Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – Chapter 41

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Agurea, the capital of the Elberia Empire.

In the corner of the metropolis located just north of Mildiana in the Southern Territory, there is a luxurious facility for the senate meeting.

There were several magic barriers and a security system implemented that could not even harm the unarmed members of the Senate even if anyone attacked.

There were less than 20 Senate members gathered there.

All of them are from famous families, including the dukes.

They were unanimously unhappy to be seated at the long table.

Not caring about this, Ludio Lambert, the commander-in-chief of the Imperial Army’s Mildiana Territory, spoke up.

“Etto… I thank you all for coming here in this busy time.”

“What is this all about, Lieutenant General Lambert? The Senate meeting was scheduled to take place at least a month ago. It’s too much to ask for a meeting in only seven days. Those long ears are funny enough..”

A cheap laugh rang out, but Ludio said with a cheerful expression.

“I am very sorry. But this is an urgent meeting, as written in the letter. I beg your pardon.”

“Is it true that the monsters attacked Mildiana?”

“Yes. Most of you already know about it, but let me explain what happened.”

About half a month after the attack on the Midiana Territory by the Sky Demons.

Ludio gathered only the highest ranking members of the Senate in the Empire and held an emergency meeting.

Originally, the Emperor and the Chancellor of the Empire would have attended this meeting, but the Emperor was not present because of his poor health and the inconvenience of an urgent meeting.

Then, after Ludio finished telling the story of the disappearance of the elves in the empire, there were taunts coming immediately.

“There seemed to be a lot of victims because of the attack by the sky demon or something. The power of the Mildiana Army has been reduced to nothing.”

In the middle of the conversation, an elf woman sitting on a legless chair spoke up.

“That’s right. The Mildiana Army is really useless. There are many people who despise the elves like you. It’s just the result of the anti-elfis’ dominance”

The nobles were disgusted by the words of Queen Eynlana Kirfiniska of the Kingdom of Tsefte Aria.

“Despise the elves? Not at all. We are already allies, aren’t we?

“Yes. To give the elves titles, to give the elves the rank of colonel, to abolish the elves’ slaves – I am proud to have given the elves the best possible treatment.”

The eyes of Eynlana, who stared at the smiling nobles, were as cold as ice.

She looked into the hearts of the characters in front of her. It was special ability that was passed down only among the royal family of the elves. And many nobles know about this.

However, it’s no longer the matter of knowing the truth. She could clearly understand what the person was thinking.

“It is true that elves were treated well. However, there is a lot of resentment from you. It’s not unreasonable to think that the alliance will break down sooner or later.”

The senators were enraged by the statement that they suspected they had misheard.

“What are you saying? You don’t know how much concessions we have made to the elves!”

“You said resentment! Nonsense! This obvious system of preferential treatment is an insult to our human pride! This Elberia Empire belongs to us humans, not to you!”

It’s almost time to put a stop to it.

Ludio was about to speak when the innermost part of the meeting room. The tall man who was not sitting on a chair, but standing with his back against the wall, said.


Because of the powerful words that resounded in the heart, everyone turned their eyes to that side.
The Senate members said in unison.

“General Claude Duras ……!”

“The great hero of the war ……!”

The man known as Claude wore black armor that was also proof of the Elberia Imperial Army.

Blond hair and blue eyes. The age is less than 30, and the appearance is as decent as if the sculpture was turned into a human being.

However, the face that is not yet young is nearly expressionless and full of unapproachable atmosphere.

He turned his sharp pupils to Eynlana.

“Her Majesty Queen Eynlana Kirfiniska. The topic of this meeting is not the pursuit of the issue of differences. Excessive speeches will hinder the meeting. Please be strict.”

“…… You are right. Sorry.”

“Lieutenant General Lambert. Let’s reopen the explanation.


Ludio responded immediately.
When he finished explaining the whole story, the faces of all the Senate members were astonished.

“A strange creature with a green body was found in the underground of the High Court. Only 2 of them are still alive. As I said before, this creature has caused the Final Droplet.”

