Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – V2 Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 – The Sword of Absolution

The deformed that appeared after breaking something like a cocoon had an icy atmosphere.

But that’s it.

She can’t feel any magic or anything.

Despite his belligerent words, he just looks at those around him in silence.

That seemed terribly creepy to her.

She know if she’d be able to stand up to him if he went crazy and attacked her.

She had no idea what was going on, but the fact that he was just standing there doing nothing made her even more confused.

“Oh, what’s the matter, monster? If you don’t come to me, I’ll come to you.”

Before Clarice, who was in a daze, could stop him, the flying dragon that Berger was riding spat out a violent flame. The direct hit to the body of the blue-black deformity was a much more powerful blow than that of the other dragonriders.

Its momentum was unstoppable, and it tried to burn the body of the deformed.

— but nothing happened.

The apparition just stood there, not even moving to defend itself.

It just stepping firmly on the earth with both feet, and receiving the scorching breath—Flying Dragon must have been exhausted, because the momentum of its breath weakened and stopped completely.

While the other dragonriders were buzzing at the sight, Berger smiled the ferocious smile he showed in front of his powerful enemy.

“You’re good. It looks like you’re better than those white monsters.”


The apparition made no reply.

Standing there, he seemed to be waiting for the next attack.

Clarice finally finished sorting out the situation, put her hand on her chest as if to quiet her racing heart, and took a deep breath before saying.

“Rudolph Berger. Please stop now. If you’ve discovered that your flying dragon attacks don’t work, that should be enough.”

“What’s enough?”

He glared at her with a swarthy look, but she was used to being looked at sharply by that great hero.

Clarice said without fear.

“I don’t think these monsters can understand us, but I think this one is intelligent enough to understand us. We must first remain calm and listen to what he has to say.”

“…… It’s not a matter of whether he understand us or not. This thing came down from the rift in the sky with those white monsters. They are the same kind of creature, you know that?”

He spoke as if he were telling a student who was having trouble remembering.

Those white monsters tried to invade the land of Zenan.

And this blue-black deformity appeared with white monsters. So it should be defeated.

“That creature has done nothing yet.”

“So you mean we’ll act only when he’s done something? By the time that happens, it’s all too late, you know?”

“How can you say it’s too late when you don’t even attempt dialogue!”

“That monster has already told us that, what he wants is strong guy. All he cares about is fighting. Hey, burn he down!”


Berger, who ordered the other dragonriders, also had the flying dragon he was riding spit out a flame.

Clarice created an impromptu barrier and put it up as if to protect the monster who was about to be enveloped by the terrible flames.

But the flying dragon’s breath was too powerful, and it was a low ranking barrier technique.

It was almost pointless. The technique was destroyed, and the deformity was bathed in flame.

“Kuh ..!”

“Hey, what did I just say? Little girl.”

“Eh ..? What…?”

“If you don’t want to die, get out of my way.”

The moment the great dragon general raised his spear to the sky.

The flying dragon’s flame shot toward Clarice.

“What? It’s a lightning bolt!”

She didn’t even have time to cast a barrier spell. However, as she realized she couldn’t hold them back and thought it was over, the flames quickly died down.



“Eh, …….”

The dragonriders turns at a tremendous speed and approaches from behind Clarice with spears at the ready.

Clarice, who had been slow to react to the unexpected, was standing upright. However, Private Ilaria, who had quickly shouted and ran to the scene, pushed Clarice away.

Normally, Clarice wouldn’t budge an inch under such a shock. But in the midst of her confusion, her body was pushed out of the way and rolled to the ground as lightly as if she were someone who had not been trained in combat.

A few moments.

When Clarice realized what had happened, she raised her upper body and looked at the person who had pushed her.

It’s dripping with blood.

That was the first thing she knew.

And although she immediately understood what had happened, but Clarice blinked many times because she wanted to reject the reality. However, the result remained the same. The body of the female soldier, skewered in the chest by the spear of the dragonriders, was in the sky.
It was held up in the sky.

She was twitching all over, blood dripping from her mouth.
She wasn’t struggling. The iris had disappeared from her already lifeless eyes, and her body was only twitching and twitching.

“Private….. Illaria….?”

