Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – V2 Chapter 47 part 2

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I took on Satan and slashed him with the swords I held in both hands. His body tough as usual. The failure magical creatures were also big, but they weren’t comparable to this one.

In fact, I’d say that I’m the one who’s worn out, since my hand is numb and has lost its sensation.

“A blow as ineffective as a child’s will not pass through me!”

Purple lightning gushed from Satan’s body. I quickly blocked it with my barrier.

I’ve put up improvised barrier techniques many times before, but each time they’ve been destroyed – I felt a pang of sadness in the face of my raging friend.

“…… You’re getting weaker, Satan.”


The purple light destroys the barrier technique, but it didn’t reach the point of scorching my body. At this point, something is already wrong. If it was Satan’s lightning in the past, such me who disguise as human being would be death right away. He used to have the power to annihilate. But now, he doesn’t have that power.

From his words and actions, it was clear that he was in no condition to take advantage of his adversary.

However, his movements are slow and sluggish. The magic from his body is weak, and he doesn’t even have sense. If it was just a human or a weak prophet, he would be overpowered them, but in its current state, he would have no chance against that Great Hero.

I asked, knowing that my words would not reach him.

“How did that rift form as soon as all the crystals in the Imperial Temple were destroyed?”

Instead of replying, a lightning bolt strikes me. Despite of my barrier technique being shattered, there is not a single scratch on my body.

“Why did you emerge from the dimensional rift?”

“Shut up!! Only weak ones talk a lot during battle!!”

“Are you serious when you say that, Satan?”

As soon as I smiled and said that, dozens of lightning strikes pierced the ground around him.

“You can spit out such words only after you kill me. But now, you’re no better than even a low-ranking demon.”

Satan was coming at me with lightning speed, but I could already read his movements.

The arm cracks the earth, and a shockwave of hot air hits me. I blocked it with an easy barrier technique and thrust my twin swords into Satan’s shoulders, which were now full of gaps.

I then spun a chant for a spell to absorb Satan’s magic.

“Offer me the magic power that is the root of violence–magic power absorption!”


Satan must be experiencing a tremendous sense of weakness.

But he was quickly shook-off, and I landed on the ground nearby, my twin swords at the ready.

I could certainly absorb his magic power, I’ll have to repeat this over and over again to deplete its fighting power, though.

“The humiliation of using my power on a clever little boy is something I will never forget!”

“‘…… Satan. You can’t be serious.”

“Come, Kadesh Segel!”

The battle axe, which was taller than Satan’s huge blue-black body, appeared. It was the Kadesh Segel, the divine weapon of Satan.

It is something that only royalty can handle, and the rest of us can’t even touch it.

A sacred object can manifest itself through its owner’s life force and magical power.

The power of a divine weapon wielded by a perfected royal is no ordinary thing. Even the Satan of today, consumed by the urge to destroy, can pierce the earth and send shock waves into the sea and send the aftermath of his attacks to faraway lands.

If it were used here in the Empire, it would cause tremendous damage. But there was an even more alarming situation.

“Satan. If you wield it now, your body won’t be able to handle the load.”

“I will only destroy the insects in front of me.”

“Are you satisfied with killing me and destroying yourself? That’s not the behavior of a strong man.”

At that moment, I felt the space around me distort. I could feel the slightest bit of magical power.

And as the image of the behemoth who must have released the magic passed through my mind, a black hole-like space suddenly expanded behind Satan.

At Lucifer’s palace in the Tenebrae Demon Kingdom.
The black-haired girl looked at the blue-haired boy with her red eyes, then muttered to herself.

“What an unique technique. I wonder if His Majesty’s transformation into human form corresponds to the 10th level of the forbidden magic.”

Lumierre, who was listening, blinked.

“Oh, really? I don’t know about that, but that good-for-nothing-maid was raving about it.”

“Yeah. Rena doesn’t have power to handle the magic of this level. The fact that you and Rena asked His Majesty to try it for dozens of even hundreds of times to reach his current form, that’s how amazing the power he has.”

The demon king who was sitting next to her, the one who rules over the spirits of the dead, let out a sigh.

“Was that the reason for the repeated release of magical power I felt back then? That cause the spirits of the dead shrank and became frightened, you know? So it’s because of you.”

“That’s not just me. Rena had ordered to several times to get the look she wanted.”

“Both of you are same. Sigh… these women are outrageous. …… I’m not sure how much magic he had to deal with just for a mere transformation.”

Shaking his head sadly, Leviathan picked up a cookie from his plate and chewed it crisply.

Giselle says as she looks beyond the spatial magic.

“And by becoming human, His Majesty drastically reduced his magic power, making it difficult for him to break the spell on his own. In order to prevent the transformation from being undone by some kind of reaction.”

“Yeah!! On top of that, Rena applied a sealing technique equivalent to the forbidden arts, it’s like a double bond and it’s not so easy to unravel…. By the way, I was the one who helped that slutty maid with her forbidden magic! If it weren’t for my magical power, he wouldn’t have been able to become that perfect human being! Un!!!”

Seeing the thin-chested fallen angel, Leviathan frowned and touched her cup of tea.

“In other words, in order to return to his original form, Rena must releasing the sealing technique first, His Majesty further need to concentrate all of his nerves and spent a long time to release the (transformation) technique.”

“Yes. Well, it would be a disaster if the magic was broken in the city. Dar~ling’s magic power is literally murderous.”

Leviathan, who was staring at the scene reflected in the spatial magic, suddenly muttered.

“… That could be a problem.”

“What? Why? That Satan guy is weak, isn’t it?”

In the hands of the blue-black deformed majin, he held a huge axe.

“That’s what I mean. What would happen if he wielded Kadesh Segel in such a state? ……”

“He’s weak, it doesn’t matter.”

With those words, Leviathan slammed the table.

“No! Satan has the power to kill you in an instant if he is at his best! And the sacred artifacts used by our royals are to be handled on the premise that the wielder is in perfect condition!”

“What a nagging old hag. Make it easier to understand!!”

“If Satan wielded it, the first blow would have the destructive power of a full force blow. The surrounding area will suffer tremendous damage from the impact alone, and the weakened Satan may even destroy himself to pay for the blow!
We have to stop this as soon as possible. I’ll get there. Giselle, hurry up with the space magic–!”

While Leviathan stood up with great enthusiasm, the second-wife quietly announced.

“Satan is the second strongest demon king after His Majesty. No matter how strong Levy is, she won’t be able to stop him that easily, right?”

“It may happen that more than half of my body will be wiped out, but if that’s all that happens, I’ll be fine.”

“But if it’s true form of His Majesty, he could stop that blow. No need for you to step forward..”

“That would certainly be possible for the original him to do so. ……”

“It can’t be helped. It’s against His Majesty’s wishes, but let’s destroy the technique.”

Lumiere, who had been dumbfounded up to that point, said, “What?” and slammed the table with a strange voice.

“I told you earlier. I just told you that Dar~ling is under double bondage and it will take a long time to break it.”

“Rena’s sealing technique is the third level of the forbidden arts. Even with His Majesty’s, it’s easy to destroy this level of magic.”

Giselle said as she stretched her arms toward the destination of the space magic.

“Three seconds should be enough.”

“Eh, …….”

“Three, two, one–”

A tremendous amount of magic gathered at the second-wife’s fingertips, and she smiled softly.

“Yes, that’s it. Now, show me who you really are! My dear Majesty.”

The magic power compressed to the utmost limit by her fingertips was released towards the blue-haired boy at the end of the space magic.

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