Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – Epilogue

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“How many days haven’t we back to Mildiana?”

“Isn’t it half a month? I thought you would continue to be drunk by having s*x with Lumiere-sama for about a year.”

“…I wouldn’t do that in Empire.”

I almost did that by the way, but I stopped by reason. After Lumiere was satisfied, she went back to Tenebrae.

I told her that if there are other royals visiting, I would like to inform them of this incident first. Because there are times when they come suddenly like Beelzebub.

I wanted to walk around for a while, but the buildings that had been destroyed were really conspicuous.
It was hard to estimate how many days it would take to repair the streets in order to return to that neatness.

Then we finally arrived at the military school, where there were almost no signs of fighting.
Come to think of it, when we were fighting against a giant sky demon, there was a succession of high ranking jutsu launched from this area.

Finally, the forbidden spell that can exceed realm of magic was released in the last. That must belong to Principal Ludio.

As I was walking while thinking about that, something came running at an amazing speed and hugged me.


“Oh wow, Roka! What? What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? Are you safe? I can’t believe you’re still alive! You’re not hurt?”

“Well, I’m fine. Are you worried?”

“Of course! Because you were taken away by that …… terrible person. To be honest, I didn’t expect you to be alive ……”

My beloved wife seems to look like a monster or something even to Roka. It’s a bit different from the usual atmosphere of her.

It’s no wonder. Because just by looking at her, it was obvious that she was of a different level than the other Sky Demons.

“Ah, you’re still alive.” (Shaula)

“Shaula is more alive than anything else.” (Theo)

“Of course. Those small fries are no match for us. –More importantly.”

Shaula came closer.

“What happened to that cute girl? You’re a s*x criminal, did you do something nasty to her? I don’t know if it was a sky demon or an angel, but tell me more about how it felt!”

“You’re the one to be s*x criminal, idiot!”

As usual, Roka’s tail hit Shaula on the head and she fell over.

The conversation was interesting, but I was a little worried that the bones in Shaula’s neck would be okay. Although it might be too late to tell in her head.


This time, I was hugged from the other side.

“Ahhh, Liz. Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine, I’m fine…! How’s Theo-kun? Didn’t the guy who took you away do anything?””

“I’m asking that too! What’s up? How’s that?”

They did all kinds of things, huh?
Mostly, the excitement is still strong for them, so let’s not talk about it.

“Theodore? Are you safe?”

When I turned over there, there are the figures of Keith and Julian.

“If you’re having fun with women right after coming back, you’re fine, right?” (Julian)

“Well, maybe so. …… Nothing serious happened?” (Keith)


“What exactly did you do to come back after being taken by a guy like that? I thought you must have been killed or eaten.”

It’s hard to say.

I didn’t think much about how to tell Principal Ludio, so I just passed it off.

“There were a lot of things going on. I’m going to the principal’s.”

When I said that, everyone came with me. Except for Liz who quietly left my side.

“I’ll be there later, so wait for me! Let’s date as a celebration of your return! This time, stay with me until the end!”

She said that while waving her hand.
You’re really cute, Liz. I want to take her back home with me. Really.

“Theo-kun has back safely.”

“That’s great.”

When she heard the news from her daughter in the military office’s visitor’s room, Eynlana said with an unconcerned look. It was as if it was a matter of course.

“Then, now that Theodore is safe and sound, I’ll go back to Tsefte Aria. Ahhh, Lizemelia. I’m going to give Theodore a reward in the near future, so I’ll ask what I should give him.”

“Hey? I’m not going back too?”

“Do you want to go home together?”

“I’m going to pretend to do that and then suddenly beat up mother and run away at full speed. I think I can do it in half a day or so.”

“That’s why it’s so hard to deal with idiots.”

She could read her daughter’s heart. She said that she didn’t want to go back to her hometown as clearly as she had said it.

“A reward, huh? Let’s see… A date with me…? I think it’s not enough to make him happy.”

“To think that at your age you would start to think of s*xual tricks. This queen is too dumbfounded to say anything.”

“You don’t have to tell me, mother! Well, I guess I’ll go all out and give him a kiss. Theo-kun is avoiding me a bit, but he has been glancing at me to time a time, so I’m sure he doesn’t hate me. Maybe I’ll take advantage of the opportunity and attack him.”

“The future elves will become ordinary beasts that have no shame. …… I am worried about the future.”

“The reason why the elves are so stubborn and don’t want to be approached by men is that they are not able to get married even at the age of almost 500, just like mother, isn’t it?”

“…… just don’t have a man that’s just right for me.”

“It’s great that there’s a gentle elf who will choose a half old mother.”

“It seems that you really want to die?”

“Just kidding, just kidding.”

Liz laughed and then said with a somewhat serious expression.