Clarice reached out to her as if to ask for help, but there was no way she could reach her.

Fresh blood poured out of Private Ilaria’s body after being pierced through the heart with a single blow.

There was a shout of delight.

Clarice looks in that direction.

“All right, well done.”

“As you wish, Great Dragon General.”

It was the other dragon riders who were shouting as if they had defeated the enemy general.

Everyone cheered to praise the one who had finished off the Imperial soldier.

“Pri, Private Illaria….!”

“Ensign Fourestier! Please hurry and get out of there!!”

As if to drown out the voices of those in the platoon, lightning pierced the earth.

It was caused by the magical power that resides in the holy sword Seps Eclair.

Clarice, who must have been struck by lightning, wobbled to her feet and swung her holy sword while muttering something to herself.

“…. That’s….. really…. unforgivable…”

“Whoa, what a nice magical power. Hey, you guys, don’t let her mess up.”

Immediately, dragonriders with spears at the ready attacked Clarice from all sides, but a tremendous thunderbolt emanating from her entire body pierced the soldiers who were riding along with the flying dragon.

Without even a whimper, the dragonriders died in a cloud of black smoke, charred to death.

It was the Great Dragon General who laughed out loud.

“Nice. It’s good magical power. I like it. Alright, before I get to that monster, little girl. I’ll take care of you first.”


As lightning strikes pierced the battlefield and an ear-splitting roar rose, Clarice leapt toward Berger.

A blow from Clarice’s holy sword, coming at him with tremendous speed, struck Berger.

However, it was effortlessly blocked by the spear.

“Girl, that’s no good. You’re so full of murder intent, I’ll know exactly where you’re aiming.”

“Shut up!”

The girl cursed in a loud voice that she had never uttered before, and immediately borrowed the power of the holy sword to amplify her magic power.

The lightning with explosive power pierced the great dragon general.

However, the spear raised in the sky caught the lightning and a tremendous amount of magic power overflowed from Berger’s entire body.


He received the thunderstorm technique, which had a power equivalent to that of a forbidden technique, with the magic power emanating from his own body, canceled it out, and then swung his spear.

“That was a good blow, little girl!”

“Unforgivable…. unforgivable…. unforgivable!!”

“But, girl. That’s not good. You have to be calm and look around.”

A violent thunderbolt struck Berger, but with his whole body releasing magic power, he was able to catch it with his spear alone.


“Listen to me, little girl. Calm out again and take a good look around.”

Clarice, who had blood rushing to her head, ran out of rough breaths, checked her surroundings with a sideways glance – and dropped the holy sword from her hand.

The corpses of the Fourestier platoon are held up by spears.
All of them, except for Private Ilaria who had died earlier, had been skewered and were dripping fresh blood from their bodies.

“Ah …… ah ……”

“You’re strong, Clarice girl. And if you train up a little more, you might be able to go toe to toe with me. But you see, your men are different.”

In front of the corpses of her men who had already died, Clarice’s anger disappeared and she sat down on the spot.

Seeing this, the great dragon general laughed in amusement, and the dragonriders also raised their voices in mockery.

“Total meritocracy. I like it. I like that about the Empire. But you know, no matter how strong you are, there are things you can’t do if you’re inexperienced. If they leave the command to a young girl like you, the empire is not ready yet…don’t you think so, you monster standing there?”

The blue-black body of the apparition just watched the events that took place in front of him in silence.

They can’t see any emotion in his expression.
Berger flashed a belligerent smile and swung his spear.

“You’re next.”

The magic power gushed out from the general’s body and concentrated on the tip of the spear.

Only a few people died in Clarice’s attack, unable to fight back or even defend themselves.

Just as the dragonriders, who had released the corpses of the members of the Fourestier platoon into the mess, were about to form up to surround the blue-black creature, the sound of something running on the ground echoed through the air, and the owner of the sound came to a stop with a neigh of neighs and a large upper body on the spot.

A knight with blond hair and black armor, mounted on a white horse with a huge body, said in a voice that seemed to echo in the pit of his stomach.

“What is the meaning of this horror? Answer me, Men of the Dragon Kingdom of Zenan.”

“…… Oh. Well, well, well.”

The sharp-eyed knight spotted Clarice.

