Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – V2 Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 – The Young Flame

Keith Lermit was running toward the temple, guiding the evacuation of the people on the road.

The number of dead is obviously decreasing, but they haven’t completely defeated them yet.

As soon as he found them, he dealt them a blow of flame. A collection of durable ghosts.

To combine, he unleashes a powerful karma flame technique that borrows the power of the holy sword Fire Giza.

Keith ran, feeling a kind of nausea at the thought of burning up the body of someone who hadn’t been dead long.

The temple is still some distance away.

However, the sounds of battle that had roared from that direction earlier ceased.

And then, almost at the same time, he heard a strange sound, like something creaking.

What is going on? …….

Suddenly, he felt something moving flicker in his vision, and he looked towards it.

It was a stall after the owner had fled. He wondered if the large wooden box was a container for the goods for sale. From the shadows, he spotted a figure looking at him with frightened eyes.

“What the are you doing?

“Uh ……!”

“Don’t be afraid. It’s okay, I’m not your enemy.”

Hiding behind the wooden box was a young boy.

However, there was another person behind him. It was a young woman, but her leg was injured.

“Your mother?”

“Uh, yeah……, well, you know, my dad suddenly went crazy, so I ran away with my mom, but on the way, she, uh, her leg got injured……..”

Perhaps the father has turned into the living dead. Keith stroked the boy’s head, which was crying with confusion and fear.

“I see. You’ve protected your mother this far, haven’t you? You’ve done well.”

The boy’s mother looked at him as he said this, and said, though she looked exhausted.

“Oh, please. Please bring him with you. I don’t care what happens to me. ……”

“Oh, Mom! We have to be together!”

“Just you go. Mom will be fine. Hey.”

She was trying to be strong, but she seemed to have sprained her leg.

They would not be able to run around the city in this situation.

First, he had to get the woman to a safe place.

“Don’t worry. I’ll help you.”

“Don’t worry about me, just take this child.”

Keith yelped at the woman’s words.

“No! What do you think will happen to the boy if he lose you? Just think about surviving with this boy!”

When the woman looked frightened, Keith was flabbergasted. He couldn’t help but feel a personal feeling, but that’s not the point right now.

“I’m sorry. It’s okay. I mean …….”

Just as he was about to say that, he sensed a sudden burst of magic nearby and turned towards it.

There was a bloody girl, dressed lightly and in robes. The purple-haired girl scurried around, looking exhausted.

“Damn, I only flew this far ……”

“Hey ……, what’s wrong with you? You need medical attention right away. ……!”

“Huh? What are you, …… hmm?”

The girl, who looked at Keith with sullen eyes, nodded in understanding.

“Ah. You’re the legitimate son of the Count Lermit, aren’t you? ……”

“What? How do you know about me?…. No, what’s more important now is that you need medical attention first.”

The girl’s chest was covered in fresh blood.

She looked as if he had been stabbed through the heart. He does’nt know why she can speak so casually.

“Oh, I want to go. Damn ……, I wasn’t planning on dying this much …….”

The girl muttered something incomprehensible and held her chest with one hand. It seemed to be a fatal wound, but she just held her face slightly in pain.

For a moment, Keith wondered if he should prioritize the mother and child or the protection of the girl. When he took his eyes off the girl and turned back to the mother and son, Keith’s instincts told him that he would die.

He reflexively raised his holy sword and looked at the girl again.

The metallic sound of a whine echoed, and the power of Fire Giza and Mare Viper clashed.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, ……?”

“Heh, ……, you have good instincts. I thought I could just slash you easily.”

The girl quickly jumped back and distanced herself. Keith stared at the girl with his holy sword at the ready.

“You have a pretty good eye, don’t you? I can’t believe you’re from a family that lost the power of the Holy Flame.”

“…… Who are you? Answer me.”

“I’m Toto, and I’m looking forward to meeting you. …… Well, I’m sorry don’t greet you soon, but a small fish like you will die eventually, so it may not mean anything!”

The torrent of water that emerged from the Mare Viper took the form of a spear and closed in on Keith.

He quickly applied the barrier technique, but…

“Guh, ……!”

“Haha! Don’t you know the characteristics of the divine sword? Barrier magics don’t work on front of this Mare Viper.”

“Divine Sword: …….”

The blade of water that pierced his left thigh disappears. The boy and mother behind him screamed in terror, but the damage had not reached them.

“Next time, I’ll not go easy on you. I’m going to kill you like a rag doll.”

“Wait. There are innocent people here. Let them go first, and then I can deal with your nonsense.”

“That has nothing to do with Toto!”

If the barrier technique doesn’t work, he can’t protect the mother and child behind him. When Keith gritted his teeth…

Something approaching at high speed rammed into the girl, who called herself Toto, as if to crash into her.

When Toto sensed this and hurriedly evaded, the cobblestone pavement she was standing on was shattered to pieces. It was accomplished by a girl with golden ears and a tail.

“Whoa. You just dodged that one? That’s quite a quick reaction.”

Roka, the fox beastkin, said as she slapped her palms together to dust them off.

