Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – V2 Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 – The Healing Wind

I pierced man in black’s heart, and once I was sure he was dead, I pulled out my sword, kicking his body away.

“This was the 18th time, I think. How about this time?”

The man in black gets up immediately. But the way he thrusts his evil sword into the ground is weak.

It was probably a reaction to the constant loss of life. No matter how many you come back to life, you will eventually reach your limit. It is the same for those who have survived death.

I had already lost interest in the man in front of me. I was more interested in the strange sound that was now echoing throughout this entire sky, as if it was creaking. This phenomenon is clearly abnormal. I don’t think it’s something that can just happen out of nowhere.

–Did they fail to defend the temple?

I concluded so. It seems that the dead and this man were not the only enemies.

But what does it mean that General Duras couldn’t protect the temple?

Immediately after the sky began to creak, I also felt the activation of a forbidden art that was probably caused by a transference technique.

Even though the amount of magic power was extremely small, it was immediately felt by me, who was sensitive to magic power due to my slight excitement.

But there’s no way it can handle a normal transference technique with this amount of magic power.

Is the enemy a magician of the same caliber as Ghislain, who is said to have come from that magic powerhouse, or is it something else?

I was intrigued by that as well, but the overwhelming magic that I felt afterwards that burned my skin was what attracted me the most.

I knew in an instant that it was coming from the red-haired young man.

Good one, Keith. That’s great. The magic power that is still only a seed fire may eventually cause a great fire. In time, with the blessing of the Holy Fire, it could even rival Volcano. Be stronger, Keith. You’ve got it in you. You have the most potential out of all the powerful students.

Thinking about this, I played the tentacle attack with my sword.

I’ve been killing them slowly so that I can enjoy them, but I’m tired of it. It would be best to kill this thing quickly and head elsewhere.

The dead that had sprung from Granden’s cemetery had been quickly blown to pieces by the military’s magic squad.

However, a pale flame appeared out of nowhere, instantly setting the bodies of the soldiers ablaze.

A dark green-haired elf girl came to the rescue each time, but she was badly depleted by the repeated use of the healing arts.

“Haa, ha …… aaah, that’s tough ……!”

She almost slumped to the spot and stood there with all the energy she could muster.

But so were the surrounding soldiers. Some of the magicians had already run out of magic power and were unable to continue fighting.

Those who were good at swordsmanship were overwhelmingly outnumbered against the dead, who were the worst match for them. At this rate, it would only be a matter of time before they were wiped out.


“What is it now?”

One more person was engulfed in pale flames. Liz immediately transformed the healing art into the form of an arrow using the bow she had created with her magical power. She released it – but.

Blue-white flames shot out from the surrounding ground all at once, and they attacked Liz.

It was at that exact moment that Liz, who couldn’t make an instantaneous decision, stiffened up involuntarily.

The swarm of pale flames was obliterated without a trace by a sudden explosion.

Liz, who has extremely good hearing, let out a scream as she felt a severe headache from the blast.

“Uh… , what, what, what? What is it this time?

“Quit your babbling, you stupid elf.”

Muttering something like that, a black-haired boy who looked to be about eleven or two years old walked up to her.

Liz looks at the boy in the robe and gets a puzzled look on her face.

“Julian-kun? When did you come to Granden ……?”

“Just now. This seems interesting, I want to join.”

“This is not a play! You know this is serious.”

“Of course, the dead are on the rampage like this. It’s not even a proper battlefield. You’re the one who should be more serious. Or you will die next time.”

Looking at the murderous silver eyes, Liz gasped.

In the meantime, the pale flames that were closing in on Julian were about to attack him.

He didn’t even need to check it before he vaporized it in a flash with his precise technique.

“I need to assess the situation first. Tell me briefly what happend.”

“What? Uh, okay. ……”

When Liz explained sluggishly, Julian let out a sigh of relief.

“They failed to defend the temple.”

“…… I knew it, is that what’s causing this weird noise that’s been going on for a while now?”

The sound of something creaking seemed to reverberate throughout the Granden territory.

Liz could tell it was coming from above, but looking at the sky, it didn’t look any different.

“I don’t know exactly what’s going on, but I know it’s out of control. It’s not like the dead are just running amok, you know.”

“It seems so…. If only I had more strength to fight…”

Liz gritted her teeth in frustration.

She can’t handle offensive magic techniques without magic tools.

She had been sitting idly outside when she got a call out of the blue and rushed to the scene. She didn’t even have time to go and get the wand she needed to use the offensive technique she had brought here just in case.

However, healing techniques are effective for killing the dead. For this reason, she was helping with the defense of the city, but the repeated use of magic had almost depleted the magic in her body.

Julian, who had guessed it just by looking at her, said.

“Hey, damn elf. How many more of those big magic shots can you fire?”

“…… Aah, I need my wand to do offensive techniques. ……”

“That’s fine. I’m asking how many shots you can fire with the big effect of the healing art.”

Liz didn’t quite understand what the dragon boy was saying, but she answered honestly.

“One shot. Any more than that ….. it could be unexploded, or I might stroke out when I shoot.”

“Let’s go.”

She thought he was going to call her useless or something, but she was wrong.

Julian seemed to be thinking about something as his expression became serious.