“The High Court of Magic has such a thing ……!”

“I can’t believe it at once! Let’s see that creature or something!”

“I can’t do it. It’s about 5 meters long. How can we transport it to this place? It’s a dangerous monster.”

The Senate members looked incredulous and showed their disbelief.

No wonder. Most of the people here probably don’t even know about the Mira blood tide. It was an event that had been hidden to such an extent that it was forgotten.

Eynala, who was the main reason why the incident was forgotten, added.

“I saw the creature in front me after the incident. It was not interested in humans, but the moment it saw this queen, it showed a desire to prey on me. Although nothing happened because it couldn’t move from the magic formation.”

“What the hell is that creature! I don’t think it’s an ordinary creature!”

“That’s what I want to know too. But if I’m right, I’m afraid it’s a magic creature that was created in the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, a Great Magic Country. The “Biological Weapon” is the one that lives only for the purpose of “Final Droplet”.”

“Magic creatures ……! The Empire has not introduced those creatures anymore ……”

After 1 of the councilors muttered, Ludio nodded his head as well.

“Yes. The magical creatures have not been imported into the empire for at least these 300 years. And various inhumane acts are performed in the process of making that. Although the diplomatic relations with that country have been very little, the provisions are formalized, but 300 years ago, the emperor at that time expressly forbade the importation.”

“So, were those creatures brought in secretly? Is there any record of the importation of a magical creature with the same characteristics in the past?”

“After I was assigned to the Ministry of Military Affairs, I investigated various documents from the past. Of course, I have also grasped the list of magical creatures that were officially traded with the Magic Country, but there is no such thing as a magical creature with those characteristics.”

Ludio continued again.

“That Ensign Miriam Stacy was possessed on by Ghislain, who was considered to be mastermind this time, but it was impossible to confirm her own connection to the Magic Country. However, this time, the disappearance of the Elves happened outside of Mildiana as well. In other words, there is a possibility that the magical creature is secretly kept in other territories as well.”

“How, how is it possible!”

“Are you saying that there are still people with deep ties to the Magic Kingdom! When and where did that disappearance happen? Investigate thoroughly!

“Of course I intend to do that, but it is expected to take quite a long time.”

Eynlana rejoined.

“Your country is now preparing to support the Lugal Kingdom. I heard that the two major armies from the North and East will be mobilized. I don’t think we can conduct a serious investigation in the near future.”

The Senate members immediately replied.

“The opponent of the beastkins is also the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna. …… If this incident is also related to that country, it is even more important to assist Lugal.”

“In addition the Empire, we should intervene in the war between the two countries as quickly as possible to suppress the Chiaro Diruna Kingdom. After that, we should investigate that Ghislain or whatever.”

“Well, that’s true. Especially this time, we have gathered the heavy forces of the two northern and eastern marshals. Although we are tired from the war with Zenan, we should be able to take Chiaro immediately if we take it.”

The result was that the topic was changed into the war. Eynlana sighed with an expression like she wanted to say that, holding her arm.

Although the reason for the Elberia Empire’s assistance to the Lugal Kingdom was to protect the abused beastkins, which was the name of the righteousness, in reality, it was deeply related to the right to profit.

The Senate members’ concern has long changed from the disappearance of the final elves to the next war.

Rather, the scandals about the High Court are taboo. If you accidentally say anything, you don’t know what will happen to your head.

Regarding that institution, it is so highly confidential and inviolable. Not only the Ministry of War, but also without the permission of the Senate and the Emperor, access to that secret is not allowed no matter what reason there is.

Even the commander-in-chief of the military department.

At that moment, General Claude Duras, who was listening silently, said.

“Lieutenant General Lambert. I’d like to ask a few questions.”

“Yes. Please feel free to ask.”

“Is it safe to say that this disappearance of the Elves is over?”

“Probably so. I’m not surprised that the same thing has happened again, but considering the current situation, there’s little reason for the Magic Country to send a magician with the same power as Ghislain to the Empire. So, it’s okay to think that nothing will happen for now.”