Her blow caused cracks in the surrounding cobblestones. It was so powerful that it seemed as if it had been smashed with a large mallet or something.

“Roka! Why are you here?”

“We have already done what we can do. Then it is only natural that we should head to the temple that is being targeted. Hey, Shaula.”

Shaula, who arrived a little later than Roka, had a complicated expression on her face when she was asked that question.

“…… Toto? What are you doing, you?”

“Oh, it’s you, Shaula-san. Hmm, that’s right, that’s right, a survivor of Blancneige, that shameless–”

Shaula closed the distance in an instant and swung her bloated claws down at Toto.

It was easily avoided as it approached God’s speed. The girl with the pure white body glared at Toto.

“…… Indeed, the House of Blancneige is no more. As its survivor, I don’t care what people say about me. But I won’t tolerate a single word that tarnishes House Blanchneige.”

“That’s good. You don’t hesitate to fight a person you had a fun with once. As expected of high fighting spirit of beastkin…. No, or should I call it filthy-creature?”

At that moment, Roka’s eyes turned swarthy.

“Shaula, you will be punished later. Be prepared.”

“Hey, why me, ……?”

“A pleasant conversation with one who utters the most forbidden words to us beastkins. It’s unacceptable. Don’t think you can get away with your usual light punishment.”

“…… Uh, alright. Sorry, …….”

“Hmm. Then let’s kill her.”

“Roger ma’am!”

Toto laughed when she saw that the mood of the beastkin girls was murderous.

“Haha! That’s why people say that filthy-creatures are stupid. I think it’s especially true for those who are bloodthirsty and can’t think straight.”

“No more words. You will pay with your life for humiliating us beastkins.”

“Hahaha! That’s why there’s a saying that says ‘The weaker you are the louder you bark’. I’ve been frustrated by all the unpleasant things from here and there. Would you mind accompanying me for a bit to relieve some stress?”


Roka and Shaula ran at the same time and deployed to flank Toto.

When the Mare Viper was wielded, the water stream turned into a spear and attacked the girls.

A number of water spears pierced the area where the two beastkins had run through.

Roka ran up the wall of the house in front of her and avoided the water spear. She jumped with such force that she shattered the roof and closed in on Toto.

In order to intercept and evade, or prevent either of those actions, Shaula attacked Toto from behind and pinned her down.

Shaula was suspicious that she didn’t try to take evasive action, but she put a lot of effort into her hands to make sure she didn’t let go.

Roka’s momentum-building fist swung down to crush Toto. It was obvious what would happen if she hit her, though, as she shattered the cobblestones.

Toto said with a chuckle.

“Do it, Mare Viper.”

Toto’s hands were tied behind her back, so she couldn’t wield her sword, but she was able to use her hands to fight her. The sword she was holding in her hand moved as if it was wielded by an invisible hand, and met Roka’s fist head on.

“Damn, what’s with the sword ……!”

Roka landed, but quickly left the area. Immediately after, a spear of water erupted from where she had landed.

“Hmm, what do you think? Toto’s Mare Viper is not a simple thing…”

“I’m sorry to interrupt your excitement, but you’re going to die.”

Shaula pulled Toto forcefully to her and sank her fangs into her neck. Blood seeped out and fresh blood spurted as she bit into the flesh.


The wolf beastkin spat out the meat and then grunted as if she was going to throw up.

“Ugh …… what’s this rotten taste ……? It’s like a dead body.”

“What? No, Shaula, avoid it!”

It took me a moment to decipher the meaning of Roka’s words.

As soon as she understood this, Mare Viper was thrust into Shaula’s abdomen.

The divine sword moved without Toto’s intervention, and pierced Shaula with its own master.

“Gahhhh ……!”


When she saw Shaula fall backwards, Roka came running in blood. She was pierced by her own divine sword, but still standing, Toto was bitten off!

Toto, who was still standing after being pierced by her own divine sword, quickly pulled the divine sword from her own body while holding her bitten neck and slashed it at Roka, which was covered in flesh and blood.

The blow seemed to be avoided, but the water blade released from the Mare Viper hit Roka.


She quickly blocked the blow with her arm, but it was not enough to kill the impact and she was slammed into the wall of a house.

“Guuh…!! Aaah….My neck is hurt so much… But…. I guess all filthy-creature are like this… I’ll kill Shaula after I’ve tortured her, but first I’m going to kill that fox….”

A tremendous flame hit Toto.

The veil of water that emanated from the Mare Viper caught it.

Toto looked at her opponent with a frustrated expression.

“I’m going to kill you later, so why don’t you be quiet for now?”

“You monster! I won’t let you get away with this anymore!”

Keith urged the hiding boy to lend his shoulders to his moter and run away as soon as the beastkin girls began to fight.

Her leg was injured and she staggered, but she struggled to walk. The boy was watching her with concern.

They are still in the immediate vicinity. Toto turned her head away from Keith toward the mother and child.

“You’re really courting death!! Alright, I’ll kill you first!! I’ll also kill that mother and son with you!”

“….. Don’t you dare turn on the innocent, you monster!”

“Because it’s interesting! It’s great way to relieve some stress!”