She sat there and looked at her in a stupor – she closed her eyelids faintly.

“Hello, General Duras. Or should I say “great hero” now?”

“I’m asking what this is all about.”

Claude glared at the dragonriders around him. Even the strongest dragon cavalrymen of all time were momentarily frightened by the mere sight of his eyes.

“There’s nothing going on here. We were just trying to get rid of that monster.”

“Then why have those under your command turned on my Imperial soldiers?”

“I told her to stay out of my way if she wanted to save her life, but she wouldn’t listen, so I taught the inexperienced kid what the battlefield was all about.”

“Did that creature harm them?”

“I’m sure he will. We have to take care of this creature as soon as possible.”

“So, the imperial soldiers were overrun without a fight.”

Claude’s eyes look at Berger as if he were shooting through him.

The Great Dragon General smiled lowly, his whole body shaking in anticipation of what was about to happen.

“Yes, that’s right.

“So it is. I’m sorry you couldn’t make it in time, great hero.”

“I will only avenge them in any way I can.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. You guys! Burn him down!”

At the same time as Berger shouted, the flying dragons that had been positioned around Claude before he knew it shot out flames all at once.

Claude raises his divine sword, Revisistra, and wields it. A tremendous amount of divine energy prevents the flame from harming the horse, let alone the great hero.

“Damn! I knew it’s useless in front of a divine sword. Then we’ll crush it with sheer force!”

Dozens of dragonriders attacked Claude at once.

When its huge jaws and claws closed in, the flying dragon and the soldiers riding on its back were torn apart in an instant. While a tremendous amount of blood and flesh was scattered in the air, Brendan ran towards the great dragon general who opened his eyes.

Berger immediately readied his spear, but the divine sword Revisistratra cut down the sturdy spear as if it were a piece of paperwork.

“What….? Shit!!”

Berger’s flying dragon tried to spit out a flame, but the divine sword pierced it before its jaw could open.

The explosive flames that had been building up in its mouth went out of control inside its body, and the flying dragon grunted and sputtered in pain.

The blade pulled out from its jaw cut deep into Berger’s right arm.

“Agh! No, I should get out here immediately!!”

Berger jumped back from the spot, kicking the flying dragon hard in the stomach while trying to keep his right arm down.
The flying dragon flapped its wings with a pained voice as it moved several dozen meters away.

There was no one who could see through Claude’s slashes, which were too fast.

“You guys!! Back off! You can’t beat him!!”

The countless shockwaves released from the divine sword Revisistra instantly sliced through the dozens of dragonriders that were flying through the air.

They don’t know what’s going on, and when they find out, they are dead.

That was the end of those who made an enemy of the great hero Claude Duras.

“Brendan. Get some rest.”

Claude dismounted from his white horse and held up his divine sword.

When Berger, who instinctively knew the position he was in, gave the order to the flying dragon, the blade of the divine sword touched his neck.


“One of the four Dragon Generals of the Zenan Dragon Kingdom, the Great Dragon General Rudolf Berger.”

When did he get behind me?

When did this man leap onto that flying dragon?

In the first place, how did he travel this distance from that situation? Berger was sweating profusely, waiting for the next words.

“The price of murdering my Imperial soldiers will be paid only by your head.”


“Return to the Dragon Kingdom of Zenan with your flying dragon and tell the Dragon King. ‘You will surely be punished for violating the ceasefire treaty.'”

The last words were spoken in Berger’s ear as he was hyperventilating from the threat to his life.

“That is reason why your neck is still connected to your body. Never, never forget that.”

He jump off to flying dragon after Cloude told him that. The great dragon general, shaking violently, ordered the badly injured flying dragon to retreat, which was different from what he had done earlier when his blood was boiling.

With the exception of Berger, none of the company-sized dragonriders were flying in the sky. All of them, including the flying dragons, were already dead.

With that, Claude rushed over to Clarice.

“Ensign Forestier. Are you all right?”

“Oh ……, Sir ……? Me, I’m …….”

“Calm down. Zenan’s men are already gone.”

“Just now…. Private Ilaria covered for me, and the …… Private Eric and everyone else…… ah, ah!”

“It’s okay. Don’t think about anything else right now.”