“What do you think about the High Court of Magic?”

“…… must ask His Majesty as soon as possible to stop the internal corruption as quickly as possible. Although this is my personal opinion after all.”

Facing someone who was even not half his age, Ludio was slightly overwhelmed by the imposing force. There were five people who were called heroes in the previous war with the Zenan Dragon Kingdom, including himself.

Although he was the youngest among them, he did not allow other people to rival him, and he was the savior of the war in which he did not lose a single battle against many powerful dragons. He was the only chosen one who could wield the “Excalibur” made by Orphelia, the Great Goddess of Creation.

The man who was thus called a great hero was General Claude Duras.

He was a Duke, and his rank is an exceptional general at that age. In a few years, he would have reached the rank of marshal.

There is also no doubt that he is the strongest character among the people that Ludio knows.
He is not only a fierce warrior. The sharpness of his gaze, which already rivaled that of the god of war, made even Ludio shudder.

Then of course, not only Ludio.

It is impossible for anyone in the room to face Claude’s gaze without feeling the psychological fear.
The body stiffened in fear of the speech of the figure who should be no more than a young man.

“So, the last question. Is there anyone here who is conspiring with that Ghislain?”

There was a cacophony of people on the spot in one breath. Claude, without changing his expression, stared hard at Ludio.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Milidiana domain winked at the Queen of the elves despite the tension he felt.

After seeing her shrug her shoulders, he slowly shook his head.

“I’m not saying to deny it completely, but I don’t think so.”

“Is that so. I have nothing more to say.”

After telling only that, Claude closed his mouth again.
After that, the senate meeting was conducted in a solemn manner and closed.


The Senate meeting room in the imperial capital of Agurea.

In the foyer of the meeting hall, where there was no one left, the man was standing.

As soon as he noticed him, he said, without even smiling at his friend whom he had not seen for a long time.

“Ludio. Continue what you can’t say during the senate meeting.”

“…… Can’t you think of something for your acute nature, Claude. You have to give time for a laugh once in a while.”

“Time to cherish. As the commander-in-chief of the West, I can’t stay in this place too long.”

Outside of public places, they were addressed by their first names rather than their last names.

Ludio and Claude were old acquaintances. They are comrades in arms, or even friends.

Looking at the two of them like that, the present queen of the elves smiled.

“I heard that you both are old friends, but you are really serious and old-fashioned, Ludio. How about you stop smiling all the time and learn a little from this great hero?”

“I think I should at least amiable, because I’m the one who is hated.”

Ludio smiled bitterly and decided to get to the point.

“It’s about Ghislain and the mastermind, isn’t it?””

“Yes. If you compare it with the fact that you said, even if there are collaborators within the Imperial Army, it is impossible for Ghislain or something to commit a crime alone is not necessary to say. In the end, what kind of extent did you reveal in that place? There are still things that are not said, right?”

Eynlana didn’t interrupt and watched the development of the situation.

–A hundred years ago when the alliance between the Elberia Empire and the Tsefte Aria Kingdom was concluded.

There was something that was completely unpublished on the surface.

That is, “The entire record of the Mira’s blood tide was discarded in both countries of the Elberia Empire and the Kingdom of Tsefte Aria.

Why is it necessary to hide the event that most people didn’t even know existed at the time 100 years ago?

The alliance between the Empire and Tsefte Aria was concluded to bring harmony between the human race and the elves.

In order to bring the two closer together even a little bit and become dear neighbors, the fact that “if you perform the rituals of the elves, you can create something that can get a very accurate magical power increase” must be avoided no matter what.

When he first heard about this, Ludio became angry.

He couldn’t even identify the mastermind, and he couldn’t dismiss the possibility that someone would do the same thing again if they tried to cover up the incident itself.

What should have been an unwarranted fear has become a reality at the hands of someone.

Rudio told them.

What was involved in the incident was called “Goddess”.

“That is what. Is that a metaphor for something?”

“I don’t know. So, I controlled my speech during the senate meeting. I couldn’t say anything unnecessary to confuse the minds of the old people who only have selfishness in their heads.”