“I came to the Empire because I hated being in Tsefte Aria, but now it’s a little different.”


“The case of elves’ disappearance was forcibly breached by Theo-kun, and in the end it was Ryu-kun who solved…. But, is it really just that? I want to investigate further.”

(TL: Ryu-kun refers to Ludio/Ryudio)

“If you want to live in peace, stop. You’ll die.”

“I am not a woman who will stop because of such threats. Well, even if I say I want to investigate, I don’t have a clue. What about Mother? Don’t you have any information? I’m not expecting anything because I haven’t even been told about the Mira blood tide.”

“That’s a long time ago. You shouldn’t know about it. That’s what I thought. Just thinking about it now gives me a chill. Because my mother was brutally eaten in front of my eyes.”

Even Liz looked like she had taken a slight breath.
But since the same thing happened as that incident, she can’t stop talking about it.

“I’m afraid the purpose of those is to kill the royal family of the elves. You know that, don’t you?” (Eynlana)

“Yes. Ryu-kun finally told me about it.” (Liz)

“…… I’m afraid that’s the reason too. Lizemelia, listen a little more carefully.”

“Yes. Please do.”

Liz, who was usually immodest, sat upright even after her mother’s serious gaze was cast on her.
Then Eynlana finished what she wanted to convey.

“…… Does Ryu-kun know about this?”

“Just a few days ago, during the exchange of opinions before leaving for the imperial capital. The conclusion is definitely not wrong.”

“If it will turn out to be that way, why did Mother leave from Tsefte Aria? If you’re not careful, the country will be ……”

“I am also old. I don’t have the power I used to have. After taking into account the current situation of our country and the empire, I can’t let him die in vain here. So I was ready to come here from the beginning with the thought that it was okay to die. Even if there is only Ludio and you, I want you to live.”

“Wait a minute, wait a minute. So, is it possible that the person behind Ghislain was aiming at this from the beginning?”

“500 years ago, it was just a test run. I think this time is the real thing.”

“Indeed, the only legitimate royal family of Tsefte Aria is mother and I. …… This is the perfect opportunity.”

“The mastermind has envisioned everything. If things go well, Mildiana will suffer a great calamity, this queen and you will die, and Ludio will disappear from the fate of the military regardless of life or death. –But that vision has also been drastically disrupted by the recent sudden appearance of a man from nowhere.”

“Ahaha ……. If the plan goes well and the royal family of the elves die together, then Tsefte Aria itself becomes miserable.”

“Um. The rich nature of Tsefte Aria is “rotten without the royal family”. The true nature is one that is not interfered with by anything, but this is troubling.”

“If the royal family is dead, then it is correct. If the bloodline of the royal family remains, there is no problem, right?”

“I guess so. In the present situation, it is not appropriate for me to be in the same place as you. The reason why I let you live idly in the empire is also because of this. But the mastermind has already figured out who you are, too. If there hadn’t been an element other than Theodore, this land would have been completely destroyed, and our country would have been corrupted.”

Liz said with a look of concern that she could not have imagined in the ordinary course of events.

“If there is no Theo-kun. I don’t want to think about it. If not, Ryu-kun, me, mother, all of us will die, and Tsefte Aria will be ……”

“Lizemelia. If you are going to remain in the empire in the future, then be prepared. You can be killed even when and where you are. There is a possibility that tomorrow morning your head and body will be split up and cause a big commotion – even after hearing this, do you still intend to remain in the empire?”

“I got a little shaky, but …… I’m sure I’ll be fine. And it’s better for me and mother to be apart, right?”

“That is, assuming we weren’t killed at the same time. Tsefte Aria’s army may not be as strong as the entire Imperial Army, but at least it’s more reliable than Mildiana’s corrupt military.”

“Well, maybe. I think Theo-kun can be trusted more than that. I want him to protect me like a princess and a knight.”

“…… I understand your feelings, but it’s better not to let your guard down too much.”

“Why? Isn’t he a good boy. Cute, handsome, and strong. Very gentle …… although a little less clear is not.”

“The time when you realize the time has come, that’s when you will be ready to be a princess of Tsefte Aria. If you want to stay in the empire, you can spend some more time with that man. Just never go deeper.”

“Deeper, meaning Theo-kun is not of Granden origin, right?”

“That’s it. Don’t ask him anything else. Watch the situation from here on out. If your intuition tells you that something is strange, come back to Tsefte Aria immediately. At that time, even if you ignore everything, it’s okay.”

“…… Okay, okay, okay. I got it. I’ll take it to heart.”

Will her daughter really be okay? Eynlana felt uneasy but did not show it on her face.

Then she turned her eyes to the distant western lands.
She thought of the Demon Kingdom of Tenebrae, where the Demons lived and where the Demon Kings with their terrible power were still said to be in charge.

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