Sheathing his divine sword, Claude held Clarice in his arms.
Brendan approached them as if he had guessed.

“Can you bring Ensign Forestier back to Granden?”


“……, I’ve given you a lot of trouble.”

Brendan’s steps seemed somewhat sluggish. He ran through the city, out the gate, and ran as fast as I could to this place.
It must have been tough for the old horse.

“I know you will never allow anyone to ride you but me. But for once–you understand, don’t you?”

Claude said in front of Brendan, and he licked his face.

“I’ve got a good friend.”

As Claude muttered this, there was a thud behind him, as if an artillery shell had struck the ground.

If you look over there, you’ll see that he has been just watching the trend of the moment.

The deformed one, who had been the only one, smiled. His beastly canine teeth were bared.

“Come, strong one!!”

“Who are you?”

“You are an excellent opponent for me. Let’s see if you can defeat me with all your might!”

Explosive magic power emanated from the body of the blue-black creature.

The magic that is too much of a disaster intimidates Claude as if it numbed his whole body.

The moment she saw this, Clarice, who was being held by Claude, screamed and went wild.

“Ah. ah. Aaaaaaaaaa!!!”

“No! Hurry up Brendan, take care of Clarice!”


When he forced Clarice, who was in a frenzy, to straddle Brendan and pushed his horse, purple lightning gushed from the blue-black deformed body.

A tremendous lightning strike pierced the earth, flames exploded from the oddly shaped eyes, and a mouth full of freezing breath.

The ground around him caved in as the monster unleashed his fighting spirit with all his might. And then.

“Strong man. Prepare your sword.”

“There’s no way I can leave a being with power close to Gods like you alone. Come.”

When Claude pulled out the divine sword Revisistra from its scabbard, the deformed form leaped wide and attacked the great hero–.

“That’s about it.”

I extinguished the sword that I had weaved with magic power in both hands.

The corpses of the white monsters were lying around in a cloud of smoke.

“I think I went a little overboard. …… But well. It seems General Duras is going to take the responsibility.”

The surrounding buildings have been destroyed by the high level techniques, and the cobblestones are far behind.

It’s a mess, and it’s a mess that’s blown up all the way to the far side of the road.

I want to see how far I could go with this body, but as expected it was only a human body.

I couldn’t help but feel a sense of heaviness.

As I was scratching my head, thinking that I would be tired at this level, a boy with shaggy hair who was lying down nearby said:

“How do you feel, monster bastard?”

“Not so good. What about you? It seems you’ve maintained your dragon body for quite some time.”

“As you can see, damn it….. I think I’m going to vomit the entire contents of my stomach. ……”

The boy in the robe could no longer maintain his dragon race form, and his magic was completely gone. He threw his body on the ground and lay on his back, swearing.

“What a bad luck since Mildiana’s Sky Demon incident. I mean, I’ve had to deal with that monster twice in such a short period of time.

“Yeah, ……, the crazy angels, and the failed magical creatures. They both had a similar look.”

Those magical creatures have equal or greater resistance to the magic power of the sky demons, which were originally angels. And I was surprised to hear that they seemed to be a failure.

The technological capabilities of the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna may not be comparable to what they were a few hundred years ago.

It’s a shame that I couldn’t fight what I thought was a successful project.

The white monster no longer attacked me.

We got rid of the ones that came to this city as soon as we could.

Some of them crawled up the outer wall, but if such monsters were rampaging elsewhere, there would have been a big commotion. But no such thing.

It is safe to assume that the battle in this city is over. With that thought in mind, I casually turned my attention to the west–an explosive magical force.

I could feel it in my body as it reached the whole city of Granden.

“What’s with the crazy magic power now? Is there someone worse than Lieutenant General Lambert?”


“Uh? What?”

――I opened my eyes and sensed the magical power of the western land.

However, I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic when I realized that there was a lightning strike that pierced the earth.

There is no doubt about this murderous magical power. That guy. Why are you in such a place? Where and what have you been doing so far?

“Hey, Theodore?”

It must be you, Satan.

Wait for me. I’m on my way there right now.

I manipulated the maximum amount of magic power that I could use in my body and took off, wearing the wind magic technique all over my body.

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