Then he let out a small sigh and nodded.

“I’m not really good with the wind magic, but it’s the only way to go,” Julian muttered to himself and immediately instructed Liz.

“Hey. Let go of the healing technique with all the magical power you have.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“I’m telling you to shoot for the sky!”

“Give me enough explanation! I’m asking you what you mean!”

Julian clicked his tongue.

“Shut up. Can’t you see that people are dying while we’re doing this?”


“If you don’t want to make any more sacrifices, use the most powerful healing technique you can. If you need to chant, I can at least buy you some time to do so. Can you do that?”

“Uh, okay, …… if you say so much, I’ll try. But is that really okay?”

Julian’s entire body was filled with an enormous amount of magic power. Liz retreated involuntarily from the tremendous surge of magic power.

“Do it quickly. The people in the temple who are good at the sacred arts are probably already useless. Now, you’re the only one who can do it.”

“All right, all right! …… Take care of the rest when I collapse.”

“I’ll at least pick up your bones.”

The boy went on after that.

“I hear elf bones sell for a pretty penny.”

“This cocky little brat really pisses me off. ……!”

(Note: I’ll pick up the bones is a phrase for I’ll hold your funeral after you die

Despite the blood rushing to her head, Liz created a magic circle from the magic power circulating throughout her body. Then she began to chant quickly in a language unique to elves. The occasional approaching ghost was quickly blown away by Julian with his magic.

“Great Spirit God, who watches over us, bestow upon me a portion of your wisdom, and grant to all living beings your merciful healing. –”

Julian knew the language of the elves to a certain extent, but he didn’t know what the chanting went on to.

Once again, the face of that blue-haired boy passed through his mind.

He would have done the opposite, “How come you don’t even know about this technique?”

It’s not surprising that instead of the elf girl who is now desperately trying to unleash her greatest magic with all her magical power, he could have handled the same technique himself without even chanting.

Eventually, Liz concluded her chanting with a shout, reminiscent of a crossbow in the palm of her hand.

She froze in her stance as she formed a huge green bow and aimed it high into the sky.

Julian, who was suspicious, tells her to hurry.

“What? What’s up, shoot now!”

“I’m waiting for your instructions! You damn lizard!!”

“I told you to shoot quickly, you fucking elf!”

“You ……! I’m definitely going to kick your ass later-!”

From Liz’s huge bow, a green bow and arrow with a huge amount of magic power shot towards the sky.

At the same time, Julian also raised his palm to the sky and shouted.

“A gale that cuts everything, soar to the skies of the fatherland? [Magna Ventus, The Blade of The Great Wind!]”

At the sight of the huge arrow-shaped recovery formula deployed in the air, which was instantly torn apart, Liz, who was wobbling after using the maximum amount of magic, shouted.

“What are you doing, you idiot? What do you think you’re doing with my magic?

“You’re the idiot. Don’t complain until you’ve had a good look.”

“Eh, …….”

The large green arrows that were sliced through the air became countless smaller arrows that rained down on the Granden territory all at once.

A swarm of arrows flying from high in the sky would normally be fatal, but her arrows only had a healing effect.

One after the other, a stream of tiny arrows rained down, ready to pierce human flesh.

It is not an attack to heal the wounded, but to heal the dead, who died a regrettable death.

It was nothing more than a healing blow that could be said to be a gift to the people of the world.

The magical arrow of the elf girl still exists even after receiving Julian’s wind technique, and continues to fall into the Granden area as innumerable small arrows.

The arrow fell on them, but of course it didn’t hurt them.

When it hit an injured soldier, the wound seemed to be closed instantly.

Everyone present, except the dragon boy, looked at it in disbelief.

“Really, it can be used this way……”

She said she could only use one more of her big magics, but perhaps she didn’t care about herself and unleashed the biggest magic she could use right now. It seemed hee magic power was completely drained.

This will eliminate many of the dead that are spreading throughout the city, and heal the injuries of those who are still alive.

It was not a good idea to use Liz’s magic power, which was specialized in healing, only for the defense of this place. It was an action based on that judgment.

She knew that if she used her magic even one more time, she would be incapacitated. This was probably the best course of action.

Julian glanced at the unconscious elf girl, exhaled, and muttered to himself so that no one could hear.

“Well, for an arrogant elf, you did pretty well, didn’t you? I’ll take care of the rest, and you can go back to sleep.”

Julian said, as everyone froze staring into the sky.

“Hey, whoever you are, get that elf to a safe place.”

“I, I understand. ……, but who are you?”

“Mildiana’s special student. Now go. But please be careful. Things are not so simple. Something’s going to happen again. Rather, it may be the real thing from now on.”

When Julian said this, he felt something cross the edge of his vision at high speed.

He looked over and saw a horse running wildly through the city. The soldiers who were watching it panicked.

“The stables have been damaged. ……”

“Oh, that horse could cause unnecessary harm to the people. I think we have to kill it.”

In the midst of the whispering, Julian’s eyes were drawn to a horse.

It was a magnificent white horse, clearly more massive than the others.

The horse, which turned its head around as if to check the surroundings, stood up with both front legs raised as soon as it stared at a certain point, and ran at a tremendous speed after raising a neigh.

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