Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – V2 Chapter 42

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Chapter 42 – Wings Flying High in the Sky

A white horse with a great hero on its back gallops through the city. There were signs of heavy fighting here and there.

The dead were no longer in sight, and they passed soldiers who were dealing with the situation, and citizens who had escaped. He didn’t have time to give him a pep talk. Because Claude had something he needed to check right away.

The streets of Granden was too small for a horse to gallop at full speed. Still, even without Claude saying anything, Brendan got to where he wanted to go.

And he kept running.

Most of the fighting in the city has ended or is completely out of the way.

Brendan stopped in his tracks, neighing.

“Char! Elsa! Where are you ……!”

His voice faltered as if he had been shouting in anger, and the mere fact that he was shouting made Claude’s body heavy with fatigue.

He wiped the sweat off his forehead as if he had been running as fast as he could and checked my surroundings.

He saw a blue-haired boy walking toward him with a girl in his arms.

“Oh, General Duras. What a coincidence.”

“Char ……! Is Char okay?!”

Claude hurriedly jumped off Brendan’s back.

He didn’t care that his brain was being violently shaken and that he was experiencing intense nausea.

He rushed over to Charlotte, who was being held by Theodore.

“She’s fine. She was hurt pretty badly, but she’s recovering thanks to all of Liz’s healing techniques, so she’s fine.”

“Yeah, I see. …… char…”

Charlotte’s clothes were tattered and covered in blood, but she could see that her wounds were gradually healing. The girl in question was in a deep sleep with an expression so peaceful that it was hard to believe she had been injured. He was deeply relieved to see her sleeping face when a maid with a magic gun appeared from behind the boy.

“I’m sorry. I could not protect Lady Charlotte with my own strength. If it weren’t for him, Theodore, I wouldn’t be here now.”

“Well, …… Theodore, I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done. As soon as things are under control, please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.”

“Really? I only helped her because there seemed interesting, I don’t really care about her. If you’re going to thank me, you should do it to Elsa, who had a terrible time because of that healing technique.”

Claude’s eyes widened at the words the boy had released.

Then he looked at Elsa, and she was hanging her head deeply.

“Elsa, I see that the healing technique has had a negative effect on you.”

“Yes. I was strong enough to withstand the barriera that surrounded this city, but there was nothing I could do in front of that mighty healing technique. I was helpless.”

“Is your body okay?”

“It was excruciating, but since I recover now, it’s nothing.”

Elsa’s face was as expressionless as ever.

If only her maid’s uniform had been in decent condition, she would not have even believed that she had once died.

“…… I see. As long as you and Char are safe, that’s all that matters. Elsa, you did a good job protecting this girl too.”

“It is only natural that I should protect my Master. However, I have realized that my power alone is no longer sufficient to protect her, Miss Charlotte.”

“I’ve given you a hard time. I guess I’ll have to face Char more from now on.”

When Claude said that, he gently reached out his hand to Charlotte’s cheek.

“So, you failed to defend the temple, General Duras.”

“…. That’s right. The opponent was a girl who used the power of the divine sword. It was an out-of-the-way technique that trapped the opponents in a dreamscape and led them to starve to death while showing them pleasant dreams. One fatal blow did not kill her, and a second blow could not finish her off.”

“She’s a monster. I know exactly what you’re talking about, because I’ve dealt with one just like it. By the way, were you able to ward the power of that divine sword off?”

Claude shook his head in response to the boy’s question.

“No cure will do any good in the face of that power. All of the survivors, with the exception of Major General Karsati, have fallen into a dreamlike state. There is nothing that can be done about it.”

“I see. That’s how powerful the divine sword is.”

Theodore smiled like a child who had heard an interesting story.

No matter how human he is, demons still have nothing to feel about this kind of story.

As Claude thought about this, strange noises began to echo again from the cracks that had appeared in the sky west of Granden.

The blue-haired boy who saw it said.

“Apparently, something interesting has happened.”

“Do you know anything about that thing in the sky?”

“Some. I’ll tell you later when I have time, because it’s just a stupid piece of information that I don’t intend to hide. However, that’s not the case right now, right?”

“You’re right…. Elsa, can you stay inside the mansion and continue to take care of Char? Rather than join the battle, just think about protecting this child.”

“Yes, sir.”

Theodore, who had been looking at Elsa’s magic gun with her head down, said.

“If you’re going to carry Charlotte, you’re going to have to get rid of that magic gun. You can lend it to me. I’ve only had a chance to test it out.”

“That’s …….”

Elsa turns her attention to Claude.

“Theodore. You don’t need to rely on a magic gun to fight, do you?

“Of course. I’m just curious about this weapon. It was used in the battle against Zenan, and has since been improved to its current form. In the future, even those who can’t handle magic may be able to perform attacks equivalent to forbidden magic. There’s no end to the interest.”

“It would take a large amount of magic stones to fire in that area. It doesn’t seem very practical.”

After receiving the magic gun from Elsa, Theodore turned the barrel lightly and tapped himself on the shoulder with it.