“…… Do you have any clue about the goddess or something?”

“I don’t know, no matter how thorough the investigation was 500 years ago, I thought I could finally catch the tail of the culprit, but this time the tail was broken.”

“So, where did you get the information about the goddess or whatever, Ludio?”

“That’s what the mentally broken Ghislain said repeatedly. She was fixated on the goddess. …… then”

Ludio continued to inform.

“This is also the information brought by the reliable students of our military school who did their best to find out the disappearance this time. Especially – if it wasn’t for ‘him’, I wouldn’t be in this world right now.”

“Who is he?”

“A young man who just finished his military school this year. His name is Theodore. He was the top student in all three entrance exams, and then instantly solved the special exams I gave only to special students.”

“He’s a very good young man. Although I was not familiar with the history of the Imperial Military Academy to that extent, I felt deeply after seeing him, who was considered to have skills comparable to those of a Hero 500 years ago, speak with Gislain. There is no one in history who is equal to that person, right?” (Eynlana)

Eynlana meant to say that she was above the Hwro of 500 years ago.

“As you said. He is a great help.”

“Who is that man? If he has that kind of skill, he will be looked at differently since before he entered school.”

“According to the research, it seems that he came from the western part of the Empire… and from Granden, where you are the guardian.”

Cloude frowned at Rudio, who said it like a sarcastic remark.

“Don’t talk nonsense. If there was a person like that, it would become a rumor. Not to mention me, there’s no way it won’t reach the ears of the military.”

“Yes. Oh, really, I can only say that he is an incredible boy. And he said something very interesting. He said, [How can I become a Hero?]”

“…… Hero?”

“Hey. The last Hero went from this empire to destroy the demons of Tenebrae was Rena-sama 500 years ago. She didn’t come back in the end. And then there was no more war from Tenebrae – nowadays, no one even knows how many times heroes have been sent to that country, and how many of them failed to return.”

The cheerfully informed Ludio went on to say.

“He also said this, [isn’t there a grudge against the demons?]. Of course, the reaction of the other students was weak, and he seemed disappointed when he knew it. It was as if he was saying that it was natural for humans to have a grudge against demons.”

“Hahaha! It’s like he’s been under house arrest until now, but recently he came to know the reality after being outside for the first time. It’s really funny.”

Eynlana also laughed happily.

“…… Tenebrae the Demon Nation?”

After muttering that, Cloude looked at the land in the far west.

“You don’t know anything about that country, do you, Claude?”

“Ahhh. It was decades ago that there was a skirmish near the border. I’ve never been in one of those situations since. However, I’ve been thinking about it. Aren’t the demon kings, who are the top of the demon race, still alive and keeping their dependents under strict control with their powerful dominance?”

“I only know about the demon race from the literature. At most, it is only a few hundred years old. It is said that the demon kings, the highest demon gods, have existed from a more distant past than that, from before the founding of the Elberia Empire. What a ridiculous statement!”

“The possibility that this disappearance case is related to the demons should not be discarded.”

Ludio did not deny it. Or rather, he could not deny it.
The Demon Kingdom of Tenebrae is a large country with the same size as this empire, and most of the Demons live there.

And then the existence called Demon King located at that apex had 7 pillars, and they had a very strong power – the information gathered from more documents was only to that extent.

He doesn’t not know what kind of feelings they hold for other races. There seems to be a demon god with a particularly vicious mind among them, but nothing is known in detail.

“I don’t think we should be too concerned about the demon race.”

It was Eynlana who suddenly said that.

“Your Majesty Kirfinisika. Is that a statement with any basis?”

“Hmm …… basis? I don’t have one in particular. It’s just my intuition.”

Although it was a statement that left room for error, the blonde general did not mention it too much more.

“This queen’s intuition is too strong to be underestimated. Let’s hope that we are right this time. Given the current situation of the empire, there is no room to maintain vigilance against the demons who don’t even know how they live now.”

After that, the 2 generals talked with the Queen of the Elves for a few moments and then dismissed.

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