Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – V2 Chapter 3

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“What’s matter? No one’s coming?”

Roka said in a dumb voice, yawning loudly in the early morning physical training hall.

She was sitting on top of dozens of students who were lying on top of each other, her tail wagging as she waited for their next opponent.


“Oh, I saw it, man. The last time a monster called Sky Demon came in she kicked it in the head….!”

“There’s no way you can beat that thing…… ”

There was no one to challenge the fox girl, who seemed to be full of gaps.

In the meantime, on the other side of the training ground, Shaula was provoking the students in the same way.

“Is there anyone else? If you’re a guy, I’ll kick your ass, if you’re a girl, I’ll fuck you. What do you think? You there! Would you like to have some fun with me?”

“Ah…. no, I’m fine ……!”

The girl who said this desperately ran away like a rabbit.

It’s not unreasonable.

There was a pile of students who had stopped moving beside Shaula.

“So boring….”

Shaula sighs while looking at her claws.

It’s not really a class anymore.

It was just a violation.

I secretly leave the place.

An hour later, after the physical training, the sword training was waiting for us.

As I leaned against a tree and watched the students practice, a young man with red hair shouted.

“Is the next opponent not ready yet?”

No one wanted to fight him anymore, not even those who were good at swordsmanship.

“Count Lermit is amazing…. isn’t he?”

“The Lermit are the chosen family of the Holy Flame. I think the world we live in is different.”

“He was on the front lines during the last monster riot. …… I can’t do that.”

No one wanted to challenge him because they knew he was no match for them.

I had a feeling that Keith’s character would pick one opponent after another and bring the game to the last one, but he shook his hand holding the wooden sword absentmindedly and muttered.

“…. this practice is not good.”

The current generation has outstanding talent for martial arts and swordsmanship.

No, it’s not only that.

It’s probably magic as well.

With this in mind, I headed to the training ground where the practical exercises for magic were being held.

It was in a separate area from the physical training and sword training areas, but it was warded to withstand the actual practice of magic.

The students, who were still inexperienced, seemed to have a hard time even hitting the human-shaped target with their magic.

A boy with shaggy black hair who was watching them said:

“You spend too much time chanting spell. You’re not hitting the target. …… Hey, whoever duds there just now, you need to take another class on how to build a magic circle in your head.”

Julian doesn’t imitate the instructor… he was the instructor himself.

It seems that the usual instructor in charge of magic was badly injured in the recent attack by sky demons and has not yet been able to return to work.

It’s a decision typical of Principal Ludio.

“Julian-kun is cute but scary. …… ”

“Ne~, he looks like a girl… Well, I guess that’s what makes him looks cute.”

“I’m confident that I can beat him at physical practice.”.

“If it’s sword fighting, I definitely can’t lose.”

The opinions of the female and male students were neatly divided.

The former seems to be positive about the boy’s beautiful appearance, for better or worse, but the latter is still frustrated in many ways.

It’s no secret that when it comes to sword fighting and body fighting, ordinary boys like them will win. It’s a matter of course.

In other hand, no matter how hard they tried, they would never be able to beat that dragon boy when it came to practical exercises in magic. That was also a matter of course.

As I was watching the scene, a girl suddenly crept up behind me and put her arms around my neck.

“Hey, he’s a devil instructor, isn’t he?”

“Liz, what happened to your class?”

“I still have permission to take a break, so I don’t have to. I can skip class all I want.”

What an elf.

By the way, the permission to take a break was given to ensure that the effects of the sky demons’ attacks didn’t have much of an impact on her, as it is unclear how much it will affect her phobia of white wings.

Normally, she would have stayed in her room in the dormitory and not gone out so freely.

“Hey, Theo-kun. Let’s go on a date, let’s go on a date!”

“I’m in class, even though I look like this. Unlike you.”

“Oh, why don’t you just skip it? …… I mean, class? Of what?”

When I told her task I was given, Liz made a weird “hee” sound.

“Why would Ludio-sensei do such a thing?”

“Well, I was wondering about it too, so I wanted to check. I think this is a more serious problem than I thought.”

I’m done checking the scene.

All that was left was to report to the principal.

“Are you coming, Liz?”

“Well, I don’t have anything else to do. Come on, let’s hold hands!”

Liz and I walked hand in hand to the military commander’s office.

“So it looks like the fears of Principal Ludio and the other instructors are coming true.”

After I sat on the sofa in the commander-in-chief’s office alongside Liz, the half-elf lieutenant general, who was sitting opposite me, said.

“It’s a little troubling, even if it’s to be expected.”

His long purple hair, long ears, and well-rounded face, as if to prove his elven heritage, became slightly distracted and he let out a sigh.

“I’ve been principal for a long time, but this is the first time I’ve ever experienced a group of six special students with abilities like yours.”

“It’s like you haven’t had even one special student here lately.”

“Yes. There were a few who had a good eye for detail, but they were just mediocre. There were some late bloomers, but you could usually tell the difference between them at first glance.”

This implied that the majority of the students had been branded incompetent.

I was assigned a class by Principal Ludio to monitor the progress of the special students’ practical exercises.

The idea is to see how the outstanding students affect the people around them. It would be nice if it had a positive effect, but I was asked to find out what it was actually like.

Needless to say, the results were in.

The other students were no longer in the mood to fight against the special students.

Incidentally, the students who had collapsed in a heap beside Roka and Shaula were because they had forcibly picked them and beaten them up.

Keith’s opponent was the same. He was obviously taking it easier than the beastkin girls, but the result was just the same. There is probably no other student, aside from me, who can defeat Keith in swordmanship even with his eyes closed.

“Your Highness, Lizemelia. What do you think?”

“Liz is fine.”

“Your Highness.”

“…… Huh. Hmm, isn’t useless? It’s obvious that everyone has given up. I was the only one who didn’t participate in the fight, so I don’t think anything in particular, but in front of the other special students, they all look resigned. There’s a lot of talk in class about how there’s no way they can beat such monster.”

Liz said as she tipped her cup of tea.

I wondered what had happened to the permission to rest, but it fit with the impression I’d been getting. To put it simply, the existence of the special students has a negative impact on the majority of the other students.

Not only that, but the special students themselves are not blessed with opportunities to grow because they have no one else to compete with. The president seems to be more concerned about this.

“In the past, there were students who were so tenacious that they never gave up even when there was a clear difference in their abilities. …… ”

“Oh, there it is. Old people’s nostalgic remarks.”

“It’s fact, though. Your Highness Lizemelia will eventually understand. You will understand how cruel it is to let the years go by.”

“I don’t want to know too much. It’s too direct.”

The half-elf, who looks to be in her early twenties, seems to be suffering from a variety of afflictions.

Even though it’s a long life, I don’t think there’s anything young or old about a life in a mere 200 or so years, but maybe that’s because I’m a majin.

Well, I don’t care about that now.

“So, Principal. What are you going to do with all this research? Do you have a solution?”

“Yes, I do. The results were already known, so I had already made up my mind – anyway, let’s call the other special students and announce it afterwards.”

As soon as Principal Ludio called the meeting to order, all the special students gathered.

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