it was time to go to bed.

“Well, that’s it for today. We’ll continue another time.”

“What? No, no, I want to listen more!”

“You can’t! Time to sleep!”

Charlotte hugged the frustrated girl and finally lay down on the bed.

Charlotte let out a happy squeal and hugged her beloved mother as hard as she could.

She kissed the little girl on the forehead, then gently patted her back and gave her a pat on the buttocks.

Then Charlotte, who had been so energetic, relaxed her face and fell asleep.

The mother muttered quietly as she looked at the sleeping face of her beloved daughter with gentle eyes, who was sleeping soundly and lovingly.

“–I wonder what Satan, the majin of destruction and carnage, is doing now.”

No one knows the truth anymore.

“Has he simply abandoned his country and fled ……, or is he long dead?

She chuckled to herself.

“‘No, of course not. He is always alive somewhere. –maybe in the not-too-distant future……”

General Claude Duras, who was called a great hero in the battle against the Zenan Dragon Kingdom.

His wife, Nastasya Duras, continued to stare at Charlotte’s sleeping face as she thought about the old events.

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