Toto wields the Mare Viper.

The water that gushed out from the power of the divine sword became a spear and attacked the father and son.

At that moment, a tremendous flame burst into flames that seemed to engulf the mother and son.

The water spear could not penetrate the flames, and it evaporated and disappeared.

A pillar of fire rises high into the sky, but there is nothing unusual about the father and son who were supposedly caught in it.

“…… that drowned out the power of the divine sword? It’s not even a barrier technique. …… Blessing of the Flame?”

Keith poured all the magic he had into his holy sword, Fire Giza, and released it toToto.

The flames were easily extinguished by the Mare Viper, and Toto’s previously scowling face twisted in discomfort.

“You …… drew out the divine power that resides in the holy sword, didn’t you?”

Keith didn’t answer, but leapt in place.

He swung down to slam the ville gisa into Toto.

Toto accepted it, but retreated as if she had unexpectedly hard time.

“Now, Roka! Take Shaula and run!”

“…… I owe you!”

Roka took the fallen Shaula in her arms and tried to run away.

“I won’t let you!”

A spear of water erupts from the Mare Biper, but a pillar of fire erupting from the ground prevents it.

Roka checked us out for a moment, but quickly left. Keith’s pillar of fire blocked the perimeter as if to keep him and Toto in place.

Keith and Toto faced each other in the midst of the pillars of fire.

“Hey, do you think that a holy sword can defeat a divine sword? It seems like you want to die a very early death.”

“I will never forgive you for your folly in trying to harm innocent people and slaying my own people! I will not die until I bring you to justice!”

Fire Giiza and Mare Viper were wielded simultaneously. An ear-piercing metallic sound rang out and sparks flew.

“You bastard! Your blessing of fire is nothing but a lowly god’s!  The power of the Holy Flame is not like this! It’s not something that a mere count family would inherit!”

“You’re right, I’m not recognized by the Holy Flame. I don’t even have the strength to compete with your divine sword! But what’s wrong with that? Just because I’m weak, doesn’t mean I can let a monster like you do as it pleases!!

“That’s funny! I’m going to cut off your head right now and show it to your friends!”

Toto’s swordsmanship was far superior to Keith’s.

Sometimes he catches it, sometimes he dodges it, but he can’t avoid it or defend against it, and many wounds appear on his body.

On the other hand, Keith’s big swinging blow was easily dodged. However, this was to create an opening for his opponent.

“There, there, what’s wrong with you! Do you think that such a sluggish turtle-like attack will hit me?”

Keith quickly dodged the divine sword that was slashing at his neck and slashed at Toto with the blade in return.

It carved a single red line on her cheek.

–A short time ago, he had been unable to take on a woman.

He does’nt really remember what happened when he had a a talk with his fellow student. It was probably due to the effects of heavy drinking, but there were still some words that remained in his dim memory.

“Do everything you can to protect those you really need to protect.”

What he has to protect is definitely the people who do not have the power to fight.

And then there are the friends who are hurt and about to fall. He would risk his own life to protect them.

“I’m not telling you to throw away the past, but you have to get over it!!”

The young man, who had been deeply traumatized by seeing his father hurt his mother, shouted in order to overcome his past.

“Holy fire! Behold! The flames of Count Lermit’s house have not yet been extinguished!”

Magic power like hot air erupted from Keith’s entire body.
The holy sword, Fire Giza, responded, its blade glowing red.

The red-haired young man’s anger and sense of mission brought his magic power to the limit.

Toto was pressured by the tremendous rush of heat and retreated.

Not missing the slightest opportunity, Keith slashed Toto with his flame-coated holy sword.

The girl’s body was deeply torn, but she wielded the Mare Viper with a look of agony on her face.

An attack without power. Even a divine sword with power that surpasses all others will not be able to prevent the blow of a holy sword with a hidden resolve.

The holy sword and the divine sword collided head-on, and Toto’s arm was flung wide by the divine sword.

At that moment, Keith cuts off both of Toto’s right arms.


When Toto lost her stance due to the shock, Keith swung down with all his strength, putting the heat that scorched his own body in the holy sword.

“Crush her!”

A pillar of fire rose from Toto’s body, which had been deeply sliced open.

The girl, who falls down with a scream of decisiveness, is charred black in the blink of an eye.

Keith saw it coming and fell to his knees.

He gave it a magical power that clearly exceeded his own capacity, and drew out the divine power that resided in the holy sword.

The divine sword was created by a god, and the holy sword was created by another race with the help of a god.

Although it is not as powerful as the divine sword, the holy sword also has divine energy in it. This was the only way to counter the Mea Viper.

Keith looked at the girl writhing in agony in front of him as she took ragged breaths.

That girl is nothing but monster. She was supposedly to die, but she keeps survive and continued to fight without a care in the world.

Still, despite her overwhelming vitality, she was still suffering.

The flame of the god dwelling in the holy sword gained momentum as it burned Toto’s slender body.

Keith stood up with determination and put all of his magic power into the holy sword.

Then he stood in front of the girl with an expression of pity on his face.

He quietly swings his sword down toward the girl who is still suffering.

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