“That’s why the Empire intervened in the war between Lugal and the Magic Kingdom. If they join forces with Lugal, they can mine a lot of magic stones from that territory. It’s not impossible to use it to further develop the magic gun. I don’t know how much of an impact it would have on the war effort to have a bunch of mere soldiers all attacking a forbidden art class. -That’s a terrible thing to think about. The imperial army’s goal is undoubtedly the mass production of this and its development. Am I right?”

Claude couldn’t answer.

Consider the current state of the Empire’s military technology and its support for the Lugal Kingdom.

This is the answer that anyone with a bit of brains would come up with.

Who would believe the ostensible rhetoric of humanitarian aid to beastkins from the Imperial Army?

But that’s not the only reason why the Imperial Army is joining Lugal.

What will this mysterious boy, a demon, think when he finds out the other reason?

Almost lost in thought, Claude shook his head loosely before saying.

“I will allow you to use the …… magic gun. However, if you do anything to harm the people in my territory, I will not tolerate it, even if it is you.”

“I know what I’m doing. Are you all right, General Duras? You don’t look so good, do you?”

“No problem.”

Claude told him and then climbed on Brendan’s back. After confirming that Charlotte and Elsa were safe, he felt somewhat calmer.

Now he can focus on getting things back on track.

Brendan’s horseshoe, which had changed direction, once again stepped on the cobblestones and ran through the city–.


A total of more than 10 white creatures made an eerie, deafening cry.

One of them opened its big mouth with its long neck pointing at Clarice.

Sword-like fangs grow distortedly in the mouth. The shape and length are clearly original. Even when it opens and closes its mouth, its fangs pierce its own jaw and drip blood.

It was clearly not a normal living being.

Clarice felt goosebumps at the sight of the strange figure, but she wielded her own holy sword.

The bellows-shaped blade of the Seps Eclair snaps like a whip and slices through the body of the white monster.

Although she had scratched it, its skin was rock hard. Clarice instantly clothed the holy sword with her own magic power, and the tip of the sword, clothed in electric current, pierced the monster.

The tremendous electricity emitted from the holy sword that pierced the body of the white monster, and when the electric current accumulated in one part of her huge physique – the lightning was released as if it were rising from the ground to the sky.

There was a tremendous roar and lightning, the combination of the girl’s magic power and the holy sword’s power seemed to have reached the realm of the forbidden.

However, after the thunder subsided, the white monster roared, smoke rising from its entire body.

It’s hardly working – it’s not working.

Clarice is upset by this fact. When the girl’s momentary gap was taken advantage of, the monster’s stiff arm swung down to crush the slender body. A volley of magic guns, their limiters released, pierced the monster’s body one after another.

It was a technique of the seventh rank, but when combined, it had a destructive power approaching that of the forbidden arts.

Even the monster was frightened after being attacked twice at the forbidden level.

“Ensign! Are you all right, ma’am?”

Private First Class Ilaria said.

If you looked, you would see that everyone in the platoon had their sights set solely on that her..

“Ugh, I’m fine….! But be careful. These monsters seem to have a strong resistance to magic!”

When Clarice shouted, the white monster that had been looking in some strange direction until now.

When Claris shouted, two white monsters, looking in a different direction, opened their big jaws around their long necks toward the platoon.

Clarice sensed a large amount of magic power coming from his mouth, and immediately poured the magic power into the holy sword and chanted.

“O God of the weather! Protect us with your thunderbolts!”

Clarice’s warding technique and the monsters’ breaths were released almost simultaneously.

Its jet-black breath, which was the opposite of its body color, attacked her, but she was protected by a ward that was blessed by lightning.

It blocked her view like black smoke, and she caught a brief glimpse of a monster.

In the black smoke that obscured her vision, she caught a brief glimpse of the monster’s mouth. Clarice immediately extended her holy sword vertically and pierced the jaw.

The slash, increased in power by the power of the holy sword filled with magic, cut the head of the white monster into pieces.

A cheer went up from the members of the team who saw this.

“Oh, as expected of Ensign!”

Long live Ensign Fourestier!”

Clarice could hear the joy in their ears, but she frowned and looked at the other monsters. Now the monster was completely finished off, but it was terrifyingly strong. If all of these things attacked her at once, she would be overrun in an instant.

However, the monsters didn’t care that their friends had been killed, and they were gazing into the distance as if in a daze.
Some of them are in the territory of Granden. Some look towards the Zenan Dragon Kingdom.

One of them turned its long neck violently, not knowing where it was looking, and finally slammed its own head into the ground repeatedly.

Then, the thing that had been staring at the ground came out of a crack in the sky and started to move itself.

It bit into the creepy piece of meat that landed with it and devoured it.

Humans have an instinctive fear of things that are beyond their understanding.

Clarice was no exception to this.

It was unbearably frightening that she had no idea what the variant in front of her were thinking.

When she looked at the members of the team, she wondered if they were all in the same state of mind.

Some of them were retreating, some of them were gagging from the effects of seeing something so creepy.

So far, there was no damage to the troops, but what should we do now?

