Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – V2 Chapter 46 part 1

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Chapter 46 – The Unreachable Voice

The fist that the blue-black deformity swung at Claude pierced the earth.

The ground cracked and the shock wave hit Claude as a hot wind with high heat.

Claude swung his divine sword, Revisistra, to protect himself from the hot air.

The creaturekicked the ground and came at him with tremendous force.

Avoiding a fist blow that would have shattered his body if it hit him directly, he swung his divine sword to slash away the two arms that were growing together on his right. The blood spattered, but did not lead to amputation. And the wound healed in the blink of an eye.

The creature moved at a speed that made it seem as if it would vanish from the scene. He closes in right next to Claude and strikes him with its four stiff arms.

Claude used his divine sword to repel all of the hot air fists that were being shot at him at a tremendous speed, and took advantage of the moment to pierce his chest with his divine sword.

However, his swollen muscles prevented him from striking a blow with his divine sword in the process. Claude immediately pulled out his divine sword and struck with an unstoppable slash that gave that creature no time to defend himself.

The moment the blue-black creature feet moved, Claude left the scene.

At the same time, the creature swinging foot tore the earth apart, and the burning magic power erupted as a pillar of fire, and the impact alone caused huge cracks to appear all the way to the ground in the far distance.

The earth shuddered and almost knocked him off his feet, but Claude kept his distance and unleashed a series of shockwaves from his divine sword. The powerful divine energy attack swirled and slammed into the creature.

Almost scooped off his feet by the rumbling of the earth, Claude kept his distance.

The creature is injured, but recovers as blue flames erupt from its scars.

He was angry as he looked at Claude with his red eyes.

“Bastard! What’s with that slash, it’s not enough!!”

“…… You are a man of awesome power. Why do you wish to fight?”

The creature approached at high speed and smashed the ground where Claude was standing. The apparition shouts at the blond general, who leaps to avoid it.

“Stop blabbering!! Unleash all of your strength and strike me with your full power!”

“Are you so controlled by your battle instincts that you can’t even control yourself while understanding the words? You are not in your right mind. Are you not going to change your mind once again!”

“Sanity, madness. This is a matter that must not be taken into account on the battlefield. The powerful step on the corpses of the defeated!!”

Claude looked at the angry creature and took pity on him.

In the past, he had fought numerous dragon races in the war against the Zenan Dragon Kingdom. Even those who possess wisdom beyond that of humans can be brutal once they lose their minds.

No words reach him. He won’t stop until you burn your opponent.


Is there no choice but to kill him?

This was when Claude held up his divine sword and narrowed his eyes.

He felt something flying from the east with a tremendous wind.

It fell like a meteorite and landed in a cloud of dust. Then he shouted.

“Satan! You’re Satan!”

It was a boy with blue hair.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t expecting his sudden intrusion, but his words seemed to deviate from what he would normally expect from a boy in a gentleman’s skin.


“Satan. This is what I look like now, but you know me, don’t you? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten me just because it’s been 1200 years!”

“Such small and fragile creature!!! Get lost!!”

The deformed figure called Satan swung his stiff arm. The boy evades it, but a shockwave of hot air hits him. Theodore immediately set up a barrier technique to prevent it.

“Remember. Remember, my friend!”

“I’ll make your body disappear like a winged insect!”

Theodore immediately created two pairs of swords through magic and began to engage Satan.

Satan was not able to keep up with the boy’s agile movements.

But that only meant that he no longer had enough to chase.
The tremendous surge of magic power that emanated from Satan blew the boy’s body away.

It was not magic or forbidden magic. The boy was blown away by a mere surge of magic.

“…… Don’t do it, Satan.”

“Dust moth!”

Claude hesitated and tried to intervene between them. But Theodore turned to him and said.

“Get out of my way, great hero!”

“But ……!”

“Rena! I know you’re in there!”

As the boy shouted, the space in front of him distorted, and a silver-haired girl in a maid’s uniform suddenly appeared. With her silver thread-like hair rustling in the light breeze, Rena stood there, unconcerned that she was in the center of a battlefield.

“I’m here.”

“Hold that man off for a while.”


As soon as she answered that, the girl in the maid’s uniform instantly filled with magic power and held a silvery white sword in both hands.

We can guess that it was made with a high level of sacred artistry.

“General Claude Duras, the Great Hero.” (Rena)

“Re, Rena…..”

“My Master commands it. I will accompany you for a little while.”

A beautiful hero of ancient times, whom he admired as a child. There are many anecdotes that have been passed down that praise the beauty of Rena, but all of them turn into stale ones in front of real her.

That’s all he can thinks.

He knew that this woman was on a level incomparable to any other swordsman he had ever seen.

He has been longing for this for a long time.

Despite her beauty, she had always been a solitary being. With her overwhelming strength, and without anyone to rely on, she was formerly a squire.

It is said that she has acquired enough power to support the empire.

He wants to talk to such Hero.

When we were children, we all probably thought at one time or another when we heard stories about brave and courageous people.

How did you gain this strength, and what were your aspirations?

What were they thinking when they set out to defeat the demons?

Of course, it’s not something that can come true.

The heroes with such exceptional strength were a people of the past. They are already deceased, and we can’t even see them. But now it’s different. The hero is standing right in front of him. She may have swords in her both hands and be standing in an adversarial position, but he is certainly there.

Claude’s mouth dropped open spontaneously.

“Lady Rena. I’ve always admired you.”

“I see. I’m honored, Great Hero,” she muttered sarcastically, and Rena giggled.

“Every night I would beg my late parents to tell me an anecdote of your legacy. In every story, you were beautiful and noble.”

“I did not know that such a story was left behind. I don’t think there was anyone in the Empire back then who would have praised me.”

“Why is that?

Claude reflexively tilted his head to the right. Blood seeped into his left ear.

Rena’s sword stabbed Claude right in the side of his head. Even though he was caught off guard, he couldn’t see past the initial speed. If he hadn’t realized it on instinct, he must have taken that attack seriously.

He retreated slowly and held up his divine sword.

“You are the one who is honored as a great hero. Even if it was just to stop you, I would have liked to have done something to cut off your ears.”

“…… You insist on crossing swords with me?”

“If I’m ordered. Now, come, great hero. The hero of your era defeats the demon that claims to be an ancient hero. Isn’t this just the kind of heroic tale you dreamed of as a child?”

There was a hint of murder in Rena’s eyes as she said sarcastically.

If that blue-haired boy’s order had been “kill” instead of “hold,” she would have tried to carry it out without any hesitation. She seemed to be somewhat hoping it would be the latter.

“I just want to ask you one question. Did you – did you abandon the empire because you were caged by the demon race?”


Without pause, an unexpected answer came back. Rena continued.

“Even before I foolishly set out to defeat the Tenebrae Demon Kingdom – and by extension, my Master – I had no thoughts of peace in the Empire.”

“I thought you became a hero to protect the …… empire.”

“At first, I did. As I felt the power that resided in my body and received various divine blessings, I trained hard with patriotism in my heart. However, But there were many people who were not happy with it. They said that the title of “Hero” was unworthy of a woman…. Fufu, I suppose that’s true. In front of a family and bloodline worthy of such a prestigious title, one’s true ability is blurred.”

–While Rena was saying this, the blue-haired boy and Satan were right there.

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