Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – V2 Chapter 46 part 2

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There was a deafening roar of explosions as they clashed their magic power against each other, and there was a cloud of dust. A huge explosion followed, which also hit Rena and Claude, but Rena put up an instant barrier technique that she didn’t even chant.

Rena’s eyes remained fixed on Claude. She pointed the tip of her sword at Claude and said, calmly, as she had just prevented a clash of magical power that seemed would have torn her body to pieces.

“I hate this country so much that I can’t stand it. Past or present, that feeling has not changed. If I may be so bold as to say, if I had succeeded in eradicating the Tenebrae Demon Kingdom, the Empire would have been next…”


“If I had the power to defeat a powerful demon, it would be easy to overrun an empire where no one had the power to match me. This ugly country and its inhabitants should all be destroyed. That’s what I thought.”

“Did you not have a loved one, a family?”

“I did. My father and mother were very kind to me, and the old couple who were the owners of the house I worked in were wonderful people. They were all killed, though.”

“What? ……

Rena swings her twin swords again.

When he was unable to evade in time and caught the sword with his divine sword, the sword, which was made with a technique equivalent to forbidden magic, was easily shattered.

However, immediately after destroying it, she had already created a new sword, which immediately attacked with a slash.

The moment Claude, who had a graze on his cheek, quickly retreated, Rena’s dark purple eyes glowed mysteriously. There was a blast behind her, and the moment he neutralized it with his divine sword, Rena was right in front of him. She stopped just before the twin swords touched his neck.

“Does the great hero really has no intention of fighting?”


“The opponent didn’t have the will to fight when we clashed against each other, and that’s when I accidentally cut off his head. Are you okay if I report that to my master? If you die, we will take this opportunity to start a war against Granden and henceforth the Empire. If that’s what you want, it will be very helpful for us.”

The moment he heard those words, Claude’s eyes, which had only been handling the attack, lit up with a glowing light like a flame for the first time.

“—I couldn’t just silent after hearing that. Lady Rena, whatever happened in your past in the empire has nothing to do with the empire now. Even if it’s you, if you dare to threaten this country with your hands…”

Claude held up his divine sword and shot a sharp look at her.

“I will not tolerate you.”

“That’s the spirit.”

Rena’s dark purple eyes were also filled with murderous intent as she readied her twin swords.

“Why are you wasting your time provoking him, that useless idiot?”

The blonde girl on the terrace of Lucifer’s palace in Tenebrae, the land of the demons.

She muttered to myself, resting her cheek on the table and crunching on a cookie carefree.

Despite the pure white wings on her back and her lovely appearance, her attitude was arrogance itself.

Then, a petite maid who was standing behind the fallen angel said.

“Then, Lumiere-sama, please stop gobbling up cookies in vain. How many servings do you think you’ve had?”

“Shut up! Wasn’t Giselle the one who said to have a leisurely tea party while using space magic to broadcast Dar~ling live?”

“You’re right. These tea cakes were prepared for Giselle and the royals, not as food for some spoiled angel.”

“Giselle, Asmo, and Levy are not here now, are they? I’m the master of this tea party. Look, the cup is empty.”

“Why don’t you pour it yourself?”

“You’re the maid. What are you here for?”

“It’s for slaughtering crazy winged woman when she goes crazy and out of control.”

The moment the magic circle appeared at the feet of the maid Catla, a huge shining spear was thrust high into the sky.

But Carla dodged it and stood there as if nothing had happened.

Lumiere clicks her tongue and pours her magic power into the air, ready to deliver another blow.

She began to build a magic circle, but it crunched and broke like shattering glass.

“Oh, my God. You’re always fighting when I’m not around. Lumiere, stop!”

“Giselle! This annoying maid was the one causing trouble first!”

Lumierre shouted as he saw a girl with long black hair appear from inside the palace.

Giselle, clad in a black dress, who was hugged as if she was hit by a body, gently accepted it and patted the fallen angel’s head.

“Carla, don’t tease Lumierre too much, okay?”

“If you say so, Giselle-sama.”

“She says things like that, but I know she’s inwardly sticking out her tongue!!”

“No, that’s not true. Inwardly I’m pulling your wings out and roas it whole.”

“Carla, duh.”

Giselle hugged Carla with one of her free hands and stroked her head as well.

The venomous maid, who had been near expressionless, was patted as she was, and her mood softened a bit.

In front of scene of a girl in a black dress with lots of frills hugging and caressing a fallen angel and a petite maid, a girl in a white robe from the back of the palace mutters in dismay.

“You too, Giselle, don’t indulge them too much.”

“Oh, my. Both Lumiere and Kara are my precious family members. It’s only natural for me to give them my undivided affection, isn’t it? And of course, you too, Levy.”

“…… Yes. If you had one more arm, I might have been tempted by being petted too.”

Giselle, who was stroking Lumierre and Carla’s heads, glanced over at the destination of the spatial magic.

The silver-haired maid and the blond general were facing each other, and the blue-haired boy was throwing words at the blue-black majin Satan.

“I’ll pet Levy later, too. By the way, how’s ‘preparation’?”

“Mmm. I’m done with mine. Asmo is putting the finishing touches on it.”

“So it’s almost done. I’m worried about His Majesty, but I’m also worried about Rena.”

When she whispered this, Lumierre, whose face had been completely melted by the pat on the head, said firmly.

“If you leave her like that, Rena, she’ll die. Are you sure?”

“Does that mean that even from Lumiere’s point of view, the Great Hero’s power seems tremendous?” (Levy)

“She can’t use her divine sword, even though she was hero. Besides, that guy is clearly stronger than Dar~ling right now. On top of that, that stupid maid provoked him, so the two of them were currently really in trouble. Do you want me to go and help them?”

“No. If you go out there, you will only cause more confusion. You will have to be patient until we are ready.”

The demon king who rules over the spirits of the dead admonished her, and Lumierre let out a sigh.

“It’s boring. Is that Satan guy really an ally of Dar~ling’s?”

“Satan is quite, and Lucifer is temperamental, their nature is completely opposite…. Although I don’t know how it is….He would often get involved with Satan, and Satan would go along with it in one way or another. Sometimes they would spend days talking.”

“Hmm. But he doesn’t seem to know Dar~ling, does he?”

“It is impossible for Satan to forget Lucifer, even if the heavens and earth were turned upside down. The way Satan is acting right now, he’s probably losing his mind because of his destructive impulses. ……”

She moved away from Giselle and sat down in her seat, sucking on a cookie absentmindedly.

Lumiere stares at the battle taking place beyond the space magic, and Leviathan answers her question. The girl doesn’t seem to be worried about Lucifer or Rena.

Still stroking the petite maid’s head, Giselle let out a huffy sigh.

“…… Your Majesty is always into dangerous things, but this is one time I don’t want to leave him alone.”

“N~~? What’s wrong?”

“I have an idea. Please wait a minute.”

The girl in black patted Carla on the head and gently released her, then sat down.

The maid who had been released was in a dreamy daze, but she quickly came to her senses, coughed, and regained her composure.

And Giselle’s red eyes shone as she gazed at the scene beyond the space magic.

“Your Majesty. Let me see what’s inside that pretty little body of yours.”

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