The monster that just attacked her and the thing that released the breath are all gone.

In the end, it just swung its long neck around slowly and looked at its surroundings as if Clarice and the others had never been there.

“Ah, Ensign Fourestier, …… what are these creatures, ……?”

“…… That strong magic resistance. It is very similar to the characteristics of the magical creatures I’ve seen in literature before.”

“If I’m not mistaken, magical creatures were biological weapons that were used in the war before … But, they seem to be missing something important as a living thing.”

“Magical Creatures is a general term for monsters created by human hands. Some of them are said to have been failures. These may be those failures.”

Magical creatures are only supposed to be made in the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna. Why did they suddenly appear in a place like this?

In the first place, what is the causal relationship between the cracks in the sky and these magical creature-like objects?

I don’t understand.

However, the individual fighting ability of these creatures is extremely high.

Right now it looks like things are acting in a way that doesn’t make any sense.

If we provoked them, all of their killing intent could be directed at us.

What should I do in such a situation?

Clarice squeezed the hilt of her holy sword, frowning with disgust at the creepy creature and a sense of intense anxiety and frustration.

“Gululu, gululu–”

One of the white monsters made an eerie sound, whether it was a squeal or something else.

The monsters that had been violently shaking their heads and devouring the mysterious lumps of flesh that had fallen to the ground reacted to the sound.

The difference between the individuals emitting the sound and the other individuals is at least in Clarice’s mind.

I didn’t understand. I wondered if that thing was leading this pack of creatures.

The monsters with human-like torso crawled on all fours and ran on the ground at the same time.

Nearly half of the monsters run in different directions with a tremendous force, as if they didn’t care about Clarice and the platoon members who took refuge in a hurry.

Three of them ran to the fortified city of Granden, and two of them ran as quickly as lizards toward the Zenan Dragon Kingdom in the north.

When Clarice, who had no idea what was going on, switched her thoughts and was about to order something.

From the skies above the north, they could see something that numbered over a hundred spreading its huge wings and heading towards them.

When the flickering light produced by the cracks illuminated them faintly, Clarice revealed a shocked expression.

One of the red dragons flying at the front of the pack spat out red lotus flames.

It instantly set one of the white monsters ablaze and scorched its skin.

A blast of hot air reached the area where the Fourestier platoon was camped.

A man in red armor mounted on a red dragon charged at the writhing monster, raising a pillar of fire and wielding a huge spear.

The spear pierced through the monster, but it did not stop its momentum, and it roared.

A huge crater was formed in the earth, and a fierce cloud of dust filled the area.

When the smoke cleared, the man said as he lifted with one hand the entire spear that had pierced the charred white monster’s body.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been to the Empire, and here I am, hunting monsters from the start! This is going to be fun, guys!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! There is no one who can match our Grand Dragonlord!”

The dragon riders on their flying dragons shouted one after another, calling out to the great dragon general.

In the midst of the excitement of the man who had been found out, the man swung the spear he had raised.

At the moment when the body of a huge monster is thrown into the air, the white giant shreds and falls to the ground as if it had been exposed to multiple slashes.

It was too quick, but Clarice managed to see through it. The moment when the man who was called the Great Dragon General carved the body of the monster with his spear in many layers.

The shape of the spear in his hand was a disaster. The point of the spear had a number of sword-like blades, and it appeared to be able to be handled as both a spear and a sword.

The man turned the spear once in his hand and then raised it to the sky.

The people who seemed to be his subordinates, who had been praising him verbally until then, were all together.

Fourestier platoon closed their mouths. The scene of them, without a single thread of hesitation, showed that they were strong men who had been through many battles on many battlefields.

And the man they call the “Great Dragon General” was contentedly playing with his stubble.

He turned his head to Clarice, whom he had probably never even thought about before, and smiled.

“I was expecting a bunch of creepy monsters, but this is nice. There’s a lovely princess here.”

“…… I am not a princess or anything like that. I am Ensign Clarice Fourestier, part of the military of the Granden Territory of the Elberia Empire. Identify yourself, Zenan of the Dragon Kingdom soldier.”

Despite her stubbornness, Clarice was at a loss for words when she sensed the man in front of her.

She felt a chill run down her spine when I heard about the power that he had and the title of “Great Dragon General”.

Whether or not he knew the turmoil, the big man whistled.

“I love it when a woman looks strong. I like strong-willed women, even if it’s just a little girl being tough.”

“……! You rude bastard!”

“Oops, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, did I offend you? You’re such a nice girl, I just wanted to tease you.”

The man looked at Clarice carefully with a licking gaze, then licked his tongue and said.

“I am one of the four Dragon Generals of the Zenan Dragon Kingdom, the Great Dragon General Rudolf Berger. Heh, please take care of me, Ensign Clarice.”

Thus, despite his tremendous power, it was the first time he had experienced a real battle.

In the past, the Elberia Empire and the Zenan Dragon Kingdom fought a war that left a mountain of corpses on the battlefield, and the hero of the Dragon Kingdom, the great dragon general Rudolf Berger, had an encounter.

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